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Valve you clever dog, You want to decrease the items.


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So I've been seeing a little trend. Many of the recent newer updates have included craft recipes of one sort or another that required odd items. 

Take the bread box for example. It requires 3 craftable hats instead of some random bread item that drops. (Compare to the Meet The Pyro update where randomly dropped new burnt items had to be crafted into Piles of Ash)

This is going to reduce the amounts of hats out there even if only a small percentage. Replaced by random reskins of old items that may or may not be strange in a ratio of 3:1

Now the other obvious one is Collector Kits. 200 of a given item is required and these Collectors are available in almost any item that currently exists. That's a 200:1 reduction. There's not many *yet* I grant you but give it time.

As pointed out in comments I didn't add that other chemistry sets require normally quite a variety of items for a single output. Another item decreasing item.

Is valve trying to drive down the amount of items in the game? Is this them trying to exert a little control over the Community Market?

On another note. I see that Keys are being affected as well. There's been more keys on the market for Below Current Market Value  I haven't seen this in years. For once there's a Key price suggestion for a decrease with some proof.

Can anyone explain this to me please? Apart from buying craft hats for breadcraft 1 I can't see why people would want to sell their keys.

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I can't see why people would want to sell their keys.


Steam Wallet funds to buy anything else they want. As for selling keys for metal, people need the lower denominations of currency to purchase cheaper items.


With the summer sale going on, it's a buyer's market as everyone's unloading product to get funds for what they want. As people get desperate to sell their stuff, they will mark it down for less and less.

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Keys went down after they rised past 7 ref once

That was only to fix an earlier suggestion that was a bit too aggressive price-wise. They weren't actually falling or even stabilizing at the time.

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