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Small adjustments on Latest Changes and Announcements boxes


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So I have seen those boxes on the homepage and I though they could be improved by "fixing" their sides and the amount of space they fill on the page.


I'm just proposing to change their sizes, to first, put more items in Recently Accepted Suggestions, and second to eliminate that blank space on Announcement box.


So basically on the Announcement box:

Decrease on it's right side and increase on it's bottom part.

It will give one more announcement to be showed on the frontpage.


And for the Changes:

Increase on it's left side,

This will let more item's icons to be displayed.


Here's a before and after if it's hard to understand:





Quite sure the Announcement isn't updated to often as the Price Suggestions, so giving it more attention could be better in my opinion.

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I suggested that to in my Edit 2 here.


His answer was:

There is an extra space there for an ad -- looks like you don't see it because you have adblock. The size is the exact size of the announcement, so there's no room to add more price changes.
I'll try update it and make it show an additional announcement if people have ads turned off. :)


So it's because the ad nobody of us can see needs to be that big. I would prefer your suggested placement too of course (maybe only for donators? ;) ).

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Well it's just an ad... Couldn't he move it to another place? :>

At the bottom of the page, or adding a larger ad like we got on the right side.


I don't think it's worth wasting a potential feature because of a simple ad, but that's just me I guess.


About the Donators thing, yeah would be good too. Let's wait for Brad to decide it. :v

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