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Scam or am I an Idiot ?

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I join a trade server and find out a player is having a raffle. So I think another scam attempt like always. The funny thing is people joined the raffle a total of 6 entries. So I look at the guys profile hosting the raffle and has 16 hrs played hmmmmmm  . So the guy who wins happens to be on his friends list and the guy who won has the raffle hosts name in his bio. Then I found out the account was an alt and his real account is vac banned. In conclusion I think he gave it to his friend to make it look real thus making it appear like he was innocent.

So I added him to ask him did you just scam those people. He refuses to admit it. Then he makes his account private then changes his name hmmmmm.

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113858076 - his account

I might be taking this to far but I hate when people scam others. If you think he was a scammer report pls ty.

 RogerTM Was Vac'd: Hey

Dark [⇄]: Hey
RogerTM Was Vac'd: How canI help you?
Dark [⇄]: that was nice scam you did with the raffle
RogerTM Was Vac'd: What are you talking about?
Dark [⇄]: mud your friend right
RogerTM Was Vac'd: I added him for the raffle.
RogerTM Was Vac'd: Im prob gonna remove him
RogerTM Was Vac'd: Not to be rude, but he is random
Dark [⇄]: why does it say on his bio "I love my kee ke cousin Rogertm"
Dark [⇄]: this is your alt correct
RogerTM Was Vac'd: I saw the same thing
RogerTM Was Vac'd: Honestly, I was kinda spooked <------ Spooked lol
Dark [⇄]: "spooked" really
RogerTM Was Vac'd: Honestly, all I can say is. Coincidence? < ------ "Coincidence"
RogerTM Was Vac'd: I dont know how I can prove I didn't scam
RogerTM Was Vac'd: Besides me not having the hat anymore?
Dark [⇄]: You know you did
RogerTM Was Vac'd: I didn't.
Dark [⇄]: yeah it wasnt yours in the first place
RogerTM Was Vac'd: And I would appreciate it if you would stop accusing me.
Dark [⇄]: 16 hrs played , you have an alt , real account is banned explain that
RogerTM Was Vac'd: I have a life? And btw
RogerTM Was Vac'd: It says "Roger"
RogerTM Was Vac'd: Not "RogerTM"
Dark [⇄]: well that a nice scam see ya
RogerTM Was Vac'd is now Offline.
RogerTM Was Vac'd: Wasn't a scam, dont be butthurt that you didn't win. Good day
Dark [⇄]: win I didnt enter
Dark [⇄]: I just hate when idiots like you scam people
I was a bit rude to accuse him like that . 
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