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  1. I just got VAC Banned for the reason : You have shared your phone I have recently changed my phone and i had to move my steam on the new one. I had 2 days trade hols and then nothing until today. Can somebody give me some info about this thing?
  2. Let's say I want to find the price of a War Pig hat that has a Halloween Spell. How do I do this?
  3. Guys I have that problem: When I want to get up bot(for my profile) and I program every think good (steam login, password and steam guard code) but when I want to type my Bp.tf token, It doesn't work... Please Help.
  4. Hello, please mark this account as a scammer, he scammed me and I have still acces to backpack.tf im selling his items but he still can accept him but i cam still annoy people please do something. Thank you not this one I can't log into my old one type tolled lid in the hat search and the cheaper one with a description about the scam here is the link to his profile https://backpack.tf/u/76561198966304782 contact any youtuber pls I need advice
  5. hello i got banned from my backpack.tf2 inventory because its said that im self amitted scammer but i dint put any thing for sale mayby a mistake one of the admins make
  6. Hey guys I was recently banned for gambling with scammers, however ive seen that this rule has now been removed and gambling with scammers isn't a bannable offence anymore. This is my profile https://backpack.tf/u/76561198027152204 btw. I was told when banned I cant appeal my ban for 6 months although other people who have been banned around similar time have appealed and been unbanned. Should I submit my appeal based on the fact that I didn't knowingly gamble with scammers and its no longer a rule ? or wait the 6 months to appeal? let me know what you guys think, thanks :_)
  7. I was voting on a few suggestions recently when I noticed a pattern of uncommon situations. Although there are guides and rules out there to promote correct suggesting, they tend to be very broad and miss some important yet lesser-seen cases (which is expected, this guide is meant to touch more on nuances and specifics). As they aren't documented anywhere, many suggesters either aren't aware or aren't fully knowledgeable of rarer situations when pricing. I collaborated with fishcrimes both this and the doc to make a comprehensive list of uncommon situations, some of whi
  8. Aloha my dear traders. How are you? Osob here and today we will learn how to trade and I will show how top traders make 2 keys per day Alright, it's a joke scammers are stupid!!! btw, how do you like the new rich the kid's album?
  9. Around 1 year ago I saw a unusual effect Roboactive and felt in love with it after research I found that it can be unboxed only from robocrates I wanted to buy a few to try my luck in unbox but I can't even buy a couple, espesiall from steam market(last sale was on nov 18 2018) Where all robocrate have gone? Maybe someone bought most of them and holding them? idk
  10. Hello, Osob here (you remember me, I tried to find out the cost for Unusual Lucky Cat Hat, but for some reason no one answered) So today I want to learn from highly respected traders (who make 2 keys per day ) how much costs is my shit: Unusual Starboard Crusader Please don't be angry and respect the hip-hop culture. Peace.
  11. Hey. A friend gave me his spec ks [team shine] dragon's slayer grenade launcher factory new, and i'm trying to sell it, but i don't know what a fair price would be. Can somebody help me?
  12. https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Lucky Cat Hat/Tradable/Craftable/121 1of1 Your suggestions? Upd: jokers and other clowns are not welcome
  13. Ok due to the disaster of a post i made a day ago i'd like to apologise to put it simply i acted a little in mature in my post. My point is that during my post i said i'd quit trading and start unboxing but. Unboxing is a gamble and chances are you wont win. So i need you're help in choosing, simply trading vs unboxing. First i'll write the pro's and con's of both. Write in the comments of anything that i missed: Trading: Pros: -You can choose what you get. Unlike simply gambling which isn't guaranteed -You can make profit. While unboxing can do the same. Trading is mu
  14. heavy2

    Possible Idea?

    Ok so first time posting here. And sorry in advance if i broke one of the rules. Tell me if i broke any of them and i'll delete this. Anyways i thought of a key loaning service were i would give keys but. They have to give me something as a collateral like any unusual but they would have to go first so i really can't lose any keys if they dip out or outright block me. And there should be a limit of around 30 keys per week? Does that sound good or nah?
  15. Before I even start, I suggest you read polar's guide on unusual suggestions here: http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/6033-guide-for-unusual-price-suggestions/ this contains all the basics and info you need to know. What is compare? The compare function allows you to compare an inventory between day x and day y, the problem with this is that your inventory is only saved once a day, so if you get a hat and trade it away instantly it will NOT show up. Luckily there are always 2 people involved in a Trade, so you can usually just simply the check the other person's invento
  16. Introduction So after 1 month in the card banking trading scene,I've made a lot of profit.If I'm not mistaken,I made 8 keys profit in the halloween event and eventually I made a dumb decision to unbox,which I don't make any profit.But recently I've broke my own record by QUADRAPLE-ing my investment in just 2 days.Suprising right?how can buying 10 cent card be profitable?My trading's motto is:Any profit is good enough.My motto really helps me in the trading scene,who knows i can turn 2 keys into 8 keys in just 48 hours.Well,now I decided to tell you how YOU can make profit just like me
  17. I just helped my nephew get steam premium - to add friends etc - and thought i'd just share this with some people who may not have premium. So, these are possible methods for anyone, all ages, can be done without credit cards. AND do not need your steam-related ID or any info, just make a fake email account for this and it'll still work since it gives steam codes. For TF2 Premium: 1) Get a friend of yours who trade/already have funds in their steam account to gift you an upgrade to premium item from the store, and pay him back the cost or just get it as a gift. This
  18. What was your favourite unusual combo of hats and effects (that you've had). I dont really like ones that are common, like to make my own unique combos! Here are two of my favourites: 1. Cauldron Veil + Vivid Antlers + SBTWC cold killer: 2. Vivid Antlers + G.fetti Noh Mercy + Antifreeze Killer Exclusive: Theres also one loadout more Id really like to try, its a Vivid Antler + Anti KE + Frostbite/Phospurous VVF.
  19. I was looking at the top backpack and thought Wait, wouldn't Geel be the richest considering he owns all those bots on Scrap.TF? So I decided to chalk things up and sure enough, he is. Scrapta Clause - 2406 ref Scrap God - 1742 ref A Scrapendemic - unknown 2 Scrap - 2475 ref Han Scrap - 1791 ref Scrapton Hale - 2150 ref Scrapaloo - 2862 ref The way you scrap - 1784 ref Full of Scrap - 1133 ref Scrapoon 5 - 1630 ref National Scrap Agency - 1562 ref Lord Scrapping on - 1324 ref Little Scrappy - 1341 ref Count Scrapula - 1492 ref Scraptain Crunch - 1563 r
  20. SVENNEN123

    Suggestion problem

    This is very weird, but while I was trying to create a suggestion. I couldn't choose Key or ref as a price but ONLY USD$. Its a 5 years old price, no idea how to fix it. Mods please help or someone else please post this suggestion as it is if you can.
  21. Strange Isotope Festive Professional Killstreak Purple Range Sniper Rifle (Well-Worn) I got offered this very nice sniper rifle. I am however extremly unsure about its pricing, aswell as I couldnt find any mini or suggestion for it. If someone could help me find anything, like rarity (number in exitance), minis (old sales, or indate ones, just want some kind of guide). Any info possible would help.
  22. Hello!I have a problem witch trust on backpakc.tf.I dont know how i can add the trust on profile of my friend.Please help me and thanks for read!
  23. Hello People. Nodaways one of the most popular traders problem is impersonators Most of the well-known and little known traders, administrators and etc had or have an impersonator Impersonators steal things of people who do not often trade then in most cases these people leave the market of trade forever And we all know that Valve is going to do nothing about it So what im offering From today I'm going to post a comment on the profile of each account that in friends have my impersonator Yes, i realize that some of impersonator ha
  24. IN terms of e.g. Bubble pipe 1.33 ref NON-craftable bubble pipe 3 ref Is non-craftable just something that you cannot use in crafting?
  25. CrafterofGenius

    The End is Nigh

    Genius's Log Star-date 53 HeHe LoL: The bronies have invaded our safe haven; nowhere is safe now, moral is low, statuses are looking grim. The time is upon we chosen few to embark on a great journey to a new place where we can shitpost and be MORE than passive aggressive. I am welcome to most ideas but staying is not looking like a good one.
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