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Painting Profile Pictures for free

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Hey everyone,

i´m painting you a free Profile Picture of your TF2 Avatar:)

(But Donations are welcome, too.)


Here are some examples of free Avatars:


Corillo~                                   Benja<3


And here some Avatars of Donators:


Quietus                                  Bumbibanane                        Lord Lama


Please add me to discuss, if you are interested:)


(Donations are everything above 1 Ref)

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What's your name on Steam? So I can add you to discuss this. :)

just click the steam icon under his name and it'll take you to his profile

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I paid for mine D: abzocke !! :P

But you paid under 1 Ref as far as i remember c:

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Hey I would like one,
If you want I could donate :D
If you could paint a pic of a medic with the macho man, heers helmet and heat of winter, having the word "Embix" at one of the corners, It would be perfect. Thanks

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