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The dangers of quickselling?


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I don't know if this thread has been done before or if it's in the right section.


So, as we all know, people vote on what the approximate values of items should be in TF2. Be it a unique, strange, vintage or unusual, every item is bound to be voted on. And a big part of this is proofs. These proofs consists of sold items pretty much and will either cause a rise or  drop in the value. But what if the market was flooded with quicksellers for, say, keys.

If there are enough QS happening, wouldn't it pass as proof for dropping an item? I've always worried about people causing price drops on nice items because of other quicksells or because somebody can't identify a QS when suggesting a price.


Is it just me, or does anybody worry about this, too?

I've wanted to try suggesting prices on small items but I not too good at identifying what is and isn't a QS.

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Its a pinned thread in the very section you posted this thread on


If people buy items at a certain price and then put them up for sale for more. It can be assumed the price they pay should not be in the range. 

If people post their own selling trade at a certain price, and it happens to be lower than current range. Its selling time determines if it is a 'quicksell' or not


There are also cooldown rules in place because item drops usually cause owners to try and liquidate before the price stabilizes 


The staff don't only use the links posted. They do their own separate price checking so you shouldn't have to worry when suggestors cherry pick links 

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On this website, we report the most common trade points of items. If a hat sells 100 times for 1 buds and once for 2 buds, it should be valued at 1 buds regardless of how long it took to sell.


Time to sell a hat is far less important in my eyes than the relation of a particular sale to other sales and offers. Outliers are identified by deviation from the mean / median rather than the time it took to sell.

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