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Do you look for buyers?


Look for the buyers or wait for them?  

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  1. 1. DO you look for buyers or do you wait for them?

    • That's too much effort. If they want it let them look for me.
    • I Look for buyers at my price or a better offer before I put an item up for trade.
    • Why not both?

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I've noticed something in my last bit of price checking. At least in the case of one item there's a case of that there are buyers at 1 refined as well as sellers at 1 refined and The buyers do have metal.
Discussing it with one individual he said that all the quick buyers discourage him from looking for buyers and that he'd rather sit for a few days on an item than try to look for a buyer.

I disagree with this. I've had some very good deals simply by looking for people who were interested in an Item I had.

So my question is how many of you go look for buyers when you decide to sell an item? Do you bother with it at all? Do you go look for the little nuggets of gold hidden in the morass of quick-buyers?

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