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  1. How to bring up the new suggestion form: Go to your backpack or to the pricelist and click on the item Click on "view item information" Click on "suggest a new price" The most ignored; Don't assume backpack.tf can magically make your item easier to sell or an item easier to buy. If you are making a suggestion for your own benefit, stop right there. Provide proof to support your suggestions: "proof" refers to evidence which show what an item sells at. Opinions aren't evidence, links to trades or screenshots are. Prices we list are for unmodified items ONLY. People can list whatever they want as a buyout: if no one buys at that price then buyouts don't mean anything. Untaken buyouts below current range, however, can be a sign that a price should be lowered. Quickbuyers buy to resell; they are rarely good evidence for a price decrease (though an abundance at the current value can show a price should be higher) The least-known; Do not rely on others to provide proof for you. Do expect others to provide counterproof. Do not be rude to people just because they disagree with you (or because you disagree with them). Constructive criticism is to help you, it is not a personal attack. The backpack.tf classifieds are valid proof, but can be unreliable. They do not always update automatically, and when sold there is no history they were ever there. Remember to include a screenshot of classifieds when using them as proof. Steam market prices generally are not reliable proof; Steam wallet funds are worth less than paypal funds. You have to provide multiple links of proof: one trade does not represent the entire market! Click for more info and questions. Provide proof from both sellers and buyers. Neither defines the market by themselves. "Unsolds"—trades which have been trying and failing to get a certain price—should only be used as evidence if they are old (a few days at least). Unsolds without autobumps aren't always good representatives of the market. Unsolds by themselves are not very conclusive. Only suggest prices which are significantly different from current ones. "Price bumping" is only for unusuals (see below). Do not change currencies without a good reason. It's best to list items in what they sell for most often. Trades which are old usually do not support present prices: the price list represents the market as it is now, not then. "Old" generally refers to any trade 1-2 weeks old. This point is less important for prices which have not been recently updated, and for slow-selling items (most G items and almost any item worth 2 keys or more). Trades will happen outside the range we list (in both directions) no matter what. All prices in our range, however, should be relatively easy for the average trader to obtain. Don't make suggestions for untradable/ungiftable items. Don't Use Suggestions to Prove a Point. Click for more info and questions. Suggestions are not for selling items. For trading items, use the classifieds; click an item in your pack or go to http://backpack.tf/classifieds These points apply to common items. Unusuals are a more complex matter; see here. Collector items (especially glitched vintages and rare uncrafts) fall somewhere between the two. Trade.tf is only usable as proof if you provide screenshots. Since trade.tf links expire, and our goal is to be transparent, using trade.tf links by themselves is not sufficient evidence. Thoughts? What'd I miss? What should I cut? How should I order/rearrange them? Please post this on poorly researched suggestions to encourage new members to learn how to make proper suggestions: Please read this guide on how to make proper suggestions http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/792-how-to-make-a-good-suggestion-bullet-points-version/
  2. When a moderator closes/accepts a suggestion and you disagree with their decision, please make a new thread following these guidelines. Place your thread in the General Website Discussions sub-forum. Thread Name: Preface the thread name with "Suggestion Question:" and include the item name, price, and moderator that worked on it (Ex: Suggestion Question: Spycicle, 1.66-2 ref, cleverpun). If a thread with that name already exists, also include the date the suggestion was closed. (Spycicle [Jan 20, '13], 1.66-2 ref, cleverpun) Only make one thread per Suggestion! If you really must, you may put multiple suggestions in the same thread, but only if they were handled by the same admin. Include the following information in first post; * Link to the suggestion--ex: http://backpack.tf/v...a2536b065000000 * Why the suggestion should not have been accepted/rejected. Remember that subjective reasons ("it looks good" "People like green" etc) are not sufficient evidence by themselves. Voter tallies are not sufficient by themselves, either. * Relevant links: proof links go here. Simply recycling the ones used in the suggestion will generally not be enough. Admins are always willing to explain their decisions, and we are not perfect. We are more than willing to help create a new better, suggestion if needed. Suggestion Questions are not license to attack the site or any of its users. They are not going to automatically result in a price being changed. As with all other parts of the site and forums, be respectful and calm. Any threads that do not follow these guidelines will be locked or deleted. Any thread with excessive off-topic conversation will be locked. NOTE: These guidelines are subject to change. Suggestions are, as always, welcome.
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