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The Vending Machine Game


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Forum game.


This is a game that revolves around a vending machine that can take anything from you and give anything thats related to what the last person inserted to the next person.



1. The object you are getting must be related to the object the last person has inserted in the machine. Say I placed an Iphone 6 and the person says that he gets a Galaxy S6. Then said person inserted thunder and the next person says he got a pikachu. Etc.

2. It can be anything that your imagination can think of! Yes, even the most dirty thing you can think of, but please try and not make this a game about human private parts? K?

3. If ever 2 people answers the same insertion of the last person you must answer the person that answered first. To avoid confusion.

4. Have fun!


Example: (Let's say someone already placed a sheet of metal in the vending machine)

Person 1 : I got Optimus prime!

Person 1 : I insert a mouse!


Person 2 : I got some cheese!

Person 2 : I insert *put any entity here*


And so on....


Time to start!!!


I insert Santa Claus.

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