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[Forum Game] If you had the inventory of the person above you, what would you do?


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i'd cry


Happy that I wouldn't be extremely downgraded. 


I would be disappointed with the fact I would have to work with no keys and very hard to sell unusuals. 

Sell all the unusuals and start back at doing what I'm currently doing. 


This would be more fun if there were less reposting by same users, perhaps adding a rule to skip over them and continue from the previous newest comment. 

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Vaccinated Autist

delete myself for bothering to get all original overpriced strange festives

If i have your bp,i will just eat all the sandviches and make my hoovy died of obesity

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Tanner the Original Scout™

If I had your inventory, I'd have a nice little sniper set.


People would love my inventory, with all the pure it has.

Prolly buy all the level 52 Aussies and BKs.

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