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Script for tf2outpost.com


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I wrote an userscript for myself about a half year ago. I updated it in last month, and I can publish it now. A lot of other userscripts are outdated, don't support the v4 API, and this plugin works only in chrome (I'm using Firefox).



My script's features is at Github.


To use it, download and install...

Greasemonkey for Firefox

Tampermonkey for Chrome

Tampermonkey Beta for Opera


Then install the script from here.


Post here any bugs, or suggestions!

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Oh, the item's image. Well I don't think it's very good, my scripts uses high-ends, and it doesn't include paints, parst. But I'll try to add an option, and some more features later.

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Ahh, Probably should have checked on another computer. Using your userscript and the Aussie Wrench shows up as an Aussie Tomislav. Price is correct, just the image is off.

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