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Remove the "The price specified is too high compared to the value of your backpack."

PedoDavidᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

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a few days ago I started to suggest item prices to backpack.tf and its really fun for me, but I dont get

why the items I can suggest on bp.tf are limited because im not "rich" in team fortress 


maybe you guys have this to prevent spam or low prices so I got another suggestion, change it.




I wanted to change the price of v.earbuds to 17-20(I got proof) but I couldn't suggest the price because the price was too high for my bp.

then I tried to put 1 ref and it worked.


I hope you guys could change this and im sorry for my grammer


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firstly, your proof is false. Never saw it, but the only ones on the market are duped ones, and the price is for the clean one. As it hasn't been sold in a looonnggg time, we can't really update it. It's also to prevent people to make troll suggestions I guess. I can't vote on stuff above 11 buds (2.2 bud backpack, shitloads of rep) There is also already a topic for this. If you get more rep, you'll be able to vote on stuff around 8 buds. That's 99% of all suggestions. http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/1449-why-is-the-multiplier-limited-to-5x/ (this thread I was talking about, looks like santa heavy didn't bump recently)

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