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  1. ;human

    Thank you Geel

    when you wanna get into the seller whitelist but you don't know how
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  2. Denis

    Golden Pan Lending

    Hello fellow gamers, I have recently found myself once again attached to Team Fortress 2 during quarantine as many do. Throughout playing community servers and Casual matches, I often imagine myself with a shiny Golden Frying Pan, as using the regular Frying Pan has been fortifying that belief. You're already reading this with possible anger or disbelief that I would even think about making such an idiotic post, correct? This post is seeking those who possess the eligible Golden Frying Pan and are open to lending it to a fellow TF2er. Again, you are most likely reading in anger, resentment, or
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  3. Teeny Tiny Cat

    New Rules for Background Checks

    Introduction I will again start with a disclaimer that these are the rules for backpack.tf and do not apply to any other site. The cutoff in item values for which we expect traders to complete a background check is 15 keys value on either side of the trade (so, for example, if you buy a 30 key hat for 14 keys you still need to do a background check). For trades under 15 keys in value, we do not require that you complete a background check. Feel free to post any questions or concerns below. Changes After a lot of discussion, some of which you can find here an
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  4. Apeiron

    Cheaters Lament 2.0?

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  5. Scott Bakula

    Forums updated with a cleaner and fresher look, come check it out ya'll!

    I'm not liking the removal of links to a person's Steam Profile, Rep, and Backpack that used to be under the profile pic. They were very convenient and useful.
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  6. get good at trading and you wont worry about such meaningless shit
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  7. Jarool

    Marketplace hacked?

    They sent a new email shortly after, stating that it was meant for internal staff. which is a shame because i thought i was the biggest gay
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  8. Cant wait for the high tier trader apes and sharks to start adding you and overvaluing their hats to swindle a deal off of ya
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  9. Jarool


    just because of this thread, i'm gonna start trading with bots
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  10. asterixvss

    Bot took my key for 27 refined and can't contact him

    Update: The owner contacted me, very promptly, and gave me the missing refined back.
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  11. polar

    Coronovirus Information from an ICU Doctor

    Wanted to pass along information the Milan ICU doctors have been passing along to us to limit the spread of misinformation. Background: Coronoviruses are a class of viruses that have been previously characterized. The 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) is genetically similar to bat coronaviruses. Originally thought to originate from animal-human transmission at a local meat market in Wuhan, China, in mid-December 2019, less clear now as there were a few cases in early December that seem to predate that outbreak. Transmission: Still learning more about th
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  12. Vrakos Anthrakir

    How to fix keys

    keys don't need to be fixed, and it really doesn't have anything to do with bots. the problem is metal, there's no good use for metal (i.e. no effective metal sink). there are so many threads about this, starting a new one is pointless
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  13. Wsdea

    Thank you Geel

    You guys are the worst. Locking.
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  14. Gabriel Chad Willson Esqui

    Making The Worst Possible Profile Pictures

    I AM NO LONGER DOING COMMISSIONS :((( soz m9s but feel free to add me if you want to be bestest buds forever PRO EXAMPLES: https://imgur.com/a/xrNqWLA https://imgur.com/a/SunxkhG (Shoe's Order) https://imgur.com/a/1Jsjgqm (The Headless Horseman's Order) https://imgur.com/a/JZCK1rY (equiflixcious's Order) https://imgur.com/a/HWmv5ek (Heckin Fennec's Order) https://imgur.com/a/Hgz0m7q (Zaddy's Order) https://imgur.com/a/mMFxYpV (Canaiden's Order) https://imgur.com/a/ahTEhaR (Dante Alighieri's Order) https://imgur.com/a/BXR15ib (Komish's
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  15. JacobB

    Thank you Geel

    You can't be serious, right? Geel literally shut down the seller program so that he could run a monopoly that was built by thousands of different sellers. He's cutting out the middle man, exclusively for money. Literally a sell-out.
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  16. TheDemon  trade.tf

    What's the Current State of the TF2 Market?

    You were pretty toxic tbh, don’t want you back
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  17. TCLG6x6

    Should i get Backpack.tf Premium?

    It basically pays itself since you can shark new players who unboxed new hats.
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  18. sfpt

    Auto-overcutting scripts

    Buy orders on backpack.tf are fundamental to how the site works. But some people who make buy orders (namely sprekt lol) just have a script that automatically overcuts buy orders you make 30 minutes after you make them. it's bullshit and unfair to those who don't use bots. plus, he got someone banned for abusing his script, which is bullshit because he was the one who made the script. nobody should be banned just for taking advantage of someone else's malintent. sprekt needs to be banned from making buy orders temporarily so he shuts off his damn script and i can actually make buy orders again
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  19. FishtheFish


    Do not post links to scam sites and do not beg on our forums please. If someone has scammed you I strongly urge you to make a report.
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  20. ѕιи

    Guide for Reporting on the Main Site

    Our Stance on Buy Order Manipulation With recent concerns being raised and the conversations staff has had with the community, we feel the need to address this. There were a lot of comments made regarding this issue including: "We must ignore such cases as it cannot be proven" "There shouldn't be a rule against buy order manipulation" "Bans shouldn't be permanent & users must be warned first" We'd like to emphasize that we have no intention to change our current policy and how we handle reports for buy order manipulation. What is buy ord
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  21. Jarool


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  22. Soju

    Just got scammed out of an unusual

    when people make these kinds of posts do they expect us to assemble like the avengers and clap the scammer's cheeks or what
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  23. Bocks

    Easter egg? Or what am I missing?

    uh. dont mind me being rude, but what was the purpose of this post again?
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  24. Julia

    Open discussion on rules for trading with scammers

    TLDR; I think backpack.tf’s trading with scammer bans are outdated and too strict. I have proposed a slightly laxer system in the final paragraphs. Dear all, I’m Julia. Most of you probably already know me as one of many Unusual traders. I don’t think it would be unfair to say that I have been around these parts for some while. While I usually like to joke around and not take anything too seriously I have had some persisting thoughts regarding trading policy here at backpack.tf which I wanted to share, and to garner your opinions on. I appreciate your time in reading this post. The
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  25. EDIT: - Oct 4 2020 Updates on - Types of scams - how to avoid getting scammed - website links - discord links - corrected typos - removed outdated stuff Before I start there are few things I wanna say and be clear about. 1. I love helping everyone and so this was a guide (a shorter version) I made for my friends from the TF2 community in my region on my discord server, The screenshots shown in this guide is like a few months old from when I made this guide so I did not bother to strike off the names as those trade won't be existing now. 2. Everythi
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  26. Erik

    Pricing Events 2020 Results!

    Hi everyone, the results are in! During this event an immense 1000 suggestions were submitted and well over 900 hats were updated in total in just 4 days. Some amazing work and effort was put it by the participants. The teamwork amongst the participants was outstanding this event and we've only had to close just a handful of suggestions out of all those hundreds of hats that were updated. This event also had a relatively high amount of new comers and it was great people learning the basics of suggesting and slowly being able to do more work on their own. However, it's now time to m
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  27. Le-Sten

    The real issue with the economy.

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  28. Mister WorldCast

    Minor request: SteamRep Icons

    But Mister WorldCast what do you mean by this? Simple. Lets say a user was reported on steamrep for suspicious scamming that hasnt been approved yet. When I visit the guys profile on backpack.tf It says his rep is normal. But when you check the guys steam rep it has a question mark shield saying that this user was reported and awaiting to see if its approved or not. •Example A: Maybe instead of a word saying “NORMAL” in the guys backpack.tf profile. It could say along the lines of “REPORTED” if the user is reported with maybe a yellow color behind the bar
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  29. Wsdea

    Thank you Geel

    Just wanted to thank you a lot @Geel. You provided so much for the economy with Scrap.TF, Backpack.tf acquisition and of course Marketplace.TF. These are more than websites, they are a game changer for the TF2 economy. Your mindset was always putting your customers at first, and I cannot be grateful enough for that (like when buyers got screwed by the crate depression). I know it's not over, but I wish you the best in the future. Removing the seller program is a first step to let you breathe a bit from all the responsibilities you have. Take care, Wsdea
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  30. thE siLEncE

    Why are keys dropping in ref price?

    Did anyone actually read the post?
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  31. Free 2 Play Scootz


    https://backpack.tf/u/76561198115550263 This legend was banned for scamming a scammer. I’d like to start a petition to get this man unbanned and for him to receive a free month of premium for his time unjustly served. #freeRNGesus
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  32. LaughingLollipop

    Requirements for Removing Community Moderators and Standards for Community Moderators

    I think the only logical solution is to ban you both
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  33. Jarool

    #6 bp.tf inventory is trade banned.

    The private inventory is an automatic process to the trade-banning that i have no control over. I wasn't even awake by the time you commented. Nah i haven't logged in from any other device outside of the ones i use recently, nor have i changed my mobile. The "temporary" ban lasts for 10 years. As far as i'm concerned, I can only find that info on the SCM. i haven't really looked too much into this yet, the most i've done is sent a support ticket to steam, so hopefully i'll get more info in the next few days (2-3 months). Don't worry bout me in terms
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  34. mikey boi

    Add "This Item Is Potentially Worth More" or etc to spelled items

    If it's possible to implement, it'd be pretty neat if there could be a tag/warning/whatever like with Craft #1-#100 items that tells you "This item is potentially worth more (Halloween Spells)" on all items on backpack.tf that have spells. Doesn't have to specify anything like pricing, just warn the user that the item is worth more than usual. The idea would just be that some newbies to spell trading / trading in general might avoid sharking attempts if they saw that tag on the item and decided to research "how much are spells worth tf2?" or etc. Obviously a lot of sharking of spel
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  35. tornzip

    What happened with dark salmon injustice paint?

    Why did I create this thread
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  36. They are all manually reviewed by the unfortunate souls known as price moderators.
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  37. A Delicious Cashew

    B***, dont report my bots...

    First of all, you know this is not the way to deal with any issues. If your bot is banned, make an appeal from that account and we will look into it. Making a thread which sounds like a ranting 10 year old is not how you deal with these issues. Second, uncraft genuine fear mongers do not exist as far as I know. The fear monger in trade offers from people I could find are craftable - https://backpack.tf/item/5140151073 https://backpack.tf/item/4374806161 . Your bot does appear to be declining trades for craftable genuine fear mongers even though it had a listing up at that price. That is agai
    18 points
  38. Teeny Tiny Cat

    Refined suggestions and site USD values

    We have had issues for a long time in the way the site handles USD pricing for items. At present, we price refined based on cash sales, and then every item on the site gets a price derived from that. It has been pointed out repeatedly that this is not the best system, for two main reasons; 1) The vast majority of cash transactions happen in keys which trade at 1.85-1.95 USD, putting refined solidly around 0.06 USD. The difference isn't a small one. Refined moves very slowly. It's easily possible to move thousands of keys at 1.90 per key before moving even a few hundred refined
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  39. Beaser

    Marketplace.tf Seller Program Closure

    This closure is sponsored by mannco.trade
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  40. Master of the Hellish Yard

    Why are keys dropping in ref price?

    lmao you guys have bad reading comprehension then if you don't understand what he is asking. Keys have dropped from 56 ref to 51 ref in the span of a week. As for why the keys have dropped, I'm not entirely sure but I've noticed that it could be in relation to the downward trend on key prices on marketplace.tf
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  41. Id obviously understand if there was some time frame as to when action is hopefully taken, if so at all, but no response on my reported site issues/ideas in 2 months just about now is making me concerned if i have been waiting this time unnecessarily and if i should've just personally contacted a Admin (Dev is out of the question, iirc, DM-ing the Dev is not recommended) or give site staff a ping to check my post(s) out, but... the latter sounds a bit over-the-top and pushy, doesn't it? So with that said, i give birth to this post to hopefully clarify my concerns, confusion etc. No
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  42. Hey guys, I need to be honest with you all here. This is all mainly my fault. I haven't handled backpack.tf appropriately or the way it and the community deserves. I've let down Teeny and the other admins / mods, through my unavailability and lack of involvement. The raw truth is, we purchased backpack.tf when the previous owner informed me he was selling it because I didn't want it to be purchased by some ad company like ZAM and flooded with ads and eventually killed (like what ZAM did to TF2Outpost). Backpack was a vital part of the tf2 community and I felt I had to p
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  43. Erik

    Pricing Event 2019 Results!

    Results are in! With over 600 hats updated in less than 3 days this event was a great success. It was great seeing people stepping up and being leaders, newcomers learning the basics and later the ins and outs. The teams had a great chemistry overall and I’ve seen amazing teamwork this event. So, let’s skip to the part where everyone has been waiting for… First place - $150 marketplace.tf credit and a winners badge on your backpack.tf profile. With the highest amount of suggestions accepted and barely any mistakes, the winners of the 2019 Pricin
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  44. Scott Bakula

    if the keys price keep raising how much will be the ref price?

    If refined gets devalued to that point, the game's economy won't crash. Instead, we will see a near-complete separation between the refined market and the key market. Trading will continue as normal, but people won't take metal for their keys anymore, and we'd see things like ToD tickets, paints, and Strange Parts used for pocket change instead. Also, the amount of people that buy and sell refined for cash is infinitesimally smaller than those that buy and sell keys. Even if you bought every refined on the cash market right now and spent it all on keys, you'll have made no noticeab
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  45. D.Alex

    Marketplace.tf will shutdown

    It does feel like the end of the world for those sellers who are left behind
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  46. @Sergiodadude Make a ban appeal on the main site How about not encouraging users to evade their bans? How long ago this was has no relevance to the chance of success his appeal has, and if you're complaining about the appeal process consider not getting banned to begin with? Locking.
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  47. What are the BENEFITS of removing this rule...? That's all I have to ask.
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  48. D.Alex

    [PSA] Paypal scammers exploiting backpack.tf trusts

    I would like to remind everyone that Backpack.tf trusts system is being heavily abused by Paypal scammers. They come with a new account, quickly build 10 or more fake +trusts, top that with some real +trusts and then scam people for hundreds of dollars or keys. Some quotes from old reports: "I believed he was trustable, as he had 15 trust on backpack.tf" "He uses Backback for his cash rep" "accruing fake reputation on backpack.tf" "User scammed me by using his rep ... backpack.tf" "User has abused his accumulated trust" Scammer's word
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  49. Teeny Tiny Cat

    How long does ban for not agreeing with your bp.tf price last?

    Stop giving completely incorrect advice when you don't know the answers to things. OP, you will not be banned for changing your mind once, but if you are found to be repeatedly declining offers at your list price you may get a ban.
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  50. TF2Scourge

    Another rep problem

    The issue they bring up is that you falsified screenshots to pretend like your Pirate Bandanna was able to be sold for more than it was actually worth. Your Screenshot A screenshot I just took, showing it selling so more less. You decided to go after the people who left -reps on your profile, by -repping them for "getting angry that they refused profit" You then proceeded to either use ALTS or convince other users to leave their own -reps on their accounts. This entire happening has been documented in the bp.tf Discord, with screenshots. Reports are open too.
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