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    New phishing method - TF2 Team Voting

    that's not new, at all
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    Pricing Event xmas 2019 Results!

    Hello everyone, results are in! Despite having the event around the holiday period we still had nearly 50 participants and over 400 suggestions submitted in total. We've seen some amazing teamwork to the point where it took us quite some time to figure out the awards. Many teams did a fantastic job on involving everyone as much as they could and many of the newcomers were very interested, eager to learn and making suggestions. Seeing people learning the basics on day preperation day and nearly making suggestions by themselves on day 3 is amazing to see. On to the results.. First place - $150 marketplace.tf credit and a winners badge on your backpack.tf profile. This year's first place prize will be going to Team 7! They had an impressive 80 points scored leaving behind the others teams. With nearly all suggestions being submitted of high quality with only 1 suggestion closed, this is a well deserved 1st prize. Second place - $100 marketplace.tf credit and a runners up badge on your backpack.tf profile. The runner-up this year with 60 points is Team 1! Team 1 scored 60 points and with 0 closed achieved a very well deserved 2nd place. With excellent teamwork and every newcomer being very involved, they made high quality suggestions which resulted in 0 suggestions closed by mods. A well deserved 2nd prize! Mod’s Choice: Quality - $100 marketplace.tf credit and a mod’s choice badge on your backpack.tf profile. This was a hard choice for the moderators to make since many teams had a great quality. However, Team 6 won the prize. We felt they ultimately had the best quality out of all the teams. With 0 suggestions closed and every suggestion being of high quality this is a deserved prize. Proper lay-out's, proper mini's and everything thoroughly worked out setting an example of how we'd like to see suggestions. Mod’s Choice: Teamwork - $100 marketplace.tf credit and a mod’s choice badge on your backpack.tf profile. After spending some time in all the team channels, closely watching how each of the teams operated, we agreed that Team 4 had the best teamwork. With their experienced suggesters continuously helping out the newcomers, the newcomers showing great interest in suggesting and overall great chemistry between all members in order to submit good suggestions is what made Team 4 stand out. Best Leader - $25 marketplace.tf credit and a badge on your backpack.tf profile. The best leader this event was Wrein. He actively encouraged the inexperienced participants to suggest, teach them the basics and overall in charge of the team. Wrein demonstrated good leadership through this, making him win the Best Leader prize! Best Newcomer - $25 marketplace.tf credit and a badge on your backpack.tf profile. This was a particularly hard pick for the mods. This event had a large amount of fantastic newcomers. However, the newcomer that stood out the most to us, was Evren. They showed great interested in suggesting, were eager to learn and learned a lot about suggesting. He picked up a lot on suggesting leading to a deserved award! Participation prizes – donation credit and premium. Every active participants will keep their premium, this is for a whole month! In addition to a free month of premium you will also receive donation credit. The amount you will receive is $0.10 for every point your team has scored! Total amount of points: 1 60 2 21 3 31 4 49 5 11 6 29 7 80 Prizes will be sent soon over DM on the site! Major shoutout to the price moderators and staff team for handling all the suggestions that were submitted and help with the overall event logistics. Also major thanks to the incredibly generous Geel and Jesse who made these prizes available for the participants and winners! Thank you all for participating and making this a great pricing event. We hope everyone had a good time and learned something about how pricing hats work. Hopefully we'll see some newcomers submit suggestions as well, remember you can still always ask for help if you need it. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again next event!
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    Is this trading site legit?

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    But think about the poor coders 😔
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    Hate it how most of the bots are filling classifieds list but they don't even have enough keys or metal to buy anything.
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    Need opinions on a trade I'm about to make

    That just seems way too much considering there is three in the market and a seller at 25, and one for around 22 as mentioned above. The brain warming wear would sell for 20ish, probably less, better off buying something else.
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    Who is this clown?

    Due to the method he is using for the fake listings (spamming several effects in the description), you can filter out his results entirely via, for example, "icefall NOT pyroland". This searches for icefall, and purges any results with "pyroland". So basically when searching for an effect he has fake listings for, purge out another effect in the description.
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    Marketplace.tf's discount % question

    Backpack actually uses ref prices for autopricing most items, even keys lol. Ref prices are $0.04, with one key being 56.55 ref. 56*.04 = $2.24
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    [RESOLVED] Strange (FN/MW) Soda Popper: What skins?

    Neo Tokyo would probably look pretty good.
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    [RESOLVED] Strange (FN/MW) Soda Popper: What skins?

    Geometrical Teams Neo Tokyo or Frost Ornamented
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    Proof of the received offers

    Actual received trade offers >>> Received "Verbal" offers >>> Other peoples statements about received offers. In my opinion "CO" can produce more harm then good, as good number of people would use this to make shady deals and border like scams and in this process they would use backpack.tf rep to "boost" value of their items.
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    Is Omniscient Orb hard to sell?

    It's pretty unpopular. If it's 1:1 or cheap-ish you could probably let it go decently easily, but it's not flying off the shelves.
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    ܤ cute legs

    #6 bp.tf inventory is trade banned.

    The VAC ban is nothing new.
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    Molten mallard is good

    Most of you will take shit out of me for stating that but I think it's the best effect if anything it looks great especially triple molten mallard I mean yeah it's a bit glitchy but I think it's great. RELEASE THE KEYBOARD WARRIORS
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    Any ideas on what these glitched items sell for?

    Theres 777 thousand of them. https://backpack.tf/stats/Unique/Full Head Of Steam/Non-Tradable/Craftable
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    Strange Miami Nights Big Chief pricing

    Big Chief has strangifier, there is a seller who's asking for 9 keys for his MN Big Chief, and there is a Strangifier seller at 25 refs (SCM has lower sellers) , so this many keys is its worth, as of now.
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    unusual price help

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    Proof of the received offers

    Its really hard to prove actual legit offers, anyone can ask friend to send them offer that will can be declined by agreement. But in suggested case you give more legitimacy to fakers and as result of that - more people could fall for it.
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    FP jh34ghu43gu

    #6 bp.tf inventory is trade banned.

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    Help with Unusual Pricing

    Given it's very desirable AND 1:1, it's kinda just worth whatever you wanna charge and whatever people turn out to be mental enough to pay. For whatever sale happens on it, there's probably another nutjob willing to pay 25 keys on top of that.
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    Free gmod posters.

    Doing free gmod poster because my gmodding poster skills are getting rusty.Want to improve but my brain currently has no ideas for poster. Tell me about how you want it to look. -background(maps) -class(scout,pyro,etc) -cosmetics -paint examples: will try my best to make it to your liking. about the unusual effects,i think i cant do it.
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    Scott Bakula

    How much is this unusual hat worth?

    I'm just more curious as to why you took an actual picture of your computer screen as opposed to just hitting the screenshot button.
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    Pineapple Pizza

    Price-Check On Non-Tradables Still Gift-Wrapped?

    I kinda sorta collect nontradables, I wouldn't value it much more than a normal one but I'll take it if you're looking to get rid of it.
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    Api limit fix (potential)

    That's not true... that link is not the web API, it is just the inventory in a JSON format. The API call GetPlayerItems returns IEconItem Objects, which is the correct web API.
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    can i get a price check for these items since the prices are very outdated?

    stop doing price checks if you don't have a clue on what are you talking about
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    Adolf Storms

    Api limit fix (potential)

    has become 'old hat' and didn't even take into account the fact we're already signed in via steam credentials lol after so many years doing the same thing it doesn't even register in my brain XD
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    Need opinions on a trade I made...

    Thanks! I got few people interested in the hat even before I put it on listing on bptf already Perhaps I'll keep it for a bit and see how further I can go.
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    Need opinions on a trade I made...

    so you bought a halloween effect viewfinder for a gpan + 100 keys? nah, seems like a good deal, pretty good good for you lucky fella
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    Snow fallen Bottle cap

    One of the lower tier effects out of the update, but there is a very high chance it'll stay 1 of 1 since the event ends in a few hours, if you hold on to it for awhile after the event I think you could get up to 30 keys maybe even higher.
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    an item that can be used to scam and need to be repaired.

    This is literally one of the most well known tf2 scams, what's the point of posting this?
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    5 Unusuals From 50 Cases, Need Appraisal!

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    Macho Man Randy Savage

    Need opinions on a trade

    I would not do that trade. Hot and totally boned are not super desired, and I can’t imagine u getting anywhere near the 100+ keys u listed ur bicorne for if u decided to accept that trade.
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    Need opinion on a trade.

    stn is a site like scrap.tf, but less known in my opinion...you re good to go!
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    I am banned for trading with scammer alt account

    This is my account which was banned for trading with scammer alt. https://backpack.tf/u/76561198148843171 I traded with scammer alt before the new rules was in place: I was banned in March, and the rules were changed in May. I believe that it should be possible to unban me because of the change of rules when it comes to trading with scammer alt accounts. This is also my account, which is banned too, because it is seen as alt account of mine. https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561199007871060 I did make an appeal, and was in contact with Moderator Toughsox. He says that i am trying to evade the ban by the use of my second account. However, since my account should be rightfully unbanned because of the change of rules as of May 25th i do not see how this is ban evasion. I would like some third perspective. I really do not see how i cannot be unbanned. Am i missing something?
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    Any ideas on what these glitched items sell for?

    I'm pretty sure that number is the number of the hat that exist There's definitely not 777,000 of them gift wrapped. It's a non-tradable achievement hat, same with the Bombinomicon.
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    Frozen Ice fall Winter Wrap up

    I would say probably 100-165 keys during the hype but after I would say 75-97
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    Listing items only seen in fallback.

    The issue with this is obvious. Items take time to appear in your inventory and to disappear from it. You could list items that you didn't have.
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    Adolf Storms

    Pricing on Scorching Highway Star

    strange one can't sell for 50. 40 keys seems reasonable in pure or 50 in unusuals. Safe bet is to list it for 40-45 imo
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    Price of First Strange Unusual Tundra Top with Snowblinded

    There is no price for the first strange unususal tundra top with snowblinded effect. What would be the marketed price of this first of a kind hat.
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    Who is this clown?

    this probably explains those numbers
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    Who is this clown?

    Somehow both the negative trusts are gone. https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198047941585
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    Who is this clown?

    I think the concern here is not so much about traders here getting scammed but the people out there who have no idea about trading/people just not paying enough attention looking to buy stuff off scm. More a question of ethics than a warning - I'd say most people here are already aware that this is a thing.
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    Barry B. Benson

    Is this trading site legit?

    A good quote I heard from a Trader was "if you have to ask yourself if a trading site is legit, it´s a scam" just keep that in mind
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    Unboxed unusual candy crown

    A lot. Be careful with people adding you, even better ignore them for now.
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    Henchman 21

    New effects on Old hats Pricecheck

    60 pure is okay, 60 in unusuals is a no
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    If you are looking to get into trading, purchase the regular TF2 keys. Link: https://marketplace.tf/items/tf2/5021;6
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    api scam is "fun"

    While you make 10 keys per day from the trade. We make 1000 keys per day. Relax kids and I have already found a shadow buyer, so I dont care about ban hahaha. I just created this topic in order to make fun of you. There will always be a secret for you what serious people do. Your redistribution is to buy or sell something, find the item through premium bp. We manipulate the unusuals while you watching. All you can do is leave a negative rating on one of my accounts. Do you realize your pity? 😂 PS. Really soz for this acc cuz it's not mine. Well just imagine some dude come to backpack.tf and this forum to trade 1 ref for burning flames team captain and there's perma ban by moderator ahaha :DDD
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    Elevated API access

    Request it with your main account
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    Reasoning for my discord ban.

    A few people have questioned where I have gone so ima just do a small reply here. Due to the new "toxic ban" ordeal, I was banned due to having a custom status that said "Gas All Furries" or something to that regard. While the rule was still new I was contacted by a community mod (scooter) in with his intentions to get me to change my status. (quick note, this was my first ever warning, not even a mute in the past and I received a perm ban) At this time the rule was within an hour of its creation (written by someone whos main language is not english) so I still did not understand all the areas that "toxic" fell into. Yes my status is "toxic" but at the same time its my view, at the same time the status has been up for the entirety of the custom statuses at that without problem so I did not think much of it. When scooter contacted me with hopes of me changing the status, he asked as if it was a question to if I would be willing to. I did not want to change it as I saw nothing wrong with it. Poof, right after that response I was banned, no warning within scooter's text that I need to change it or risk the ban. Yes its my fault for not being willing to change my status and I understand that. I am not looking for anything, this is just a simple response to what went down and why im no longer there. For all users within the bp discord still, heed my warning that you will be banned without warning if someone disagrees with your views now. It does not matter if you have a valid opinion or not, its the admins who decide if they like what they hear. - Vince
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    Any ideas on what these glitched items sell for?

    I have actually never in my trading career seen the first nor the third one, super unique gift wrapped untradables for sure. But on the first I would say list it for 300 keys, the second one for 200, and the third one for 250. Again, they're really unique wrapped untradables so just go with a high b/o and see who picks at them :3
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