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    Banned users over crate glitch

    so jumping a market change is bannable now? this is hilarious plenty of users (and literal mods) have in the past been involved in the exact same behavior when hats were going all class hat goes all class in patch notes > sellers/bots instantly flooded with full pure b/os > relist for double instantly keep in mind that this is the same place where its ok to trade scammers/alts who stole hats for nothing (unless they have steamrep mark which is uncommon nowadays...) moral bankruptcy is a weak term for the mental gymnastics required to believe that someone selling legitamently obtained in game items to buy orders is worse than someone who flat out stole the item they're selling
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    How to recover

    Make a bigger bad trade
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    My opinion on the crate-depression bans

    The bots got the unusuals they wanted at the price they were set at, it's the owners fault for relying on a fucking bot to do everything. I know people who sold lots of these unusuals to bots and aren't banned yet.
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    Scott Bakula

    What should be done about the unusual bug?

    A rollback's the most sensible option. The other thing I can think of as a fix would be instead of reversing everything, replace everything. Make a new "Glitched out" unusual effect and turn every hat unboxed in this fiasco into that effect instead.
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    Banned users over crate glitch

    i really dont think this can be considered scamming, just willful abuse of a glitch. nothing in the rules says that you cant do something like this, so a ban on the basis of "morals" is extremely questionable.
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    Banned users over crate glitch

    The idiocracy of guys like you is far beyond my comprehension. It is an abuse and whatsoever that abuse be, it should be punishable. It is simply a scale of human morality, if you lack it then you are the abuser of it. So dont defend something that is straight up wrong. Just to give you a vague number, almost 1/4th of all unusuals in existence were unlocked in those few hours! And this issue is not like any other bugs that have been witnessed, it's scale is huge and very predictable. Even a dumb ass can figure out it will crash the economy. Those of you stating that they will be tradable soon, it doesn't matter, their values will drop significantly as is evident in buyorders in market already. In future if that happens it will be on a much larger scale.
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    Kirsty Hawkshaw S>3 Unusua

    When will unusual ban be lifted

    Those unusuals shouldn't even be unlocked. Valve did complete bullshit making them tradable, because they could just refund them like they did with other unusuals.
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    Cheaters Lament 2.0?

    Mass unboxing is exploiting the situation, it wasn't intended and obviously an economy breaking bug. That's why valve decided that just the first unbox will be tradable.
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    What exactly is this glitch that everyone's talking about?

    And of course it has to happen when you are working and you dont get any
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    Untradeable tradable weapon

    sites ass. took a few days for an item i bought off the scm to show as tradable when it had been already tradable. give it a bit. site sucks dick
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    Just curious about duped unusuals

    buyers are looking for any excuse to pay less what else is new
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    can't list an item

    the site takes a bit longer for 7 day untradeable items to be recognized as tradeable after the 7 day period has expired. from what i've heard, it's usually no longer than a day after it is actually tradeable. all you can do is wait a while until the site recognizes it as tradeable again.
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    My opinion on the crate-depression bans

    Tbh the bans are heavily deserved nuff said
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    Official update on the unusual hat glitch from Valve

    Hopefully this will restore faith in the community about the TF2 team's competence and enthusiasm for the game.
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    Price check on two double spelled botkiller weapons

    both are about 4 keys
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    Unusual Bug fix?

    It's pretty disgusting that the tf2 team had the entire Friday to come up with a decision on how to fix this problem and their best decision was to make the unusuals untradable and deal with it later because "we don't work on weekends." Five days have past since the bug, and a total rollback on steam trades/purchases is highly unlikely now. Leaving these unusuals untradable is not a good idea for the unusual market and the tf2 store since less people will unbox or buy an unusual since they already own one now. It's also straight up evil to leave them untradable when players have bought them through pre-existing buy orders.
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    Incorrectly marked as untradable??

    In all Honesty that ban is laughably hypocritical a high ranked trader sharks someone who doesn't know any better and no one blinks an eye but when they're the victims its a banhammer
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    How many were unboxed?

    If it is really 100k not bad pocket change for a day of (bad) work
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    100 Degrees Leather Jacket

    What were the most high tier unusuals unboxed?

    There were lots of "high tier" hat "high tier" effects unboxed, considering the amount it's not as special if people end up keeping them in some fashion in the end. A friend of mine unboxed a Sunbeams Mask of the Shaman, which is an actual super rare hat to unbox in Unusual quality, a trait that isn't seen in any other hat as far as I'm aware, graded cases aside. And no one else unboxed a high tier Mask of the Shaman so I'm going to say that was the highest tier unusual unboxed, or if you don't want to call it the highest tier then still probably the most interesting.
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    penguin sandvich

    The Big Question

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    Uncle Dang

    Do spells add value to Unusuals?

    If the demand increases, the equilibrium price increases. Clearly the demand increases with a spell.
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    Why Invasion community unusuals are so expensive?

    Its unboxable, but only for translators/phononauts. Soon, the cases will be gone and no longer unboxable
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    Need help installing Windows 98 on a PC

    Uh, okay. I've only really done windows 10 which is just installer on a USB and set that as boot drive in bios and done. For this I'm assuming maybe I have to burn the OEM file I downloaded to a disc then make that the boot drive? Have no idea though.
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    "Closed at the Moment*" Doing Free Posters/Profile Pics for Practice

    Here ya Go
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    Adolf Storms

    Item history error

    patience. let it register with your backpack. takes time to update. try again in a couple hours
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    Woifi The Viking

    Don't see unusuals on bp.tf listings that were being sold on marketplace.tf

    Cause the seller didnt list it on bp.tf. Those listings are not automatically generated, they are only there if the seller wants to sell their hat also on bp.tf and take for example keys.
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    Diamond jozu

    Question About How Ban Appeals Work

    i think i might know who you're talking about but im not gonna assume.could you by chance link me this 'scammer'? when a scammer makes an appeal,not all the time they get unbanned even after paying.it depends on the judgement to be made if they should be given a second chance or not edit:well its who i thought but its best to not give the link here and do it directly
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    Friend hijacked account

    When I read the title I thought a friend of yours hijacked your account, I was going to say go right at their door and beat them up (or at least step on their shoes) hoho
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    Diamond jozu

    I keep getting asked to go and find the market percentage of my keys

    im glad that some people uses their IQ to do some research unlike most new traders. DO NOT LOG IN TO ANY OF THEIR WEBSITES. to ensure if a website is safe,go to steam's site and log in via there.then when you go to a 3rd party site like backpack.tf or steamrep and try to log in,it will already recognize you and wont ask you to type in your id and password.if it does,its a fake phishing site to steal your account and steal your items. do check on youtube and see for all sorts of scams that can occur on steam so that you can prevent yourself from being a victim of a scam
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    Need help pricing unusual

    15-20 keys
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    Does anyone know when the unusuals trade ban will be lifted?

    Yes, standard untradability on items and keys bought in the store is 7 days. if it was unboxed on saturday, should be tradable on saturday. This has nothing to do with the whole glitched unusual thing. That glitch was already patched out last saturday. So your cousin is unaffected by what the people above me are talking about.
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    TF2 Server ping bug ?

    Its really annoying yet its just a godsent when u see Luxembourg when you press tab, i ussualy hate playing on Stockholm with hitscan cause i feel my dmg is just halfed when playing heavy and it feels weirdly delayed when shooting players.. Sniper is just frusterating i genuinely wanna throw my mouse against the wall trying to get a few headshots
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    Your 1st Glitched unusual

    You can keep the first hat you got and refund the rest, there aren't 2 options, its all one
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    Official update on the unusual hat glitch from Valve

    This doesn’t do anything to acknowledge the people who gained thousands by taking advantage of others or the people who lost thousands because they were taken advantage of.
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    Banned users over crate glitch

    If you didnt expect this or something close to it why were you selling the items to buy orders in the second you unboxed them instead of selling for normal price?
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    Question about finding war paints

    Here are the listings: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?texture_name=Pizza Polished Have in mind that the "Texture Name" box is case-sensitive, so you need to enter it like this: "Pizza Polished"
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    team fortress 2 gameplay!

    What exactly is this glitch that everyone's talking about?

    Shit like this has to happen when im trade locked.
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    What were the most high tier unusuals unboxed?

    Imagine bragging about exploited virtual items
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    Cheaters lament second wave

    People didnt cheat. Therefore you wont be getting one. Just because most people were asleep in some parts of the world when this happened they want something in return ? Crazy people. Guaranteed had the people on the otherside of the world been awake you can sure as damn know that they would of unboxed some. Damn Hipocrits just because they missed an opportunity. Also when the MVM bug happened and universal kits dropped. Nothing was done to the drops or the users who played alot more than normal. Same will apply to this BUG other than hats becoming untradeable next thursday probably when the maintenance update release/drop happens. I also sense it happening retrospectively. So anyone who purchased one of these hats off SCM will then be sitting on an untradeable item. Same for the unboxers. Which is perfectly fine for the economy as a whole. As the untradeable date and time is recorded this would be the easiest and most likely solution they will action. In 6 days time it wouldnt surprise me if they pop to permanently untradeable
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    What will happen to people who bought unusuals off of the SCM during this time?

    They will become rich.
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    What do you think will happen next?

    Ok so I think it's time for my theory: Valve won't reroll items / ban people. The only thing they can do is to mark those today unboxes. They should add new quality (my idea: "usual" quality). They will be worth nothing for a while but sooner oraz later they will increase in price cause they are like limited edition. And all "old" unusuals will drop in price but only slightly and everything will go back to normal life in a few weeks
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    So, I just got banked. Is the unusual thing reportable?

    backpack.tf did make an announcement about this however, since the seller did not trick or fake information in any way, it cannot be considered as scamming or sharking
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    penguin sandvich

    Press F to pay respects for unusual trading

    Unusual Gridiron Guardians selling at £3.58 now on the market. We fucked, boys.
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    Tasty Salamanders

    How do universal killstreak kits work

    Pro KS Hats will never show their Killstreaker effect. Just for the sake of it I went on a server right now and did some tests. So I can confirm to you right now this is how it works. No Killstreak weapons + no KS cosmetics: No Killstreak counter at all. No KS weapons + KS cosmetics: Killstreak counter on hud + weapons do not increase the Killstreak counter. Killstreak weapons + KS cosmetics: Killstreak counter on hud + KS weapons do increase KS counter + Killstreaks do not activate hat killstreak even if you switch to a basic or non-KS weapon while on a killstreak. Pro KS Mantreads: Killstreaker active while in a killstreak and your active weapon is non-KS, basic KS, or Spec KS. Killstreaker effect replaced if active weapon is Pro KS. Killstreak Hats do not make all your weapons act like basic KS weapons. Pro Killstreak Hats can not activate their Killstreaker effect.
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    Untradeable tradable weapon

    This is why I absolutely never buy skins or warpaints unless i intend to keep them (most of them look like trash anyway)
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    I am marked a scammer on steamrep and backpack.tf can I still trade?

    Bruh that image does not display someone who would be helpful to the community at all. It looks like something my 4 year old cousin would write after losing the ski game on club penguin.
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    TroLL Pumpkiin

    Time to buy altcoin! XRP,ADA,NEO,LTC....

    No risk no gain. I buy when people call crypto is dead. Right now altcoins are dead and that's the reason I invested nearly my whole tf2 bp to them. BTW "real money" has no value, its just a paper, its not backed by anything, except millitary power (lol)
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    Put unusual paint on wrong weapon - can i change it?

    DUFUS alert, I went to put a unu paint on my rescue ranger and for some reason, known only to the Darwin award folk I put it on my reserve shooter - I could cry!!! I know the answer before I ask, but I gotta ask, is it possible to reverse? or maybe switch the effect? FML.
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    Favourite/Least favourite mod 2019 edition (inspired by Puddingkip)

    lets just meow at the mods and agree on who the least fav mod is
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    Need Help Pricing a Searing Plasma Dancing Doe

    eh, 20-30keys
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