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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    New Rules for Background Checks

    Introduction I will again start with a disclaimer that these are the rules for backpack.tf and do not apply to any other site. The cutoff in item values for which we expect traders to complete a background check is 15 keys value on either side of the trade (so, for example, if you buy a 30 key hat for 14 keys you still need to do a background check). For trades under 15 keys in value, we do not require that you complete a background check. Feel free to post any questions or concerns below. Changes After a lot of discussion, some of which you can find here and here we have decided to make some fairly big changes to the old system. The main one is that we are scrapping the concept of an "obvious alt" when it comes to banning for trading with scammers. While I stand by the spirit of it and the ability of traders to look at accounts and make judgement about red flags, the community broadly finds the criteria too subjective and difficult to work with. It also hinders bot trading a significant amount, and while I know many hate bots, many use them too. Overall, the red flags for an obvious alt are definitely something you should be aware of, but it no longer seems reasonable or practical to punish users for trading with accounts who may meet some criteria but are not banned alts. In the same vein, we have decided to stop penalising for trades with site-banned users, even if the ban is for a scam or scam-related offence. The rationale for this change is that now that we are Steamrep partners and can apply our own marks, any account with sufficient evidence against them to be banned for scamming would be given a mark too. If they are site banned for scamming only, that by definition implies a lower standard of evidence or an offence outside of Steamrep investigative policy, which exists for good reason. We are also going to modify ban durations a little to give mods some leeway to give shorter or longer bans to users based on the value of the trade. So you won't get the same length of ban for buying a 50 key hat as a 500 key hat. Lastly, we will no longer be banning users for accessing gambling sites, even if scammers are also using those sites. The rules - All trades above 15 keys in value on either side of the trade must be background checked. - If the account you would trade with is marked on Steamrep, you cannot complete the trade. - If a trader accidentally fails to meet these expectations, they will receive a temporary ban, escalating with number of offences (see ban durations below). - If a trader knowingly fails to meet these expectations and is found to intentionally trade with Steamrep-marked scammers, the ban will instantly be a permanent one. - If a trader is found to be regularly buying items from accounts banned on backpack.tf as a scammer, scammer alt, or scammer fence they may receive a ban even if those accounts are not marked on Steamrep. - Brokering for a user who is site-banned for any reason will remain against the rules. - Temp bans will "expire" after 1 year without a ban, so whether you're on your first or second offence if you go without a ban for 1+ year and then are reported again for the same thing, we will treat it as a new ban and start at first offence again. This does not apply to permanent bans. - Ban evasion during any ban for trading with scammers will be permanent, as with any other site ban. Ban durations: - 1st offence: 3 days - 3 months - 2nd offence: 1 month - 6 months - 3rd offence: permanent (appeal-able after 1 year) Reporting All reports will need to include evidence of a two way trade or they may be closed by moderators. We simply do not have the time to be digging into accounts ourselves, if you are making a report you need to do the work first. Reports with single item histories are not acceptable. Reporting traders who are regularly buying items from backpack.tf-banned scammers, scammer alts, or fences, will require the reporter to compile a body of evidence that demonstrates a clear pattern. This will then be assessed by mods. As with reporting single trades, a small number of item histories but no evidence of two way trades will not be sufficient for us to ban someone. Summary We believe that these changes move strongly in the direction of lessening punishment for accidents while still allowing the site and mods to discourage people from going all out regularly trading with scammers. We welcome any feedback. Trading with scammers bans under the old rules can now be appealed, but the above rules will still apply. If you'd like to ask a question about something specific in private, feel free to PM me or any of the report mods: Teeny Tiny Cat OverduePixels Marty Birdman Smokey ѕιи Zeus _inu
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    Mister WorldCast

    Minor request: SteamRep Icons

    But Mister WorldCast what do you mean by this? Simple. Lets say a user was reported on steamrep for suspicious scamming that hasnt been approved yet. When I visit the guys profile on backpack.tf It says his rep is normal. But when you check the guys steam rep it has a question mark shield saying that this user was reported and awaiting to see if its approved or not. •Example A: Maybe instead of a word saying “NORMAL” in the guys backpack.tf profile. It could say along the lines of “REPORTED” if the user is reported with maybe a yellow color behind the bar and maybe a question mark shield (similar to the admins tag) and the “CAUTION” tag. •Example B: But why? I could compare with the Caution Tag. Why do we put the caution tag there? To provide information. This could give us leading information about the user via the backpack.tf site. Or maybe its an outdated thing and im just suggesting now. Designs: Here are some mediocre designs I made on the “Reported” idea tag as well as remakes on the “scammer” and “caution” tags to give you a good idea, besides the admin tag one which can have a simple checkmark. im sorry •Final Notes: Just an idea I had in the back of my head for a while and wanted to put it out there and see how it goes. I do like to note, obviously I suck at being a drawer/designer and just wanted to make an idea on how it can look like and put my skills to the test. So, What do you think? Yeh? Meh? Any other suggestions on this? Would love to hear thoughts on this.
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    Scott Bakula

    if the keys price keep raising how much will be the ref price?

    If refined gets devalued to that point, the game's economy won't crash. Instead, we will see a near-complete separation between the refined market and the key market. Trading will continue as normal, but people won't take metal for their keys anymore, and we'd see things like ToD tickets, paints, and Strange Parts used for pocket change instead. Also, the amount of people that buy and sell refined for cash is infinitesimally smaller than those that buy and sell keys. Even if you bought every refined on the cash market right now and spent it all on keys, you'll have made no noticeable dent in the key market.
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    It's official. Mechawreck is a pedo.

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    Is marketplace.tf trying to raise key prices ?

    Marketplace goes off backpack.tf price for keys and refined. Keys just went up, but they are staying in the same price in USD, so it looks like it’s at a discount. This may be a hint saying that refined is high or keys are inflated. Keys are 52 refined, refined is 4 cents: 52 x .04 = $2.08 per key, which at 1.81 per key, is about 13% off. If refined was 3-4 cents instead of 4, 52x.035 would make keys $1.82, a price tag we are familiar with.
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    Ability to comment on backpack listings

    i would rather prefer ability to direct message somebody over this
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    Scott Bakula

    How Is Key Price Determined?

    By just looking at the numbers, you're missing one important thing: There is more demand for a key then there is for the amount of refined it takes to get a key. It's not like asking a person "Would you like a $100 bill or 5 $20 bills", but more like asking "Would you like a $100 bill or 400 common Pokemon cards?" Once a person is trading at the key-level economy instead of the refined economy, they don't want refined anymore; It becomes pocket change that takes up way too much space for it to be worth holding on to. Also, the ratio of keys to refined are always in flux as keys leave the market due to unboxing almost as fast as they enter. Refined on the other hand, just keeps entering the market, but doesn't leave, as there is no good refined sink. If there was an in-game incentive again to spend and use refined (like we've seen with the Chemistry Sets and Bread Boxes in the past), we'd see an increase in value of refined, but as it stands now, there's just no use for it in-game anymore.
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    Who outbid me?

    As far as I know people are allowed (?) to increase their buy order prices with some script or external programme = automatic. Even bp.tf or someone had (?) something like that which was stopped for further support. This is kinda annoying for people like me who does not use that kind of stuff. In addition to matches section, there need to be a button that shows who outbid your buy orders. I know you can find out by watching every single item you want to trade. However this takes too long to set up watch thing and buy order price changes are so frequent due to huge amount of bots. When you activate this for buy orders for instance, it causes useless notification spam in your mailbox as bots have premium and they undercut or increase their price depending on other buy/sell orders (in every day/hour).
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    Trading with marked scammers

    Ladies and gentlemen, we got him: https://imgur.com/a/ztJNXa8 Thanks, admin You can lock the forum, thanks.
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    Scott Bakula

    How to deal with garbage unusuals?

    You need to look at how in-date the suggestions and how successful other sellers are as well, as the market can easily shift over the months. Look at the Fedora, the other seller on backpack.tf has been trying to sell the hat at that price for 5 moths with no success. It clearly is no longet the 22 key hat it was a year ago. Or look at the Nobel Nickel, whose suggestion is 2 years outdated. There's a seller on the SCM for ~18 keys, with the hat being unsold for over a month. And the Cadaver's Cranium does have an in-date price, but it's lower that what you're selling for plus there is another seller with an even lower price out there. To sum it up, your hats are not selling because you are pricing them higher than the market would demand (I even collect G. Fetti and would not pay those prices). Your options are to take the lesson and loss and move on, or sit on the hats as they rot in your backpack.
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    Scott Bakula

    Key Price Suggestions: WTH?

    When it comes to key suggestions, most of them come out the person's ass. Keys wind up receiving tons of suggestions, but they're almost always have little to no evidence to back them up, and are summarily closed. While the price does need to be raised at this point, people aren't giving good suggestions for it. The price of keys isn't rising, it's the value of refined that's dropping.
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    Scott Bakula

    Does painting an item make it tradable?

    No. Using a tradeable tool on a non-tradeable item does not make an item tradeable. Long, long, long ago, when the Steam Community Marketplace was first introduced, applying gift wrap could circumvent the non-tradeable cooldown on items, but that was very quickly patched.
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    Open discussion on rules for trading with scammers (Part 2)

    There's already tons of people who purposely trade with scammers abusing benefit of the doubt, removing the rule will just flood the market with stolen goods. As an anecdote, I've heard once or twice people on Vatican/Firepowered bragging about a nice buy they got from a scammer "because it was only a day ban". Don't think for a second 90% of these profit traders wouldn't do it all the time if they could. The rules are fair the way they are now in terms of legitimate accidental buying; making it more lenient would just serve to cause problems at this point
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    TF2 Outpost back???

    I mean it looks nice and all, but I won't be using it certainly until steamrep can vouch for it.
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    Scott Bakula

    How do I check how long ago a listing was created?

    On the listing, where it says "bumped X ago", click that.
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    Best steam conversations

    How NOT to get rid of unwanted garbage
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    Question Related to Bitskins

    you can't use keys-store lmao
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    Trading with marked scammers

    You cant trade scammers marked on Steam Rep but you can trade people marked as scammers on bp.tf: Here is an example: Look to the right side at the top, you see that red mark next to steamrep you cant trade this person: https://gyazo.com/ffaefcb39ad981f5d56e855ffdcd9410 but you can trade this person: https://gyazo.com/43d7faf69de160c712268ad0ddbba0dd
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    Scott Bakula

    Marketplace.tf issues

    https://marketplace.tf/support While Marketplace.tf and Backpack.tf are owned by the same person, they are separate sites. You need to speak with the Marketplace people for help with their site.
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    Mrs TS


    For starters, this is not the place to report someone. Secondly, you need more proof than just what you say. Screenshots of any chats you had, screenshots of the persons profile proving which exact account you were having this conversation with. etc etc etc. And lastly I must say, for a 13 year old, you sure do have a potty mouth. PS, here is a guide for reporting people. Give it a peek to see what you need to do to effectively get a report approved.
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    TF2 Outpost back???

    Not the same owners, I can't trust on a site that use the name of a dead site and also allow scammers. The real TF2Outpost had cero tolerance with scammers/trading with them.
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    How to deal with garbage unusuals?

    delete all ur garbage
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    Scott Bakula

    Traded with a dude who just got banned, am I at risk?

    I will say you missed once big part of the homework: You didn't look at the steam profile itself. https://steamcommunity.com/id/2gudformrclean888434553/ Go there, and you see a Level 2 account with 2 games. That just screams that the account is an alt or a fence, and shouldn't really be traded with.
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    Why do buyers go negative?

    It's called haggling. It's annoying sure, but isn't that how trading goes for everyone? ...also flexin that sweet block list 💪😏
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    Scott Bakula

    Do you use your trading career on your resume?

    God no. As someone who actually deals with hiring, this would do more harm than good. It'd be like putting "Really good at trading Pokemon cards" or "Got all achievements in Dark Souls" on there. You may be proud of it, but it'll be seen as worthless padding or poor prioritization. If you're really insecure about your lack of other relevant experience, you could list that time as an Online Reseller. but I'd only really do that if there was a significant gap between jobs that didn't have a better explanation (like going back to school or taking care of family).
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    How can I price a spelled weapon?

    stop spreading misinformation. pumpkin bombs generally adds 0.5-1 key to the price of a weapon.
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    Canceling trade hold trade.

    Problem is you kept other persons items on ice, he was unable to use them in game or trade them. He trusted you to go along with trade and you broke that trust - if it was up to me rules of the site would allow -Rep on profile for this kinda of thing so other people know what to expect when you try to do "delayed trades" with them...
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    Twitch personality being impersonated

    i can't read the text, so i don't really understand what's going on
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    Canceling trade hold trade.

    good lesson this options to cancel is only when you get scammed or account stealed not when change your mind in a trade. you must know all trade are final this trade ban is a good lesson and avoid abuse on people who change mind in a trade.
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    Do you accept offers from private inventories ?

    Private is an instant no all the time
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    Scott Bakula

    I got scammed for the 1st time

    That's how I look at it too. It's not a matter of if a person will be scammed, but when, where, and how much. That first scam that shatters that aura of invincibility tends to help make people more cautious in the future. But better for that bubble to be popped with something like a virtual hat or some trading cards than on a car title or mortgage.
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    Guide for Reporting on the Main Site

    Clarification/update on a couple of rules for user reports. We have been getting a rather extreme amount of reports either for trading with scammers or on alleged scammer alts that include little to no evidence. One or two item histories are not sufficient to make reports of this nature. If you are reporting someone for trading with Steamrep-tagged scammers, you need to show evidence of a two way trade. If you are reporting someone for regularly trading with backpack.tf-banned scammers, scammer alts, or scammer fences, you need to include enough two-way trades to demonstrate a clear pattern. If you a reporting a scammer alt, you need to clearly explain what leads you to believe this account is an alt and include any/all evidence you have gathered. From now on, mods will be much harsher in closing reports of this type which do not have sufficient proof included. If you are found to be repeatedly making lazy/invalid reports, you may receive a ban from the issue tracker.
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    TF2 Outpost back???

    Not sure you can really call yourself a developer if you just straight up copy something.
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    Are we not allowed to comment on price suggestions anymore?

    you aren't allowed to have fun
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    Diamond jozu

    Minor request: SteamRep Icons

    i've gotta upvote this idea. nice drawings as well
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    What’s your most prized possession in your backpack?

    My level 0-100 vintage razorback set, took about 4 years of waiting for the right levels to hit the market Edit: also my 3 crafted stock shotguns, one of them being level 1 https://backpack.tf/item/3902632348
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    Question regarding possible scam

    After "logging in" to a phishing website your Steam account is indeed compromised but you don't have to "lock" it. Just change your Steam password and revoke Steam API Key as described here: https://forums.steamrep.com/pages/hijacking/ https://marketplace.tf/blog/posts/YHLZOB
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    Can i trust tf2zone?

    This guy is interested in my unusual but wants the stats from tf2zone, and so far from my 5 minute google search it seems legit. Should i trust it?
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    ♡ Popmel's Icon Commissions ♡

    ♡♡ Commission are CLOSED ♡♡ >> COMMISSION INFO WITH PICTURES << SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING COMMISSIONS Hi there!! I'm Popmel, but you can call me Kitty, i'm starting up some small icon commissions and this page is the information regarding said commissions. If you are interested in commissioning me, please read down below and then contact me, thank you! ♡ Commission Slots Available: 3/3 All icons will be available in circle and or square form, all 400x400pix ♤ I M P O R T A N T ♤ ♡ I will only accept money via Paypal or pure TF2 keys! ♡ Payment must be paid full beforehand, i will not start and or reserve your commission slot for you if you do not do so. ♡ Refund is not acceptable if progress has already started unless a problem has occurred and i am no longer able to finish your commission. ♡ Please do not rush me and or check up on your commission every second, this will hinder the process of said commission. ♡ Don't beg and or please for free art, i will ignore you. ♡ I will try and communicate with you the best i can with updates on your commission, i will send you a sketch beforehand before i finish it. YES: Animal, OC, Game characters, Furry, Mild gore, Mecha NO: NSFW ((Nudity, sexual outfits and or poses, controversial gestures and or symbols)), Intense gore, Abuse, Satanic ◇ S K E T C H I C O N S ◇ ♡ 3 TF2 Keys // $6.00 ♡ Flat colors only, no shading ♡ Chibi and Semi-chibi only ♡ No extras ♧ F L A T C O L O R I C O N S ♧ ♡ 6 TF2 Keys // $10.00 ♡ Flat colors, slight shading if desired ♡ Chibi, Semi-Chibi only, Detailed if character isnt too detailed ♡ Small extras allowed □ F U L L D E T A I L E D I C O N S □ ♡ 10 TF2 Keys // $15.00 ♡ Detailed coloring, Lighting, Cell shading, etc ♡ Chibi, Semi-Chibi, Detailed ♡ All extras allowed ○ E X T R A S ○ ♡ 1 TF2 Key // $2.00 ♡ More than 1 person ♡ Unusual effects ♡ Textures over artwork ☆ O R D E R I N G ☆ ♡ Please make sure you have the money before commissioning. ♡ Contact me saying that you are here for commission, i will ignore you if you do not do so. ♡ Specify what type of icon you would like and what is in it. ♡ Once payment is received, i will get started on your commission. ♡ Time will vary between 3 days to a week and a half depending what you have picked and what is going on in life. ♡ I will send your commission to you via social media you have contacted me through. ♡ C O N T A C T I N F O R M A T I ON ♡ Instagram ((Best)) Tumblr ((Best)) Steam ((Poppermelon))
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    Scott Bakula

    Do you accept offers from private inventories ?

    Nah. Private inventories and profiles are an automatic no.
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    team fortress 2 gameplay!

    Trustworthy, or scam?

    Use steam auth, it helped me to not get scammed when i was hijacked
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    Scott Bakula

    Trustworthy, or scam?

    If a person asks to verify your item in any manner, it is 100% a scam. Few flags to note for that profile: 1) Is already banned on backpack.tf for being a scammer. 2) Profile has no games, but is a super high level 3) Profile is very young (Feb 2019) 4) Tf2 Inventory is completely empty
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    12 Key engie unusual?

    Grab a Blizzardy or DBD. Blizzardy Storm Engineer's Cap This one is good if you can get it for 13k.
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    Persona 5 R Advertisement

    Amount of aimbotters increasing with every day passing

    think he's drunk/high
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    A tf2 irl item pc

    A+ Spot on. "famous people, Celebrities and their (employers/agencies) do it for a living. Devs do not. Also marketting and media companies also offer signed stuff which is not actually signed by the person themselves. They get a copywriter in. I have had several items from a similar agency before and the signatures were different. I contacted the agency and they litereally said. You dont expect Mr X (celebrity) has the time to sign hundreds of items daily for sale to the general public do you... blah blah So yeah i feel sorry for people who go after "celeb" stuff. Cuz most of the time its not even signed by them... Hurts to be whoever pays the extra for that celeb/famous person bullscat having had an agency confirm 90 % of the signed stuff isnt actually signed by the person themself. The people at the agency advised me if i go searching for autographed items to look for a CoA or some sort of seal or authentic guarantee. Generally its not difficult for someone to mimic a signature with a sharpy and says its autographed. If it says Authentic Personally Signed/Autographed then thats different. But then again. A search term is a search term and anyone can fake anything. Hell look on ebay and type in banksy dismaland. 90 % of the stuff is fake and not even from pest control. I have had this confirmed personally. My sister worked for the elusive guy :D. Thankfully i can get away with saying that as i never signed the NDA she did
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    Diamond jozu

    can't acces a scammers profile because they removed me

    ignore them.there's thousands of these type of scammers.they are just gonna end up making another alt and go on.they are also most likely as bots
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    Diamond jozu

    What’s your most prized possession in your backpack?

    i see all these bbois posting only expensive items but clearly my donald trump hat(coupe disaster dead presidents) is the best here
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    Hobo on Fire!

    What’s your most prized possession in your backpack?

    I crafted this winger many years back and still cherish it today.
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    High tier effect on robo hat VS low/mid tier effect on high tier hat

    why not https://gyazo.com/4e4b82ff6d1291b7d4ec13b9c331c09d
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    ☿ Villagentè ☿

    Best steam conversations

    Added Danny , an impersonator added me back. (I think he won't help my horse :(( )
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