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Found 73 results

  1. Hello i am newish to unusual weapons but i have no idea how much these go for any ideas?
  2. its a gen one unusual AND its a good hat please share
  3. I apologize for the price checking post, but I happened to get my hands on this Genuine Professional killstreak Original with the Exorcism and Pumpkin Bomb spell (Flames, Team shine) recently. Since I only got back into the trading scene recently, I have no clue how spelled items are priced. Anyone got an idea of a realistic price/ballpark I could sell it for? Thanks so much
  4. Hey, yes as the title suggests, I made a simple guide about glitched genuines that have a different level to default, I know it sounds boring cause it is, probably people like me who are into glitched stuff, rarities/oddities will like this one. Anyways I'll link it here if anyone cares! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2146850921
  5. Hello everyone, I have been getting into trading and unusual trading recently and i know quiet a bit about about unusual effects and there desirability but I have no clue how to do this with new effects. ( anything after scream fortress 2019 ) so if someone or some people could either make one for me or link me one. I have looked myself but i could not locate an updated one. Thanks.
  6. Man, Valve sucks.And everytime they don't take action or make some stupid deccision the community always seems to shine brighter. Since the "new" botwave began and they didn't lift a finger the community feels even stronger with people insta kicking the bots without anybody saying anything. I'm sure even the fact that they stopped support will in the end bring more good than bad somehow. Aaaaaanyyway sry for the long rant. I felt like i never actually given anything back in the game before and i just went on random servers and gave like 10 hats and war paints to random people and they were all so happy and most said i just made their day. That's like 15 ref or smth, like 30 cents, it's nothing and i just imagine how happy it would've made me feel if this happened to me when i started. And i feel like we should make these kind of gestures especially to new players so they keep playing despite valve and bots and a few toxic players and scammers. On one server a guy even sent me items to spread the love after he saw what i was doing was not a scam. TLDR: SO I GOT THIS IDEEA I made this group, we can each get a few keys, turn them to ref and either leave them like this or turn them into hats. We all make a party, and join server after server and just GIFT AWAY HATS, REF, CHEAP BOTKILLERS, WAR PAINTS anything that would make someone's day. If you buy a key through paypal that's like 1.6€. A key is 52 ref. You can give away like almost 40 1.33 hats with ONE KEY. ONE KEY!! that's like 5 SECONDS of gambling in uncrating or Spycrabbing or tf2hunt https://steamcommunity.com/groups/WEGIFTF
  7. babbywolf

    PC unusual with spell

    Eerie orbiting fire a rather festive tree With spell Horseless headless horseshoes No clue what these are valued or how much spells increase
  8. Hello guys and girls, I quit tf2 trading for a few years but still played. I used to trade when outpost was up then i cashed out. I read about the crate depression and everything but i'm cobfused about the way prices are estimated now. I see an unusual sold for 300$ on mp.tf, 100 keys on bp.tf or vice versa and it has buyouts of 60$. Are buyoffers the new quickbuys from back in the day? Honestly i want to buy an allclass low/mid tier one to wear not to make profit but i would also like to know that i don't loose or at least don't loose too much when/if i want to cash out again. For instance a sunbeams/plasma executioner seems reasonable compared to the prices i remember from back in the day but i don't want to pay 300$ and then have to sell it for 60. Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to answear. It's for a good cause i guess, cause i just want a hat to wear not to profit. Also any examples would be absolutely helpful
  9. Can someone tell me how much it is worth pls because i realised that it is a unusuaul item but its also a achievement item so idk
  10. 1. The phone or tablet has to be Android. Rooted phone is preffered (easier to get shared secret n stuff). 2. Download Termux (basicly a terminal that runs a fakeroot linux on your phone or tablet). 2.1. Download AnLinux if you want easy copypastes to setup a linux in the termux. 3. Get these packages and their dependencies: npm, nodejs8 or higher, typescript 3.7 or higher, git 4. Do the stuff required to set up the bot https://github.com/Nicklason/tf2-automatic. Rooted phone file manager makes it easy to change the files in the git clone. But if you don't have rooted phone you are stuck with terminal editing kek.
  11. babbywolf

    PC on 1/2 Unusual atm

    https://gyazo.com/d356bed17c23e7bb7a9f04e5d977b0f8 Have no clue what this is worth any ideas?
  12. Would love to know what these are worth i honestly am awfull with prices
  13. Yo there, I unboxed these 2 new unusual allclass. Anybody have an idea of their price ? Candy Cane Snowfallen Yule Hog Frozen icefall. Thx
  14. I just got VAC Banned for the reason : You have shared your phone I have recently changed my phone and i had to move my steam on the new one. I had 2 days trade hols and then nothing until today. Can somebody give me some info about this thing?
  15. Let's say I want to find the price of a War Pig hat that has a Halloween Spell. How do I do this?
  16. Hello, please mark this account as a scammer, he scammed me and I have still acces to backpack.tf im selling his items but he still can accept him but i cam still annoy people please do something. Thank you not this one I can't log into my old one type tolled lid in the hat search and the cheaper one with a description about the scam here is the link to his profile https://backpack.tf/u/76561198966304782 contact any youtuber pls I need advice
  17. hello i got banned from my backpack.tf2 inventory because its said that im self amitted scammer but i dint put any thing for sale mayby a mistake one of the admins make
  18. Hey guys I was recently banned for gambling with scammers, however ive seen that this rule has now been removed and gambling with scammers isn't a bannable offence anymore. This is my profile https://backpack.tf/u/76561198027152204 btw. I was told when banned I cant appeal my ban for 6 months although other people who have been banned around similar time have appealed and been unbanned. Should I submit my appeal based on the fact that I didn't knowingly gamble with scammers and its no longer a rule ? or wait the 6 months to appeal? let me know what you guys think, thanks :_)
  19. I was voting on a few suggestions recently when I noticed a pattern of uncommon situations. Although there are guides and rules out there to promote correct suggesting, they tend to be very broad and miss some important yet lesser-seen cases (which is expected, this guide is meant to touch more on nuances and specifics). As they aren't documented anywhere, many suggesters either aren't aware or aren't fully knowledgeable of rarer situations when pricing. I collaborated with fishcrimes both this and the doc to make a comprehensive list of uncommon situations, some of which I've seen published time and time again more recently. Through this, we are trying to teach applications of more complex concepts, Give it a read if you're at all interested in contributing to the project or addressing a more difficult suggestion. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uy6WUPGGCHS5NAPvOmBY5kF4Bu906WzLK9ebJqZi0Rs/edit?usp=sharing The doc is view only, but this is always open to comments. If you have ideas for categories/suggestions that could be used to expand this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Aloha my dear traders. How are you? Osob here and today we will learn how to trade and I will show how top traders make 2 keys per day Alright, it's a joke scammers are stupid!!! btw, how do you like the new rich the kid's album?
  21. Around 1 year ago I saw a unusual effect Roboactive and felt in love with it after research I found that it can be unboxed only from robocrates I wanted to buy a few to try my luck in unbox but I can't even buy a couple, espesiall from steam market(last sale was on nov 18 2018) Where all robocrate have gone? Maybe someone bought most of them and holding them? idk
  22. Hello, Osob here (you remember me, I tried to find out the cost for Unusual Lucky Cat Hat, but for some reason no one answered) So today I want to learn from highly respected traders (who make 2 keys per day 😎) how much costs is my shit: Unusual Starboard Crusader Please don't be angry and respect the hip-hop culture. Peace.
  23. Hey. A friend gave me his spec ks [team shine] dragon's slayer grenade launcher factory new, and i'm trying to sell it, but i don't know what a fair price would be. Can somebody help me?
  24. https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Lucky Cat Hat/Tradable/Craftable/121 1of1 Your suggestions? Upd: jokers and other clowns are not welcome
  25. heavy2

    Trading Vs Unboxing

    Ok due to the disaster of a post i made a day ago i'd like to apologise to put it simply i acted a little in mature in my post. My point is that during my post i said i'd quit trading and start unboxing but. Unboxing is a gamble and chances are you wont win. So i need you're help in choosing, simply trading vs unboxing. First i'll write the pro's and con's of both. Write in the comments of anything that i missed: Trading: Pros: -You can choose what you get. Unlike simply gambling which isn't guaranteed -You can make profit. While unboxing can do the same. Trading is much more safer and more rewarding Cons: -May take a long time. (now i know. There are some more but feel free to suggest) Unboxing: Pros: -Can be profitable -Be the first one to own the item of any kind (what i mean is that the item hasn't existed yet. And your the only person with that said item) Cons: -Can be addicting -You can lose a lot of money -It isn't guaranteed -Might cause frustration So yeah that's all i can think of. I really need help on whether to unbox or trade thanks.
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