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    [What if scenario] The $1M exit scam

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    There should be regulation for bots

    If you're still searching for scrap profit you might as well give up. You'll generate more income picking pennies off the streets.
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    Backpack.tf Lotto

    Backpack.tf Lotto
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    What Should I do?

    I was the broker On June 09, 2018 you wanted me to broker those 2 items, and i said yes, and we did, and couple weeks past and you wanted them back. These screenshots show that we did the transactions. So in case people are confused as hell, there are no items gone missing and the person who is responsible for those items is. Next time put in some actual evidence instead of creating a damn scenario where i have to waste time just doing this.
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    Help me value these EXTREMELY rare items!

    he was not trashtalking, he was being honest. none of these items are extremely rare and it will be hard to resell for a significant amount more, even if some people think they're worth more. they're just crappy items. the spec ks honestly won't add anything.
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    at least it's not edgy or controversial
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    Scott Bakula

    Help with unpriced unusual

    Really the biggest problem with the mitre is that it's from the most recent case. This means that that case is what people are unboxing the most of, so more and more are still entering the market and dropping the overall value of the hat.
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    Pineapple Pizza

    post your heavy loadouts here

    Viking Braider's got a Chromatic Corruption spell to match, although it don't show here. I was going for a kinda western thing.
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    >makes a commission >doesn't get paid >is sad >decides to make commissions again forgetting their previous mistake
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    Captain Big-Balls

    Multiple buy orders on same item using multiple accounts

    Plain and simple, I think it is the responsibility of bot owners to ensure that they're not violating markets like the example above. The site has a safeguard to block individual accounts from doing this, multiple accounts should not be a workaround.
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    Rainy Day

    post your pyro loadouts here

    I like to dress this class as it plays. Here's my loadout for it.
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    [What if scenario] The $1M exit scam

    It with crash the entire trading economy for a significant amount of time, and create a precedent that would more or less make it hard if not impossible for any sort of large centralized 3rd party market to exist again, if only because of the memory of the scam. However, that being said, pulling an exit scam would be one of the dumbest things imaginable to do. The site more or less generates steady income via commission, and throwing all that work away for a one time scam is stupid when you consider that the credit card companies can reverse charges and that the money you can get from the scam is probably less than just running the site legitimately for a couple years. Not to mention that you'll be making a ton of enemies. Most of the exit scams that you see are typically in crypto, because the charges can't be reversed, people are anonymous, and there isn't even a logical business plan in the first place for the vast majority of those operation. Marketplace.tf can't pull a fast one on Visa, people can find Geel if they want to badly enough, and it has a business plan that can reasonably make money.
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    [What if scenario] The $1M exit scam

    If that happened, I'd be glad that I've never used the website before.
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    never thought i'd see a thread capable of toppling the stupidity of the lucky cat one
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    Damn cute

    Damn cute
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    BLIND o-o

    post your heavy loadouts here

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    Scott Bakula

    Is there a way to create the same sell order for multiple items of similar type?

    No. This is the universe's way of telling you to not scrap bank.
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    Multiple buy orders on same item using multiple accounts

    It would work like any other issue with listings: the user reports the rogue listing. It would be more difficult to catch anyone who tries to not get caught doing it but such is the same for many laws. Tax evasion is a thing but just because it can be difficult to enforce doesn't mean it should be permissible to evade paying taxes. In cases like in the example it is quite easy to catch. This is just my opinion, but I don't think there will be a point where everyone is intentionally trying to hide which bots they own so they can take up more listing space. Many bot owners take pride in their bots. They often link to which bots they own, even creating a brand around their bots. Even if someone does not link which bots they own it usually isn't too difficult to figure out who owns the bot by checking item histories.
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    what do with 10 keys?

    Instructions unclear, lost more keys in process
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    Daddy Alex

    [PSA] Paypal scammers exploiting backpack.tf trusts

    I would like to remind everyone that Backpack.tf trusts system is being heavily abused by Paypal scammers. They come with a new account, quickly build 10 or more fake +trusts, top that with some real +trusts and then scam people for hundreds of dollars or keys. Some quotes from old reports: "I believed he was trustable, as he had 15 trust on backpack.tf" "He uses Backback for his cash rep" "accruing fake reputation on backpack.tf" "User scammed me by using his rep ... backpack.tf" "User has abused his accumulated trust" Scammer's words: Yeah well my rep was pretty believable ... all fake tho (SR) Only some recent cases: 2018.08 "Foxy" / "ACiD": SR, BP, Reddit 2018.09 "Matics": SR 1, SR 2, BP 2018.09 "Only Money" / "¡RETRO": SR 1, SR 2, SR 3 2018.10 "CyraxDarkLord" / "TheBakes": banned before any reports came in 2018.11 "iO": BP 2019.01: "cuze": SR, BP forum As far as I know, it was all the same scammer (except the last case). For reference, his "most documented" SteamRep accounts: one, two. Few examples of fake +trusts (always removed by BP staff after the scam): pg 1, pg 2 (from SR report) pg 1 for CyraxDarkLord pg 1, pg 2 for iO pg 1, pg 2 for cuze The scammer usually puts his ads at /r/tf2trade, /r/Dota2Trade, /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade and also right here on BP Cash Trade forum: "Matics", "Only Money" Unfortunately I am not allowed to name any accounts that are not banned yet because BP admins call this "witch hunting". Please do not call any names either to avoid this thread being locked. I plan to discuss other aspects of this problem and possible solutions in my subsequent posts.
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    The Walking Wingull

    New form of Bot attack on Casual servers

    Haven't been playing tf2 nearly as much these past few weeks so this is new to me. And honestly I don't really see how they can combat this without just banning all the accounts. To anyone who's actually doing this, it's fucking pathetic.
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    Vrakos Anthrakir

    Manncostore paypal cashout time

    you can't sell stuff via the mannco store, so it'll take the next eternity. also nobody with a clue will help you cashout when you're a banned scammer
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    Woifi The Viking

    How do i get more classified listings?

    https://backpack.tf/donate - donate https://backpack.tf/premium/subscribe - get premium Join Steam group, follow twitter (15 listings each if it works).
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    post your pyro loadouts here

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    Scott Bakula

    what do with 10 keys?

    Get a solid cosmetic loadout for each class and then upgrade your weapons to stranges and/or good-looking skins. Another good option is getting a bunch of taunts so every class has a full set to choose from.