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  1. ​Jewland Poser ​Sorry at first didn't realise it was an impersonator sorry to the original jeland thanks for pointing that out didn't realise ut the time just ignore the paragraph down below well most it anyway so. SCAMMERS have gotten really smart in the 2 years I was away and now they impersonate the top bp.tf guys sorry again . As most of you readers know Jewlander is one of the top five backpack.tf inventory holders , but here in this forum post I hope to convince and proof to you that backpack.tf hides his scamming and seducing of users. I would know he even scammed me. Backpack.tf enables him to delete and disable comments on his steam profile yet lets him have 227 trust. Below will be presentation of screenshots I have captured of him lying , to me using false profiles to convince me and the blocking me and I'm sure this post will mostly be ignored but please this has happened to countless user thanks to him. Something needs to be done. He Never Did pay me the team cards he promised , and if you ask he will lie to you. He has even blocked me I will be posting the steam chat underneath... as now I realise a presentation is too big. Never tell your password to anyone. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Hi Hood: hello Hood: what is it you added me for good sir? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Interested on your unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Selling it bro? Hood: sunbeams scotch bonnet? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait Hood: or the 1 of 1 pyro Hood: i already sold the pyro unusual sorry Hood: i can give you the name of the guy i sold it too if you like Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Lego? Hood: no Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who Hood: viewing trade history Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay when did you sold it? L( Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: :/ Hood: 2 days ago Hood: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lepetitponeysatanique Hood: this is the guy i sold it too Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Awww Hood: sorry Hood: he still has it Hood: you could try and offer him? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mostly buy backpacks for cash or steam gift cards I would offer $170 for that Sunbeams Scotch Bonnet. If you are interested here is my backpack.tf reputation http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198000730178 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Away. Hood: let me just convert that into my currency Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okaaay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What currency do you have? Hood: the pound Hood: im british Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So is it just good Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: ? Hood: 135.47 Hood: so thats 67.4 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: How much per key? Hood: 2 pounds per key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay a bit overpay of 2 key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't mind I just want to round off Hood: i dont us gift cars work in the uk let me check Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What? Hood: i dont think US gift cards work in the uk Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You can use that for steam market Hood: oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works in all country that's what we use Hood: if u bought it over seam market sure Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But PayPal would be easier Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: No I will be giving you gift card Hood: i dont have a paypal Hood: i know get with the times but Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So you would have credit on your steam funds Hood: i live in a small village Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Do you know where to redeem? Hood: funds? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: https://store.steampowered.com/account/redeemwalletcode/ Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeagh Hood: yeah i know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I will be giving you mixed of $170 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It would automatically convert into pound Hood: i just wana know what was your first steam ban for? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever played COD game? My little brother played COD with his friends and he used wall hacks then a week after I got banned.. But VAC ban doesnt connect with trading bro Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You know how this goes? Hood: just crs Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What's crs? Hood: im just looking up so details could you wait a sec , oh crs is short for curious Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever done this trade? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay xD Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Sorry new to that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mean transaction Hood: ive only ever done big trades via items such as when tf2 was young i would trade in earbuds but now i tradei n high tier stranges or keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to accept my $170 offer/ Hood: you were saying it was mixed what exactly do you mean Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Mixed codes 1 $100 1 $50 and a $20 code cause there is no $170 steam gift card Hood: oh ok Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But I will be sending it all at once Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to take it? Hood: would you be happy paying first? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait let me see your reputation for awhiel Hood: the only rep i got is on my profile thats it] Hood: i dont ask people to rep my bp account Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198079502047I don't go first on someone who doesn't have a single rep no offense but you know that that's how it goes right? I've done this couple of times on top 10 inventories I'm ranked 5th yet on top 10 I have the highest reputation there will be no reason for me to risk my collection and reputations Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So can you bro? Hood: you make a valid point You have accepted the trade request from Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Is still there a warn? Hood: you know what im sorry i think im gonna keep my unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money Hood: itsn ot that i dont trust you Hood: i quite like it Hood: i see your number five Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: sometimes they block + report me without thinking. That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Hood: itsj ust i really like my demo set Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh no bro I don't want you to say no right now Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You're even posting to sell it Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: For 65 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Don't troll around.. Hood: i would rather trade in pure then giftcards its just cus i tried to give a american buddy pf mine a five pound gift card bu it would not qaccept Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/440/2/5235471475/?l=english&o_url=jewlander Hood: its just my preference sorry Hood: nice Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Noo Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: If it wont get in Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Then I will return mark my words Hood: alright Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Report me Hood: im trust you send me trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I wont let anyone report me Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We are in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That unusual alone is 3000 keys already Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't risk that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Check your other tab Hood: by the way other people have reported you for scamming -.- Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We're in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeah I told you Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I got warn Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money sometimes they block + report me without thinking Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I told you that Hood: could u give me some form of collateral e.g. a really low tier unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My items arn'y for trade sorry... Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I aim to be the highest valued inventory Hood: rlly Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's why I keep on buying items Hood: that seem quite a goal with the top goal owning a hunter heavy Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: And I got reported because I offer lots of money they dont even check my reputation. Cause some kids when they hear if it's a money trade then they thought it's a scam Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Additional confirmation needed We are currently waiting for your trade partner to complete an additional verification step. After both parties complete the verification step, the trade will be completed automatically. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My codes are ready Hood: turning on phone Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Already copy pasted Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay tell me if you have confrimed it bro thanks Hood: confirmed Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Offline. Pls someone must stop the abuser of power
  2. Hey. This is GR, and its been a while since I returned to bp.tf for anything trading related. I shifted to gift trading a while back (in 2015), after trading in TF2 for the better part of 2 years. I was also able to get my own rig using the money I earned, so thank you for that. Just a month ago, I returned from the grave to trade up again for some educational needs (CAD work doesn't come cheap), and came back to find that a lot has changed. So I might need some help with the ropes to get started again. Please bear with me, because some of my questions might be borderline stupid, but they are legitimate doubts nonetheless. Is it permitted to sell games/gift cards for Paypal/BTC/money here? Which forum do I deal with for the above? CSGO Cash trading or TF2 Cash trading? Is there any prerequisite before I can do the above? Aside from rep of course (which I do have). Is any of the above slammed by the community here? Lot could have changed in the last 2 years. Thanks in advance for all the help!
  3. I have 2 cloud effect unusuals. A Morning Glory and a Stormy Storm, and I was wondering if there is a way to get a gap in between the 2 effects? I've posted a screenshot along with my settings. That I have currently. Screenshot of set.(I want a gap between the Morning Glory and Stormy Storm) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/187297078394306864/54B5270DFF5AC663DFA91BAFC36D96EED18D2F02/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|2048:1152&composite-to%3D%2A%2C%2A%7C2048%3A1152&background-color=black Setting of one of them(Morning Glory) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/187297348921038314/33A65C48F86942E07FB5443FCD9C104F3D640939/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|2048:1152&composite-to%3D%2A%2C%2A%7C2048%3A1152&background-color=black Setting of the other(Stormy Storm) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/187297348921038028/ABE020C45CE4CF09BA244FC5C68A1D893695E1FF/ They are both set to "Hat Style".
  4. so i unboxed an assasin grade hat called the head prize to see it check my inventory http://steamcommunity.com/id/emdmatch/inventory/if you dont want to click the link just search my inventory i checked here its not yet priced and i checked the market its over 5 keys because people are not yes selling them so do we trade with the market price whe backpack.tf is not yet pricing the hat or not the hat is cool check the hat out the hat name is the head prize its an all class hat/misc im not yet trading this until january 27 add me or send me an offer ill try doing the glitch to accept or denny an offer
  5. Say I have 20 Invasion Crates, and I want to use bp.tf automatic to trade all of them away. Is there a quick method for listing every Invasion Crate in my inventory? Thanks a lot, and happy holidays!
  6. Introduction So after 1 month in the card banking trading scene,I've made a lot of profit.If I'm not mistaken,I made 8 keys profit in the halloween event and eventually I made a dumb decision to unbox,which I don't make any profit.But recently I've broke my own record by QUADRAPLE-ing my investment in just 2 days.Suprising right?how can buying 10 cent card be profitable?My trading's motto is:Any profit is good enough.My motto really helps me in the trading scene,who knows i can turn 2 keys into 8 keys in just 48 hours.Well,now I decided to tell you how YOU can make profit just like me Card buying tips: Tip 1:Step up your game The meta of card trading is 1-2 scrap per card,why not go further and offer 3-4 scrap per card.the chance of you losing profit in card banking is very small.for me,i buy card with 1 reclaimed as it is easy to count and attract a lot of client Tip 2:"Bunny hop" across server This tip can be used on any type of banking because it is effective,but i find so few people do this.30 minutes is the longest duration you should be on a trade server.If nobody offer you in 10 minutes after you enter a server,its probably better to leave Tip 3:Advertise Use any platform to advertise your trade.Use trading subforum,backpack.tf forum,anything you can think of(dont forget to bump your thread) Tip 4:Knowing the card value and the card's market For instance,if you buy cards with 3 scrap,that means you've invest 3 cent of a card,it is better to search for a card that is valued 6 cent+ because of SCM taxes.Futhermore,it doesnt mean if people are selling the card for 10 cent,it is worth 10 cent.some game doesnt have a large player base,thus the price of card inflated.it is better to use the buy order to determine the card value. Tip 5:Healthy card's market What i mean by health is how much card has been sold in the last 24 hours,A.K.A Volume.if the volume is lower than 50,it is better to refer to the buy order to determine the value of the card,as the card might have been inflated in value Tip 6:Make friends!Be Friendly! I cant stress this enough,everytime you put up a advertisement or a post regarding your trade,be friendly as possible.This will help you to have a constant card seller that will willingly to sell you their card the second the have one.I even have 2 friend that constantly supply me a good card because they said im a nice dude so thats the end of my advice,i hope you can benefit from it
  7. Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

    Backpack.tf Premium Classies Question

    Heyro! Its'a me If I buy backpack.tf premium (I'm thinking for 2 months as I ain't rich) will I get double classies and then double again for the 2nd month? Right now I have 160 and some people (Like PiotreX) Have 2000+ Listings? - Obviously I don't need/want that many! I just wan't more classies so If anyone can help that would be great! Otherwise I guess I'll just buy 2 Months and see what happens!
  8. Hey guys, it's ѕιи. Since I've got the free time, I'm able to teach people how to suggest non unusual items. If you'd like to be a suggester, add me on steam and comment on my profile saying you added me for teaching. Teaching: ~ Price raises ~ Price drops ~ Ranges ~ Rounding ~ Anything else I can think up of along the way! :> The only reason I'm not teaching unusuals is because I'm probably the worst person you could go to for guidance. As I get more experience in unusual suggesting, I'll later on start it. For now, only doing non-unusual items Happy Trading - SiN
  9. Any rough ideas mines the only tradable one right now but a few others have been unboxed
  10. Hey guys. I just unboxed an unusualifier with 4 creepy crates only, it's for the Boston Breakdance taunt. I have a question, what shall I do? Apply it now and have a limited halloween effect or apply it after the halloween to have an old effect? PS: also buying a level 100 Boston Breakdance taunt for 1 key, feel free to send me a trade offer. Thanks!
  11. Buy weapon skins (go to classified listings and set the filter so you only see decorated weapons). Sell them on the community market. Boom! Profit. The cheapest skin on the market costs around 0.10$, which roughly translates to a ref. You can get these skins for less than 2 rec! Tell me if I got something wrong here but it looks like this is an easy way to gain value.
  12. I wish people would stop offering safe'n'sounds at double their value stating "It's going all-class and will be an easy xxx keys" All hype is DED. D - E - D, dead. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121419603/364040797996346977/ Creator re-submitted at valve's request only and has no intention of remodelling it. Please. Let the hype go already. This is old news
  13. Josh-Strix

    Lv 69 vintage backburner

    So I have a lv 69 backburner from back in the day when weapons could have random lv. I was wondering about pricing. And how I can even check how many are in existence, let alone for trade. It has been theam renamed "fire in the hole" and description changed to "your hole" Any help in this matter would help. Thank you.
  14. Hello everyone, as in topic title I need help to choose which unlocked crates should I buy. So, I want make a birthday unboxing, maybe Ill get something nice?! There is my question: Should I use spy ones (I main spy) or the multi class one? In theory spy one has less hats, so more chance for unu? Or even if multi class has more hats, % of chance to get unu is same? Thanks for answers!
  15. A couple of days ago, I received a black box (normal quality) as a drop and it was level 5. At first, I thought nothing of it and moved on with my life until somebody in a trade server offered a lot of items for just my black box. To be precise, he offered a festive force a nature, a festive flaregun, and the industrial festivizer (1.33 craft hat). The total trade value exceeded 9 ref and that got my wondering: "Why is he offering so much for a regular weapon?" After doing a bit of digging, certain weapons with unique level numbers can be worth a lot if sold to the right collector. Whether he is desperate for a black box, or he wants to make a profit on a trader who is unfamiliar with special craft numbers, I would like someone to help me figure this out. Thanks in advance.
  16. PSA: Comp Matchmaking Can Break Your Account Posted by DarkNecrid Since the original thread this is based on is confusing people and the title of the original means people don't click on it much, I want to kind of build awareness to this issue because it has been on-going for what is soon to be 6 days with no Valve response through every channel on offer and if it doesn't get fixed soon it is better more people are at least aware of the problem, because the longer this goes on the higher of a chance you can fuck yourself on playing matches. Simply put, there is a problem in competitive matchmaking. The only steps any of the afflicted have in common is they close the game either during the loading process of a competitive matchmaking game at some point or they just got done playing a competitive MM game (rank up or no rank up apparently) and close the game and it causes TF2 to refuse to load with the error "CUtlLinkedList overflow (memory allocation error)". This error isn't actually important, more on that later. Things that have been done by various people to attempt to fix this problem: * Verifying game cache. (includes deleting shared files like Item Schema) * Reinstalling/updating drivers. * Deleting Steam & TF2 and reinstalling. * Wiping their entire computer and reinstalling. * Using different OS's. * Using an entirely different computer and reinstalling. None of these help as the error seems to be (by my best guess) a corrupt file on Valve's end, at the account level. If you use any other account your game will run fine. If you use the afflicted account on any computer (even a brand new computer that has never run Team Fortress 2 before, with Steam Cloud off), it will crash. The only way to launch TF2 successfully is to force Steam into actual offline mode which means you can only play on VAC Insecure servers with no item server support, as forcing Steam into actual offline mode will make Team Fortress 2 not make a network connection to Valve. There is no known fix. One or two people have had it fix for them after a period of days with them doing nothing special, but other people have been afflicted for longer with no cure. The reason the error doesn't matter is because it makes no sense and thanks to the original threads problem, it's obvious something is messed up with TF2's error handling, as Barycenter's problem had nothing to do with memory allocation errors or a memory leak or anything, just a corrupt Item Schema which normally has its own special VERY SPECIFIC error message. Obviously there wouldn't be a persistent memory leak or memory allocation error on PCs that have never even had TF2 installed, but then magically just be okay on another Steam account. The only way to avoid this foolproof until Valve fixes it is to not play competitive matchmaking at all, or else you risk breaking your account, or if you really want to do it on an alt like I did because this bug is bad. If a Valve employee happens to stumble on this one instead of the other thread, here's a list of dumps: http://www.filedropper.com/dumps https://www.dropbox.com/s/oru29o24qrye4g7/crash_hl2.exe_20160722185710_1.dmp?dl=0 https://puu.sh/qaQh1/8f8326c7e6.dmp http://www.filedropper.com/crashhl2exe201607250601391 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/egj4vvhpb2yzugc/AAA-v87el2uJxJnQDmeCWAuva?dl=0 http://puu.sh/qdJeQ/3dfdef5e57.dmp https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ngnfndjzf0ly8d3/AABdRdEYq_8emPikz1DvQ63na?dl=0 http://puu.sh/qevI8/be6a2f6e07.rar e: If you are afflicted by this issue please post dumps of it and I'll add it to the OP. You can find dumps in your steam/dumps folder, they'll be called hl2. If you aren't afflicted but want to actually be useful, email Valve employees about this issue, talk to them on Steam and direct them to this thread, anything to get visibility on it. Source http://www.teamfortress.tv/35062/comp-mm-can-break-tf2
  17. Kristian_otaku

    Upgrade to Premium Gift

    Lower the "Upgrade to premium gift" to 1 key.New people in game,have hard to even get a key,because they cant trade items or anything.My opinion is that the premium gift to be 1 key,so the F2P get premium "easy".
  18. After valve changed the steam apps finding your shared_secret got to be a giant pain, especially for us Mac scrubs. This guide walks through using node-steamcommunity and node-steam-totp to generate mobile codes and retrieve identity/shared secret. Node-steam-totp is basically the desktop authenticator in node.js, and is much more lightweight. If you're on an android device you can use fiddler to find the identity secret, however this pretty much also requires you to be on Windows because using mono is not fun. ****** Doing this will result in a 7 day trade ban and you will not be able to receive codes from your phone, you will generate them using node-steam-totp. Basically, only do this on an alt. ****** Make sure you disable 2fa before you start, but keep your phone connected with your steam account 1) Install NodeJS and npm https://nodejs.org/en/download/ 2) Use terminal if you're on Mac In your preferred directory, clone https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity This can be done using git clone https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity or by downloading the zip 3) While in your node-steamcommuntity directory, run npm install You may need to use sudo to do this 4) Goto the examples, and run enable_twofactor.js using "node enable_twofactor.js" If you get the missing modules message, delete the node_modules folder and retry npm install 5) If everything goes well you will get a revocation code. WRITE THIS DOWN/SCREENSHOT 6) identity/shared secret will be saved under twofactor_yoursteamid.json Save these somewhere 7) To generate login codes for normal logins, make a .js file that has something like var SteamTotp = require('steam-totp'); var code = SteamTotp.generateAuthCode('replacewithyoursharedsecret'); console.log(code); 8) After making the .js file, run npm install steam-totp 9) run your .js file by using node yourfilename.js Hopefully, you should receive a login code This is very useful for accounts you don't need to login to very often. You can then use identity_secret for bp.tf automatic/ other things.
  19. puddingkip

    My love for imperfection

    Lately I've been thinking a lot and I came to a strange conclusion. Perfect things aren't any fun for me. This expresses itself most clearly in music. These days most music is enhanced, altered and edited into perfection. But to me music is the purest form of expression of human emotion. The fact that Freddie's (Queen) sometimes broke a bit, and that he once or twice missed a tone makes it feel so much more human than the "perfect" voices we hear today. But the same goes with the much rougher voice of Axl (Guns n' Roses) and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana). They have extremely good voices, sure. But they admitted that they were somewhat flawed as they couldn't do everything. And in their albums and especially their live performances you (well at least I) could truly feel their emotion. But my love for imperfection doesn't end with music. It extends into people, animals and even machines. The dad of a (rich) friend of mine had a Volvo and a Alfa Romeo spider. The Volvo was by far the better car. It always worked, it was at least 10 times as practical and besides mandatory yearly checks it was never at the workshop. The Alfa however always broke down, never seemed to operate and was completely impractical. At least 2 things wouldn't function at any time. But he loved it, and so did I when I could join as a passenger (don't have a license). It wasn't the speed, I live in a part where speeding is nigh impossible to do. It just felt... alive. So yeah I started to realise that maybe I didn't love some things despite their flaws but because of them
  20. With the increase of users asking me about phishing or friends who didn’t know any better I thought to write up a guide for the more common phishing/scams in tf2. This it to highlight the more elaborate techniques and how they work. If I have missed any or if there is any info wrong please tell me and ill fix it asap! I shall try to keep this updated as more scams come around. Summary of common/popular scams: Middleman/Trade to trusted friend: The scammer will often express interest in an item(s) you have and offer to buy it. They will then proceed to give some form of excuse requiring you to trade your hat to a trusted friend before they will trade with you. If you comply they will ask who it is you have traded the hat to and proceed to add them with their friends list. Your friend who now holds your precious items will then receive an invite to a group chat between the scammer and another user who has impersonated your account asking for your hat to be returned hence acquiring your items. The most common reasons to get you to trade away your item: - Wanting to check if it's duped: Trading your hat to a friend doesnt allow someone to check if it's duped, to check if it is duped you need to look for previous backpacks, trading it to a friend does nothing. - Trust issues: You are trying to sell if they actually have the intent to buy your item right now there would be no trust issues. - Middleman: For straight up trades you dont middle man, middle man is mainly for money trades or spycrabbing where you trade items to a respectable/trusted member of the community and they will only give your items to the buyer once you have confirmed they you have received the agreed amount to prevent people running away. There is absolutely no reason so middle man for straight up trades. TIP: Set nicknames to users/friends who are on your friends list, this helps to for you to differentiate between users...etc (Steam client > friends list > right click you friend > set nickname) Steam Email Confirmation/Forward trade offer: A somewhat relatively new scam which is a variation on the "trusted" friend scam where they will give an excuse for you to forward your steam confirmation email. Typically they will send a "test" trade for your items and request you forward them the confirmation email to "verify" that you can be trusted. How does it work: The confirmation email sent by steam is simply a randomly generated link that when opened allows the trade in question to go through and does not verify if they link is being opened on the same device. This is also the reason why trade offers can be confirmed via mobile, as long as the condition of the unique link/code is activated the trade can go through. If the scammer acquires this unique link it means that they can accept the trade offer on your behalf to acquire your goods. For a well documented video of this scam click here (Kindly provided by IndieMate) Trade offer/Gift offer scam: A relatively new scam which has slowly been popping up more typically targeting newer unusual players which are online in game and or trading servers, not as popular as other conventional scams as it places the scammer at risk of losing items. The scammer will send you a trade offer seemingly great offer for a item in your backpack during this time when the victim is either doing a price check and/or background check the scammer quickly cancels the trade offer and sends a gift offer. The victim after seeing such a good offer will proceed to quickly click accept without realising it was now a gift offer. Steam money trade offer scam: Normally this is an empty trade offer for your items however the “comment†for the trade offer will contain an “offer†of steam wallet money. Users can type whatever they want here, simply typing out that you will receive money does not mean you will. Example of steam money trade offer scam here Snippet from steam trade offers F.A.Q: “Note that you cannot include Steam Wallet funds in a trade or trade offer. If someone sends you a trade offer claiming to include Steam Wallet funds it may be a scam. You can report scammers using the "Report Violation" link on their steam profile.†Valve employee impersonator: All Valve employees and moderators have the following badge on their steam profile Example of employee Here. Example of moderator's profile Here They will never ask or threaten you for your account credentials, CD keys, credit card, and items or force you to trade. Scammers will often try to intimidate users into giving them items or account info. Backpack.tf/Scrap.tf/[populartf2community] bot impersonator: Similar to the Valve employee impersonation above adds users giving an excuse to ask for items from the user. The most common reasons being "dupe checking". For more information on this scam click here Summary of common phishing techniques: Phishing links: These are links which are essentially made to appear like the official website at the first glance (Steamcomunity, Steamconmunity…etc) often these will be sent to you by a bot with a pre-recorded message. The more recent times scammers have placed the phishing links on their steam profile or using real links and sneaking a phishing link within them. How does it work: By clicking the link it will bring you to a fake steam website where you will be prompted to login followed by the steam security code. When you enter your login details the phisher on the other side will enter those details you have just provided into the official site which will send you the steam code via email where you will provide him the steam code by entering that into the fake site hence gaining access to your account. The more common forms of phishing links can be found here Verify/Send us your .ssfn file: This is a more popular variant of the traditional phishing link which works the same way except rather than trying to acquire your steam code they ask you to attach your personal .ssfn file to “verify the integrity of your accountâ€. How does it work: .SSFN is the file which controls steam’s verification of your identity via Steam Guard, if you delete this file you will be asked to be verified again and a new SSFN file will be generated and stored. If you upload your SSFN file to a phishing page the phisher can use this file with username & password to take control of your account. Example of Verify/Send us your .ssfn file here Screenshot/PDF file: This is normally under some guise (too many variations for me to name them all) but typically asking for some reason for you to download a file which seems to be a pdf/image file however is actually a virus. The most popular variant of this is the user saying “I can’t believe you did this [insert link]†or linking you to "check my offer" How does it work: There are a few variations most common: - When the file detects that you are afk the phisher will take temporary control over your computer sending himself a trade offer with all your items. Sadly steam would recognize this as a trade from your computer and refuse to restore your backpack. R.I.P Best the sfm artist Alex From Security. - Key logger, which sends the phisher a log of everything you have typed which doesn’t limit simply taking your steam backpack but taking over your bank account, paypal…etc Example of the screenshot/pdf scam here Download this program for free hats/[insert an excuse to download and run a file]: the generic old school scam, just a placed in a different form. [see above]
  21. ❤ΣκαπανέαςGr❤

    1 crate per week

    I decide to do my own 1 crate per week project. My personal preference is the #9's but I also favor event crates a lot for their new content. some times I go nuts and open all my keys.I hope I will be able to control my self for the science. week 1st crate #9 15/9/2014 unboxed:lime paint (1 key) week 2nd crate: #9 22/9/2014 unboxed:drably olive (1.33 ref) week 3rd late summer crate 29/9/2014 unboxed:mann of the seven sees week 4th late summer crate 29/9/2014 limited crate unboxed:Strange limited Unshaved Bear week 5th late summer crate 5/10/2014 limited crate unboxed:limited mishap mercenery week 6th I went nuts again so I ll be skipping this week as I opened over 50 crates the last day of the event no unusual unfortunate. late summer crate 13/10/2014
  22. shikhar kapoor

    Travelling with independent escorts

    Feel just have a long drive with your girlfriend, What do you think for having a high class model with you, by spending few amount of money. Having a city tour is a good option, there are many tourist places, bay side views, malls. As tourism business is well established in this state, Goa escorts are popular, They are modern trend in cities and bay side popular in cities like Goa and Mumbai. Actually is a way to impress tourists for tourism business.
  23. Killstreak/Sheen Kits and Fabricators Guide So what are these new things you get from playing MVM with tickets (and unboxing certain crates).... All the new items have only one purpose, to create Killstreak-weapons (with effects), a link to the effects and how they look like is at the bottom. There are kits for every weapon, you can use them like strangifiers or paints, just click on apply and choose your weapon (works for all types, unique, strange, festive strange, botkiller, vintage etc). Killstreak = With every kill you make with a Killstreak-weapon your Killstreak-number increases (just like the head counter for the Eyelander), there is just a total counter, it doesn't matter with which of your Killstreak-weapons you get the kills (for example 8 kills with your rocket launcher and 2 with your market gardner will make a total of 10 kills, enough for the big eye effect to show if you have a pro ks weapon active), if you die, it will reset to 0. There are 3 different types: Killstreak only, Specialized Killstreak (weapon glowing) and Professional Killstreak (weapon glowing + eye effect). Normal Kits: Specialized Kits: Professional Kits: Specialized Killstreak Kit Fabricator: Professional Killstreak Kit Fabricator: Usually you just get a Normal Killstreak Kit and a Specialized Killstreak Kit Fabricator from finishing a Tour = all 4 2 City Missions (you get the random parts for completing a mission). With the Fabricators you can "craft" the Kits, they are like Chemistry Sets. http://puu.sh/5GQdr.jpg - Here is a specialized Killstreak Kit Fabricator (for the Widowmaker) with all it's ingredients (they vary, but everyone requires an unique Killstreak Item) and at the bottom you see the effect of the weapon glowing (=sheen) which the Kit will have. Unique Killstreak Weapon = Any unique weapon with a killstreak on it = it doesn't matter which weapon, as long as it is unique. You get those when you use normal Killstreak Kit on the weapon. The only difference between the ingredients from specialized and professional killstreak kit fabricators is, that you need two unique specialized killstreak weapons and also rare parts for the professional ones (http://puu.sh/5GQXS.jpg). Prices: Killstreak Kits for Primary weapons are the most expensive ones, because those are the weapons which everyone uses the most. But since you need unique killstreak weapons and unique specialized killstreak weapons for the fabricators they have all some kind of basic value, because none are really useless. Fabricators: http://backpack.tf/classifieds/?item=fabricator They specialized start at ~0.11 ref for most weapons. Some professional melee weapon fabricators are available for 2 ref already. Kits: http://backpack.tf/classifieds/?item=Kit (please look carefully at the colour before you add people) The normal ones start at ~2 ref*, the specialized at ~12 ref* and the professional ones start at 5 keys. However unique gru kits and others which are unboxable can be purchased on the scm for ~25 cents already, so I recommend using them for completing specialized fabricators. *Exceptions to those prices are Kits for weapons which you need to craft, like the Ham-Shank etc. Ham Shanks cost 0.66 ref atm, so the prices for the Kits are usually cheaper than for normal weapons. Useful Links: How they look like: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=201300820 - has videos of the sheens and effects. http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/5128-how-sheens-killstreakers-look-like/ The Community market for some more pricechecking: http://steamcommunity.com/market/ (use cheapest listing + past sales for a pricecheck) Scrap.tf's Partswapping, to complete your Fabricators easier: http://scrap.tf/partswap PS: If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask and tell me.
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