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I got my first unusual yesterday, and my first scam attempt today. I feel so special


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The chat as it happened



Never tell your password to anyone.

Face: hey
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Hello :D
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: do you trade your unusuals ?
Face: yeah, im looking for offers atm
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: 3.5buds ?
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Can you give me a moment ?\
Face: im not sure you have the right guy.
Face: i have one unusual, and 3.5 is way more than i expected
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: 3.5buds my offer
Face: you did not even ask which hat it is
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: THIS HAT
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Unusual Coupe D'isaster
Face: and how exactly do you intend to pay? this account of your doesnt have anything in it. from your alt?
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Nope sorry sir
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: im doing buy and sell
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: with my small profit
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: BUSSINESS
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Ill buy the buds via:PayPal money fist
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: and ill buy the keys in steam market
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Mokey Bussiness
Face: so whats the process here? how do you intend to buy the unusual from me?
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Ill buy the buds and keys and ill buy your unusual
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Okay?
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Just give me a moment
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: are you there?
Face: yeah.
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: how do i know im safe? how about i buy the buds/keys then you cancel our deal?
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: coz ive done this before i buy the buds/keys then they cancel our deal.
Face: let me guess. you want a friend of mine to be the intermediary
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: but can i ask a proof just for my safety?
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo: Yes,
Face: bite me.
Face: i was waiting for the catch
Face: 3.5 for an unusual coupe is too good to be true
Face: i gotta ask though, has it worked before? do people still fall for it?
StatTrakâ„¢.TokYo is now Offline.
Thanks to the community here at backpack and reddit, without whose posts and PSA's new guys like me wouldnt have seen this coming. I feel like i truly belong now.
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Congrats on getting ur first unusual and good job! Phishers are targeting the people with the less expensive unusuals now.

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Nice eye there man, and congrats on your first unusual :D Just continue to do what you did here and keep up to date about scam attempts like this, and you should be fine (^-^)

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Nice job on that unusual!  How many crates did you unbox until you got it?


None. I wasnt really rich enough to do unboxings, so i traded my way up. Took some time, but worth it. :D

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Congratulations in your first unusual!


(Never will I receive one.)


Tfw you realise this thread is 5 months old and he already owns a Vivid Stash, SBTWC Ushanka and an Aussie Scattergun by now

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