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  1. dio overwatch boosts for 250 sr per 5 bucks till plat add me if intrested
  2. Chumper

    Warns and -s

    To day i just got 3 warn and -2 from 1 price suggestion i am pretty sure i fallow all rules. Question 1. How i can remove warns and -2 Question 2. What is gonna happen am i gonna get banned from backpack.tf ?
  3. ✪ Vergo ✪ |⚡️| [⇄]

    Offers on very cheap Bonzo unusual!

    Hey guys! Looking for good offers on this super sexy 1/1 in existence Strange variant Bonzo the All-Gnawing Napolean (French hat for French hat). Its clean and green and extremely rare w/ amazing effect has been rising lately with many pure sales well over backpack price. Its priced really low at 57 keys, and its has a nice strange part (Fires survived) along with Purple paint that suits it well. Offer down below, add me or send an offer! http://backpack.tf/item/4257743535 https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=237251230&token=p7ZZt3XU
  4. A new csgo legit jackpot website, bet and win much skins! The website is new and small you need bet the minimum of 0.01 $ Cases or graffiti Link:
  5. Hi. Some days ago I got scammed. He stole all my csgo skins, my australium ambassador and my unusual hot knife. For some reason after doing some research my friend found out that the unusual knife is on backpack.tf and Marketplace.TF | Bot 31 has it. The unusual knife is renamed «Magical Knife» and the description is «made by the old wizards in gabens office» There is no listings for my unusual and I am not sure about how much it's worth. Some days ago a guy added me. His name was karambit. He was really intetested in the knife. I never wanted to sell it. But he said that he wanted to help me find out how much it was worth. He said that I had to log in on OPskins.com. I did everything he said. I was way too nice and I had never gotten scammed before so I did what he said. He scammed me using fake bot First off he took my knife away. Then he said this: «Quick! Accept the trade offer or your knife will be sold on OPskin.com/auctions!!». I said: «WHAT?!?» and «WAIT!» The trade offer included my australium ambassador and all my csgo skins. I thought this was kind of weird, but acceptes the trade offer in panic. This has been making me depressed for days. I've gotten mentally depressed after all of this. I only want my unusual hot knife back. If there is some genius angel out there who knows how to get it back, please contact me. ~SpookyCorals Ps. You guys said you wanted proof. Here it is.
  6. ​Jewland Poser ​Sorry at first didn't realise it was an impersonator sorry to the original jeland thanks for pointing that out didn't realise ut the time just ignore the paragraph down below well most it anyway so. SCAMMERS have gotten really smart in the 2 years I was away and now they impersonate the top bp.tf guys sorry again . As most of you readers know Jewlander is one of the top five backpack.tf inventory holders , but here in this forum post I hope to convince and proof to you that backpack.tf hides his scamming and seducing of users. I would know he even scammed me. Backpack.tf enables him to delete and disable comments on his steam profile yet lets him have 227 trust. Below will be presentation of screenshots I have captured of him lying , to me using false profiles to convince me and the blocking me and I'm sure this post will mostly be ignored but please this has happened to countless user thanks to him. Something needs to be done. He Never Did pay me the team cards he promised , and if you ask he will lie to you. He has even blocked me I will be posting the steam chat underneath... as now I realise a presentation is too big. Never tell your password to anyone. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Hi Hood: hello Hood: what is it you added me for good sir? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Interested on your unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Selling it bro? Hood: sunbeams scotch bonnet? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait Hood: or the 1 of 1 pyro Hood: i already sold the pyro unusual sorry Hood: i can give you the name of the guy i sold it too if you like Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Lego? Hood: no Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who Hood: viewing trade history Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay when did you sold it? L( Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: :/ Hood: 2 days ago Hood: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lepetitponeysatanique Hood: this is the guy i sold it too Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Awww Hood: sorry Hood: he still has it Hood: you could try and offer him? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mostly buy backpacks for cash or steam gift cards I would offer $170 for that Sunbeams Scotch Bonnet. If you are interested here is my backpack.tf reputation http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198000730178 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Away. Hood: let me just convert that into my currency Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okaaay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What currency do you have? Hood: the pound Hood: im british Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So is it just good Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: ? Hood: 135.47 Hood: so thats 67.4 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: How much per key? Hood: 2 pounds per key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay a bit overpay of 2 key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't mind I just want to round off Hood: i dont us gift cars work in the uk let me check Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What? Hood: i dont think US gift cards work in the uk Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You can use that for steam market Hood: oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works in all country that's what we use Hood: if u bought it over seam market sure Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But PayPal would be easier Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: No I will be giving you gift card Hood: i dont have a paypal Hood: i know get with the times but Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So you would have credit on your steam funds Hood: i live in a small village Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Do you know where to redeem? Hood: funds? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: https://store.steampowered.com/account/redeemwalletcode/ Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeagh Hood: yeah i know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I will be giving you mixed of $170 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It would automatically convert into pound Hood: i just wana know what was your first steam ban for? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever played COD game? My little brother played COD with his friends and he used wall hacks then a week after I got banned.. But VAC ban doesnt connect with trading bro Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You know how this goes? Hood: just crs Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What's crs? Hood: im just looking up so details could you wait a sec , oh crs is short for curious Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever done this trade? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay xD Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Sorry new to that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mean transaction Hood: ive only ever done big trades via items such as when tf2 was young i would trade in earbuds but now i tradei n high tier stranges or keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to accept my $170 offer/ Hood: you were saying it was mixed what exactly do you mean Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Mixed codes 1 $100 1 $50 and a $20 code cause there is no $170 steam gift card Hood: oh ok Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But I will be sending it all at once Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to take it? Hood: would you be happy paying first? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait let me see your reputation for awhiel Hood: the only rep i got is on my profile thats it] Hood: i dont ask people to rep my bp account Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198079502047I don't go first on someone who doesn't have a single rep no offense but you know that that's how it goes right? I've done this couple of times on top 10 inventories I'm ranked 5th yet on top 10 I have the highest reputation there will be no reason for me to risk my collection and reputations Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So can you bro? Hood: you make a valid point You have accepted the trade request from Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Is still there a warn? Hood: you know what im sorry i think im gonna keep my unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money Hood: itsn ot that i dont trust you Hood: i quite like it Hood: i see your number five Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: sometimes they block + report me without thinking. That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Hood: itsj ust i really like my demo set Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh no bro I don't want you to say no right now Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You're even posting to sell it Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: For 65 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Don't troll around.. Hood: i would rather trade in pure then giftcards its just cus i tried to give a american buddy pf mine a five pound gift card bu it would not qaccept Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/440/2/5235471475/?l=english&o_url=jewlander Hood: its just my preference sorry Hood: nice Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Noo Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: If it wont get in Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Then I will return mark my words Hood: alright Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Report me Hood: im trust you send me trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I wont let anyone report me Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We are in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That unusual alone is 3000 keys already Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't risk that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Check your other tab Hood: by the way other people have reported you for scamming -.- Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We're in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeah I told you Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I got warn Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money sometimes they block + report me without thinking Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I told you that Hood: could u give me some form of collateral e.g. a really low tier unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My items arn'y for trade sorry... Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I aim to be the highest valued inventory Hood: rlly Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's why I keep on buying items Hood: that seem quite a goal with the top goal owning a hunter heavy Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: And I got reported because I offer lots of money they dont even check my reputation. Cause some kids when they hear if it's a money trade then they thought it's a scam Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Additional confirmation needed We are currently waiting for your trade partner to complete an additional verification step. After both parties complete the verification step, the trade will be completed automatically. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My codes are ready Hood: turning on phone Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Already copy pasted Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay tell me if you have confrimed it bro thanks Hood: confirmed Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Offline. Pls someone must stop the abuser of power
  7. Hey guys what is your favourite tf2 frag video? Can be of a single player or of a team has to be my favourite. It's such a classic, and the music is awesome as well. is a really good recent one. Beater is a god with fragvids anyway, and all of his clips/vids are insanely good
  8. I know something big happend with csgo betting sites i mean ton of scams just why valve blocked all of betting sites and gived trade ban to bots tf2bet.com still have my item and i cant get it now how i can get my item ? ??????
  9. I can't seem to find a definitive price anywhere online and was wondering if someone could help figure out a price to sell it at.
  10. so i unboxed an assasin grade hat called the head prize to see it check my inventory http://steamcommunity.com/id/emdmatch/inventory/if you dont want to click the link just search my inventory i checked here its not yet priced and i checked the market its over 5 keys because people are not yes selling them so do we trade with the market price whe backpack.tf is not yet pricing the hat or not the hat is cool check the hat out the hat name is the head prize its an all class hat/misc im not yet trading this until january 27 add me or send me an offer ill try doing the glitch to accept or denny an offer
  11. Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

    Backpack.tf Premium Classies Question

    Heyro! Its'a me If I buy backpack.tf premium (I'm thinking for 2 months as I ain't rich) will I get double classies and then double again for the 2nd month? Right now I have 160 and some people (Like PiotreX) Have 2000+ Listings? - Obviously I don't need/want that many! I just wan't more classies so If anyone can help that would be great! Otherwise I guess I'll just buy 2 Months and see what happens!
  12. Anticlimactic Bass Drop

    Strange Surgeon's Sidearm Price

    So I want to sell my Strange Surgeon's Sidearm that I recently unboxed, the only problem is that the site doesnt have a price for it. At all. I checked every corner of the site and couldnt find a single price for it, not even a single listing. Anyone know the price or have a suggestion for one?
  13. I just unboxed it and want to see what i should sell it for. other prices ive seen for it have been between 600 keys(LOW) and 1300 keys(HIGH)
  14. He got just 23 h in tf2, acc was made 30.09.2k16 and he got 47 keys and an unusual (all of them are untradable). He said he unboxed an unusual so he sold it on scm and bought this items. Is he an another alt of he is a legit lucky guy? Can i trade him without getting banned on any site? Link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198334408866
  15. Please help! I see PiorteX and Loads of other TF2 Traders having listings for Killstreaked weps Can anyone tell me how or link me a video on how to do it? Thanks
  16. Hey There, I'm a freelancer who's looking for some websites to work on. I'm offering to build custom and complete sites. Features on the site can include: - Spam protection against people that spam links to their sites in comments. - Hacking Protection - SEO Service (show up some search results on Google) - Social Media Boosting and Services - Mailing Lists - Integrating E-Commerce so you can sell goods. - PayPal payment option. - Pretty much any other feature you need. Example Sites: - E-commerce site for you to sell goods. - Affiliate site, where you can make money off of Amazon and Google Ads, as well as other companies. - Forum sites for your community - Cash trading sites, people can pay you PayPal for TF2 and CS:GO Items. - Pretty much any other site. Comment what you're interested in, and your budget, or add me to discuss: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CometX Sample Site I've made for myself on 8/21/16 (very basic): http://OfficialStreakGaming.com
  17. A couple of days ago, I received a black box (normal quality) as a drop and it was level 5. At first, I thought nothing of it and moved on with my life until somebody in a trade server offered a lot of items for just my black box. To be precise, he offered a festive force a nature, a festive flaregun, and the industrial festivizer (1.33 craft hat). The total trade value exceeded 9 ref and that got my wondering: "Why is he offering so much for a regular weapon?" After doing a bit of digging, certain weapons with unique level numbers can be worth a lot if sold to the right collector. Whether he is desperate for a black box, or he wants to make a profit on a trader who is unfamiliar with special craft numbers, I would like someone to help me figure this out. Thanks in advance.
  18. So my old mic broke and I'm in need of a new one. Any recommendations? I don't need anything too fancy, just something $40 or less and lets me chat and listen. It being somewhat comfortable is a plus
  19. Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong place, I haven't really used the forums here before. ​So I came here seeking help because I recently did a bulk trade in cosmetics and one of them(The Physician's Protector) came with a glitched loaner tag. It says (Loaner - Cannot be traded, crafted, or modified.) in the description even though I received it in a trade. I looked online for this and in the Steam forums but couldn't find anything other than one person selling a similar loaner item and saying it was nowhere near bp.tf price. ​My question here is this: This is clearly a collector's item, I guess similar to the killstreak hats/keys/tools, but does this actually raise its conventional price? Are there any known collectors interested in this sort of stuff? I'll hold off on selling it until I get more info, but it seems like there would be somebody interested in these. ​Thanks in advance! P.S here's a screenshot https://gyazo.com/a0d54d2773470d04b216f346fa735e00
  20. Mr. Copycat

    TF2 Commissions, part 2.

    Profile pictures, wallpapers and simple drawings, all for sale at fair prices! I'm taking TF2 currency for drawings but it's not limited to this game, you can still ask for another game, comic or movie-related commission. You can check my DeviantArt for all the commissions I've done: http://nicolas-sw.deviantart.com/ Here's the price list: Sketch (pencil-only, one character)1 ref. Lineart (ink-only, one character) 3 ref. Finished! (coloured, with shadows and highlights, simple posing, simple background) 4ref Finished and moar details (same as option 3, allows more complex posing, normal background) minimum 8 ref. Wallpapers (like option 4, meant for a wallpaper, complex posing and background) minimum 1 key. Things to note: - This price sheet applies to a single character drawing, if you wish to add more than one person, the price will rise accordingly to the complexity of additional characters. - Remember you can always pay extra for cooler stuff. - Be exact on the payment, I won't accept commissions with a price range that depends on the quality of the drawing. - Don't ask more than what you're paying for, and in case you do, I'll cut out some details accordingly. Ex: You can't ask for a full detailed drawing if you're paying for a lineart. --- From the simplest to the most complex: Simple, Normal, Complex, BIG and, finally, HUGE. QUEUE: 1 - Vortech (Simple) <-- can't trade yet. 2 - Just is Emp (Complex) 3 - Syme (Simple) 4 - Danger (Simple) 5 - Danilol (Simple) 6 - Harry G (Normal) Total commissions done: 31. ---- Want a commission? Fill this lil' form, to make things easier for both of us: - Game/Movie/Comic origin: - Class: - Team: - Level of completion of the work: - Payment: - References: - Pose: - Background: * You can either ADD ME or leave a message on this post, whichever you prefer. I'd rather have you added to send you the progress via private message. * Note that "Class" and "Team" are only needed in the case of a TF2 Art commission. * If you can't come up with any pose, I will improvise. * "References" are pictures of the character you want me to draw, usually clear shots from the front, sides and back work perfectly for me. * A complex "Background" is only allowed if you chose option 4 or 5. * "Payment" is always the exact amount, and if you're paying extra I will notice it, don't worry. Here's an example of a TF2 Art Commission! o Class: Spy o Team: RED o Option chosen: 4, Finished and moar details. o Payment: 14 ref o References: http://orig10.deviantart.net/b2b7/f/2015/315/d/8/a_mr_copcat_by_nicolas_sw-d9gdhyw.png o Pose: Backstabbing a heavy. o Background: Light and dark red dots all over around! --- EDIT 23/04/2016: Added another Question related to changing certain things in drawings. ​FAQ * When do you usually work? I'll soon be going to the university, but I'll usually work almost every night and on weekends. * Can you draw something non-TF2 related? If so, does it raise the price? Yes and no, it won't raise the price, only the complexity of your request will. Please note that I don't draw furry/anthro (however you wish to call it) nor manga because they're not my style. * Can I pay you in items? I prefer pure, like most TF2 traders, but I can consider taking an item, if I really like it. * Can I pay you after the drawing is done? No, this is to make sure I'm not spending time on a drawing that I won't get paid for. Unless it's a big request, in which case I'll ask to be paid in parts, so that we both count on each other not trying to scam the other part. * Can I check the progress of my request? Sure you can, just send me a private message, I'll upload my progress on my Deviantart page and send you the link to your Steam chat OR send the image via mail, whichever you prefer. * Why are all your drawings WATERMARKED? Do I, your "commissioneer", get a watermarked version as well? >:/ It's there to prevent stealing, and don't worry, you'll get a WATERMARK-LESS version that I'll send you via e-mail. * Can I upload the images where I see fit? You've got the right to do that, since you paid for the drawing, but it'd be better if you gave me credit, in case someone else wants a commission too. * I don't like "X" thing, can you change it? Depends on what stage of the drawing I'm currently in, those are: Sketch, Lineart, Basic Colors, Shades, Lighting. The only stage in which I'll change stuff without question is in SKETCH, I might consider it in Lineart, but not beyond Basic Colors. You should be sure of what you want when I'm done with sketching. The only exception I can make is if the drawing itself has an error (say, a wrong perspective, a badly drawn line, you get the idea). * Can you show me some references for your prices? Sure thing! 1. Sketch: -no reference available- (Seriously, though, why would you pay for a digital sketch?) 2. Lineart (3 ref): 3. Finished! (4 ref) 4. Finished, and moar details. (8 ref minimum) Flat price: + Extra: 5. Wallpaper (1 key minimum). Flat price: + Extra: That's all, have a nice day! - Mr. Copycat.
  21. Hello, I am selling my Unusual Chill Chullo with the Blizzardy Storm effect. I wish to sell it for around 200USD but I am open for negotiating. My paypal should be setup around at least 4 days from when I post this thread so that should be okay for payments. I am new to this scene and I figured I could by other things rather than just hold onto this nice looking hat!
  22. So, ofc i list my unusuals on outpost. Then i get a add of someone trying to buy my coupe for 6 keys + 6 ref (ofc). Also shows my MG Rack for 80. Lol trade.tf plz. I never used you guys in months lel
  23. Its a clean one man history(just me) and I barely unboxed it last night and it will be tradable until the 4 of july. The price is around 30k,and im open to any offer except special craft number hats
  24. puddingkip

    My love for imperfection

    Lately I've been thinking a lot and I came to a strange conclusion. Perfect things aren't any fun for me. This expresses itself most clearly in music. These days most music is enhanced, altered and edited into perfection. But to me music is the purest form of expression of human emotion. The fact that Freddie's (Queen) sometimes broke a bit, and that he once or twice missed a tone makes it feel so much more human than the "perfect" voices we hear today. But the same goes with the much rougher voice of Axl (Guns n' Roses) and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana). They have extremely good voices, sure. But they admitted that they were somewhat flawed as they couldn't do everything. And in their albums and especially their live performances you (well at least I) could truly feel their emotion. But my love for imperfection doesn't end with music. It extends into people, animals and even machines. The dad of a (rich) friend of mine had a Volvo and a Alfa Romeo spider. The Volvo was by far the better car. It always worked, it was at least 10 times as practical and besides mandatory yearly checks it was never at the workshop. The Alfa however always broke down, never seemed to operate and was completely impractical. At least 2 things wouldn't function at any time. But he loved it, and so did I when I could join as a passenger (don't have a license). It wasn't the speed, I live in a part where speeding is nigh impossible to do. It just felt... alive. So yeah I started to realise that maybe I didn't love some things despite their flaws but because of them
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