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So, recently I pre-ordered Rome II Total War, because I love the series, and it looks awesome. But, even eyter, Valve decided (after my pre-order) to add a whopping SEVEN genuines. 4 have been released yet, 3 will follow. Currently there is a sort of centurion pyro with an ugly hat and a nice misc, and a scout set with a jaguar print hat and piece of cloth. I currently got it equipped, but when I play, some people love it, yet many think it's ugly:(. Your opinions?


Oh and I'm thinking of painting both scout things pink, just to add a little extra gayness to the items. I mean, a cougar print isn't gay enough alone, I need a pink cougar print.

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I'm psyched about this game too, esp since learning about the TF2 items.


I agree that the scout cheetah seems a bit gay but I really like the looks of the pyro's centurion.  I'm particularly curious whether it'll work with heads like the foster's facade and the rusty reaper.


So, just to be sure, the 4 preorder items previously announced are already available?


I'm double checking because I can't find anyone selling them yet, nor can I seem to find them in your oh-so-glorious backpack.


Just discovered trade.tf  ^_^

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