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    ᴾᴾᴹ Shuffle Spy 7309

    How to tell if an unusual is bugged?

    The only giveaway would be a short history/trades beginning after 7/26/19. People paying less for bugged Unusuals are just trying to swindle as much profit as they can. Bugged Unusuals aren't worth less than the clean ones.
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    Ban on Marketplace.tf for no reason.

    If you're not an alt of a scammer why does your account share a (verified) email address with one?
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    How to recover

    Make a bigger bad trade
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    So, This Happened

    Well its susprising how you keep positive even after being scammed thats a good thing. Feel free to add me if you wanna play mvm
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    Firepowered admins need to be better vetted

    Next time just say "buying sells quickly".
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    Strange quality items suddenly droppped in price in my backpack

    Backpack.tf somehow priced keys at $3.44 on scm (I have no idea how you even manage to do that). Killstreak prices are based off of the scm price of that item divided by the key price ($3.44). So a $100 item that used to be 100/2.5 = 40 keys is now 100/3.44 =~29 keys
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    Firepowered admins need to be better vetted

    As many have said, this isn't the place. Not only can we not do anything about other communities admins but we're also not particularly interested in your drama.
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    Scott Bakula

    Wont let me post suggestions... help

    It's not talking about your steamrep, but your contribution points. Whenever someone makes a suggestion or votes on one, they gain or lose contribution points based on the result. A successful suggestion or a vote aligned with the final result gets you points and the reverse takes away points. If a user gets into negative points (where you're at), they can't make suggestions until they get back into positives (this is to prevent people from spamming joke/troll/baseless suggestions). Making correct votes will bring your points back up as well as waiting (I believe 1 point per day until it gets back to 0). In addition to that, contribution points also function as a multiplier to the value a person is allowed to suggest at. Normally, a person is limited to making suggestions/votes based off of their highest recorded backpack value, but having points lets them go past that as it demonstrates that the person has a fundamental grasp of the market and how things are supposed to be valued. If you want to see your current contribution points, hover your mouse on that sunburst tile under your name on your profile or backpack page. It will tell you your current reputation (which is currently -4)
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    Bonzo VS Spellbound?

    bonzo is garbage
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    Adolf Storms

    Price Check on Unusual

    why would anyone pay over 40 for it? over 30 even is a stretch. this isn't no harmburg, fancy fedora or belgian detective. Plenty of high tier spy hats under 60 keys with HG going unsold for months and months. Shit you can almost buy a HG misc for 65 lol . HG all-class for less even! isn't a terribly 'collected' hat
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    WTF? What is this

    Cant you tell the bots that hes trying to make profit too
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    [Price Check] Unusual War Paint.

    best valuation is whatever you paid for it but I doubt you feel like sharing
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    Firepowered admins need to be better vetted

    Hello. Firepowered Admin here- I can say that that "Buying stuff with x amount of keys" is allowed. I'm not 100% sure how accurate that conversation is since it's copied and pasted. I have never seen Shiken act in that way, but I will talk to him. Either way this is something you should report to our site instead of backpack.tf which has nothing to do with this.
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    Diamond jozu

    Dear people who have been scammed

    nothing is too harsh since its 2019 and people fall for any scams as they are all old
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    Mr Furley

    Lifetime subscription

    Is it possible to buy a lifetime premium membership?
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    Lifetime subscription

    Most subscription services don't offer a lifetime option because that would make them less money.
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    Scott Bakula

    My account marked as suspicious?

    It's just an additional confirmation step that appears when there are unbalanced trades. Your friend just needs to confirm that the trade is what it is and it will go through as normal.
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    Melancholy Sky

    [Price Check] Unusual War Paint.

    assassin unusual and minimal wear yea that can easily go for high, keep in mind the other assassin grade min wear unusual (which is applied on a stickybomb) is goin for 90 keys so if you can find someone interested in war paints could probs easily go for 125 keys if not higher.
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    ᴾᴾᴹ Shuffle Spy 7309

    Why have keys gone down so much?

    This. Most of these Keys came after the Unusuals were refunded and the refund period approximately corresponds to when Key sellers began to drop heavily in price. 7/22 = Keys dropped 2 Refined over the course of the day from 52 to 50 Refined 7/22 - 7/26 = Keys dropped another 2 Refined from 50 to 48 Refined 7/26 - 8/13 = Keys rose another Refined from 48 to 49 Refined 8/13 - 8/16 = Keys dropped another Refined from 49 back to 48 Refined. The above time frame can be attributed to normal competition. 8/16 = Refunds become available Keys proceeded to drop 5 Refined over the course of the following week and stabilized around 43 Refined.
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    is Backpack Premium worth it?

    It is, if you are going to use the premium search for "fair and good deals :D". Otherwise no.
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    So, This Happened

    Was this some kind of phishing program, or you accepted trade confirmation by yourself? Anyways, its not a very big value tho. People loses hyndreds keys worth items. Some even lose thousand key woth items.
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    Question Related to Bitskins

    whats the point of add me on steam and never message me after?
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    Is it better to hoard Ref or keys?

    unlike keys and ref, real life currency will not degrade in value. try hoarding that
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    Can someone explain what is going on here

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    Can someone explain what is going on here

    spells ended in 2014 but there was a glitch that allowed you to apply spells during 2015 which included graded cosmetics and skins, these items are some of the rarest spelled items out there https://backpack.tf/item/4084064163 https://backpack.tf/item/3969487569
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    Weird Paypal Scam

    Some guy added me with a profile that seemed to legit to be a scam account with lots of tf2 items, 500 hours in tf2 and lots of friends, groups, and games. He added me on steam saying "I decided to give you my $150 and I'm going to use my Paypal account to send the money on your account" and I instantly knew it was a scam. His account seems too expensive to be a scamming alt so this has gotten me confused. He asked for my discord and I gave it to him and when we started talking he sent me the following image saying "okay here as you can see that it only needs your steam account name so I can directly send the money on your account and right after you will give me your steam account name I will be showing you my screen so you will able to see that I'm about to send the money on your account" so, of course, I tried to mess with him for a bit. After wasting his time for a while he figured I wasn't gonna fall for the scam so he turned aggressive and stopped talking to me. My main question is what kind of scam is this? I don't think a scammer could do much with just your username but I played it safe and didn't give him shit. Do you think later down the road he would have asked for my password or something? This scam just seems super weird in my opinion. The image he sent me of the "Paypal Payment Option" to send the money directly to a steam account
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    How to tell if an unusual is bugged?

    I'd rather have a bugged hat than a duped version
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    how would you price spelled items?

    I would say between 4-9 keys depending on the rocket launcher.
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    Why are skins so hard to sell?

    Check out this video by the Virtual Economist Basically, there's way too much variation with skins.
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    WTF? What is this

    Just the suspicious thing is that for many listings I noticed....like keys, the bots were updating the prices earlier than the 30 min mark and simultaneously undercutting others. I think bots should not be allowed to have such frequent uodations...they are already running 24/7 so it just ruins the market in general.
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    New scam method?

    And if you did "log in" with this FAKE Steam login then scammers already have access to your Steam account. Please read these and follow the steps to fix this: https://forums.steamrep.com/pages/hijacking/ https://marketplace.tf/blog/posts/YHLZOB
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    Disco Beat Down Galvanized Gibus has lost >97% of its value

    other than crate depression, buds to key transition caused the huge difference in unusual pricing at times. bf boa is close, like 90% and i would say bf ke.
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    Bonzo VS Spellbound?

    buy my stuff
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    Halloween Spells

    Hey weren’t you banned from dragos server?
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    Do you guys know any unusal cold killer collector?

    Usually collectors look for really rare effects on whatever their collecting. I'm sure theyd have an orb planets one by now
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    Help, cannot put a few items on classified

    Have you open tf2 lately? Try to launch tf2 then refresh your backpack in game by sorting it. Then try again.
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    Pricing Unusual

    The price you have it listed for is fine
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    Pricing a Professional KS Scout misc (exactly what you read)

    Pro ks unique hats aren't really worth more than it's regular price (w/o pro ks) to normal traders. However, some collectors pay hefty prices for them; you just gotta find the right one. Regarding the price, idk
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    Fair Price for Achievement Item: Black Rose

    I’ll offer 10 keys if you want i wanted one
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    Scott Bakula

    What cosmetics go with the 'Outta Sight?

    Dynamite Abs and either Mutton Mann, Earbuds, or Deadbeats. or Weight Room Warmer & Breakneck Baggies
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    Pricing Event 2019 Results!

    Congratz to all participants!
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    Firepowered admins need to be better vetted

    I'll bold the important parts. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! FOOOOOOL! : Buying stuff with 21 keys!! Trade me!! Soul Slayer : !ks 200 [Donor] aaa : quickselling a scorching flames rotation for 150 keys (PURE ONLY) Player em_c left the game (Disconnect by user.) stickerman #new penis has traded for: The Concheror stickerman #new penis has traded for: Scrap Metal Reflex has joined the game Roto : Fool? Nathan : [Selling discounted allclass unusuals] S.Plasma Gibus and Miami Mohawk for 55keys each. P.Confetti Mohawk for 34keys. Zeoplez : Taking offers on 2 Unu Hats Medic & Scout [Admin] [FP] Shiken : Ahahah dont say retarded sentances please Soul Slayer : !ks 69 spongebob is yahweh | trade.tf : selling cloud nine magistrates mullet AHAHAHAHAHAHA! FOOOOOOL! : what? The Milkman : Selling a Harvest Moon Milkman, 1/2, only non duped in existence! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! FOOOOOOL! : How am i saying 'retarded sentances' ☼ Rocket Birthday on thursday : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [Admin] [FP] Shiken : 'hur durr can i buy quicksells' XD RAWR The Admin accuses me of advertising to buy quicksells when clearly I only wrote that i was buying stuff with 21 keys. I believe Firepowered needs to have better oversight over their admins. False accusations like these undermine the admin team's credibility and judgement.
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    🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

    Firepowered admins need to be better vetted

    Yeah @Mew2! why didn't you screenshot the convo in-game? If what you say is true, its a shame there is no concrete proof.
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    Not really sure whats going on...

    "people that create listings and then fall off the face of the earth deserve to fall off the face of the earth"
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    I got scammed REUPLOAD

    "Contact any youtuber" Lmao. You do realize that youtuber don't control whether people get banned on steamrep or not, right? If you actually thought that, your view of youtubers is borderline delusional. Also, put as kindly as I can: A youtuber will not care. Tons of people get scammed every day, you're not special for it. That being said: I'm sorry you got scammed. If you want them reported, you need to do it yourself on the steamrep forums.
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    Just curious about duped unusuals

    buyers are looking for any excuse to pay less what else is new
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    My opinion on the crate-depression bans

    The bots got the unusuals they wanted at the price they were set at, it's the owners fault for relying on a fucking bot to do everything. I know people who sold lots of these unusuals to bots and aren't banned yet.
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    New bots auto buy items from you if you set price too low by accident in classifieds

    Last night I actually saw a bot selling a Specialized killstreak rocket launcher for 1 ref. I tought it was a bug or something. Sent the trade offer and guess what? THE BOT ACCEPTED IT. 2 keys profit in no-time. But yeah be careful with it. It's been happening to a lot of bots.
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    Bonzo VS Spellbound?

    scorching best
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    What cosmetics go with the 'Outta Sight?

    I honestly think the Dynamite Abs and Mutton Mann or Dynamite Abs and Earbuds looks the best. Not sure which one to pick and i own both earbuds and mutton, but the abs are so expensive
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