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Key price: TF2Finance vs Trade.tf


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tf2finance strips its prices from the earbud tracker somehow, correct?  could it be argued this is less accurate than trade.tf's system of scanning backpacks?  it's tough to say without seeing the actual code (nor understanding it)


that being said, while tradetf's range is 4.66-5, its median price is currently 4.97.  the gap isn't as large as it seems.

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I can explain a bit about this. 


TF2 Finance records "pure" trades, while trade.tf records "multi item - multi item" trades. 


5.00 on TF2 Finance suggests you can buy 1 Key at 5 Ref. 

4.66 on Trade.tf suggests you can trade 3.5 x 1.33 craft hat for a hat worth 1 Key, IF there is "double coincidence of wants". 


TF2 Finance is an approximation of arithmetic mean every few minutes. Meaning P1 + P2 + ... / N, where P is the recorded price of pure trades. 


Trade.tf is an approximation of "most likely price" that balances all backpack movements in 60 minutes. 


And don't know what jymotion is talking about. 


The bottom line, both automated tracking systems are not suitable for supporting a "range". 


Only the Average and Median are the most powerful. 


Anyway, now that Trade.tf Max = Median > Min, it suggests strong concentration at 5 ref. 


And on TF2 Finance, it's symmetrical at 5 ref, either call it 4.66-5.33, or 5 ref flat. 

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And don't know what jymotion is talking about. 


which part?  I'd like to be on the same page.

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