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  1. The uncraftable list. A list where you can find my buying prices and selling prices of uncraftable (a.k.a. dirty) hats and miscs. PRESS CTRL + F to find your uncraftable hat. THE LIST: Last update: 11/01/2014 (previous: 22/12/2013 - 23/06/2013) 0.11: Master Mind- B: 0.11___S: 0.44 The Zipperface- B: 0.11___S: 0.44 The Scarecrow- B: 0.11___S: 0.66 0.22: The Unknown Monkeynaut- B: 0.22___S: 0.66 The Dead Little Buddy- B: 0.22___S: 0.66 The Rump-O’-Lantern- B: 0.22___S: 0.66 The Exorcizor- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 The Plutonidome- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 The Boo Balloon- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 The Spooky Shoes- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 Football Helmet- B: 0.22___S: 0.66 Prussian pickelhaube- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 Batter’s halmet- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 Professional’s Panama- B: 0.22___S:0.66 0.33: Mining Light- B: 0.33___S: 1.44 Pyro’s Beanie- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 Fancy Fedora- B: 0.33___S: 1.66 Throphy Belt- B: 0.33___S: 1.44 Soldier’s Stash- B: 0.33___S: 1.66 Tyrant’s Helmet- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 Glengarry Bonnet- B: 0.33___S: 0.88 The Voodoo Juju (Slight Return)- B: 0.33___S: 0.66 Respectless Rubber Glove- B: 0.33___S: 0.66 Dr. Grordbort’s Crest- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 Dr. Grordbort’s Copper Crest- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 The Coffin Kit- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 0.44: Dr. Grordbort’s Silver Crest- B: 0.44___S: 2 The Executioner- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Baseball Bill’s Sport Shine- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Ritzy Rick’s Hair Fixative- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 The Company Man- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Engineer’s Cap- B: 0.44___S: 1.44 Officer’s Ushanka- B: 0.44___S: 1.55 Though Guy’s Toque- B: 0.44___S: 1.55 Stainless Pot- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Camera Beard- B: 0.44___S: 1.66 Otolaryngologist’s Mirror- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Master’s Yellow Belt- B: 0.44___S: 1.44 The Ninja Cowl- B: 0.44___S: 1 0.55: The Nanobalaclava- B: 0.55___S: 1.33 Ye Olde Baker Boy- B: 0.55___S: 1.44 Berliner’s Bucket Helm- B: 0.55___S: 1.33 The Infernal Orchestrina- B: 0.55___S: 1.33 0.66: Bonk Helm- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 Demoman’s Fro- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Texas Slim’s Dome Shine- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 Brigade Helm- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 Texas Ten Gallon- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 The Attendant- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 The Milkman- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 Grenadier’s Softcap- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 Bombing Run- B: 0.66___S: 2 Lord Cockswain’s Pith Helmet- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 Armored Authority- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Burning Bongos- B: 0.66__S: 1.66 The Grand Duchess Tutu- B: 0.66___S: 2 The Grand Duchess Tiara- B: 0.66___S: 2 The Grand Duchess Fairy Wings- B: 0.66___S: 2 Backbiter’s Billycock- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 Scotch Bonnet- B: 0.66___S: #ERROR Larrikin Robin- B: 0.66 ___S: 1.33 Modest Pile of Hats- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Hotrod- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Whoopee Cap- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Ze Goggles- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Horrific Headsplitter- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Pyromancer’s Mask- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 Détective Noir- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Hottie’s Hoodie- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Large Luchadore- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Googly Gazer- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Pocket Medic- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Desert Marauder- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 Sultan’s Ceremonial- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Jumper’s Jeepcap- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Capo’s Capper- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 Security Shades- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Prairie Heel Biters- B: 0.66___S: The Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun- B: 0.66___S: 2 Dragonborn Helmet- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Wingstick- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Brainiac Goggles- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 The Moonman Backpack- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Bubble Pipe- B: 0.66___S: 2 The Buccaneer’s Bicorne- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 A Whiff of the Old Brimstone B: -0.66___S: 1.66 The Sandvich Safe- B: 0.66___S: 2.33 The Big Elfin Deal- B: 0.66___S: 2 The Itsy Bitsy Spyer- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Bootie Time- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Captain’s Cocktails- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Helmet Without a Home- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Liquidator's Lid- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Fed-Fightin’ Fedora- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Hazmat Headcase- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 Grenadier Helm- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 The Void Monk Hair- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Virtual Reality Headset- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Stereoscopic Shades- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 The Crone’s Dome- B: 0.66___S: 2 Familiar Fez- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Bonedolier- B: 0.66____S: 2 The Spooky Sleeves- B: 0.66___S: 1.11 The Human Cannonball- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Wraith Wrap- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Tribal Bones- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Sir Hootsalot- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 0.77 ref: The Samur-Eye-0.77___S: 1.88 Cadaver’s Cranium- B: 0.77___S: 2 Couvre Corner- B: 0.77___S: 1.44 Safe’n’Sound- B: 0.77___S: 1.66 0.88 ref: Prince Tavish’s Crown- B: 0.88___S: 2 The Cremator’s Conscience- B: 0.88___S: 2 The Idea Tube- B: 0.88___S: 2 Teddy Roosebelt- B: 0.88___S: 1.77 The Deus Specs- B: 0.88___S: 2 1 ref: Flipped Trilby- B: 1___S: 2 The Builder’s Blueprints- B: 1___S: 2 Cosa Nostra Cap- B: 1___S : 2.33 Clan Pride- B: 1___S : 2.33 Connoisseur’s Cap- B: 1___S : 2.66 Le Party Phantom- B: 1___S: 2.66 Charmer’s Chapeau- B: 1___S: 3.66 Vintage Merryweather- B: 1___S: 2.33 Killer’s Kabuto-B: 1___S: 2 Crocleather Slouch- B: 1___S: 1.88 Swagman’s Swatter- B: 1___S: 2.33 The Backwards Ballcap- B: 1___S: 2.66 The Hound Dog- B: 1___S: 2.33 Whiskered Gentlemen- B: 1___S: 2.33 The Flamboyant Flamenco- B: 1___S: 2.66 Towering Pillar of Hats-B: 1___S: 2 Noble Amassment of Hats-B: 1___S: 2 Hustler’s Hallmark-B: 1___S: 2.33 Magistrate’s Mullet-B: 1___S: 2 Bonk Boy- B: 1___S: 2.33 The Made Man-B: 1___S: 2.66 Troublemaker’s Tossle Cap-B: 1___S: 3.66 Photo Badge-B: 1___S: 2.33 Triboniophorus Tyrannus(Brainslug)-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Brown Bomber-B: 1___S: 2.66 Pip-Boy-B: 1___S: 2.33 Blighted Beak-B: 1___S: 3.33 The Head Warmer-B: 1___S: 3 The Gentleman’s Ushanka-B: 1___S: 2 The Infernal Impaler-B: 1___S: 2 The Birdcage-B: 1___S: 4 The Surgeon’s Stahlhelm-B: 1___S: 2 Dillinger’s Duffel-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Bussiness Casual-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Hat with No Name-B: 1___S: 2.33 Hermes-B: 1___S: 2.11 The Jingle Belt-B: 1___S: 4 The Lucky Shot-B: 1___S: 1.88 Buckaroos Hat-B: 1___S: 2 Aladdin’s Private Reserve-B: 1___S: 2 The Waxy Waxfinder-1___S: 3 The Fruit Shoot-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Surgeon’s Side Satchel –B: 1___S: 2.33 The Liquor Locker – B: 1___S: 2.66 The Marxman- B: 1___S: 2.77 Vintage Tyrolean- B: 1___S: 2.44 Sergeant’s Drill hat-B: 1___S: 2.55 Sober Stuntman-B: 1___S: 1.66 The Big Chief-B: 1___S: 2 The Heavy Duty Rag-B: 1___S: 2.11 The Dread Knot-B: 1___S: 2.22 The Geisha Boy-B: 1___S: 2 Your Worst Nightmare-B: 1___S: 3.66 The One-Man Army-B: 1___S: 2.77 The Counterfeit Billycock-B: 1___S: 2 The Pencil Pusher-B: 1___S: 2.33 Honcho’s Headgear-B: 1___S: 3 The Noh Mercy-B: 1___S: 2.66 Defiant Spartan-B: 1___S: 3 The Outdoorsman-B: 1___S: 4 Grimm Hatte-B: 1___S: 2.66 Industrial Festivizer-B: 1___S: 3.11 Dr’s Dapper Topper-B: 1___S: 3 Frenchman’s Beret-B: 1___S: 2.33 Carouser’s Capotain-B: 1___S: 2.66 The Gym Rat-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Crocodile Smile-B: 1___S: 4 The Spectre’s Spectacles-B: 1___S: 3.33 The Surgeon’s Stethoscope-B: 1___S: 2.77 Chieftain’s Challenge-B: 1___S: 2.66 Professor’s Peculiarity-B: 1___S: 3.22 Scotman’s Stove Pipe-B: 1___S: 3.22 Rimmed Raincatcher-B: 1___S: 3 Ol’Snaggletooth-B: 1___S: 1.77 Pugilist’s protector-B: 1___S: 2.55 The Hot Dogger-B: 1___S: 4.22 The Front Runner-B: 1___S: 3.11 The K-9 Mane-B: 1___S: 6.11 The Stovepipe Sniper Shako-B: 1___S: 5.11 The Distinguished Rogue-B: 1___S: 3.66 L’inspecteur-B: 1___S: 6.44 The Snapped Pupil-B: 1___S: 4.11 Old Guadalajara-B: 1___S: 4.77 Stout Shako-B: 1___S: 5.22 Big Country-B: 1___S: 3 Private Eye-B: 1___S: 4.88 Reggaelator-B: 1___S: 3.88 The Tavish Degroot Experience-B: 1___S: 4.11 Madame Dixie-B: 1___S: 6.33 The Brainiac Hairpiece-B: 1___S: 5.33 Tippler’s Tricorne-B: 1___S: 3.11 Flair!-B: 1___S: 3.88 Dr. Whoa-B: 1___S: 4.55 The Nine-Pipe problem-B: 1___S: 6.22 The Toss-Proof Towel- B: 1___S: 3 The Champ Stamp- B: 1___S: 3 The Sneaky Spats of Sneaking- B: 1___S: 3.33 The Texas Half-Pants- B: 1___S: 4.44 The Triad Trinket- B: 1___S: 4 Soldier’s Stogie- B: 1___S: 4 The King of Scotland Cape- B: 1___S: 5 The Fast Learner- B: 1___S: 4.33 The Teufort Tooth Kicker- B: 1___S: 6.88 The Purity Fist- B: 1___S: 2.33 The Ornament Armament- B: 1___S: 3.66 Rogue’s Col Roule- B: 1___S: 3 Physician’s Procedure Mask- B: 1___S: 3.11 The Apparatchik’s Apparel- B: 1___S: 3.11 The Boston Boom-Bringer- B: 1___S: 4.33 Sight for Sore Eyes- B: 1___S: 5 Menpo- B: 1___S: 5 1.11 ref: © Asphalt. – B: 1.11___S: 913 Copper’s Hard Top-B: 1.11__S: 5 Stately Steel Toe-B: 1.11___S: 10 Napper’s Respite-B: 1.11___S: 8 Exquisite Rack-B: 1.11___S: 7 Shooter’s Sola Topi-1.11___S: 6 Gentleman’s Gatsby-B: 1.11___S: 9 Prancer’s Pride-B: 1.11___S: 12 German Gonzila-B: 1.11___S: 10 Tam O’Shanter-B: 1.11___S: 11 The Balloonicorn- B: 1.11___S: 5 Apparition’s Aspect- B: 1.11 ___S: 4.55 1.22 ref: Ol’Geezer-B: 1.22___S: 12 The Conquistador-B: 1.22___S: 11 Western Wear-1.22___S: 12 The Little Buddy-B: 1.22___S: 19 The Salty Dog-B: 1.22___S: 10 Hard Counter-B: 1.22___S: 14 Medic’s Mountain Cap-B: 1.22___S: 19 1.33 ref: The Killer Exlusive-B:1.33___S: 10 Furious Fukaamagisa-B:1.33___S: 25 The Stocking Stuffer-B:1.33___S: 35 Bloke’s Bucket Hat-B:1.33___S: 25 Magnificent Mongolian-B: 1.33___S: 28 Handyman’s Handle-B: 1.33___S: 26 The Bird-man of Aberdeen- B: 1.33___S: 6 Fancy Dress Uniform- B: 1.33___S: 4.33 The Anger- B: 1.33___S: 6.66 Archimedes- B: 1.33___S: 6.33 1.66 ref: Coupe D’isaster-B: 1.66___S: 50 Doctor’s Sack- B: 1.66___S: 50 2 ref: The Outback Intellectual- B: 2___S: 6.11 The Foppish Physician- B: 2___S: 6.77 The Hitt Mann Badge- B: 2___S: 30 That ‘70s Chapeau- B: 2___S: 30 Chief Constable- B: 2___S: 30 Siberian Sophisticate- B: 2___S: 30 The Deadliest Duckling- B: 2___S: 30 The Ball-Kicking Boots- B: 2___S: 4 2.66 ref and more: The Merc’s Pride Scarf- B: 2.66___S: 7 Lasth Breath- B: 3___S: 7.11 Villain’s Veil- B: 3___S: 7.66 The Team Captain- B: 3.33___S: 5 The Robro 3000- B: 4___S: 14 Lord Cockswain’s Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe- B: 2___S: 4.33 The All-Father- B: 5___S: 15 The Kringle Collection- B: 5___S: 10 Summer Hat- 5 keys___S: 16 keys Voodoo juju- 4 keys___S: 14 keys Flip Flops-4 keys___S: 15 keys Spine Chilling Skull-1 key___S: 4 keys The Spine-Chilling Skull 2011-1 key___S: 4 keys Rare uncraftables: Special 'rare uncraftables (like ketche, brain bucket, conjurer's cowl, dead cone, hetman headpiece, mask of the shaman, etc.): You might want to add me for those. Halloween items: Not a fan of the Halloween items, but here are my prices for those: Buying Halloween items 2011: 2 for 1 wep (Scottish snarl, pickled paws, b-ankh!, futankhamun, fallen angel, tail from the crypt, dr. gogglestache, emerald jarate, steel pipes, shoestring budget, griffin’s gog, intangible ascot, soviet stitch-up, steel-toed stompers, silver bullets, garlic flank stake, I had fun pricing items guys, but to all things come an end I guess frontier flyboy, legend of bugfoot) The hair of the dog, the wrap battler, the blazing bull, the einstein, the idiot box, the under cover, the can opener, the holy hunter or the buzz killer. I’m buying those 1 scrap each. For halloween items 2012, check the list. For Voodoo-cursed souls it's 1 clean weapon for 3 souls. Halloween Masks- 1 weapon each Other: Write down here first for these and then add me. Alien Swarm Parasite- B: 0.33___S: 2 Ghastlierest Gibus- B: 0.66___S: 2 Athletic Supporter- B: 1.22___S: 2.33 Superfan- B: 1.22___S: 2.33 Ellis cap- B: 1___S: 1.55 Dealer’s Visor- B: 1___S: 3.33 Essential accesoires- 1 key___S: 5 keys I can choose not to buy any of these hats for the listed price. This can happen to a sudden overstock, market going crazy, lack of metal, etc. Fortunately this hasn't happened a single time yet!
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