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Fill me in on Gaza and Isreal


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Lol didn't knew that

Heard that 39 Isrealian died and 2 000 Palestine civilians died which is a shame. What do y'all think the international is supporting or doing something about this

Not sure on the numbers but close to that. Two issues: Gaza is too tightly populated for people to take refuge away from the attacks. Hamas is using some buildings, like schools, to store weapons and make attacks from. This leads to a lot of palastinian deaths that are not hamas militants. The kidnappings appear to be an intentional bait to get Israel to take this kind if action. Niether side is really winning anything here but a longer term cease fire will likely take hold soon.

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Where are you guys getting your news from?


Long story short, the Hamas terrorist organization in Palestine (gaza strip), is firing hundreds upon hundreds of rockets into Israel every day for the sole reason that they believe the land should belong to them.


And just to get some things cleared up, Israel has attempted to talk Hamas into signing a cease fire 3 times, and before Israel sends bombs any location, they call the residents and directors of the area and tell them to evacuate, 3 times!


Israel has also stated that the second Hamas stops firing rockets, this all stops. Israel is only defending itself, and it has every right to defend it's people from a terrorist threat. Hamas deliberately orders the people to stay around the missiles they plant in churches, homes, and schools, so that when Israel is forced to bomb them, Hamas can send news to media outlets and get people to sympathize with them, claiming that Hamas is the one under attack, when in reality the Palestinians are effectively being killed by their own leaders, on purpose.


EDIT: Just wanna throw out that Israel is completely legal by bombing those areas, under no war agreement anywhere, and even the Geneva Convention agreement stated that Urban Warfare is allowed so long as you don't DELIBERATELY target civilians, Israel only bombs the locations of confirmed weapons staches and locations where rockets are being fired from. Collateral damage, as harsh as the word is, is the consequence of war, an equally harsh and terrible thing.


I'd like to know where you get your news from actually. Israel is the one invading Palestine. Palestine are trying to defend themselves. Just like if some invader tried to push you off your own country, you'd fight back wouldn't you? There is another point that the land doesn't even belong to Israel, but I won't go into that.


Where do you get your information that Israel will stop if Palestine stops? They are the ones invading. They aren't the ones being invaded. Another thing, if Israel really are the ones defending themselves, then why are their own citizens protesting against the war?


If all this information you're getting is from the media, I suggest you think abit more of how much the media is being controlled by the US, who are pro-Israel.

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Hugh Jazz, it doesn't matter who the land belongs to or who started it.  Both sides are full of hate and both sides are killing innocent people.  There are factions within palestine and israel who want peace, but they are shouted down and drowned out.  Each side wants to claim that they are the victims and use this as justification to carry out more violence.  We should not get caught up in the trap of taking sides and arguing about who is better.  That only serves to extend the conflict. 


What I think needs to happen is that those supporting hamas and those supporting israel both need to withdraw their support.  Unfortunately, this will never happen.  People support israel on religious grounds, and so trying to get that to stop is basically impossible.  The hatred and anti-semitism coming from the palestinians is also impossible to stop, especially when there are people who want to exploit and establish further islamic dominance in the region and see israel as a convenient scapegoat as well as an obstacle, so they will always have an interest in spreading hatred and providing weapons and financial support to the palestinians.  The only thing people should ever be providing either side is humanitarian aid, but unfortunately people cannot seem to restrain themselves from going beyond this, and it is fuelling the conflict.

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The USA doesn't think Israel is right.  Quite frankly, they don't care about who's right or wrong.  It's just who they can control, and they can control Israel whereas they can't control Palestine.  I don't think it was ever about right or wrong.

USA was the country that organized the seize fires, i believe

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Cenk (pronounced "Jenk") over at TYT has a very interesting perspective on this.



If you're too lazy to actually watch it, I'll give you the tl;dw version:


Both of the political parties currently in power in israel and gaza want war because it strengthens their power.  Meanwhile, innocent people are dying for it, but that's apparently part of the strategy.


I guess that's the kind of disgusting politics that is created by over 60 years of conflict.  I guess it shouldn't be surprising that we'd see the leaders learn to take advantage of the hate and death.  No wonder they're so brazen.  They're drunk on power.

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