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Free Premium Account!


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Hey guys. Have you ever wanted to have a premium alt account? Well I found this that may actually work!


Step 1: Open Team Fortress 2 on your normal account.

Step 2: Buy a strange item that sells for about $1 or a bit less on the market.

Step 3: Sell it on the market so you receive $0.49.

Step 4: Wait for someone to buy it. This shouldn't take too long if you go and tell all your friends on steam :P.

Step 5: Once you have sold your item, buy this game AS A GIFT. http://store.steampowered.com/app/271860/?snr=1_7_7_ut2_150_1

Step 6: Gift the game to your alt account.

Step 7: Log on to your alt account and accept the game.

Step 8: You can now trade!


I hope this tutorial helps everyone who has wanted a premium alt account. Have fun guys :D

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Spending 1$ on the market<Spending 10 cents (Giftapult) in the Mann co store

How does that work, i thought u cant have a steam wallet without adding $5 through a credit card first.

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There is no way that you can get a non-restricted Steam account without adding money into your account one way or another. Redeeming a game gift, entering a CD Key, or activating a product that normally requires payment does not remove restrictions on a Steam account.


You can get TF2 Premium if you get someone to send you an Upgrade to Premium gift, which will allow you to trade normally, but you will be unable to use the Steam Community Market until you add money to your account via gift card, credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc.

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Sorry. When I said free, I meant you don't have to pay money. Also, Racist Mario, read it again.

Step 3 is impossible because you cannot sell items on the SCM until 30 days after you've made a purchase on Steam. A "purchase" is considered adding an item to your cart and buying it from there, which would require you to insert money into your account anyways, thus making the entire procedure pointless.
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Want more free ram?





But seriously. Spare 10 cents and buy a giftapult on that alt.

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Giving useless information on something you haven't practiced yourself?

Saying "Free" even though you'd have to pay at least $1 (0.49 for that shitty game no one wants anyway even for an alt + however much for a Strange wep you can plausibly sell for said 0.49)?




Just pay for a Upgrade gift ffs. It's a lot easier. Plus, the minimum you can put on Steam is $5 via credit/debit, and the minimum I've seen in stores is $20, so you'll have to wind up putting ~$5 on your account anyway in order to even buy anything at all, so why not go with the sure thing?


Step 1: Ask parents for money/buy a gift card at your local GameStop

Step 2: Go into TF2 Mann Co. Store

Step 3: Buy Upgrade gift and give to alt

Step 4: ????

Step 5: Premium Alt

Step 6: Git gud

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