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  1. I have been trying to find one for quite some time. I really just want to get my hands on a strangifier for one. Willing to fork over a pretty penny for one as well. Feel free to add me or add onto this thread. Or if you know of anyone selling one and can point me in the right direction that would be awesome. https://steamcommunity.com/id/morbid_whales/
  2. bysxan


  3. RageTheLegend

    What Unusual shoud i buy

    Hey I am new to unusual trading and I don't know what to buy. I've gotten 10 keys from Low tier trading. What shod I buy ?
  4. My item Fortunate Son for the scout was unboxed (iirc) during the Gun Mettle Update in 2015. I noticed now that it says on it ( Loaner - Cannot be traded, marketed, crafted, or modified ). I am able to trade it and put it on the market and craft with it though. I am receiving an offer for it currently, even though I did not advertise it. I would like to know if this "status" will sell for a lot more than the normal value. Here is screenshots as proof, and the link to it in my inventory. https://steamcommunity.com/id/JustAnAverageToaster/inventory#440_2_4529259049
  5. TheOneAndOnlyDinkleBerg

    Farming/buying cheap robot parts

    Where can i buy cheap robo parts? i need them for crafing and all sorts of shenanigans Money isn't an issue
  6. got 44 pure a australium scatter gun, and 2 prof kits 7keys (hunts man tornado team shine) 8 keys (objectors fire horns emerald) looking for a nice all class to wear i really like the well rounded rifle man or 2 unusuals for both heavy and sniper. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=124181997&token=lgoE5IcD <--- trade link or you can add me aswell if you wanna discuss
  7. Asta-Hart

    wtb Price check

    anyone got any estimate sell price for a strange rocket launcher with 3 strange parts: heavies killed, engineer killed, and no crit nor minicrit kills? found one for 10 ref and wanting to know if i get it how much profit i can make
  8. Okay so I am collecting a certain number craft hats and one of the hats is owned by a sharker/scammer and I really want to get the item BUT I don't know if I should send him a trade any ideas on what to do? this is his backpack link: https://backpack.tf/u/76561198083611023
  9. I have been looking for a gaming laptop for some time and can’t choose does anyone have some suggestions? My budget is $2000. While searching online, I found this guide: http://bestlaptopguru.com/best-gaming-laptops-under-2000/ but still confused. Please help!
  10. I really ought to thank you guys for all the cosmetic and weapon skin advice you've given me ever since I started posting on these forums. I don't know where my sense of fashion would be without you guys... But I'm afraid I'm not done. For my Demoman cosmetic loadout, I've settled on the Bolted Bicorne, the Whatever-style Bearded Bombardier (was dissuaded from the Bolted Bombardier from my brother, who suggested that, if I was going to get a beard, I should get the OG) and the Mann of the Seven Sees: https://gyazo.com/f4451a0c8bc0deb3f08f09643cedc89f (using Gyazo again because of that damn max total upload size limit) And with my cosmetics settled, it's time for me to get the ultimate Strange Stickybomb Launcher skin. You know, kinda like what I've been doing with my Minigun, Tomislav and (more recently) Soda Popper. So yeah, you probably know the drill by now: which skins look good/the best with my current displayed loadout? Once again, thanks for your input! [Side note: I intend to use this Stickybomb Launcher in both PvP and MvM, and right now the Strange Parts I'm thinking of putting on it are Dominations (for PvP) and Robots Destroyed and Giants Destroyed (both for MvM). If you guys think I should replace any of the Parts with any other Parts, just feel free to let me know.] Edit: I've decided to get a FT Damascus & Mahogany Stickybomb Launcher off the SCM. Thanks, everyone, for your input!
  11. A continuation of this discussion: Turns out Strange Soda Popper skins are in really short supply (and I don't really want to buy an expensive Strange War Paint just to turn it into a Soda Popper), but I found some Nutcracker Mk. II ones on the SCM and decided to combine them with a Muskelmannbraun-painted loadout: https://gyazo.com/2a7f67210bc5c11357f3f0fb00d44bfc (using Gyazo to bypass the max total file size rule). Is this the right paint color to go with my skin, or is there a better one? Sorry for the spam. Thanks for your input! Edit: I showed this in a Discord server and the first response I got was "why is scout covered in poop" and he wouldn't shut up about it. Gonna need you guys to back me up on this one. Sorry. Edit 2: Fuck this. I'm doing it. Thanks for the help though.
  12. I'll make this one quick. I've finally decided on a Scout cosmetic loadout to use instead of my cosmetic fillers, and it's the Wicked Good Ninja set: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Wicked_Good_Ninja I now want to get a Strange Soda Popper to use in MvM, but I'd like to hear what skins you guys think would go well with my cosmetic loadout. Thanks for your input!
  13. As per title. I wanna buy it, i have a seller, but trying to establish a fair price here.
  14. I've recently gotten my hands on ever single skinned rocket launcher in the game, all of them are strange. I probably won't sell them anytime soon because I enjoy owning them so much. Don't let this dissuade you from offering though. In case you're wondering, the conditions for these skins go from field tested to factory new. Some have killstreaks. Some have custom names/descriptions. Some have strange parts. All of them are field tested or better. All of them are strange. All of them are clean and have very good histories. Please consider adding me to offer, thanks
  15. I was looking at the top backpack and thought Wait, wouldn't Geel be the richest considering he owns all those bots on Scrap.TF? So I decided to chalk things up and sure enough, he is. Scrapta Clause - 2406 ref Scrap God - 1742 ref A Scrapendemic - unknown 2 Scrap - 2475 ref Han Scrap - 1791 ref Scrapton Hale - 2150 ref Scrapaloo - 2862 ref The way you scrap - 1784 ref Full of Scrap - 1133 ref Scrapoon 5 - 1630 ref National Scrap Agency - 1562 ref Lord Scrapping on - 1324 ref Little Scrappy - 1341 ref Count Scrapula - 1492 ref Scraptain Crunch - 1563 ref Scrappie - 879 ref Generic Scrap - 1338 ref Scrapties are cool - 5829 ref Scraplebeian - 6294 ref Royal Scrappy - 6127 ref The ScrapZ - 5301 ref Soulbot - 2940 ref Scrappiversity Alum - 4789 ref Scrappy Dew - 2356 ref Scrappy - unknown Penultiscrap - 9452 ref Scrap Your Eye Out - 50390 ref Scrapendelum - 54294 ref LookAtMyScrap - unknown Scrappa2 - 74841 ref Scrapprehensive - 364,878 ref Rocket Scrap - 11819 ref Cream Scrapy - 12027 ref Kits, I Bank That - 79571 Scrappersonator - 122819 ref Come on Get Scrapty - 4487 ref Parascrap - 9509 ref A Scrap Above - 15108 ref Scrapidioc Table - 11947 ref Scrap Mania - 7871 ref Left 4 Scrap - 8385 ref Scrapty 5 - 3502 Bernie Scrappers -17368 ref Scrapunny - 5677 ref Marketplace.tf Bots - too fucking much (approx. 6 mil) Personal BP of scrap.tf members - 3000-4000 keys as far as I could find Scraptf total- 923283 ref Grand total - 241850 keys or 7,040,253 or $451,616.48 With that, you could buy 2 Lamborghini Huracans, or a big ass house, or a ton of assisants Either way I'm still trying to say THATS ALOT OF MONEY Honestly I have to give props to Scrap.TF LLC for creating a legacy worth so much. So Scrap.TF LLC absolutely destroys Darth Chicken Gaming as top backpack value.
  16. I need 10 quick sfm posters, I will pay 1 ref each. I will use them in a video! Just add me for details! EDIT: Not needed anymore.
  17. Hello!I have a problem witch trust on backpakc.tf.I dont know how i can add the trust on profile of my friend.Please help me and thanks for read!
  18. IMT.kNgV-

    I got scammed

    Hey guys, I recently got scammed by a guy and i didnt do my reserch and now im in a pickle. I really dont know what to do guys any suport would help. Heres his profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dobroslav/
  19. Andrei#Ukrainian

    Buying QS Unusuals

    got 550 keys pure and 1300$ in csgo U can add me or send me trade offer(s)
  20. Since the gun mettle update was pushed a couple years back, skins have been unstable and risky to buy in the eyes of traders. I think this is because of the lack of a pricing system for skins and the fact that if you want to search for a particular skin, you'll end up with completely different results than what you were looking for. Even with the decorated quality that can be used as a filter in classifieds, looking for a skin in particular is pretty much impossible. I was wondering if anything could be done to fix using only steam market prices for skins, looking for a skin name (shell shocker, smalltown bringdown, etc.), and fixing strange skins in classifieds, which are impossible to find. Maybe there's a simple fix that I don't know about, but i'm curious. Thanks for reading
  21. ∞Ramses

    Laptop recommendations?

    What kind of laptop brand is considered reliable? I need a laptop for school/work so it needs a decent battery life span and a solid build. I'm looking spend about 500 to 700 EUR. Currently I'm looking at a Lenovo Ideapad 510. Any feedback on this one? Other recommendations? Thanks.
  22. Chumper

    Warns and -s

    To day i just got 3 warn and -2 from 1 price suggestion i am pretty sure i fallow all rules. Question 1. How i can remove warns and -2 Question 2. What is gonna happen am i gonna get banned from backpack.tf ?
  23. A new csgo legit jackpot website, bet and win much skins! The website is new and small you need bet the minimum of 0.01 $ Cases or graffiti Link:
  24. Hi. Some days ago I got scammed. He stole all my csgo skins, my australium ambassador and my unusual hot knife. For some reason after doing some research my friend found out that the unusual knife is on backpack.tf and Marketplace.TF | Bot 31 has it. The unusual knife is renamed «Magical Knife» and the description is «made by the old wizards in gabens office» There is no listings for my unusual and I am not sure about how much it's worth. Some days ago a guy added me. His name was karambit. He was really intetested in the knife. I never wanted to sell it. But he said that he wanted to help me find out how much it was worth. He said that I had to log in on OPskins.com. I did everything he said. I was way too nice and I had never gotten scammed before so I did what he said. He scammed me using fake bot First off he took my knife away. Then he said this: «Quick! Accept the trade offer or your knife will be sold on OPskin.com/auctions!!». I said: «WHAT?!?» and «WAIT!» The trade offer included my australium ambassador and all my csgo skins. I thought this was kind of weird, but acceptes the trade offer in panic. This has been making me depressed for days. I've gotten mentally depressed after all of this. I only want my unusual hot knife back. If there is some genius angel out there who knows how to get it back, please contact me. ~SpookyCorals Ps. You guys said you wanted proof. Here it is.
  25. ​Jewland Poser ​Sorry at first didn't realise it was an impersonator sorry to the original jeland thanks for pointing that out didn't realise ut the time just ignore the paragraph down below well most it anyway so. SCAMMERS have gotten really smart in the 2 years I was away and now they impersonate the top bp.tf guys sorry again . As most of you readers know Jewlander is one of the top five backpack.tf inventory holders , but here in this forum post I hope to convince and proof to you that backpack.tf hides his scamming and seducing of users. I would know he even scammed me. Backpack.tf enables him to delete and disable comments on his steam profile yet lets him have 227 trust. Below will be presentation of screenshots I have captured of him lying , to me using false profiles to convince me and the blocking me and I'm sure this post will mostly be ignored but please this has happened to countless user thanks to him. Something needs to be done. He Never Did pay me the team cards he promised , and if you ask he will lie to you. He has even blocked me I will be posting the steam chat underneath... as now I realise a presentation is too big. Never tell your password to anyone. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Hi Hood: hello Hood: what is it you added me for good sir? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Interested on your unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Selling it bro? Hood: sunbeams scotch bonnet? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait Hood: or the 1 of 1 pyro Hood: i already sold the pyro unusual sorry Hood: i can give you the name of the guy i sold it too if you like Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Lego? Hood: no Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who Hood: viewing trade history Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay when did you sold it? L( Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: :/ Hood: 2 days ago Hood: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lepetitponeysatanique Hood: this is the guy i sold it too Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Awww Hood: sorry Hood: he still has it Hood: you could try and offer him? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mostly buy backpacks for cash or steam gift cards I would offer $170 for that Sunbeams Scotch Bonnet. If you are interested here is my backpack.tf reputation http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198000730178 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Away. Hood: let me just convert that into my currency Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okaaay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What currency do you have? Hood: the pound Hood: im british Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So is it just good Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: ? Hood: 135.47 Hood: so thats 67.4 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: How much per key? Hood: 2 pounds per key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay a bit overpay of 2 key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't mind I just want to round off Hood: i dont us gift cars work in the uk let me check Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What? Hood: i dont think US gift cards work in the uk Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You can use that for steam market Hood: oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works in all country that's what we use Hood: if u bought it over seam market sure Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But PayPal would be easier Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: No I will be giving you gift card Hood: i dont have a paypal Hood: i know get with the times but Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So you would have credit on your steam funds Hood: i live in a small village Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Do you know where to redeem? Hood: funds? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: https://store.steampowered.com/account/redeemwalletcode/ Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeagh Hood: yeah i know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I will be giving you mixed of $170 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It would automatically convert into pound Hood: i just wana know what was your first steam ban for? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever played COD game? My little brother played COD with his friends and he used wall hacks then a week after I got banned.. But VAC ban doesnt connect with trading bro Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You know how this goes? Hood: just crs Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What's crs? Hood: im just looking up so details could you wait a sec , oh crs is short for curious Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever done this trade? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay xD Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Sorry new to that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mean transaction Hood: ive only ever done big trades via items such as when tf2 was young i would trade in earbuds but now i tradei n high tier stranges or keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to accept my $170 offer/ Hood: you were saying it was mixed what exactly do you mean Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Mixed codes 1 $100 1 $50 and a $20 code cause there is no $170 steam gift card Hood: oh ok Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But I will be sending it all at once Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to take it? Hood: would you be happy paying first? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait let me see your reputation for awhiel Hood: the only rep i got is on my profile thats it] Hood: i dont ask people to rep my bp account Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198079502047I don't go first on someone who doesn't have a single rep no offense but you know that that's how it goes right? I've done this couple of times on top 10 inventories I'm ranked 5th yet on top 10 I have the highest reputation there will be no reason for me to risk my collection and reputations Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So can you bro? Hood: you make a valid point You have accepted the trade request from Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Is still there a warn? Hood: you know what im sorry i think im gonna keep my unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money Hood: itsn ot that i dont trust you Hood: i quite like it Hood: i see your number five Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: sometimes they block + report me without thinking. That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Hood: itsj ust i really like my demo set Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh no bro I don't want you to say no right now Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You're even posting to sell it Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: For 65 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Don't troll around.. Hood: i would rather trade in pure then giftcards its just cus i tried to give a american buddy pf mine a five pound gift card bu it would not qaccept Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/440/2/5235471475/?l=english&o_url=jewlander Hood: its just my preference sorry Hood: nice Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Noo Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: If it wont get in Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Then I will return mark my words Hood: alright Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Report me Hood: im trust you send me trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I wont let anyone report me Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We are in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That unusual alone is 3000 keys already Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't risk that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Check your other tab Hood: by the way other people have reported you for scamming -.- Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We're in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeah I told you Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I got warn Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money sometimes they block + report me without thinking Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I told you that Hood: could u give me some form of collateral e.g. a really low tier unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My items arn'y for trade sorry... Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I aim to be the highest valued inventory Hood: rlly Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's why I keep on buying items Hood: that seem quite a goal with the top goal owning a hunter heavy Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: And I got reported because I offer lots of money they dont even check my reputation. Cause some kids when they hear if it's a money trade then they thought it's a scam Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Additional confirmation needed We are currently waiting for your trade partner to complete an additional verification step. After both parties complete the verification step, the trade will be completed automatically. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My codes are ready Hood: turning on phone Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Already copy pasted Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay tell me if you have confrimed it bro thanks Hood: confirmed Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Offline. Pls someone must stop the abuser of power
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