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  1. Before I even start, I suggest you read polar's guide on unusual suggestions here: http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/6033-guide-for-unusual-price-suggestions/ this contains all the basics and info you need to know. What is compare? The compare function allows you to compare an inventory between day x and day y, the problem with this is that your inventory is only saved once a day, so if you get a hat and trade it away instantly it will NOT show up. Luckily there are always 2 people involved in a Trade, so you can usually just simply the check the other person's inventory and will be fine. If that is not the case the sale is untraceable and cannot be used, unless someone provides a screenshot. How to use compare: You can visit anyone's inventory and click the "compare" button. You can find it here: Example: Orbiting Fire Bomb Beanie http://backpack.tf/item/5377515599 To check when the hat sold look at the "Last seen" tab and click the middle mouse button on the sellers date (In this case Master Shawarm's). This will open the seller's inventory on the date of the sale. Click "compare" and then select the 2 dates you want to compare, to find out when an item sold visit its history: Example: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198080992533?time=1492360028 now click compare and select a date +- 1 day of the sale, in this case: 2017-04-16 and 2017-04-17 This will give you the following link and picture: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198080992533#!/compare/1492300800/1492387200 As you can see I got the Orbiting Fire Bomb Beanie with ~5 Keys in sweets for my Terror-Watt Samur-Eye. Gent already made a suggestion for this hat, which you can check out here: http://backpack.tf/suggestion/58f79386e338777fd920321d That's pretty much the basics, of course this can be a lot harder when someone trades multiple things in 1 day, which is why I recommend you to always check the other person's inventory as well. Which would work like this in the example given above: My inventory: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198072240925 Select the same date aka. 2017-04-16 and 2017-04-17 and you will get this: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198072240925#!/compare/1492300800/1492387200 A lot more complicated already and as you can see I instantly traded away a part of the sweets, which is why they do not show up in my inventory. What to do now that I have the link and know what the hat sold for? Now you should copy both links and write what the sales was Example: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198080992533#!/compare/1492300800/1492387200 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198072240925#!/compare/1492300800/1492387200 Sold with ~5 Keys in sweets for a Terror-Watt Samur-Eye (16) Additionally you should check if the seller had a buyout/how much the seller is reselling the hat for: But apparently the seller has never made an Outpost Trade before - http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/76561198080992533 I am currently reselling this hat for 15 Keys, so this does not interfere either - http://i.imgur.com/ur27O0H.png Now you can go to the stats page of the hat you are making a suggestion for and create the suggestion, make sure you include all your evidence, set the correct price range and click "create suggestion". If you miss out on anything you can still edit the notes for 1 hour after posting, the suggested range is final, to change it you have to close and resuggest. _________________________________________________________________________________ Side Note: If someone hardly ever logs into backpack.tf his inventory will have "holes", meaning that compare can be rather useless if someone hasn't logged in for 1 month, but still traded regularly. __________________________________________________________________________________ Filters: Near ID: This feature lets you check what items were included in a trade be aware though, that this does not work all the time and is not 100% accurate either, again I can only recommend you to check the other persons backpack. When you open a compare link you will be able to see the filter tab, double click an on an item to automatically get the near ID pasted into the filter. Example: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198080992533#!/compare/1492300800/1492387200 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198072240925#!/compare/1492300800/1492387200 Double click on the Samur-Eye - http://i.imgur.com/fJKzPa9.png - nothing changes as every item removed/added was involved in the Trade. Double click on the Beanie - http://i.imgur.com/j0cHgEs.png - All added items that were not involved in the trade get hidden, sadly this does not, as already mentioned, work perfectly all the time, which is why the "removed item" section stays the same. BUT this has become almost redundant, with the recent addition of "sort by time" in compare links, still thought I would add it, as it can sometimes prove itself to be useful Name: Self-explanatory, type the name of the item you are looking for and hit enter, can be useful when someone traded a lot in one day and you cannot be bothered to scroll through it. Quality: IMO useless feature, as this cuts out either the unusual itself or the sweets added. If you have any further questions/want me to explain something with even more detail please let me know.
  2. Introduction So after 1 month in the card banking trading scene,I've made a lot of profit.If I'm not mistaken,I made 8 keys profit in the halloween event and eventually I made a dumb decision to unbox,which I don't make any profit.But recently I've broke my own record by QUADRAPLE-ing my investment in just 2 days.Suprising right?how can buying 10 cent card be profitable?My trading's motto is:Any profit is good enough.My motto really helps me in the trading scene,who knows i can turn 2 keys into 8 keys in just 48 hours.Well,now I decided to tell you how YOU can make profit just like me Card buying tips: Tip 1:Step up your game The meta of card trading is 1-2 scrap per card,why not go further and offer 3-4 scrap per card.the chance of you losing profit in card banking is very small.for me,i buy card with 1 reclaimed as it is easy to count and attract a lot of client Tip 2:"Bunny hop" across server This tip can be used on any type of banking because it is effective,but i find so few people do this.30 minutes is the longest duration you should be on a trade server.If nobody offer you in 10 minutes after you enter a server,its probably better to leave Tip 3:Advertise Use any platform to advertise your trade.Use trading subforum,backpack.tf forum,anything you can think of(dont forget to bump your thread) Tip 4:Knowing the card value and the card's market For instance,if you buy cards with 3 scrap,that means you've invest 3 cent of a card,it is better to search for a card that is valued 6 cent+ because of SCM taxes.Futhermore,it doesnt mean if people are selling the card for 10 cent,it is worth 10 cent.some game doesnt have a large player base,thus the price of card inflated.it is better to use the buy order to determine the card value. Tip 5:Healthy card's market What i mean by health is how much card has been sold in the last 24 hours,A.K.A Volume.if the volume is lower than 50,it is better to refer to the buy order to determine the value of the card,as the card might have been inflated in value Tip 6:Make friends!Be Friendly! I cant stress this enough,everytime you put up a advertisement or a post regarding your trade,be friendly as possible.This will help you to have a constant card seller that will willingly to sell you their card the second the have one.I even have 2 friend that constantly supply me a good card because they said im a nice dude so thats the end of my advice,i hope you can benefit from it
  3. Hello all, I'm trying to get the response from an OAuth endpoint and am testing it using the Swagger UI. I add my Client Id and am redirected to sign in. I see "Username" and "Password" fields in the alert pop-up, however, I don't suppose I'm required to enter Steam credentials there, am I? I'm building an app that will use bptf's OAuth endpoints and If anyone is able to give me an insight on this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  4. Although this is mainly for me, most guides for bot making are 1+ years old and [email protected] not really willing to test out old methods in case of... stuff being stolen i see many bots and i would love to know how to make one and i'm sure others do too. overall i'd really appreciate a guide on bot making if that would be awesome thanks :DDD
  5. I guess many of you want to get some extra money, before Christmas, so here are few options to cash out TF2 items for real money Includes: Price, popularity, fees comparison https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1587495304 Please leave a comment, if this was helpful. Also would a guide about buying TF2 items with Real Money be useful for you?
  6. I just helped my nephew get steam premium - to add friends etc - and thought i'd just share this with some people who may not have premium. So, these are possible methods for anyone, all ages, can be done without credit cards. AND do not need your steam-related ID or any info, just make a fake email account for this and it'll still work since it gives steam codes. For TF2 Premium: 1) Get a friend of yours who trade/already have funds in their steam account to gift you an upgrade to premium item from the store, and pay him back the cost or just get it as a gift. This is the only way to get in through in-game item, the rest below CAN get you steam & TF2 premium, if you use steam funds to buy an item from tf2 store (any cost) Steam Premium using $ cash: 1) Buy a gift card from the store A list of where you can purchase Steam Gift Cards (Singapore) 1. Game Stores Game stores are the most likely to sell Steam Gift Cards, although at a price premium. Visit your closest shopping centre and you’ll likely find one that sells Steam Gift Cards. 2.LAN Shops Local LAN Shops are likely to sell Steam Gift Cards. Prices are comparable to those offered at Gaming Stores. 3. Online stores/selling platforms Online sellers are generally less trustable but you are likely to find cheaper prices from here than the other alternatives. You could purchase gift cards from sellers on platforms like Carousel and pay them in cash. 4. Debit Cards This is the best option due to convenience. You can easily get a Debit Card from the bank for free and use it to purchase Steam gift cards/codes online (or direct from Steam). Steam Premium without using cash: 1) Ebonus.gg (get 50 coins for clicking tt link, and making an account) 1. Set up account 2. Confirm account and simply start doing surveys - earns more coins 3. If you wish to watch videos to earn coins (most slack), i would suggest you download tampermonkey and then search for ebonus.gg scripts to use so that it will auto click next video with the tab open. 4. Earn enough coins to convert coins to steam credit - this may take a few days because surveys may be drained out etc, but it's free to earn and you only need $5 and then purchase an in-game item for premium 5. If the game code or reward you want is not offered, you can send a ticket in for it to be offered on the site. The response is often within 24hours, flexible and rather friendly! advice: always set up your profile, i.e know exactly what are you income level, age, industry, and STICK TO IT for surveys (some may tell you they are looking for anth profile and allow you to continue, i'd suggest altering only at this point), only do surveys that reap larger rewards 2) Points Prizes 1. Really easy to set up account, just enter email 2. Same thing as above, uses a different pricing system (i.e coins/points to real $ comparison differs) I think those 2 sites are the more popular and legit ones (tried and tested!), you may want to just see what other game cards/codes that the two sites offer and then focus on the site that has what you want or you feel is more comfortable using. Good luck prepping for your Christmas Gifts! *Comment below if you're interested in how to effectively earn coins for ebonus.gg cos i kinda learnt the trick already and have 20k coins, will add anth guide!
  7. TheAppleSouche

    Unusual Sunbeam TankTop

    I have a Problem I have Unboxed an Unusual Sunbeam Tanktop and I dont know how much i should want for it because its nether on Backpack.tf then on the Steam Community Market I would Appreciate if you could help me :)
  8. Flash Player

    strange unusual patriot peak

    so i just unboxed this beauty a couple hours ago any idea what i might get for it. keep in mind im taking my time might even keep this forever!
  9. I am trading Unusuals for a lot of time now and I personally hate Unusual Trading Servers, so I just created this guide, since I saw that most of the guides are outdated, it's my first and I am ready to edit it for improvements. (I hope it's not useless ;-;) Here I listed most of the websites I use, while trading and even some examples of profit. Hope it helps someone. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1528442227
  10. themrsexgoblin

    How to make a bot?

    So i've been looking to start a bot to win some money. Can someone tell me how can I do it?
  11. Baron Jp's

    May i ask can u Draw my loadout ?

    class : Sniper Primary : The AWPer Hand Cosmetics : - Lime Trophy Belt - Team Spirit Villain's Veil - Down under duster The idea for the background ? Up to you anything would be appriciated
  12. heyo tf2 players/traders i got hacked and need to get my unusual back from this account https://steamcommunity.com/id/12352342354 if you can help please do
  13. Okay so I am fairly new to trading and one day I decided to try and open a crate to possibly make a profit. I open up a holiday case and get a festiviser. I then did my research on it and found that it could make me a heafty key profit. So I use it on a strange scattergun I got also from Backpack.TF only to be greeted with a miniscule amount of refined metal. In other words: Backpack.TF made me loss a profit because apparently they're too lazy to actually show the difference between two versions of a festive weapon. So I lost a key and more just because Bacpack.TF sucks at giving all the details. To anyone who works at Backpack.TF I ask you to please fix this and also to possibly give me a key back so I can regain some lost profit.
  14. What was your favourite unusual combo of hats and effects (that you've had). I dont really like ones that are common, like to make my own unique combos! Here are two of my favourites: 1. Cauldron Veil + Vivid Antlers + SBTWC cold killer: 2. Vivid Antlers + G.fetti Noh Mercy + Antifreeze Killer Exclusive: Theres also one loadout more Id really like to try, its a Vivid Antler + Anti KE + Frostbite/Phospurous VVF.
  15. I was looking at the top backpack and thought Wait, wouldn't Geel be the richest considering he owns all those bots on Scrap.TF? So I decided to chalk things up and sure enough, he is. Scrapta Clause - 2406 ref Scrap God - 1742 ref A Scrapendemic - unknown 2 Scrap - 2475 ref Han Scrap - 1791 ref Scrapton Hale - 2150 ref Scrapaloo - 2862 ref The way you scrap - 1784 ref Full of Scrap - 1133 ref Scrapoon 5 - 1630 ref National Scrap Agency - 1562 ref Lord Scrapping on - 1324 ref Little Scrappy - 1341 ref Count Scrapula - 1492 ref Scraptain Crunch - 1563 ref Scrappie - 879 ref Generic Scrap - 1338 ref Scrapties are cool - 5829 ref Scraplebeian - 6294 ref Royal Scrappy - 6127 ref The ScrapZ - 5301 ref Soulbot - 2940 ref Scrappiversity Alum - 4789 ref Scrappy Dew - 2356 ref Scrappy - unknown Penultiscrap - 9452 ref Scrap Your Eye Out - 50390 ref Scrapendelum - 54294 ref LookAtMyScrap - unknown Scrappa2 - 74841 ref Scrapprehensive - 364,878 ref Rocket Scrap - 11819 ref Cream Scrapy - 12027 ref Kits, I Bank That - 79571 Scrappersonator - 122819 ref Come on Get Scrapty - 4487 ref Parascrap - 9509 ref A Scrap Above - 15108 ref Scrapidioc Table - 11947 ref Scrap Mania - 7871 ref Left 4 Scrap - 8385 ref Scrapty 5 - 3502 Bernie Scrappers -17368 ref Scrapunny - 5677 ref Marketplace.tf Bots - too fucking much (approx. 6 mil) Personal BP of scrap.tf members - 3000-4000 keys as far as I could find Scraptf total- 923283 ref Grand total - 241850 keys or 7,040,253 or $451,616.48 With that, you could buy 2 Lamborghini Huracans, or a big ass house, or a ton of assisants Either way I'm still trying to say THATS ALOT OF MONEY Honestly I have to give props to Scrap.TF LLC for creating a legacy worth so much. So Scrap.TF LLC absolutely destroys Darth Chicken Gaming as top backpack value.
  16. SVENNEN123

    Suggestion problem

    This is very weird, but while I was trying to create a suggestion. I couldn't choose Key or ref as a price but ONLY USD$. Its a 5 years old price, no idea how to fix it. Mods please help or someone else please post this suggestion as it is if you can.
  17. SVENNEN123

    Need help pricechecking

    Strange Isotope Festive Professional Killstreak Purple Range Sniper Rifle (Well-Worn) I got offered this very nice sniper rifle. I am however extremly unsure about its pricing, aswell as I couldnt find any mini or suggestion for it. If someone could help me find anything, like rarity (number in exitance), minis (old sales, or indate ones, just want some kind of guide). Any info possible would help.
  18. Hello!I have a problem witch trust on backpakc.tf.I dont know how i can add the trust on profile of my friend.Please help me and thanks for read!
  19. Hello People. Nodaways one of the most popular traders problem is impersonators Most of the well-known and little known traders, administrators and etc had or have an impersonator Impersonators steal things of people who do not often trade then in most cases these people leave the market of trade forever And we all know that Valve is going to do nothing about it So what im offering From today I'm going to post a comment on the profile of each account that in friends have my impersonator Yes, i realize that some of impersonator having private acc etc but i will go by it for now Probably the most reasonable thing that occurred to me about the fight against this problem I propose to do the same thing to everyone who has read this post If you also have some interesting ideas about this, I will be happy if you write them down in the comments( not posting "impersonated" on your steam name - not all people have space for that, not like adding your impersonator and asking him to stop because you are lose money - please...)
  20. IN terms of e.g. Bubble pipe 1.33 ref NON-craftable bubble pipe 3 ref Is non-craftable just something that you cannot use in crafting?
  21. CrafterofGenius

    The End is Nigh

    Genius's Log Star-date 53 HeHe LoL: The bronies have invaded our safe haven; nowhere is safe now, moral is low, statuses are looking grim. The time is upon we chosen few to embark on a great journey to a new place where we can shitpost and be MORE than passive aggressive. I am welcome to most ideas but staying is not looking like a good one.
  22. I run a small trading guide site called Tradeplz and I recently made a guide to help new traders to get started, I put a lot of effort into it and tried to cover most topics. I know it's not perfect and that it needs improvements, that's why I would love any feedback and suggestions to make the guide even better. You can find it here, http://tradeplz.com/tf2-trading-guide/ cheeeeeerrrsss...
  23. A new csgo legit jackpot website, bet and win much skins! The website is new and small you need bet the minimum of 0.01 $ Cases or graffiti Link:
  24. ​Jewland Poser ​Sorry at first didn't realise it was an impersonator sorry to the original jeland thanks for pointing that out didn't realise ut the time just ignore the paragraph down below well most it anyway so. SCAMMERS have gotten really smart in the 2 years I was away and now they impersonate the top bp.tf guys sorry again . As most of you readers know Jewlander is one of the top five backpack.tf inventory holders , but here in this forum post I hope to convince and proof to you that backpack.tf hides his scamming and seducing of users. I would know he even scammed me. Backpack.tf enables him to delete and disable comments on his steam profile yet lets him have 227 trust. Below will be presentation of screenshots I have captured of him lying , to me using false profiles to convince me and the blocking me and I'm sure this post will mostly be ignored but please this has happened to countless user thanks to him. Something needs to be done. He Never Did pay me the team cards he promised , and if you ask he will lie to you. He has even blocked me I will be posting the steam chat underneath... as now I realise a presentation is too big. Never tell your password to anyone. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Hi Hood: hello Hood: what is it you added me for good sir? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Interested on your unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Selling it bro? Hood: sunbeams scotch bonnet? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait Hood: or the 1 of 1 pyro Hood: i already sold the pyro unusual sorry Hood: i can give you the name of the guy i sold it too if you like Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Lego? Hood: no Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Who Hood: viewing trade history Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay when did you sold it? L( Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: :/ Hood: 2 days ago Hood: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lepetitponeysatanique Hood: this is the guy i sold it too Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Awww Hood: sorry Hood: he still has it Hood: you could try and offer him? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mostly buy backpacks for cash or steam gift cards I would offer $170 for that Sunbeams Scotch Bonnet. If you are interested here is my backpack.tf reputation http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198000730178 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Away. Hood: let me just convert that into my currency Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okaaay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What currency do you have? Hood: the pound Hood: im british Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So is it just good Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: ? Hood: 135.47 Hood: so thats 67.4 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: How much per key? Hood: 2 pounds per key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay a bit overpay of 2 key Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't mind I just want to round off Hood: i dont us gift cars work in the uk let me check Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What? Hood: i dont think US gift cards work in the uk Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You can use that for steam market Hood: oh yeah Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It works in all country that's what we use Hood: if u bought it over seam market sure Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But PayPal would be easier Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: No I will be giving you gift card Hood: i dont have a paypal Hood: i know get with the times but Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So you would have credit on your steam funds Hood: i live in a small village Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Do you know where to redeem? Hood: funds? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: https://store.steampowered.com/account/redeemwalletcode/ Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeagh Hood: yeah i know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I will be giving you mixed of $170 Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: It would automatically convert into pound Hood: i just wana know what was your first steam ban for? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever played COD game? My little brother played COD with his friends and he used wall hacks then a week after I got banned.. But VAC ban doesnt connect with trading bro Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You know how this goes? Hood: just crs Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: What's crs? Hood: im just looking up so details could you wait a sec , oh crs is short for curious Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Have you ever done this trade? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh okay xD Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Sorry new to that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I mean transaction Hood: ive only ever done big trades via items such as when tf2 was young i would trade in earbuds but now i tradei n high tier stranges or keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to accept my $170 offer/ Hood: you were saying it was mixed what exactly do you mean Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Mixed codes 1 $100 1 $50 and a $20 code cause there is no $170 steam gift card Hood: oh ok Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: But I will be sending it all at once Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You want to take it? Hood: would you be happy paying first? Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Wait let me see your reputation for awhiel Hood: the only rep i got is on my profile thats it] Hood: i dont ask people to rep my bp account Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198079502047I don't go first on someone who doesn't have a single rep no offense but you know that that's how it goes right? I've done this couple of times on top 10 inventories I'm ranked 5th yet on top 10 I have the highest reputation there will be no reason for me to risk my collection and reputations Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: So can you bro? Hood: you make a valid point You have accepted the trade request from Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Is still there a warn? Hood: you know what im sorry i think im gonna keep my unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money Hood: itsn ot that i dont trust you Hood: i quite like it Hood: i see your number five Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: sometimes they block + report me without thinking. That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Hood: itsj ust i really like my demo set Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Oh no bro I don't want you to say no right now Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: You're even posting to sell it Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: For 65 keys Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Don't troll around.. Hood: i would rather trade in pure then giftcards its just cus i tried to give a american buddy pf mine a five pound gift card bu it would not qaccept Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/440/2/5235471475/?l=english&o_url=jewlander Hood: its just my preference sorry Hood: nice Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Noo Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: If it wont get in Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Then I will return mark my words Hood: alright Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Report me Hood: im trust you send me trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I wont let anyone report me Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We are in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That unusual alone is 3000 keys already Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I won't risk that Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Check your other tab Hood: by the way other people have reported you for scamming -.- Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: We're in trade Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Yeah I told you Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I got warn Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I offer a lot of people money sometimes they block + report me without thinking Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's what ya get for trading a lot with money ya know Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I told you that Hood: could u give me some form of collateral e.g. a really low tier unusual Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My items arn'y for trade sorry... Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: I aim to be the highest valued inventory Hood: rlly Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: That's why I keep on buying items Hood: that seem quite a goal with the top goal owning a hunter heavy Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: And I got reported because I offer lots of money they dont even check my reputation. Cause some kids when they hear if it's a money trade then they thought it's a scam Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Additional confirmation needed We are currently waiting for your trade partner to complete an additional verification step. After both parties complete the verification step, the trade will be completed automatically. Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: My codes are ready Hood: turning on phone Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Already copy pasted Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life: Okay tell me if you have confrimed it bro thanks Hood: confirmed Jewlander - Tonohdachi Life is now Offline. Pls someone must stop the abuser of power
  25. Hey. This is GR, and its been a while since I returned to bp.tf for anything trading related. I shifted to gift trading a while back (in 2015), after trading in TF2 for the better part of 2 years. I was also able to get my own rig using the money I earned, so thank you for that. Just a month ago, I returned from the grave to trade up again for some educational needs (CAD work doesn't come cheap), and came back to find that a lot has changed. So I might need some help with the ropes to get started again. Please bear with me, because some of my questions might be borderline stupid, but they are legitimate doubts nonetheless. Is it permitted to sell games/gift cards for Paypal/BTC/money here? Which forum do I deal with for the above? CSGO Cash trading or TF2 Cash trading? Is there any prerequisite before I can do the above? Aside from rep of course (which I do have). Is any of the above slammed by the community here? Lot could have changed in the last 2 years. Thanks in advance for all the help!
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