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Origin of Your Name

Santa Heavy

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I'm fat. My favourite main course is Chicken (kip in my native language). My favourite dessert is pudding (pudding in my native language #ermuhgurhdmylangwagehusdasemwurtesUngliesj). Combine those two and you get kippuding, which sounds stupid, so it became puddingkip. I originaly used it for "crown of byzantus", an awesome online game which sadly got discontinued. Pudding was taken so I added another course.

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wal berry chew hat?


If you're Asian.


edit: Shit you're from Alabama (or a liar).

Well: chat where rabryl.


Explenation of what rabryl are: Rabryl us and foamy fabrycantes silicon thickness from 2mm to 50mm handle first and second material excellent figure and manualidade manufacturers, work specifications and savanna 70x85cm 1,40 mts x 2.40mts, cotamos with cape engraving, thin silicon thick, foamy special cuts.


Yeah that is English, if somebody else can make google give better results his name might have a different meaning

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architeK is the name of a french underground tribecore/tekno-label. I like it, heard it so often on freepartys and have been playing it on my sets for quite a while now.

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architeK is the name of a french underground tribecore/tekno-label. I like it, heard it so often on freepartys and have been playing it on my sets for quite a while now.

I thought you were an architect.

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Christley </3 Peelz

i was playing knight online and had to come up with a name. chose crimeley but thought it was lame, created a new guy called christley. kept the name when i did some stuff i cant admit.

and now i have the name because i like the confusion whether or not i am a girl or a boy

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I was sick one day, and decided to play some reistance, on the PS3. When they mentioned the "Chimera," I thought to myself: that's a cool word. And the trademark symbol came from my boredom and lookign through the symbols that you can do with the alt button.

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ThatOtherChigga #Mack

I was:



Pretendeer is a fucking idiot


ThatOtherChigga | Bazaar.tf

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Warbler Hatchery
Brawler Hatchery
Tracheal Herb Wry
Tracheal Brr Whey
Hatchway Brr Reel
Hatchway Brr Leer
Catarrh Rebel Why
Catarrh Beryl Hew
Array Belch Threw
Array Berth Welch
Cab Halter Wherry
Cab Lather Wherry
Bleacher Hart Wry
Cerebral Hath Wry
Cerebral Hart Why
Bleach Rather Wry
Bleach Hart Wryer
Bleach Art Wherry
Bleach Rat Wherry
Bleach Tar Wherry
Breach Halter Wry
Breach Lather Wry
Breach Whaler Try
Breach Lath Wryer
Breach Halt Wryer
Breach Harry Welt
Breach Wrath Lyre
Breach Wrath Rely
Cable Harry Threw
Cable Hart Wherry
Brace Lath Wherry
Brace Halt Wherry
Bracer Health Wry
Bracer Halter Why
Bracer Lather Why
Bracer Whaler Thy
Batch Haler Wryer
Batch Real Wherry
Batch Earl Wherry
Crab Health Wryer
Crab Lathe Wherry
Bract Heal Wherry
Bract Hale Wherry
Bract Harry Wheel
Breathe Larch Wry
Herbal Tracer Why
Herbal Crater Why
Herbal Carter Why
Herbal Chat Wryer
Herbal Carry Whet
Herbal Carry Thew
Herbal Racy Threw
Herbal Cat Wherry
Herbal Act Wherry
Herbal Wreath Cry
Herbal Tarry Chew
Herbal Wary Chert
Herbal Wary Retch
Herbal Awry Chert
Herbal Awry Retch
Herbal Ray Wretch
Blather Reach Wry
Blather Racer Why
Blather Carer Why
Blather Carry Hew
Blather Aw Cherry
Rehab Crawler Thy
Rehab Latch Wryer
Rehab Talc Wherry
Rehab Tarry Welch
Bather Carrel Why
Bather Lac Wherry
Bather Crawly Her
Bather Whaler Cry
Bather Harry Clew
Bather Awl Cherry
Bather Law Cherry
Breath Carrel Why
Breath Lac Wherry
Breath Crawly Her
Breath Whaler Cry
Breath Harry Clew
Breath Awl Cherry
Breath Law Cherry
Breathy Crawl Her
Bathe Larch Wryer
Able Chart Wherry
Able Harry Wretch
Able Wrath Cherry
Bale Chart Wherry
Bale Harry Wretch
Bale Wrath Cherry
Baler Charter Why
Baler Hatch Wryer
Baler Chary Threw
Baler Chat Wherry
Baler Thaw Cherry
Baler What Cherry
Blear Charter Why
Blear Hatch Wryer
Blear Chary Threw
Blear Chat Wherry
Blear Thaw Cherry
Blear What Cherry
Blare Charter Why
Blare Hatch Wryer
Blare Chary Threw
Blare Chat Wherry
Blare Thaw Cherry
Blare What Cherry
Abler Charter Why
Abler Hatch Wryer
Abler Chary Threw
Abler Chat Wherry
Abler Thaw Cherry
Abler What Cherry
Barrel Chart Whey
Barrel Chary Whet
Barrel Chary Thew
Barrel Achy Threw
Barrel Hart Chewy
Barrel Hay Wretch
Warbler Reach Thy
Warbler Hatch Rye
Warbler Char They
Warbler Arch They
Warbler Chart Hey
Warbler Chary The
Warbler Yacht Her
Warbler Heath Cry
Warbler Hay Chert
Warbler Hay Retch
Brawler Reach Thy
Brawler Hatch Rye
Brawler Char They
Brawler Arch They
Brawler Chart Hey
Brawler Chary The
Brawler Yacht Her
Brawler Heath Cry
Brawler Hay Chert
Brawler Hay Retch
Warble Archer Thy
Warble Hearth Cry
Warble Harry Etch
Warble Harry Tech
Warble Hat Cherry
Barely Char Threw
Barely Arch Threw
Barely Rah Wretch
Barley Char Threw
Barley Arch Threw
Barley Rah Wretch
Bleary Char Threw
Bleary Arch Threw
Bleary Rah Wretch
Bleat Char Wherry
Bleat Arch Wherry
Table Char Wherry
Table Arch Wherry
Bear Archly Threw
Bear Latch Wherry
Bare Archly Threw
Bare Latch Wherry
Brae Archly Threw
Brae Latch Wherry
Barer Archly Whet
Barer Archly Thew
Barre Archly Whet
Barre Archly Thew
Barter Larch Whey
Barter Archly Hew
Abet Larch Wherry
Bate Larch Wherry
Beat Larch Wherry
Beta Larch Wherry
Bah Rectal Wherry
Bah Claret Wherry
Bah Cartel Wherry
Bah Rarely Wretch
Blah Recta Wherry
Blah Caret Wherry
Blah Trace Wherry
Blah Cater Wherry
Blah Carte Wherry
Blah Crate Wherry
Blah React Wherry
Blah Water Cherry
Blah Tarry Chewer
Bath Clear Wherry
Bath Harry Crewel
Baht Clear Wherry
Baht Harry Crewel
Alb Recharter Why
Alb Charterer Why
Alb Archery Threw
Alb Carry Whether
Alb Wreath Cherry
Lab Recharter Why
Lab Charterer Why
Lab Archery Threw
Lab Carry Whether
Lab Wreath Cherry
Brawl Hatchery Re
Brawl Archer They
Brawl Charter Hey
Brawl Archery The
Brawl Chary There
Brawl Chary Three
Brawl Chary Ether
Brawl Heather Cry
Brawl Hate Cherry
Brawl Heat Cherry
Brawl Hart Cheery
Bawl Hatchery Err
Bawl Hater Cherry
Bawl Heart Cherry
Bawl Earth Cherry
Bawl Harry Etcher
Bylaw Charter Her
Ably Archer Threw
Bar Chalet Wherry
Bar Wealth Cherry
Bar Wrath Lechery
Bra Chalet Wherry
Bra Wealth Cherry
Bra Wrath Lechery
Brat Leach Wherry
Brat Archly Where
Brat Archly Hewer
Brat Whale Cherry
Brat Wheal Cherry
Bray Haler Wretch
Bray Whaler Chert
Bray Whaler Retch
Bray Rather Welch
Bray Wrath Lecher
Bat Whaler Cherry
Tab Whaler Cherry
Leach Wrath Berry
Chalet Harry Brew
Reach Wrath Beryl
Archer Thaw Beryl
Archer What Beryl
Archer Yawl Berth
Charter Whaler By
Charter Haw Beryl
Charter Yawl Herb
Archery Lath Brew
Archery Halt Brew
Archery Hart Blew
Archery Awl Berth
Archery Law Berth
Watcher Rah Beryl
Crawler Hearth By
Crawler Hay Berth
Hatch Rarely Brew
Hatch Rawer Beryl
Larch Earthy Brew
Larch Hearty Brew
Larch Wheat Berry
Larch Watery Herb
Larch Weary Berth
Larch Wrath Beery
Larch Hat Brewery
Larch Art Whereby
Larch Rat Whereby
Larch Tar Whereby
Larch Wart Hereby
Larch Tray Hebrew
Larch Arty Hebrew
Larch War Thereby
Larch Raw Thereby
Archly Rather Web
Archly Hater Brew
Archly Heart Brew
Archly Earth Brew
Archly Water Herb
Archly Wear Berth
Archly Ware Berth
Archly Wrath Beer
Archly Hat Brewer
Archly Art Hebrew
Archly Rat Hebrew
Archly Tar Hebrew
Latch Rah Brewery
Char Earthly Brew
Char Lathery Brew
Char Wealth Berry
Char Wreath Beryl
Char Lawyer Berth
Char Lath Brewery
Char Halt Brewery
Char Trawl Hereby
Arch Earthly Brew
Arch Lathery Brew
Arch Wealth Berry
Arch Wreath Beryl
Arch Lawyer Berth
Arch Lath Brewery
Arch Halt Brewery
Arch Trawl Hereby
Chart Whale Berry
Chart Wheal Berry
Chart Lawyer Herb
Chary Halter Brew
Chary Lather Brew
Chary Rather Blew
Chary Lath Brewer
Chary Halt Brewer
Chary Wrath Rebel
Chat Whaler Berry
Watch Haler Berry
Watch Rarely Herb
Watch Harry Rebel
Achy Trawler Herb
Crawl Heath Berry
Crawl Earthy Herb
Crawl Hearty Herb
Crawl Rah Thereby
Crawl Hart Hereby
Crawly Hare Berth
Crawly Rhea Berth
Crawly Hear Berth
Crawly Hater Herb
Crawly Heart Herb
Crawly Earth Herb
Talc Harry Hebrew
Claw Hearth Berry
Carry Health Brew
Carry Hearth Blew
Carry Wealth Herb
Carry Whale Berth
Carry Wheal Berth
Carry Lath Hebrew
Carry Halt Hebrew
Craw Health Berry
Craw Hearth Beryl
Craw Earthly Herb
Craw Lathery Herb
Racy Whaler Berth
Rather Wary Belch
Rather Awry Belch
Water Harry Belch
Harry Trawl Beech

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Hatch Rawer Beryl

Herbert. :3


Well, I meant that the name she guessed was a very viable name for guessing. My name isn't actually Herbert. Another hint for ya

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I used to play pyro a lot and one day in a server I managed to kill everyone on the opposing team within seconds of them killing someone on my team. A friend dubbed me Avenging Flame and demanded I change my name to that and here we are today

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Well, Soma comes from Soma Cruz, that dude in some of the castlevania games who was pretty cool as well as batman.

However, at various points people have pointed out that Soma can also be a drug as well as a lingerie website (google soma if you doubt me on either).
So yeah, pretty well rounded name.

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