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Poll: Which hat is better

Jack Cruise NUB

Which hat is better  

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  1. 1. Which hat is better

    • Killer exclusive
    • Team captain
    • Executioner
    • crone's dome
    • noh mercy
    • robo gibus
    • coffin kit
    • ebenzer
    • lamnet
    • shaman

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depends on class

soldier: ke

medic: ke

scout: baker boy

pyro: hazmat

heavy: big chief i think. cant remember which hat i have on him

engi: buckaroo+brainiac

spy: cosa notra

sniper: anger

demo: crown


but i voted ke

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soldier ARFH

pyro beanie

demo cowl

hoovy capo'

medic nothing

engineer barn

sniper GIBUS



soldier kringle deus

pyro hazmat and a back thing

demo i dunno

hoovy deus and earbuds


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