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  1. I run a small trading guide site called Tradeplz and I recently made a guide to help new traders to get started, I put a lot of effort into it and tried to cover most topics. I know it's not perfect and that it needs improvements, that's why I would love any feedback and suggestions to make the guide even better. You can find it here, http://tradeplz.com/tf2-trading-guide/ cheeeeeerrrsss...
  2. A new csgo legit jackpot website, bet and win much skins! The website is new and small you need bet the minimum of 0.01 $ Cases or graffiti Link:
  3. ​Jewland Poser ​Sorry at first didn't realise it was an impersonator sorry to the original jeland thanks for pointing that out didn't realise ut the time just ignore the paragraph down below well most it anyway so. SCAMMERS have gotten really smart in the 2 years I was away and now they impersonate the top bp.tf guys sorry again . As most of you readers know Jewlander is one of the top five backpack.tf inventory holders , but here in this forum post I hope to convince and proof to you that backpack.tf hides his scamming and seducing of users. I would know he even scammed me. Backpa
  4. Hey. This is GR, and its been a while since I returned to bp.tf for anything trading related. I shifted to gift trading a while back (in 2015), after trading in TF2 for the better part of 2 years. I was also able to get my own rig using the money I earned, so thank you for that. Just a month ago, I returned from the grave to trade up again for some educational needs (CAD work doesn't come cheap), and came back to find that a lot has changed. So I might need some help with the ropes to get started again. Please bear with me, because some of my questions might be borderline stupid, but they
  5. I have 2 cloud effect unusuals. A Morning Glory and a Stormy Storm, and I was wondering if there is a way to get a gap in between the 2 effects? I've posted a screenshot along with my settings. That I have currently. Screenshot of set.(I want a gap between the Morning Glory and Stormy Storm) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/187297078394306864/54B5270DFF5AC663DFA91BAFC36D96EED18D2F02/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|2048:1152&composite-to%3D%2A%2C%2A%7C2048%3A1152&background-color=black Setting of one of them(
  6. so i unboxed an assasin grade hat called the head prize to see it check my inventory http://steamcommunity.com/id/emdmatch/inventory/if you dont want to click the link just search my inventory i checked here its not yet priced and i checked the market its over 5 keys because people are not yes selling them so do we trade with the market price whe backpack.tf is not yet pricing the hat or not the hat is cool check the hat out the hat name is the head prize its an all class hat/misc im not yet trading this until january 27 add me or send me an offer ill try doing the glitch to accept or denny an
  7. Hey guys, it's ѕιи. Since I've got the free time, I'm able to teach people how to suggest non unusual items. If you'd like to be a suggester, add me on steam and comment on my profile saying you added me for teaching. Teaching: ~ Price raises ~ Price drops ~ Ranges ~ Rounding ~ Anything else I can think up of along the way! :> The only reason I'm not teaching unusuals is because I'm probably the worst person you could go to for guidance. As I get more experience in unusual suggesting, I'll later on start it. For now, only doing non-unusual items Happy Trading - S
  8. Say I have 20 Invasion Crates, and I want to use bp.tf automatic to trade all of them away. Is there a quick method for listing every Invasion Crate in my inventory? Thanks a lot, and happy holidays!
  9. Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

    Backpack.tf Premium Classies Question

    Heyro! Its'a me If I buy backpack.tf premium (I'm thinking for 2 months as I ain't rich) will I get double classies and then double again for the 2nd month? Right now I have 160 and some people (Like PiotreX) Have 2000+ Listings? - Obviously I don't need/want that many! I just wan't more classies so If anyone can help that would be great! Otherwise I guess I'll just buy 2 Months and see what happens!
  10. Any rough ideas mines the only tradable one right now but a few others have been unboxed
  11. Hey guys. I just unboxed an unusualifier with 4 creepy crates only, it's for the Boston Breakdance taunt. I have a question, what shall I do? Apply it now and have a limited halloween effect or apply it after the halloween to have an old effect? PS: also buying a level 100 Boston Breakdance taunt for 1 key, feel free to send me a trade offer. Thanks!
  12. Buy weapon skins (go to classified listings and set the filter so you only see decorated weapons). Sell them on the community market. Boom! Profit. The cheapest skin on the market costs around 0.10$, which roughly translates to a ref. You can get these skins for less than 2 rec! Tell me if I got something wrong here but it looks like this is an easy way to gain value.
  13. I wish people would stop offering safe'n'sounds at double their value stating "It's going all-class and will be an easy xxx keys" All hype is DED. D - E - D, dead. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121419603/364040797996346977/ Creator re-submitted at valve's request only and has no intention of remodelling it. Please. Let the hype go already. This is old news
  14. So I have a lv 69 backburner from back in the day when weapons could have random lv. I was wondering about pricing. And how I can even check how many are in existence, let alone for trade. It has been theam renamed "fire in the hole" and description changed to "your hole" Any help in this matter would help. Thank you.
  15. Hello everyone, as in topic title I need help to choose which unlocked crates should I buy. So, I want make a birthday unboxing, maybe Ill get something nice?! There is my question: Should I use spy ones (I main spy) or the multi class one? In theory spy one has less hats, so more chance for unu? Or even if multi class has more hats, % of chance to get unu is same? Thanks for answers!
  16. A couple of days ago, I received a black box (normal quality) as a drop and it was level 5. At first, I thought nothing of it and moved on with my life until somebody in a trade server offered a lot of items for just my black box. To be precise, he offered a festive force a nature, a festive flaregun, and the industrial festivizer (1.33 craft hat). The total trade value exceeded 9 ref and that got my wondering: "Why is he offering so much for a regular weapon?" After doing a bit of digging, certain weapons with unique level numbers can be worth a lot if sold to the right collector. Whet
  17. PSA: Comp Matchmaking Can Break Your Account Posted by DarkNecrid Since the original thread this is based on is confusing people and the title of the original means people don't click on it much, I want to kind of build awareness to this issue because it has been on-going for what is soon to be 6 days with no Valve response through every channel on offer and if it doesn't get fixed soon it is better more people are at least aware of the problem, because the longer this goes on the higher of a chance you can fuck yourself on playing matches. Simply put, there is a problem in competitive matc
  18. Kristian_otaku

    Upgrade to Premium Gift

    Lower the "Upgrade to premium gift" to 1 key.New people in game,have hard to even get a key,because they cant trade items or anything.My opinion is that the premium gift to be 1 key,so the F2P get premium "easy".
  19. After valve changed the steam apps finding your shared_secret got to be a giant pain, especially for us Mac scrubs. This guide walks through using node-steamcommunity and node-steam-totp to generate mobile codes and retrieve identity/shared secret. Node-steam-totp is basically the desktop authenticator in node.js, and is much more lightweight. If you're on an android device you can use fiddler to find the identity secret, however this pretty much also requires you to be on Windows because using mono is not fun. ****** Doing this will result in a 7 day trade ban and you will not be abl
  20. With the increase of users asking me about phishing or friends who didn’t know any better I thought to write up a guide for the more common phishing/scams in tf2. This it to highlight the more elaborate techniques and how they work. If I have missed any or if there is any info wrong please tell me and ill fix it asap! I shall try to keep this updated as more scams come around. Summary of common/popular scams: Middleman/Trade to trusted friend: The scammer will often express interest in an item(s) you have and offer to buy it. They will then proceed to give some
  21. puddingkip

    My love for imperfection

    Lately I've been thinking a lot and I came to a strange conclusion. Perfect things aren't any fun for me. This expresses itself most clearly in music. These days most music is enhanced, altered and edited into perfection. But to me music is the purest form of expression of human emotion. The fact that Freddie's (Queen) sometimes broke a bit, and that he once or twice missed a tone makes it feel so much more human than the "perfect" voices we hear today. But the same goes with the much rougher voice of Axl (Guns n' Roses) and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana). They have extremely good voices, sure. Bu
  22. Killstreak/Sheen Kits and Fabricators Guide So what are these new things you get from playing MVM with tickets (and unboxing certain crates).... All the new items have only one purpose, to create Killstreak-weapons (with effects), a link to the effects and how they look like is at the bottom. There are kits for every weapon, you can use them like strangifiers or paints, just click on apply and choose your weapon (works for all types, unique, strange, festive strange, botkiller, vintage etc). Killstreak = With every kill you make with a Killstreak-weapon your Killstreak-number increases (just
  23. ❤ΣκαπανέαςGr❤

    1 crate per week

    I decide to do my own 1 crate per week project. My personal preference is the #9's but I also favor event crates a lot for their new content. some times I go nuts and open all my keys.I hope I will be able to control my self for the science. week 1st crate #9 15/9/2014 unboxed:lime paint (1 key) week 2nd crate: #9 22/9/2014 unboxed:drably olive (1.33 ref) week 3rd late summer crate 29/9/2014 unboxed:mann of the seven sees week 4th late summer crate 29/9/2014 limited crate unboxed:Strange limited Unshaved Bear week 5th late summer crate 5/10/2014 limited c
  24. shikhar kapoor

    Travelling with independent escorts

    Feel just have a long drive with your girlfriend, What do you think for having a high class model with you, by spending few amount of money. Having a city tour is a good option, there are many tourist places, bay side views, malls. As tourism business is well established in this state, Goa escorts are popular, They are modern trend in cities and bay side popular in cities like Goa and Mumbai. Actually is a way to impress tourists for tourism business.
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