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  1. Getting started Hey there, since I know that not everyone knows how to do background checks, I thought I'd make a guide on how to do it based on what I personally do myself. In this day and age where anyone can pretend to be someone they're not, it's important to do a minimum amount of research on the people you trade with, especially if you trade on a regular basis and/or do any form of cash/risky trades. Installing and configuring the tools What you'll need to install : Augmented Steam (https://augmentedsteam.com/) Tampermonkey (or any equivalent user
  2. I am tired of counting refs and keys, so is there any websites or script that can help me with that?
  3. EDIT: - Oct 4 2020 Updates on - Types of scams - how to avoid getting scammed - website links - discord links - corrected typos - removed outdated stuff Before I start there are few things I wanna say and be clear about. 1. I love helping everyone and so this was a guide (a shorter version) I made for my friends from the TF2 community in my region on my discord server, The screenshots shown in this guide is like a few months old from when I made this guide so I did not bother to strike off the names as those trade won't be existing now. 2. Everythi
  4. Hey guys, I just posted the first video Guide to Minimizing Loss from Unboxing for my channel. I plan to do more videos primarily on TF2 economy and trading. If you have an idea for a video, then please let me know. Discord: Encel#2996
  5. I know this will sound like a stupid question, but on trade servers like FP I often see people stacking say, 2 Blast Defense or other quickswitches with a hat. Google/Steam Community yielded me methods that didn't work and the people on FP weren't any help in my asking. The pictured fellow didn't respond either. What's the methodology here? I have 2 blast's I'd like to stack with the 3rd effect hat, even though I know it's only temporary, just to see what the combo would look like. Thanks in advance
  6. So A few Weeks ago I bought a Specialized Killstreak Festive Stickybomb for like 1 key 40 Refind, and now bots are selling it for 2 keys 20 ref+ and buy orders are 1 key 24 ref, and what's crazy about this whole thing is the fact that ref has decreased in value so they're supposed to actually pay more ref so I'm just confused, and I also bought a Spec KS Medigun a few weeks ago for like 1 key and now bots are selling it fo 2 keys and they're buying it for 50 ref, I have no idea what's going on but what I do know is mass price fixing is something that shouldn't be tolerated... And I
  7. I make a coomplette loadout and/ or collection for you, from design to final trade, based on whatever mood/ theme/ item/ whateva you want. Theme music will also be provided at random intervals throughout the process, and custom naming/ description is also included if so desired. Examples of my completed commisons: None yet! Be the first. Examples of my present (personal) loadouts/ collections: https://prnt.sc/voulpl https://prnt.sc/vousfn https://prnt.sc/voussr https://prnt.sc/vout4b https://prnt.sc/voutco https://prnt.sc/vp13jy https://prnt.sc/vp
  8. I make a coomplette loadout and/ or collection for you, from design to final trade, based on whatever mood/ theme/ item/ whateva you want. Theme music will also be provided at random intervals throughout the process, and custom naming/ description is also included if so desired. Examples of my completed commisons: None yet! Be the first. Examples of my present (personal) loadouts/ collections: https://prnt.sc/voulpl https://prnt.sc/vousfn https://prnt.sc/voussr https://prnt.sc/vout4b https://prnt.sc/voutco My #19/ #93/ #1993 Craft collection My Deadl
  9. For some problems with uploading this, i never finish this, i can't delete it then it will be closed only sorry guys \:(
  10. So I want to make a discord bot that scrapes buy orders and sell orders from backpack.tf. Is it possible to use something like selenium if I already have the API key with elevated access, or do I have to learn how to use their API?
  11. What would be the ~price of a Prof KS Eyelander kit and what tier (Prof KS) would it be considered as (Flames + Hot Rod)? Killstreaker: Flames Sheen: Hot Rod Thanks
  12. What would be the ~price of a Strange Prof KS Huntsman and what tier (Prof KS) would it be considered as (Tornado + Team Shine)? Killstreaker: Tornado Sheen: Team Shine Thanks
  13. Special thanks to J58/Payback for his original list. I revised it slightly, and also added in newer effects. S / God Tier: Arcana Spellbound Bonzo the All Gnawing Hellfire Darkblaze Demonflame Knifestorm Chiroptera Venenata Poisoned Shadows Something Burning this Way Comes A / God-High Tier: It's a Secret to Everybody Stormy 13th Hour Harvest Moon Cloudy Moon Burning Flames Scorching Flames Antifreeze Roboactive Green Black Hole Time Warp Misty Skull Frostbite Nebula Galactic Gateway Eldritch Opening
  14. If you happen to be an unusual seller and some dude adds you to explain to you that he has a Lucky No. 42 as item overpay for your unusual; don't accept his trade offer without checking if it's uncraftable first. The guy I talked to admitted that he scammed 5 people in a few hours with this
  15. its a gen one unusual AND its a good hat please share
  16. Hello i am newish to unusual weapons but i have no idea how much these go for any ideas?
  17. I apologize for the price checking post, but I happened to get my hands on this Genuine Professional killstreak Original with the Exorcism and Pumpkin Bomb spell (Flames, Team shine) recently. Since I only got back into the trading scene recently, I have no clue how spelled items are priced. Anyone got an idea of a realistic price/ballpark I could sell it for? Thanks so much
  18. Hey, yes as the title suggests, I made a simple guide about glitched genuines that have a different level to default, I know it sounds boring cause it is, probably people like me who are into glitched stuff, rarities/oddities will like this one. Anyways I'll link it here if anyone cares! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2146850921
  19. Hello everyone, I have been getting into trading and unusual trading recently and i know quiet a bit about about unusual effects and there desirability but I have no clue how to do this with new effects. ( anything after scream fortress 2019 ) so if someone or some people could either make one for me or link me one. I have looked myself but i could not locate an updated one. Thanks.
  20. Man, Valve sucks.And everytime they don't take action or make some stupid deccision the community always seems to shine brighter. Since the "new" botwave began and they didn't lift a finger the community feels even stronger with people insta kicking the bots without anybody saying anything. I'm sure even the fact that they stopped support will in the end bring more good than bad somehow. Aaaaaanyyway sry for the long rant. I felt like i never actually given anything back in the game before and i just went on random servers and gave like 10 hats and war paints to random people and they wer
  21. babbywolf

    PC unusual with spell

    Eerie orbiting fire a rather festive tree With spell Horseless headless horseshoes No clue what these are valued or how much spells increase
  22. Hello guys and girls, I quit tf2 trading for a few years but still played. I used to trade when outpost was up then i cashed out. I read about the crate depression and everything but i'm cobfused about the way prices are estimated now. I see an unusual sold for 300$ on mp.tf, 100 keys on bp.tf or vice versa and it has buyouts of 60$. Are buyoffers the new quickbuys from back in the day? Honestly i want to buy an allclass low/mid tier one to wear not to make profit but i would also like to know that i don't loose or at least don't loose too much when/if i want to cash out again.
  23. Can someone tell me how much it is worth pls because i realised that it is a unusuaul item but its also a achievement item so idk
  24. 1. The phone or tablet has to be Android. Rooted phone is preffered (easier to get shared secret n stuff). 2. Download Termux (basicly a terminal that runs a fakeroot linux on your phone or tablet). 2.1. Download AnLinux if you want easy copypastes to setup a linux in the termux. 3. Get these packages and their dependencies: npm, nodejs8 or higher, typescript 3.7 or higher, git 4. Do the stuff required to set up the bot https://github.com/Nicklason/tf2-automatic. Rooted phone file manager makes it easy to change the files in the git clone. But if you don't have
  25. babbywolf

    PC on 1/2 Unusual atm

    https://gyazo.com/d356bed17c23e7bb7a9f04e5d977b0f8 Have no clue what this is worth any ideas?
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