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Looking for SFM Artist


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Hello there! Today, im looking for an artist!


Not just any artist. One that has extensive knowladge on SFM.


I need a poster which uses multiple miscs equiped, paint applied, unusual effects and day/night posing. If you dont know how to do the above, please leave


I need a poster with the following:


-Class: Spy
-Team: Blu
-Hats: Purple energy Detective Noir

           Noh Mercy

           Dead of night
-Paints on the hats: Color 216 on the noir and dead of night
-Active weapon(s): Australium Ambassador
-Map(Valve maps only!): 2fort
-Time(Night or day): Night? If it looks better in day, go with day
-Your own idea of the poster: Spy needs to look 100 percent badass.


If you could pull this off, i can give a VERY nice reward and my blessing.


Cheers, Ron

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