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Highest Suggestion % Still Rejected/Closed


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but was that thing 1 key ? lel


It was when the strange first came out. Hype was up and supply was low so they were selling for decent amounts.

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http://backpack.tf/vote/id/502712b39ae21ac35d000000   http://backpack.tf/vote/id/502f61b79ae21ab07c000000    -100% REJECTED - just funny when we recall that time - about how the suggestions were accepted .


I really like and recall these : http://backpack.tf/vote/id/50f51f18ba2536a66d000000  ,  http://backpack.tf/vote/id/50f684a8ba25367233000000   - I closed  

                                              Cheers!!! I found a price range :  http://backpack.tf/vote/id/50f7c35cba2536b101000000



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Oh it's time for you to be scared...

79% http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51a78aa3ba2536c401000011

83% http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51ac3770ba2536090b000007

Is that good enough for you?

Doesn't count. Neither was directly rejected by a moderator. First one was automatically closed because a better one got accepted therefore closing all suggestions open for that item. The second one was closed by you, and since you're not a moderator; it doesn't count.
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