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Need help with clearing off name.


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So, apparently i've been marked as a untrusted trader/scammer by http://steamcommunity.com/id/swaveboard/ 




I'm no sweet talker or any convincing liar. And i'm quite confused about what to do, ask for help, or just leave it? 


My trust : http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198073052372


The first commenter, mattje, directly quoted that -rep from Swaveboard himself, before it got removed from the mods after I requested it. Apparently, swaveboard had managed to convince some people that I made up the chat. I have the full chat in my notepad, just sitting there. But the thing is, he twisted the truth that I won him fair and square. MGE stuf. Neither of us have any proof that we won, which I fairly admit I don't. I have the full chat, but there are some vulgarities in my fit of anger. I honestly would like to just leave this in the past, and let both me and swaveboard be in equal terms. I know that he is a frequent forum poster here in forums.backpack.tf, but please do look into this matter in a unbiased manner please? 


I can provide chat anytime. I do admit I was stupid to not get a middleman involved, but what happened has happened.


Edit : I'm doing this in gaming because that's what swaveboard did too.

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Creating a forum post wont help at all. If you believe you have been wronged simply add a moderator and or report the -rep left on your profile and explain the situation...etc


A mod might not even see this thread.


Best of luck.

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