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    What's your trading philosophy?

    You see, there are two fundamental keys to success: 1. Never reveal everything you know
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    What's your trading philosophy?

    I had to
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    What's the point of this???
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    What's your trading philosophy?

    Buy high, sell low
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    Redirection Permissions. KICK.TF

    Are we allowed if a thread gets pinned to bind dns to an anti hate thread
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    What's your trading philosophy?

    If it's not Strange, Factory New, and Professional Killstreak, it's garbage. ez
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    What's your trading philosophy?

    everyone has their own strategies, i dont think people want to share them.
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    A Delicious Cashew

    I would like to cash out

    Depends how much time and effort you want to put into selling your items. You could find a quickbuyer who would buy everything, but you'd lose out on a decent amount. You could sell everything individually to bots and only lose out on a little, but that can take more effort. You could sell everything individually and wait for people to pay your price, but that could take a decent amount of time. The first option can be the riskiest - highly recommend selling everything for keys instead of going directly to money. Even if someone seems reliable and trustworthy, it's better to be safe. I used to buy backpacks - yours has a lot of items that sell well. If you have some time, I would recommend listing your expensive items on classifieds, perhaps a tiny bit discounted. Then spend an afternoon selling your cheaper items to the highest paying quickbuyers on classifieds and any sites that buy them. You'll get about the max money you could get from your bp
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    Topkek when comes asking for help but lies about the circumstances, were you expecting people to give you stuff or something?
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    Engineer Bot #6


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    Scott Bakula

    How can I sell an item with a 2 year old price suggestion?

    Sometimes an item's price doesn't need to change for a while. For this item's case, you can take a look at the sales on the SCM. It's been selling for around 1.5 keys or so for quite some time.
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    What's your trading philosophy?

    Ok nice, thanks for your answers everyone but it seems you're not the right kind of people I should have asked this question to.🤗
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