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Unusual taunts (on outpost)


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Look mum, I'm popular!

AND YOU GOT OFFERED A BURNING TROPHY BELT AND SMOKING VEIL (11-12 together on bp.tf, actually valued way more)


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All effects are only active when you hit the taunt button, otherwise it doesn't show.


Screaming Tiger: Fire circling the player


'72: Disco Ball hovering over the player


Showstopper: Fireworks around the player. Apparently team colored? Not sure.


Holy Grail: Beams coming up from under the player


Fountain of Delight: Pink hearts circling while pink mist comes from under


Skill Gotten Gains: Flying money circling the player


Midnight Whirwing: A grey tornado circling the player


Yes, some borrowed animations from previous unusual effects.

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