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Julia Gillard the Honest

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In general, I personally consider 2/3-1 to be the largest valid range, where 1 is the highest sale (scaled). For example, two reclaimed to one refined or two to three buds (but when reaching these levels of value it's usually better to stick closer to the higher value).


What are your thoughts? What ranges are too large?

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Hmmm i'll say

  • Craft hats: max 0.33 difference
  • Keys: max 0.33 difference
  • Buds: max 1 key difference
  • Hightier genuines: 1 key difference
  • Unusuals: as long as it's accurate (but obviously not like a 20 bud difference)


With obvious exceptions such as to be more accurate than to stick to a few general range rules, think any bigger ranges than that and you'll have people buying at the lower end to resell at the higher :S

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In terms of proportion, weapons have the largest range.  But if you're not counting those because of the difficulty in actually selling them, then I think vintage weapons are next.  

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