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Getting rid of Troll Suggestions

♥Prof. Sugarcube♥

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The number of troll/manipulative suggestions on this website is ridiculous.


They should be removed from an item's suggestion history and unarguably make the website look more professional.


Just a suggestion; I'm sick of seeing things such as;


http://gyazo.com/7d51927df4b66887b9163c6d92ee60d2 The Monstrosity of Key Suggestions

http://gyazo.com/b301566e91c485c9f99991b8c333cb94 The Monstrosity of Ref Suggestions

http://gyazo.com/d9b2368c0d47aa68f60f3a065388eba5 The Vintage Shortstop (This made me laugh.)

http://gyazo.com/310ea55c45a0b6d22d064f1bc1fc0ad6 The Deep Fried Desire Monstrosity

http://gyazo.com/a2232f6bcbe8ba8895238b6c22930b4b Scrap Metal (Oh my god; people tried decreasing scrap....)

http://gyazo.com/d1afa14334e5a239e2110f67517cda77 Reclaimed Metal


And more!


I saw one for the Huntsman too


These things are generally an ugly sight, maybe Fiskie, polar, cleverpun etc can remove these troll suggestions?


Move this to 'Website Ideas' if this qualifies for that criteria

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How? That's the cost of creating a users-creating-content system. I see very few options to reduce the "troll" suggestions. Some are just bad because people don't know the rules.

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Make the sight more professional?

I can't remember how many times I've seen "I've got balls of balls" on a suggestion. These suggestions aren't the problem, the users are (including myself)

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Don't feed the trolls - also replying to those and giving the user more attention is probably increasing the amount of troll suggestions.

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