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    Requirements for Removing Community Moderators and Standards for Community Moderators

    I think the only logical solution is to ban you both 🙂
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    Two notorious shitposters get into an argument, mod makes a joke and now they demand some kind of justice as if it were not a miracle, that the staff has not decided to permaban them both yet.
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    Box Truck

    Making SFM TF2 Posters for 5 Refined (Open)

    I haven't been too productive lately and I thought I might as well start doing poster commissions for 5 Refined each. VITAL INFORMATION: - The limit of characters is only one. - Once the poster is done, I will render it in low quality as a preview until the payment goes through, this is to avoid the potential in me getting scammed. - I suggest you add me on Steam and comment on my profile so I know you are interested and it'll be more convenient. My profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078707371/ - Please specify what you want in the poster such as the map, character(s), cosmetics, pose and potentially weapons. - Please do not request anything NSFW, thank you. Examples: Thanks, and have fun!
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    Lets talk about why Scrap.tf auctions are a joke

    When an item has sellers listed at 5 and the auctioneer is rejecting bids over 3 keys in pure then it’s clear as day the guy is using the auction as a listing device. I fully expect someone that states “no minimum” to get ripped off if not enough interest is generated. That’s his fault for not specifying what he wants and the fact he’s rejecting pure bids 20% less than listed sellers in order to relist would indicate his intent to use the platform as a listing device. I understand rejecting overpriced items. Keys and ref are not overpriced.
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    7 Days tradelock on Dota2 items

    rip trading everyone quicksell everything I'm buying keys $0.25 each no negotiations
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    New trader

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    Lets talk about why Scrap.tf auctions are a joke

    What's an "auction"? That's a sell order.
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    ᴾᴾᴹ Shuffle Spy

    What to name my strange killstreak festivized bloom buffed rocket launcher?

    ok bloomer
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    Need help with pricing of mann up items

    no need to shout
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    Requirements for Removing Community Moderators and Standards for Community Moderators

    I personally dont visit the discord anymore...simply because the sections are poorly moderated. Trade discussion thread is full of casual comments. Any serious question is sidetracked by the spam of these chats. And a handful regulars are spamming it defeating the purpose of that thread
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    Lets talk about why Scrap.tf auctions are a joke

    One of the rules is to not have misleading titles for auctions and fake "No Min" auctions get away with it all the time.
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    I Was Scammed

    Well today a Man called "Larry The Cat" Said he wanted to trade items on marketplace.tf but then i gave the items to a bot and it did not say i gave it to them , so i retried and retried and nothing worked , That hat i was scammed from was a scorching flames archers sterling and i bought it for 26keys so i recorded this and yeah , i just want my items back but i cannot so if one of you great people out there could help me out i'd love it.
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    Question about Marketplace.tf

    No, but this is an area we plan to improve on. (Buy Orders in general, and managing them as a user, that is)
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    Commissions are open once more

    Ello! My SFM Commissions are once again open at the start of May, AKA the day after this post is made. Some other info, some of you might remember me doing the monthly free posters, that is me yes. I am trying to do them each month but usually after 2 or so months SFM burns me out so i take a break. + With Online class now, I finally got time to start doing SFMs after I got comfortable with online classes a week ago. My Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/LtNighty Discord - LtNightly#5063 ( ONLY ADD ME HERE IF U CANNOT GET AHOLD OF ME ON STEAM ) Anyway 3 Ref for PFP ( Bit outdated ) However the quality will be that of a Highly Detailed Poster, Ill do custom poses and things for PFP etc https://imgur.com/a/QT85KlA 7 Ref for Normal Posters ( Minor Posters ). This type is mainly for a loadout showcase, shown down below. This includes a default "showcase" pose with lighting and stuff just to showcase your character. 10-25 Ref for Medium/High Detailed Poster. ( Custom Poses, Moare Lighting, Scenebuilding, etc ) 30 Ref-Key(s) for Workshop/Scene/Story Posters Everything built ground up if scene-building if need be, , MAINLY USED TO TELL A STORY, Gain everything above, etc. This like the name says, used for major posters that take alot of time to work on. Such as a full team battle. Note: If you are wanting Workshop thumbnails and such. I will do all of it in a package. So instead of paying 30 ref- 1 key per thumbnail. Ill just do all of them and edits for them in the future for free. So IE if u had 3 poster thumbnails needed. Ill do all of them for 30ref-key.
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    What to do with 50+ keys

    just because u fucking cashed out u don't have to make others feel that way too. if he wants to trade then trade, stop being such a community destroyer fr
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    please help i dont know how to get my item

    im new to this website and i put up a prof killstreak kit fabricator but i pressed "remove listing" later but i didnt know how to get it back
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    Lets talk about why Scrap.tf auctions are a joke

    They also specify no minimum which is clearly a load of horse sh1t if they canel all the bids at the end. They clearly want 10 keys which they are never gonna get for two shit spells
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    Brokering, a good or bad idea ?

    If you haven't done it before and/or don't have enough time to dedicate to brokering, then don't do it. People want brokers that both have full knowledge of the game (so they can get the best deals for them and don't keep coming to them with shit deals they think are good because a bp.tf 4 year outdated price looks awesome on a shit hat), and a broker that is active about finding offers and deals for things they're selling. I.E., do you really want to pay a key or two for having an unusual sold by a broker who just slaps it on classifieds and bazaar and waits? You can do that for free just as easily. You'll also want good communication skills and frequency. Tell people that you're brokering so they know not to offer you quickbuy-price BS. Tell the person you're brokering for about every offer you get that isn't terrible and work with them to help them sell their stuff faster. Brokering isn't typically some "free money" scheme BS where you slap everything on classifieds and then literally stop caring until the offers come to you. For a lot of lower-end stuff, especially if the one wanting you to broker wants full price for it, offers aren't going to come to you, you have to get the offers yourself, and you do it via advertising to multiple sources, joining trade servers, really being active about promoting and obtaining offers for the stuff you're selling. That being said, you also need at least some level of trust before doing it, because JohnnyTestFan2002 isn't going to give you his 30 key unusual to broker if he's never heard of you and you have no prior history of brokering. You'd have to start small with low value items and bottom-of-the-barrel unusuals. It'll take time to work up enough trust to get to the bigger stuff that actually gets you reasonable payment per sale you achieve.
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    Can you get banned for refusing full pure offers on your items?

    Yes, refusing to honor sell orders or buy orders is against the rules, the first offense is a warning. If you do end up having to report someone you must have evidence to back it up. (take screenshots of their listing and your declined offer)
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    What to do with 50+ keys

    I'll be first to advertise before everyone floods in. Buy. My. Hats.
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    What sort of tools/things would improve your TF2 trading experience?

    A lot of tools are already made in the form of browser scripts, to name a few: https://github.com/juliarose/steam-trade-offer-enhancer Julia's updated version of scholtzm's steam-trade-offer-enhancer https://github.com/juliarose/backpack.tf-premium-sales-finder Highlights recent sales on premium / item histories and adds compare links https://github.com/NetroScript/backpack.tf-miscellaneous-extensions A bunch of backpack.tf related extensions https://github.com/Nuklon/Steam-Economy-Enhancer Adds useful things to your steam inventory / SCM pages, though this one may break on trade offers with steam-trade-offer-enhancer https://forums.backpack.tf/topic/46559-script-the-history-bastard/ Personally have this disabled because it kind of breaks the looks of some steam pages, but generally its useful https://github.com/ZeusJunior/steam-tradeoffer-alert Not self promotion desktop notifications for trade offers And some you have to pay for to get
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    What does it take for a suggestion to pass?

    You need to give Geel the good succy succy
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    Anyone knowledgeable in spells?

    Please not that one, the owner usually has no idea about pricing and the discord in general is quite toxic, Enderslicer's discord is way better https://discord.gg/CPJuE7t
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    Lets talk about why Scrap.tf auctions are a joke

    this auction right here just ended had at least a few bids over 3 keys https://scrap.tf/auctions/1MQW73 right as it ends the user rejects all bids user then nearly instantly relists the item, right here https://scrap.tf/auctions/1HZ7VP according to staff this is cool and totally ok So in summary, auctions are a joke and buyers can apparently cancel all bids if they don't get one they like (despite the rules saying you can't cancel an auction.. and that you gotta pay if you win)
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    Scott Bakula

    please help i dont know how to get my item

    You don't deposit anything when you make a listing on this site, you just mark it for sale and others will make offers. Unless you're talking about something you deposited on marketplace.tf that you cross-listed here, in which case, you need to go there instead to withdraw the item.
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    I Was Scammed

    I know i just want him vac banned
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    One of the best Steam Artworks I've made till now

    DOOM Eternal: https://www.deviantart.com/octavio-arts/art/DOOM-Eternal-Animated-Steam-Artwork-Profile-840762100 CSGO Character: https://www.deviantart.com/octavio-arts/art/CS-Go-Steam-Artwork-Showcase-Animated-839701006
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    FP jh34ghu43gu

    What to do with 50+ keys

    I think this speaks for itself...
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    6 1/2 year old Unusual with no price suggestion

    Someone (Pollen! Selling, I guess, but I'm not certain about which alphanumeric characters after Pollen are part of the backpack.tf username/nickname) with a high backpack.tf ranking responded to my request by posting a price suggestion for my Unusual hat (after my initial failure and my subsequent request). Thank you, Pollen! Selling (my apologies if that's the wrong name/nickname... I'm sort of a backpack.tf newbie). Also, I seem to no longer have a -1 reputation on backpack.tf. 😀 That is even more of a load off my mind than I had hoped for. 😃
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    Best Way to Cash Out?

    Would advise you to, obviously, always do a background check when trading with paypal. And only proceed if you are entirely comfortable with the situattion and are absolutely sure they are not "rep farmers" (low bp value, only buying/selling keys, only trusts related to spycrabs etc to name a few) imo mannco.store sucks, stick to marketplace You get ~1.73 after fees now, which is pretty nice. Or if you want to do paypal, plenty of people buying here https://forums.backpack.tf/forum/27-team-fortress-2-cash-trading/
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    ganji man

    7 Days tradelock on Dota2 items

    trade holds will be the final nail in the coffin for tf2 trading I think, hopefully every valve employee has completely forgotten that tf2 exists so we skip this trade hold mess
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    7 Days tradelock on Dota2 items

    yay, trade lock on a game no one cares about
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    My backpack ranking is no longer appearing

    My advice would be to stop caring about your rank. It really doesn't make a difference.
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    Scout is dead

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    This would make sense from a business perspective, maintaining a good public image. But backpack doesn't run like a business, it's a bunch of people who are passionate about the trading scene, volunteer members of the community. I'd think the work they put in to maintain it dictates their allowing of admin privileges. Casual banter would hold little weight as long as they're productive members of the community
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    australium prices rising - what’s going on?

    If anything there are more people playing mvm now than there ever has been in the past so the player count is not the influencer. Definately not while lockdown is still in place across various parts of the world
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    australium prices rising - what’s going on?

    My guess is because they are useful to use as pure for expensive items, and also less players playing MvM, so less coming onto the market.
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    Scott Bakula

    Fix Normal Strange Weapons pricing

    They do show up fine. The problem with yours is the killstreak attached to it, making the site use SCM sales instead, of which there are no recent ones.
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    Czech Republic

    I was reported by 1 man, he wanted from me messages and more, so i do it and he reported me on backpack, he said to his friend to like the report, i need help... He threat me because he said when he is admin of steamrep and i will get banned, i need help because i dont know what to do, iam stupid when i believed him... Please Moderators and everybody to help me, iam scared and dont know, what to do, i need help.. His name u can find on my backpack Trust, so i got question if u can help me because i really dont know what to do because i dont have experience with this, so i tell forum, guys please HELP ME! Thanks for everybody who said something, have a good day and dont be unlucky be me ! Have a good day!
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    Anyone knowledgeable in spells?

    I know a thing or two about spells, spells are what you want to price them, and people will pay what you want for them eventually, don't let yourself get lowballed or mislead by morons pricing things for you in "reputable" discord servers. nice collection of spells you have though.
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    Czech Republic

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    Lets talk about why Scrap.tf auctions are a joke

    Not a stupid rule, Steam trading was down on the site for a few hours a couple of days ago. Do you want people with "No min" auctions to potentially get completely ripped off? Also the same with allowing item bids, people trying to bid overpriced items its necessary. And yes, obviously you have to pay if you win a bid, otherwise people would just troll the ever living fuck out of other people by bidding ridiculous amounts and effectively soft locking other people out of making an actual fair bid.
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    Time to settle this once and for all. Green vs Purple(or pink) effects!

    You're doing it wrong. There is only 1 true god tier, Nuts and Bolts. Its not just 1 effect, its 2 (in name) and 4! in reality 1) Nuts orbiting your head 2) Bolts orbiting your head 3) Nuts raining to the ground periodically 4) Bolts raining to the ground periodically Add in low observability (looking at you bright white headed snipers) and a legacy spanning right up to the start of unusuals and you got yourself the best, highest tier, effect in the game
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    What was your first price suggestion?

    https://backpack.tf/suggestion/555d8ca3dea9e9ea218b457c back when tf2outpost was the method for updating non-unusuals, when you usually had to bookmark all listings of a certain item, come back a couple days later, and see what they sold for. was actually not as painful as it sounded. most people would state they sold their item for their listed price and everyone was pretty chill about it. nowadays, you can expect shit like this: (Wrein's screenshot, not mine)
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    Note that the account of the guy you linked doesn't match with the account of the guy you were talking to. You even mentioned in the chat with the guy that they were trade banned. The account you linked is not. You should not be inciting witch hunts on the forums, especially if you're gonna link the wrong guy. https://help.steampowered.com/en/accountdata/GetFriendMessagesLog Click on the profile of the guy you were talking to, take uncropped screenshots your entire conversation with them, hover over their name so their steam URL pops up on the bottom left corner of the browser in at least one screenshot, and if they aren't already site-banned, report them on the site by clicking the red flag under their name. Your aren't going to get your item back. You'll have to cut your losses and move on. At the very least, you can learn some things from this experience, such as not accepting friend requests from trade-banned users, or how this particular type of scam works
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    BP admins vs cash traders

    My various responses are an explanation of why this isn't something I think will make a huge difference. If we had a super active dev and anything that we asked for was worked on, I'd have absolutely no problem with requesting this. I doubt it would do much, but I don't think it would hurt anything, and it might help the odd person. But the reality is that this is not the case and there's not much I can really do about it. I don't believe that it would make enough of a difference that it's worth pushing dev/owners endlessly for when there are other things we've been asking them for for a long time that we are still waiting for. I know that's not an answer anybody wants, but it's just the way it is. If you have any suggestions that I can actually implement, I'm all ears.
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    1 key to unusual trading...

    Sell it for bot buy orders, convert the keys to refined, buy/sell painted cosmetics for a profit (specifically white/black/TS/lime/pink/purple/yellow painted items) and/or stranges with strange parts for profit (specifically high-value strange parts, I.E. Damage Dealt, Dominations, Airborne Enemies, etc.) - You're going to get to unusual trading faster with that than you would trying to buy/sell low-end unusual taunts.
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    Hey guys,need some help pricing an item! (spelled)

    i'd say max 2 keys
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    Making SFM TF2 Posters for 5 Refined (Open)

    looks cool not gonna lie
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    When do you think the next event will be?

    Scream Fortress 2020 will be the next event that adds effects, and it'll add a bunch more incredibly mediocre / small effects that can only be unboxed on the hats from cases (90% of which are mediocre or garbage tier across the board, thanks to lower quality control and the artificial rarity system ruining many lower-grade hats). Either that, or they make the Halloween effects from 2011-2014 available in new cases for Scream Fortress 2020 with a double Unusual drop rate and the market gets flooded with garbage Case hats with top tier effects.
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