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Before I go any further...are there ways to get dates?


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I'm currently creating a graphing chart based on the price history of some items. I'm gathering data from June - April for the recent price suggestions accepted.

I got all the data done for 1 item, and half way done for others.

When it comes to the current month, I have to guess a bit.

Recent suggestions only shows days ago, weeks ago, and months ago.


Today is 4/15..If a suggestion passed on 2/16, then it will say 1 month ago(unless if it rounds dates..no idea)...

Tomorrow it will say 2 months ago


That can be a big difference. Checking every suggestion made, and waiting a whole month to see which day they change over would be annoying.

So is there an easier way to get those dates..if not, going to just screw the accuracy.

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