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How many crates did you unboxed


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25 crates, 2 unusuals (1/15)


Kill-A-Wat Company Man, DBD Hermes.


On a side note, i opened 2 bread boxes and 5 mann co store bags.

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Roughly 330 keys (17.4 buds)


Unboxes in chronological order:


Power Surge Brigade helm (sold for 3 buds)

Smoking Well-rounded Rifleman (sold for 3 buds)

Hellfire noble nickel (sold for 11 buds)

Dead presidents bonk helm (sold for 1.3 buds)

Haunted Ghosts Towering pillar of hats (priced at 4.8)

Burning bubble pipe (sold for 50 buds in unusuals)


Total of 73.1 buds unboxed


Total profit of 55.7 buds from unboxing.

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About 90, 5 unusuals. lol.


TaW Baseline Metal Billycock

Sunbeams Milkman

Smoking Brother Hood of Arms

Aces High Respectless Robo Glove

Aces High Ze Goggles.


I am so lucky. 

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Somewhere between 5-15 would be my guess, I don't unbox much but can't say I haven't had the occasional "Maybe I'll get lucky" thought.


Naturally, this means I've unboxed zero unusuals.

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About a dozen or so since I started playing. Every couple of event I'd try my luck with the new items ^^ No unusuals as of yet but I'll try my luck again some time in the future. 

It's pretty much a gamble. Sometimes it's better to just leave the table.

On a side note you know you're poor when 10 unbox attempts could bankrupt you.

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Around 80 most of which were strongbox crates, got no unusuals, and watched a new player with his first key get an ununsual Pyro Beanie.

Which he then got sharked out of.

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