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Add a "Forum Games" Section


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Forum related suggestion and not a backpack.tf site suggestion like 90% of all other suggestions. Yay.


Anyways, I'm requesting the addition of a Forum Games section. As of right now, the only fitting sections to create a forum game are either General Discussion or The Great Below. Such a section would allow the community to participate in user created games for fun and passing the time. Literally every forum I've been on has a Forum Games section, so why not this one?


However, if such a section is created, I would recommend posts made in the Forum Games section not count to a User's post count as it would be easy to rack up posts just by playing games. Maybe make the section Users only as well like The Great Below? c:

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Honestly I think those should go on the Great Below, lol.

But if it's in The Great Below, not many people actually participate compared to when it's in a different forums section.
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