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Thanks, Gaben.

frank mcdank

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I picked up one of those new stockpile crates, and found out words/sentences mix up the items.

I really wanted the Bruisers Bandanna, so i typed this in: "I really need that bruisers Bandanna. Please."


And what do you know, the Bandanna popped up.

I got way too excited, and decided to buy a key and unbox. Look what happened.

Since I'm poor, I almost shit myself. Thanks, Gaben.


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great, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to what some other people got


~low crafts of some cool hats

~very nice taunts


~unusual taunts

~some guy got a golden pan


makes it feel kinda small, doesn't it?

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inb4 unusual bruisers bandana. Also, I unboxed a conga on my first and last unbox of this update. FTW.

ALSO, "After twelve years in development, we hope it was worth the wait."

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Cant wait to get this, the brotherhood of arms, and the champstamp to make charlie scene :) if u know him ur amazing on scout!

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