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  1. Hello dear traders, Here I'll teach you the best way to find all the unusuals weapons listed on backpack.tf! Why? - When Valve fixed the unusual weapons (with the war paint) to decorated weapons quality in the last update, backpack.tf can't determine If a weapon have the unusual quality or no, they are tagged as "decorated weapon" except some exception. It's why when you search for an unusual weapon you can't see all the listings. - And It's not that simple to choose the best setting. That change affected mostly the war paint skin. Preview; Compare these both way to search an unusual weapon by the Classified Listings: Simple Search: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?slot=primary&class=heavy&quality=5 Advanced Search: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?slot=primary&class=heavy&particle=701%2C704%2C703%2C702 First step: Go to Classifieds Listing Second step: Choose the best setting for you For this guide, I want to found the lowest rocket launcher unusual aviable (any effect, any wear) and compare it to the others. To start, never choose the unusual quality when you are searching an unusual weapons, like I said, "backpack.tf can't determine If a weapon have the unusual qualityor no". Even if there is some exception. The best way is to choose all effects of unusual weapon (Cool, Hot, Isotope and Orb Energy). If you want only a rocket launcher with Isotope effect, you just have to choose it, not obliged to search for all effect. And to finish; Never type the name of the weapon you want as unusual, exemple: Rocket launcher. If you want to found: Unusual Rocket launcher, Black box: --------------------------------Set: Primary; Soldier. Unusual Minigun, Tomislav, Brass Beast: -------------------------Set: Primary; Heavy Unusual Flame Thrower: ---------------------------------------------------Set: Primary; Pyro Unusual Scattergun, Soda Popper: -----------------------------------Set: Primary; Scout Unusual Grenade Launcher, Iron Bomber, Loose Cannon: Set: Primary; Demoman Unusual Sniper Rifle, Bazaar Bargain -------------------------------Set: Primary; Sniper Unusual Crusader's Crossbow -----------------------------------------Set: Primary; Medic Unusual Pistol, SMG, Shotgun ------------------------------------------Set: Seconday Unusual Wrench, Jag: -------------------------------------------------------Set: Melee; Engineer Ect... Now you know the best way to don't miss listing for a unusual weapon =) Enjoy!
  2. Guys I have that problem: When I want to get up bot(for my profile) and I program every think good (steam login, password and steam guard code) but when I want to type my Bp.tf token, It doesn't work... Please Help.
  3. Eclips

    (Work In Progress)

    Work in progress. (DO NOT USE YET) IMPORTANT - This is not a list from highest to lowest tier effect, it is a list to show how easy an effect sells for it's price (best value for money). There are always exceptions as this is a general list so please do not use this as a Bible. Key tips to figure out how easy an item is to sell: The higher the buy orders on backpack.tf in comparison to its price often will mean the easier it is to sell. If an item is unsold for a long time (check by clicking on a sell order where it says “bumped x minutes ago) it may lead to difficulty selling. Value an item at its lowest seller unless it's a troll listing/sold already etc. Watch out for Price suggestions (bottom of stats page of an unusual) Duped unusuals sell worse than clean ones (not by too much unless high tier) but dupes don't really matter with low tier unusuals. Compare to other effects on the same hat to see if it seems out of place. Value unusual taunts/weapons at buy order price if you are new to trading. If you like the unusual itself, chances are someone else does as well. Very Easy to Sell Effects: Disco Beat Down Frostbite Miami Nights Blizzardy Storm Nebula Spellbound Poisoned Shadows Arcana Chiropetra Venenata Bonzo-the-all-gnawing Darkblaze Stormy 13th Hour Knifestorm Purple Energy Green Energy Roboactive Anti-Freeze Stormy Storm Easy to Sell Effects: Scorching Flames Burning Flames Cloud 9 Sunbeams Terror-Watt Kill-A-Watt It's a Secret to Everyone Smoking Steaming Decently selling Effects: Orbiting Fire Misty Skull Death at Dusk Morning Glory Vivid Plasma Sulphurous Phosphorous Searing Plasma Tesla Coil Hard to Sell Effects: Circling TF Logo Neutron Star Starstorm Insomnia Starstorm Slumber Haunted Ghosts Circling Heart Circling Peace Sign Aces High Bubbling Orbiting Planets Purple Confetti Green Confetti Dead Presidents Cauldron Bubbles Flaming Lantern Molten Mallard Power Surge Good Luck Selling These: Eerie Orbiting Fire Electrostatic Nuts n Bolts Memory Leak Overclocked Massed Flies
  4. Hi guys! Since there are so many scammers/scammer alts/ Emcee Alts adding people trying to scam them of their unusuals(I get like once daily), what have you guys did to take the living piss out of these wannabes? I'll list a few here. 1) privatized my steam inventory and took the piss off them when they asked me to trade, said they should know why they added me to trade. 2) pretended to go along with the middleman and put in a name tagged/desc tagged weapon to them saying 'learn to trade, ya scammer' 3)insisted they show me the item in the inventory. Would love to hear more roasting tactics
  5. Hi Guys, I've recently heard about a new unusual trade server opening soon. This is the release from the owner:) "Friday afternoon or tommorow night for gmt time, we will be hosting some events for our grand opening of "The Unusual Trading Camp" Unusual Trade Server. it's a brand NEW one where we provide all types of things including RTD,Store,BHOP etc. we are going to be hosting some fun events on the server where everyone has a 50/50 at winning some prizes. (including store points and vip. We hope and look forward seeing you all here. please don't be there for just the giveaways! Here is some showcases of the server from an http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH_mYkXhByA&lc=z22acbaievblw11faacdp43ahtbhc4f2ijlicxpr5chw03c010c You can also purchase vip if requested. vip gives you access to different rooms which members have 0 acces at. Including the vip room where vips can only access and including skybox, grappling hook,jetpack and much more to come! this server may have some things not uploaded Yet, but we will get new things as quick as we can Hope to see you there! " Official Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheUnusualTradingCamp Official rules list as follows: 1:You must not be banned on steamrep 2:Scammers are forbidden to join 3: if there are any problems please inform an admin or me 4.: No spamming 5: No pornography, you are allowed to post screenshots for purposes of trading ONLY 6:You must advertise above a bills+earbud (1.7 key) 7:No scamming,sharking or you will be perm banned from joining the discord,steam 8. have fun 9.Any more questions? Contact owner or admin IP provided by owner is
  6. Hi there I need help I’m creating a price suggestion but I can’t enter it because my backpack value ain’t high enough. this is the unusual hat and I was gonna suggest a price of roughly 61 keys pure, is that a fair price? and how do I make the suggestion because of my backpack? https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Commando Elite/Tradable/Craftable/6
  7. ✪Bee™

    unusualifer unboxed

    unusualifer unboxed hi just wanna share something i unboxed unusualifier on 4th nov 2017 i applied it on taunt that i trade with some dudes in bp,tf so my question is after i applied that unusualifier on the taunt i get. isit still valuate as im the one unboxed it or not? heres the proof the day i trade burstchester taunt https://imgur.com/a/JuaF1 after i applied the unusulifier https://imgur.com/a/JuaF1 just wanna as community opinion about this since on of bp.tf remove my listing due i state i unboxed the unusual taunt. https://backpack.tf/notifications/thread/view/5a1859d2cf6c756245770689. moderater carnage remove my listing
  8. I really like how backpack.tf looks right now! Not really sure what you guys changed? But it's hella clean! <3 he showstopper effect too and some other things! Like some pictures of hats I think as well as the font on listings? (Not sure bout this one) Anyways, in general its really nice! Edit: Actually, on all unusual taunt effects!
  9. Hi guys, it appears that there has been zero action till now on reporting Jhejh poT, one of the reputably most infamous sharkers on the market. After investigation with a fellow trader, who shall remain unnamed at this point in time, we have uncovered some of his dastardly deeds. Now, I understand that unpriced unusuals are quite subjected to whether a person likes it or not, but taking advantage of fresh unboxers & offering unpriced hats that are obviously worth way less is a terrible terrible thing to do. What looks like 145 in mixed for burning field practice(priced in june/july at 250 keys ffs, trade done in august.) https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198120467518#!/compare/1502236800/1502323200 An attempted misrepresentation of a roboactive burning bandanna being worth 190 keys(attached is a list of effects with spellbound being 120 only) https://backpack.tf/unusual/Burning%20Bandana This here is also a highly suspicious trading day. Checking the eotl key's, even giving him the benefit of the doubt of not knowing the people were scammers..... Check out the people gifting the keys: cirese1/cirese2/cipsuri4/cipsuri3 Kinda massive red flag there. https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198120467518#!/compare/1508457600/1508630400 https://backpack.tf/item/6230378435 We strongly implore the administrators/moderators to take action on him.
  10. SVENNEN123

    Unu taunts dying

    Unusual taunts already were unwanted. Now this?? Good job valve, the taunts will be pretty mich worthless, good thing Im looking to buy one then! Any thought on this?
  11. I didn't want to make this post, but after seeing the inflation of key prices I decided that I had to discuss this to get it off my chest. Over the past few years since I started playing TF2, on an old account whose password I forgot and four years later re-acquired, I've recently gotten back into playing and trading into TF2. Of course, I'm one of those guys who only recently started using marketplace.tf and gets by. Back then, I was a very poor person and was very gullible. Didn't know the basics of trading or making profit, pure and simple. Enough of me, let's get back into what's relevant. What I've noticed with key prices is that when they first started rising, bots were being set to sell at a higher price and buy at a lower price than the current. An example is now, we have bots selling at 34 ref (current key price is around 32 refined) and buying at lower prices than the current flow. (Look in the current key buy offers. You'll see what I mean.) This leads to people automatically assuming that the bot's prices are automatically the correct price, and a normal person would want to go with that flow because it makes sense; keys are apparently going up according to the bots. But that wasn't really the case until people actually started listening to bots because of one prime reason: they were the ONLY ones who could instantly accept and sell someone an item immediately without any wait. This, of course, led to keys inflating in price due to people requiring more and more keys to either trade or fund their unusual gambling addiction, leading to the mess of a key price we have today. These key prices not only affect traders, but also affect the community itself. Before I continue on, I will say this: The TF2 community is NOT dying, nor do I have or play OW. This is my opinion personally, you can feel free to disagree with me on it. Free to Plays, also abbreviated as F2Ps, are one of the most hated types of players on the game, mainly due to many of them being unable to understand how to play the game, or how to understand certain game mechanics. These, however, are possible future premium players, meaning they can trade and make profit when they spend $5.00 or more in something like the Mann Co. Store. However, the key prices now have made the trading part of TF2 look, dare I say in my own words, "disgustingly unattractive". Back in 2012, or whenever key prices were around 2 refined each, new players could easily make profit even with free to play accounts. All it would require was some patience and the luck to do something like, for example, craft a Maul or Three Rune Blade. You'd be up and running in no time if you could find a buyer for either. Hell, even with a lot of patience, you could get a single key if you waited for, or acquired through other means such as gifts or free items, 36 craft weapons. 2 x 3 = 6, equaling to 1 rec. 6 x 3 = 18, meaning 3 rec would be equal to, of course, one refined metal. Double that again, you have 36 weapons turned into 2 pieces of refined metal, from which you could buy a key with, and then wait double that time to acquire two keys for a premium upgrade gift. Nowadays, key prices are so massive that new players are finding the trading very unattractive to do, as the current state the key prices are in right now as I type this are, again, inflated. Now, to even get ONE key, you would need to obtain, on average, a whopping 582 - 588 weapons to garner enough refined for one key. This is just an estimate, as key prices are set to around 32 refined at the time writing and I'm using 32.33 - 32.66 refined as a placeholder as I'm sure prices will change very soon. Now imagine DOUBLE that, trying to get 1164 - 1176 weapons to garner enough weapons to get the refined required to get TWO keys, which is about the price of a premium upgrade gift. I will also note mentioning, that a free to play could bypass this if they were lucky with their crafts and managed to get multiple three rune blades or mauls, which, even then, is a staggering 7.14% chance to acquire a Three Rune Blade and, akin to the three rune, a 7.14% chance to craft the Maul. This data was taken by counting all of the craftable pyro and scout melees, and dividing them into percentages. For example, there are around 14 craftable pyro melees, and if we divide 1 / 14, that's only a 7.14% chance to craft only ONE Maul. Basically, you're screwed unless you either pay REAL money to trade, or you wait all that time to get those weapons and obtain those keys. Nobody's gonna do that. And I can already hear the argument of "if they wanna trade, they should just spend real money on the game!" And to that, I reply that they need real incentive to spend money on the game. There's a lot of players who wish to see what the game is like before they start investing their own money into it. And once they see that the game is just a load of people buying and selling $40 hats and rare weapons, they'll lose the will to continue playing, thereby rendering them a lost possible trader, which eats away at the community bit by bit. And even if they do begin to spend real money on the game, as I can guarantee that some of you will predict, one minor slip up will cost them plenty of currency that could've been used to make profit, and it will destroy their willpower to continue trading, hence why we see so many abandoned TF2 backpacks and people who have cashed out of TF2 itself and moved onto other games. Once again, this is my own personal opinion, and by no means do I mean to attack or slander anyone. Here's a TL;DR for those who didn't bother to sit through: New players are driven away by key inflation. It's too difficult to begin trading in TF2, and harms the community. If you bothered to sit through the entire explanation, congratulations! You've sat through the most boring rant you'll see to date, but also may have learned a thing or two, though I doubt that. I look forward to your responses.
  12. RED265

    Scammer alert

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198111552155 Scammer alert. impersonation of http://steamcommunity.com/id/pltaco/ dumbass got trolled and baited. Attempted the steam admin scam. Submitted to steamrep, but watch out for him guys
  13. hello everybody so i programmed my own bot in nodejs and now i wanna experimente with the bp.tf dev api, i'm able to retrieve daba from some of the WEB APIS section but everything else gives me this response {"response":{"success":0,"message":"This web API requires partner access. Please visit https:\/\/backpack.tf\/developer for more information."}} can anyone please help me, thanks !
  14. Freak4ever2000™

    Killstreak Distribution gone?

    Hi! Ive noticed that the graph with killstreaks is no longer visible on item pages. Id like to see some stats for this but i cant find it anymore. Is it gone or am i too dumb to see it....
  15. What was your favourite unusual combo of hats and effects (that you've had). I dont really like ones that are common, like to make my own unique combos! Here are two of my favourites: 1. Cauldron Veil + Vivid Antlers + SBTWC cold killer: 2. Vivid Antlers + G.fetti Noh Mercy + Antifreeze Killer Exclusive: Theres also one loadout more Id really like to try, its a Vivid Antler + Anti KE + Frostbite/Phospurous VVF.
  16. I was looking at the top backpack and thought Wait, wouldn't Geel be the richest considering he owns all those bots on Scrap.TF? So I decided to chalk things up and sure enough, he is. Scrapta Clause - 2406 ref Scrap God - 1742 ref A Scrapendemic - unknown 2 Scrap - 2475 ref Han Scrap - 1791 ref Scrapton Hale - 2150 ref Scrapaloo - 2862 ref The way you scrap - 1784 ref Full of Scrap - 1133 ref Scrapoon 5 - 1630 ref National Scrap Agency - 1562 ref Lord Scrapping on - 1324 ref Little Scrappy - 1341 ref Count Scrapula - 1492 ref Scraptain Crunch - 1563 ref Scrappie - 879 ref Generic Scrap - 1338 ref Scrapties are cool - 5829 ref Scraplebeian - 6294 ref Royal Scrappy - 6127 ref The ScrapZ - 5301 ref Soulbot - 2940 ref Scrappiversity Alum - 4789 ref Scrappy Dew - 2356 ref Scrappy - unknown Penultiscrap - 9452 ref Scrap Your Eye Out - 50390 ref Scrapendelum - 54294 ref LookAtMyScrap - unknown Scrappa2 - 74841 ref Scrapprehensive - 364,878 ref Rocket Scrap - 11819 ref Cream Scrapy - 12027 ref Kits, I Bank That - 79571 Scrappersonator - 122819 ref Come on Get Scrapty - 4487 ref Parascrap - 9509 ref A Scrap Above - 15108 ref Scrapidioc Table - 11947 ref Scrap Mania - 7871 ref Left 4 Scrap - 8385 ref Scrapty 5 - 3502 Bernie Scrappers -17368 ref Scrapunny - 5677 ref Marketplace.tf Bots - too fucking much (approx. 6 mil) Personal BP of scrap.tf members - 3000-4000 keys as far as I could find Scraptf total- 923283 ref Grand total - 241850 keys or 7,040,253 or $451,616.48 With that, you could buy 2 Lamborghini Huracans, or a big ass house, or a ton of assisants Either way I'm still trying to say THATS ALOT OF MONEY Honestly I have to give props to Scrap.TF LLC for creating a legacy worth so much. So Scrap.TF LLC absolutely destroys Darth Chicken Gaming as top backpack value.
  17. SVENNEN123

    Suggestion problem

    This is very weird, but while I was trying to create a suggestion. I couldn't choose Key or ref as a price but ONLY USD$. Its a 5 years old price, no idea how to fix it. Mods please help or someone else please post this suggestion as it is if you can.
  18. SVENNEN123

    Need help pricechecking

    Strange Isotope Festive Professional Killstreak Purple Range Sniper Rifle (Well-Worn) I got offered this very nice sniper rifle. I am however extremly unsure about its pricing, aswell as I couldnt find any mini or suggestion for it. If someone could help me find anything, like rarity (number in exitance), minis (old sales, or indate ones, just want some kind of guide). Any info possible would help.
  19. Hello!I have a problem witch trust on backpakc.tf.I dont know how i can add the trust on profile of my friend.Please help me and thanks for read!
  20. Hello People. Nodaways one of the most popular traders problem is impersonators Most of the well-known and little known traders, administrators and etc had or have an impersonator Impersonators steal things of people who do not often trade then in most cases these people leave the market of trade forever And we all know that Valve is going to do nothing about it So what im offering From today I'm going to post a comment on the profile of each account that in friends have my impersonator Yes, i realize that some of impersonator having private acc etc but i will go by it for now Probably the most reasonable thing that occurred to me about the fight against this problem I propose to do the same thing to everyone who has read this post If you also have some interesting ideas about this, I will be happy if you write them down in the comments( not posting "impersonated" on your steam name - not all people have space for that, not like adding your impersonator and asking him to stop because you are lose money - please...)
  21. IN terms of e.g. Bubble pipe 1.33 ref NON-craftable bubble pipe 3 ref Is non-craftable just something that you cannot use in crafting?
  22. CrafterofGenius

    The End is Nigh

    Genius's Log Star-date 53 HeHe LoL: The bronies have invaded our safe haven; nowhere is safe now, moral is low, statuses are looking grim. The time is upon we chosen few to embark on a great journey to a new place where we can shitpost and be MORE than passive aggressive. I am welcome to most ideas but staying is not looking like a good one.
  23. I run a small trading guide site called Tradeplz and I recently made a guide to help new traders to get started, I put a lot of effort into it and tried to cover most topics. I know it's not perfect and that it needs improvements, that's why I would love any feedback and suggestions to make the guide even better. You can find it here, http://tradeplz.com/tf2-trading-guide/ cheeeeeerrrsss...
  24. A new csgo legit jackpot website, bet and win much skins! The website is new and small you need bet the minimum of 0.01 $ Cases or graffiti Link:
  25. ​Jewland Poser ​Sorry at first didn't realise it was an impersonator sorry to the original jeland thanks for pointing that out didn't realise ut the time just ignore the paragraph down below well most it anyway so. SCAMMERS have gotten really smart in the 2 years I was away and now they impersonate the top bp.tf guys sorry again . As most of you readers know Jewlander is one of the top five backpack.tf inventory holders , but here in this forum post I hope to convince and proof to you that backpack.tf hides his scamming and seducing of users. I would know he even scammed me. Backpack.tf enables him to delete and disable comments on his steam profile yet lets him have 227 trust. Below will be presentation of screenshots I have captured of him lying , to me using false profiles to convince me and the blocking me and I'm sure this post will mostly be ignored but please this has happened to countless user thanks to him. Something needs to be done. He Never Did pay me the team cards he promised , and if you ask he will lie to you. He has even blocked me I will be posting the steam chat underneath... as now I realise a presentation is too big. Never tell your password to anyone. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Hi Hood: hello Hood: what is it you added me for good sir? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Interested on your unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Selling it bro? Hood: sunbeams scotch bonnet? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait Hood: or the 1 of 1 pyro Hood: i already sold the pyro unusual sorry Hood: i can give you the name of the guy i sold it too if you like Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Lego? Hood: no Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who Hood: viewing trade history Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay when did you sold it? L( Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: :/ Hood: 2 days ago Hood: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lepetitponeysatanique Hood: this is the guy i sold it too Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Awww Hood: sorry Hood: he still has it Hood: you could try and offer him? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mostly buy backpacks for cash or steam gift cards I would offer $170 for that Sunbeams Scotch Bonnet. If you are interested here is my backpack.tf reputation http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198000730178 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Away. Hood: let me just convert that into my currency Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okaaay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What currency do you have? Hood: the pound Hood: im british Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So is it just good Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: ? Hood: 135.47 Hood: so thats 67.4 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: How much per key? Hood: 2 pounds per key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay a bit overpay of 2 key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't mind I just want to round off Hood: i dont us gift cars work in the uk let me check Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What? Hood: i dont think US gift cards work in the uk Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You can use that for steam market Hood: oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works in all country that's what we use Hood: if u bought it over seam market sure Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But PayPal would be easier Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: No I will be giving you gift card Hood: i dont have a paypal Hood: i know get with the times but Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So you would have credit on your steam funds Hood: i live in a small village Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Do you know where to redeem? Hood: funds? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: https://store.steampowered.com/account/redeemwalletcode/ Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeagh Hood: yeah i know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I will be giving you mixed of $170 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It would automatically convert into pound Hood: i just wana know what was your first steam ban for? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever played COD game? My little brother played COD with his friends and he used wall hacks then a week after I got banned.. But VAC ban doesnt connect with trading bro Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You know how this goes? Hood: just crs Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What's crs? Hood: im just looking up so details could you wait a sec , oh crs is short for curious Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever done this trade? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay xD Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Sorry new to that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mean transaction Hood: ive only ever done big trades via items such as when tf2 was young i would trade in earbuds but now i tradei n high tier stranges or keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to accept my $170 offer/ Hood: you were saying it was mixed what exactly do you mean Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Mixed codes 1 $100 1 $50 and a $20 code cause there is no $170 steam gift card Hood: oh ok Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But I will be sending it all at once Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to take it? Hood: would you be happy paying first? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait let me see your reputation for awhiel Hood: the only rep i got is on my profile thats it] Hood: i dont ask people to rep my bp account Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198079502047I don't go first on someone who doesn't have a single rep no offense but you know that that's how it goes right? I've done this couple of times on top 10 inventories I'm ranked 5th yet on top 10 I have the highest reputation there will be no reason for me to risk my collection and reputations Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So can you bro? Hood: you make a valid point You have accepted the trade request from Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Is still there a warn? Hood: you know what im sorry i think im gonna keep my unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money Hood: itsn ot that i dont trust you Hood: i quite like it Hood: i see your number five Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: sometimes they block + report me without thinking. That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Hood: itsj ust i really like my demo set Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh no bro I don't want you to say no right now Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You're even posting to sell it Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: For 65 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Don't troll around.. Hood: i would rather trade in pure then giftcards its just cus i tried to give a american buddy pf mine a five pound gift card bu it would not qaccept Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/440/2/5235471475/?l=english&o_url=jewlander Hood: its just my preference sorry Hood: nice Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Noo Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: If it wont get in Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Then I will return mark my words Hood: alright Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Report me Hood: im trust you send me trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I wont let anyone report me Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We are in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That unusual alone is 3000 keys already Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't risk that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Check your other tab Hood: by the way other people have reported you for scamming -.- Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We're in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeah I told you Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I got warn Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money sometimes they block + report me without thinking Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I told you that Hood: could u give me some form of collateral e.g. a really low tier unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My items arn'y for trade sorry... Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I aim to be the highest valued inventory Hood: rlly Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's why I keep on buying items Hood: that seem quite a goal with the top goal owning a hunter heavy Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: And I got reported because I offer lots of money they dont even check my reputation. Cause some kids when they hear if it's a money trade then they thought it's a scam Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Additional confirmation needed We are currently waiting for your trade partner to complete an additional verification step. After both parties complete the verification step, the trade will be completed automatically. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My codes are ready Hood: turning on phone Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Already copy pasted Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay tell me if you have confrimed it bro thanks Hood: confirmed Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Offline. Pls someone must stop the abuser of power