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Why don't we help out new users?


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New users usually don't put up suggestions correctly, do they?

Annoying, right? Wish they'd learn.


So why does nobody (or very few people) tell them exactly what they're doing wrong?

http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51336a5b4bd7b84327000012 <- Lets use that as an example.


New suggester comes and suggests a price without evidence, but also in the wrong currency.

Instead of picking up on this and telling the user what he is doing wrong and how he could improve in the future, the only comments are smart ass things like "sure I'll buy for keys lolol" or just 'helpfully' telling them to close their suggestion before a mod does.


Just how difficult would that make it to get someone interested in becoming a member of the community?

Either we need a tutorial on price suggesting, or people need to stop just shooting at new community members without telling them why.

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You have to remember where you are. This is the internet, the land of the trolls, jackasses, and dumbasses... 


And there are plenty of people who do try and help...

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