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    Finally first unusual since 2012

    actually igloos are warm inside so it's more themed 😉
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    Diamond jozu

    Your scam bots are amazing..

    credits to @Jarool for this picture on the other day yes,my paint skills are bad but i did it for the memes
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    Just Got Scammed 80 US

    Simple research can save a lot of flies.
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    Unpopular Opinion on Exit Scams

    I don't feel confortable reading this article by you (j58/Payback) who blatantly abused the crate depression to steal 5k$ and thousands of keys (even though you had to give back half of it to still be accepted in this community).
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    1. You got scammed by a user who is already marked. 2. Why did you send a screenshot of some random person's bp?
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    🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

    How to get some more +reps

    I got warned for posting such a comment here, be careful
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    Unpopular Opinion on Exit Scams

    at this point with so many exit scammers it's almost hard to put the blame on the scammer...it's like falling for an impersonator in 2020. impersonators always gonna be here, and people always gonna get scammed by them. Regardless of who the impersonator actually is, the person that got scammed will always remain constant.
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    King of KFC Jamal

    Unpopular Opinion on Exit Scams

    I agree 100% on this, as the days continue, people just keep falling for stupid scams. I mean there is a reason like marketplace.tf exist. 10% fee is fair considering that your item and the money you get are protected, but people are greedy and want more. No wonder these people would blindly take their buyout in paypal without seeing if they get their payments or not before sending the items. Greed blinds these traders and you get what happened for a year now. Pretty silly to feel bad for them when they set themselves up like this.
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    What does 0.6 ref mean?

    If it was 0.66 it would be 2 reclaimed. 1 rec = 0.33 ref (3rec = 1 ref) 1 scrap = 0.11 ref (9scrap = 1 ref) If it was 0.6 ref then I assume it means that you need 0.55 (1 rec, 2 scrap) and any weapon
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    Universal Killstreaks, help with Glitched Item Compendium

    Yo, doing some more work on my glitched item compendium. If you dont know what it is read this for some more info https://forums.backpack.tf/topic/73779-help-with-glitched-item-compendium/ Working on universal killstreak glitches right now. mainly looking for what items do and dont show sheen, pictures will ofc be needed for proof. heres what i have so far, pretty basic If you know of any that do or dont show the sheen work please shout out and supply a screenshot. Besides just universal killstreaks im looking to see if anyone has a screenshot of the menu during the bug where you could restore just a sheen or just a killstreaker from a (kit or weapon or both, idk) this glitch led to some killstreak kits having firehorns but no sheen. Honestly any information about a time range or why the glitch happened will be really helpful.
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    Diamond jozu

    technical support please help me

    You didn't have to make a report about this issue but just contact the owner like i said earlier
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    Adolf Storms

    Why are Gun Mettle Cosmetic Cases selling for so much?

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    Jean Arthur

    Price check

    Meh hat Mercenary grade Meh effect Won't be 1 of 1 forever... Around 12-18 keys.
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    Your scam bots are amazing..

    haha this is so funny omg i almost spit out my venti carmel frappuccino with non fat coconut milk exactly 2 1/2 cups of sugar with 4 chocolate drizzles, 6 1/2 pump of caramel drizzle, 3 expresso shots mixed in, extra whip cream, as well as birthday cake pop mixed in with a bit of strawberries on top, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, pump of vanilla, one pump of hazelnut, banana slices mixed in, chocolate shavings coating the bottom, cinnamon dolce and just a pinch of matcha powder
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    help with an unusual item

    Thats overpriced so if you’re patient enough find him or wait for him to approach, ask him for this amount If you want to sell it quickly, perhaps 80-100 keys? There are buy orders at 50, so just quicksell it for that amount if you wish
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    Pricing event for the crate depression?

    Price age on unusuals is a problem that isnt linked to the crate happening
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    Scott Bakula

    Need help deciding on an unusual

    Figure out the cosmetic loadout you like first, then upgrade that hat to an unusual. You'll be happier going that route instead of just grabbing what you can get.
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    Diamond jozu

    Please help

    im surprised as to why there is a lot of reacts on OP's post and not even a single help. i cant help as well so perhaps go to the bp.tf discord and get direct faster answer over there
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    Diamond jozu

    Just unboxed a Death at Dusk Cotton Head

    you can take it or you can wait longer for more offers since you just unboxed it unless the person who made the offer isnt gonna wait much so yeh
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    Brother Spook

    Just unboxed a Death at Dusk Cotton Head

    Take 150! Also congrats on the unbox, beautiful hat
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    Just unboxed a Death at Dusk Cotton Head

    I'd take it. What you could do immediately with that 150 is more than what you'd get waiting out for a higher pure offer.
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    buying kazoszky kick send me offers

    No worries! Asking here is better than blindly doing stuff more times than not.
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    Adolf Storms

    Why does it take so long to sell something?

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    Lieutenant Nighty

    Free SFM Posters! *(CLOSED)*

    Here's Your Poster! The Paint on the gibus didnt come out as expected ( wasnt bright like the usual ) probably cause of the dark map, anyway enjoy! also might've gone overboard with the purple light from the orbiting fire.
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    Why does it take so long to sell something?

    Just sell it off at scrap.tf, you'll even get a couple scrap more than you're asking for
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    Where do I find an artist? (logo and stuffs)

    I'm looking for an artist that could make a logo for a steam community group (tf2 servers) for around 50~100$ (or keys). I recently had a bad experience with certain delusional sfm "artist" so here I am... (apparently making a logo is "2sketchy4him" lmao 😂👌) Suggestion would be hella great (:3
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    Selling KS kits?

    For buying stuff I usually go for steam community market because there's usually 1) the biggest range of sheens/effects 2) every now and again you find the guy unknowingly selling a high tier combo at hypno beams price (once got a team shine singularity beggars kit for a dollar and sold it for 12 lol) I'll usually check if marketplace.tf has what I want as well, if I have pure I'll typically check backpack.tf Can't say I've used scrap for ks kits Selling stuff I find fastest to slowest SCM -> Marketplace -> Backpack around the same pricepoint in keys. If you're fine with steambux I'd go with that, especially if you plan on getting more killstreak kits with the money you get from selling or just plan on buying games As for what you've got left I wouldn't really bother buying parts to make them unless you want to get a pro fabricator to feed them into, they all fall into the category of 'food for pro fabricator' and I don't think those sell very well
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    Anyone Into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    Used to main Lucas, but they Neutered him in this game so I picked Ness back up. Kinda dropped him to become mostly a Puff player now. DK is probably my second most played
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    Anyone Into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    Only with friends, we usually do meetups on Friday. Atm my main is Captain Falcon
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    Diamond jozu

    Favorite Smissmas 2019 Unusual Effect

    your favourite number 1 is actually the least favourite to everyone else as its just a smissmass version of massed flies.it does look nice but doesnt seem to pair it with other effects.oh well
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    Just Got Scammed 80 US

    you lost like 40$
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    Is this a scam?

    Its steam credentials phishing. He also wont need access to a phone or steam guard unlike jozu said, after enabling and stealing your api key, he will be able to change and do trades via code. The same way trade bots dont need phones to confirm there trades. its all about the api key.
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    Is this a scam?

    If you have to ask yours-- hell, people have already said that. On a side note it's funny how they always call us 'mate', 'bro'.
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    Your scam bots are amazing..

    are you being real
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    How to get some more +reps

    I wanted to start brokering , I heard that its cool cuz you sell for someone and he tips you but peaople will most likely just ignore me becouse of my small amount of bp +reps. Do you have any ideas guys? TY ❤️
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    Strange Unusual Yule Hog Price

    Not that much. Maybe 30-40 keys if you sell it soon, but it'll probably drop. Not one of those hats where people will pay way more for it being Strange.
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    🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

    Help! I'm desperate.

    Sometimes taking a loss after a mistake is necessary in order to gain. In 6 months you couldve made toooons of more profit, than just 3 keys (again, for people like me, we can afford to wait for items to sell). For beginners, most of the time speed = profit.
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    He obviously fell for an impersonator. @OP, that guy you got scammed by is already marked, so there's pretty much nothing you can do.
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    How to get some more +reps

    Mods asleep?
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    How to get some more +reps

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    🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

    Unpopular Opinion on Exit Scams

    Even this wouldn't be enough to make me fall a victim to a scam. Me and Merp, for example, were very good friends, but since of my nature, i never gave stuff to him to broker and other friend to friend deals like that and as it turned out, the "trust them, but never, EVER 100%" policy kept my "never scammed" streak yet again on-going.
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    Pricing on this item??

    Yeah skinned weapons are hard to sell because they're very specific, also how the hell do I look specifically for a skin on bp smh my head
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    Pricing on this item??

    Yea 4.88 seems accurate for a non killstreak one...for a spec killstreak just take the spec killstreak value of the normal panic attack and that’s around what it’s worth if not a ref or two more
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    Adolf Storms

    PC on smissmas caribou

    they dont sell over 120 keys after christmas typically, and will drop from now on. theres a few for 100 keys (slightly less) on scm. doubt u get over 115 keys in pure. most mp.tf sales are closer to 75. 85 keys is what bots are stupidly buying at on classies. most likely ask 100 if you wanna sell it any time soon. there's 3 on mp.tf for ~110 keys
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    Help with Glitched Item Compendium

    Thanks for the suggestions. Ive been friends with Gibson for quite a while, he encouraged me to start this project. I'll be in contact with some collectors to help with this. Right now im looking more for old forum posts or steam guides discussing certain items or any known rumors of items like the painted vita saw etc.
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    Tasty Salamanders

    How do I drop my steam level

    You can't.
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    President Trump Impeached: Thoughts on upcoming election cycle

    Republicans hated Bill Clinton for many reasons and when Bill was having hard time and being embarrassed on admitting that he was having an affair with secretary, once he finally admitted then Republicans decided that it was impeachable offense for lying towards to people but you can't blame him for being too embarrassed and trying to avoid but he just finally come out clear and clean to himself and then the next step that Republicans decided to started on impeaching process against Clinton and it went successful because of Clinton "lied" for not having an affair. Electoral vote exists and doesn't matter if popular votes wins or not, Electoral votes only what matters and Trump may have more electoral votes than Hillary but who knows for sure.
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    Steam down again...

    Well, Steam is down with intermittent bursts of availability. Being such a platform for so many games and services, you would think they would have decent servers that can keep up with daily activity. So instead of being a powerhouse, they have become a joke. I wish that we had an alternative but the games I play are dependent on its platform so we have to continue to put up with the idiocy... /rant
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    PC on smissmas caribou

    Yeah, what Zues said uwu. (Btw, I quicksold it to em so I can buy a dream item <3)
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    PC on smissmas caribou

    If you want full pure undercut that bot (Prolly by a key or 2), otherwise id say use it to go after an unusual misc as those tend to sell for pure super fast and easy. Pure Price 125-130 Depending on sellers at the time of listing. For unusuals It depends as always.
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