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Should i hold onto buds? (I was high while writing this)


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EDIT: About 4 hours ago, I was taking some good bong hits whilst reading the forums and I dunno what I wrote, but it made me laugh my ass off. I think I forgot to press "submit" or somthing before i put my pc on standby while I was completely stoned. I just have to share this. Make sure you read all of it :D



Since keys are going down and buds are rising, should I hold on to buds?


Or go get them converted into keys. I dunno what to do. The economy can really be unpredictable. This is how I like to think of the ecconomy:


Somedays the economy gives you a nice, juicy cherry pie, made from the freshest cherries, the yummiest pastry and the fluffiest cream. The ecconomy also tends to shout you a new PS4, some games and some money into your bank account whilst chanting the numbers needed to win tommorows lottery. While you stand there in disbeleif of all the wonderful things that happened, that one fuckhead neighbour who you hate ever so much knocks on your door and wants to start some shit with you. What does the ecconomy do? It chants some african witchdoctor ritual shite and ten seconds later, a 10 kg block of solid gold drops onto your front lawn, conveniantly landing on that dickhead neighbour, which results in him now having a cracked skull, 2 broken ribs, a concussion and permanant brain and spinal cord damage.


Other days the economy just likes to smear a pie in your face, getting the majority of it in your mouth, whilst offering you a side of cream. After you eat some of the pie that landed in your mouth and that cream, the economy tells you that the flour used in the pie was sawdust and the cream passed it's expiary date 5 months ago. While you recover from the disbeleif that you ate a pie made from sawdust and gone-off cream, the economy then tells you that the fruit used in the pie, were none other than prunes. LOTS AND LOTS OF PRUNES. As your bowels start to grumble, the ecconomy is holding a big metal bucket under your ass, waiting for the prunes to kick in. Your bowels grumble and you start to shit liquid filth in the form of diarehha. The econnomy is still there, collecting your diarehha. When your done shitting, you have lost sight of the ecconomy and then procceed to cry, as earlier he made you eat a pie made from sawdust, curdled cream and cat-piss. You then make the journey to your couch and turm on your tv. To your delight, you see that "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" is on. Since it's the show's 25th year anniversary, they are doing non stop, back to back episodes ALL FREAKING DAY. That frown on your pie-covered face turns upside down and you are once again, happy. When you have forgotten all about the past event that took place, the ecconomy smashes a hole through your roof about an hour later and dumps that bucket full of diarreha on your head, flips you the bird and gets into a chopper for his journey back to Valve headquaters.

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