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Creator of Flappy Bird Releases New Game!


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Oh ma gawd. New gamez.


Dong Nguyen is back in the app store with his new game, "Swing Copters". A friend showed it to me first (My phone is broke). And of course when I look at the Google App Store thing, whatever Google has to compete with Apple. It has a ton of 1 stars. Why? Because the game is freaking impossible. I played it and had not gotten 1 point until my 11th try. But as with almost everything in life. If you practice, you get better. Which I can sense these "reviewers" do not understand. One of my favorites is this. 


Too hard Its way too hard, I cant even get 1, and if you look at the leaderboard there are 2 people with 2,000,000,000 and 2,000,000 which is ridiculous and would take months on 1 go to get that high, so if gears. look at this review hopefully they will do something with the leaderboards and give the game an easier difficulty for people like me, because the difficulty seems to be why youre getting so many 1 star reviews.


Yeah buddy um, ever heard of something called. "Hacking"?


But really. The game is incredibly hard to get good at, but it is possible. And as with Flappy Bird, it is addictive.


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dotgears.swing& (Link to Google Store, I swear it aint a phishing link)

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Seems much harder than Flappy Bird, which makes it only less fun to play imo.


It is. I dont know what the point of the little creature thing going back and fourth. But once you get the hang of it, it can get pretty fun. Little sis let me borrow her phone for a hour and I got 12. Just needs practice.  ;)

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Dong Nguyen is back in the app store with his new game, "Swing Copters".



Those are the only two words that made any sense to me.

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