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    Personal status update

    Hey everybody, Most of you probably not even know who I am. I've been on the backpack.tf forum since the beginning, and stayed on it for a few years. There are several reasons why I don't get involved into the forum and/or discord anymore. First off, I got graduated. This means that I currently have a job and most of the time I'm working in a foreign country. This means no more TF2 for me, because the hotel WIFI is always shitty. I also doubt that my laptop could handle the game. Secondly, I was already out of the trading game for a longer time. The feeling of making good trades and gaining profit has disappeared, apparently. I never thought that would ever happen. And finally, I discovered other games to play. Yes, I am talking about Fortnite, but then again, I cannot play it unless I am home. I also play Tekken 7, it's the best game in the world, because there are also hats. And we all know hats are important, hats are life. But seriously, I play TF2 for only about an hour a week while I'm home. I hope you all have a great time and never give up on your dreams. Kisses, hugs and much love. ∞Ramses PS. I still have a lot of Puddingkip-crafted stuff, so I might give it away in the future. We'll see... That stuff is really really valuable.
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