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Ref vs. Keys [Cash]


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So, trying to decide whether i should continue to just sell my ref off at $0.33 quickly and in bulk to someone trustworthy, or take the timeto convert it to keys, and then try and sell keys for $1.50? $1.60? whatever the hell they're going for...


P.s. what are they actually going for atm?

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Mehh screw it....not really worthwhile...


since $0.33*410 Ref=$135.30 and the only way to convert that to keys in a reasonable amount of time (before they go up again, would be at 4.77 ref) so...86 Keys*1.68=$1.44....


Also, selling keys at 1.60+ would technically be like selling ref for 0.35, so theres virtually no difference...


So, not really worth the time i guess.

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