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    Motivation for trading?

    I want nice things but I don't want to spend money.
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    Not sure about this user...

    If anything, they look like an alt of https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198402391329 (maybe a new account because of a vac ban? idk) You dont have to worry about phishing as long as you dont click links sent to you by this user and really, if you dont want to get a random add just for playing (which is normal for most people to not want), you can just unfriend him Rule for trading: If something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Never give your items without receiving anything in the trade window
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    Torb | Elite Spell Trader™

    Why are keys priced at $1.50 on Bp.tf?

    It takes the key price in ref and multiplies it by refs site value in cents to get a usd value, hence why when ref/keys drop, "bp prices" drop while theyre the same amount of keys still.
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    Motivation for trading?

    > want dream hat > no money > trade hat > like trading hat > now trade hat for money > can keep trading hats
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    AJ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Motivation for trading?

    Escape mechanism from real life situations 😎
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    Motivation for trading?

    Personally I have very little motivation for trading. I don't enjoy the game anymore, and I never expected to get this far with trading, but I wouldn't consider trading fun anymore. So I guess my only motivation is money.
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    Motivation for trading?

    I don’t have friends so this is what I do for fun
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    Motivation for trading?

    Personally, I like having fancy effects and australiums. It makes all the pub medics attach themselves to you. Then, once you've had enough of the fancy stuff, you can turn your items into keys, and cash out. So, win win. You pub stomped, and you made some money. Edit: Another thing that motivates me about trading is that you can open crates. I just used one key to open a crate and I got the Damage Dealt part (Buy orders at 4.22 keys easy 3 key profit) Second edit: I used the three keys to open three more crates. I got two strange appoco fists and a strange warriors spirits. I'm going to game end myself
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    Black screen while trading

    Happens to almost everyone it seems, this was due to the new steam update
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    Black screen while trading

    Yeah, the in-game server is pretty stupid. Just use Steam trades outside of TF2.
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    A need to edit the rules section of this site

    If you accepted your ban and honestly showed remorse I probably would have unbanned you, but you demonstrate no understanding of why what you did was wrong and instead seek to minimise it and make excuses, blaming the mods and the rules instead of taking responsibility for your own actions. Stop spamming. I've told you numerous times; it will not change anything.
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    Mrs TS

    was this worth it?

    If you like the hat, it was worth it.
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    A need to edit the rules section of this site

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    Name a thing you wish exised in TF2

    a dev team
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    Unpopular opinion on something to do with hats?

    Here is one : People will often hate hats they cant afford
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    Who's gonna be the one to tell him the truth

    Who's gonna be the one to tell him the truth
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    Motivation for trading?

    want hat
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    War Paints confusing pricing

    that's just the price people are selling it for, not the price it actually sells for. I don't know the other info like quality and if it's strange but yeah thats the price people list at not what people buy for.
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    How do I optimally check for prices and suggest them? (I'm asking for help)

    See, this is what I missed because I didn't think twice before posting. Thanks for the info!
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    Mrs TS

    A need to edit the rules section of this site

    I was banned, the system is against me, I want to twist things around to work in my favor, how many people can I persuade to join my side that the Staff here is corrupt, if I complain enough people will take my side of the issue? Which of the above comments fit the narrative you are looking for? Or did I miss one?
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    A need to edit the rules section of this site

    Dude, anyone with common sense should know what you’re doing was shady. Buy orders are supposed to constitute what people pay for the unusual in pure, not a way for you to get more out of your shitty unwanted item. Whining to moderators hasn’t and won’t get you unbanned, people have been banned before for fake buy orders. This isn’t new. If I were you, I’d stop doing shady shit, and live with your ban. They don’t throw those around for no reason.
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    Name a thing you wish exised in TF2

    5 cosmetic slots
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    Torb | Elite Spell Trader™

    Introduce a more clear warning that someone is known to offer unbalanced trades to inexperienced users

    Your -trust says otherwise
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    Santa Heavy


    Here's an update for y'all as well.