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  1. AwesomeMcCoolName

    Guide to Paypal Trading

    Guide to Paypal Trading, and how to NEVER get scammed. 1) Things to Look For A Rep ThreadRep threads show a glimpse into a trader's past and can be helpful in determining the likelihood of a chargeback occurring. Valid forms of Rep: TF2-Trader, ManncoTrading, SteamTrades, Dota2Traders, Skial, BPTF-Trust, etc... Profile Rep means nothing, ignore it. Account Value Number of games, hours in TF2/D2/CSGO, age of the accountSomeone with a large number of games and an old account with a lot of hours in-game is less likely to be a scammer. BP value history -- is there a sudden spike? or a gradual increase over months time? or little change at all? (Keep in mind, a lot of key buyers are game flippers -- so their bp's worth comes from steam games). 2) Things to Look Out For Deals that are too good to be trueIf a deal is too good then the buyer is probably trying to take advantage of your greed. Someone in a rushSomeone trying to rush things is looking to catch you off guard, so just walk away. Someone who refuses to use a middlemanSomeone who isn't willing to use a SteamRep mm (no matter the excuse) isn't worth the trouble. ​Chargebacks ​Usually occur within one week, however they can occur for up to six months after the trade. It's advisable to NOT spend the money until after the chargeback window has passed. If a chargeback does occur there is VERY little chance you'll be able to successfully dispute it -- so you want to take every possible precaution to prevent one from occurring in the first place. You can be chargedback no matter how the payment was sent (moneypak is the ONLY way to be 100% sure -- see below) Alt AccountsNo Reputable trader will ask you to do the trade via an alt, so if they ask you to go through their alt, just say no, and move along. (Note: they might store items on that account, and give the items through it) False LinksMake sure the link they sent you is actually them and not someone else. Get their profile URL YOURSELF, and use it to get their SteamRep profile yourself. Make sure any identifiers in a rep-thread match his profile Phishing LinksRead over the link CAREFULLY. Make sure there aren't any misplaced/added/missing characters. Make sure the links are real. A good way to check, find the website via Google and login; if you're still logged in when you click the link provided, it's real. NEVER download or open any link that ends in .Rar Be wary of any shortened links (i.e. anything like: goo.gl/etEfsadgsfd) Hijacked ItemsCheck the history of an item you buy to make sure it hasn't been hijacked. It will likely be removed from your backpack and you may get trade banned. Hijacked items are usually quick sold very cheap--so be wary of "deals that are too good to be true". Check the backpack.tf value graph and look for any dramatic changes within the past few days, it could just be someone cashing out/buying items, but theres also a possibility its a scammer, just be cautious. Fake/Untrustworthy Middlemen Middleman interjectionA fake middleman invites you to trade and pretends to be the real middleman you were just talking to. Always do the trade through steams "invite to trade" since it forces the person to be on your friends list. Verify with the middleman that you're in a trade with him. Random middlemanONLY use people you can trust. (SR middleman/Community Admins/etc..) ImpersonationUse of a secondary account to impersonate a trusted trader. Double-check the profile and SR of BOTH the middleman in chat, AND the place you found the middleman (ex: SR Middleman list) A side note about middlemen, most request that you trade them, they usually don't trade you. 3) Going through with the trade Be explicit ​Clearly state the items and cash involved as well as clearly detailed terms of the trade. (e.g. "$21 USD sent as friends and family, you pay any fees, and your pp account must be verified for my 1 Earbud." Take things slow Don't let him rush you along. Make sure have everything you need -- if you're the seller, then make sure you have the money in your paypal account and can see the transaction details before completing the trade. Take (and SAVE) screenshots of everything It's very important that you take screenshots of everything as well as take down all of the other person's important information. (SteamRep identifiers, rep-thread/s, details of the trade, transaction ID of the paypal trade, etc...) Also make sure to screenshot the ENTIRE chat log as well as your trade history after each trade (uncropped). Don't be afraid to ask for help -- if you're unsure, bring in someone with more experience than you to help out. 4) Setting up/Using Paypal Creating account--Fill in the form. Make sure to select personal use. Other than that its pretty straightforwardNote: If you plan on dealing with moneypak you WILL need to link your Social Security Number. Sending money--Go to "Send Money">Put in the email, put in the amount>Select "Friends and Family", check to see if the seller wants any notes and if he does then put them in, if not just click send. Receiving Money--Provide the buyer with your email. Make sure he sends it as friends and family (or at least covers the fees if he sends it another way), and then wait until you get the transaction details (to verify that he paid any fees/that he sent it the way you wanted him to). 5) Other Moneypak--An alternative to Paypal, its a pre-paid card you buy that gets dumped directly into your PP account (can NOT be charged back). Keep in mind, most buyers don't like this option since it puts them at extra risk (extra cost, and they can't charge back even if you don't give them the items) [Moneypak is only available in USA].Your SSN MUST be linked to accept moneypak. This is the ONLY way to guarantee you will not be chargedback (when doing a pp trade) Notes--Worthless, they're only good for your records. Risk Management--Rather than selling ten buds to one person, sell one bud to ten people
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