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    a final edit

    Was originally meant to be an empty post, but I can't just make a rhys-esque leaving Well, as I said, it's been a good run. I decided to get away from steam, and probably the gaming side of me overall, because I realised it was what was driving me away from my actual goals in life. Everything that I went through this year has been an amazing learning experience. I wish everyone of you good luck in the future, and would also like to thank all of those who are part of this community, going from Brad himself to the mod team to those suggestors and just forum lurkers who let me be part of this But it was time I left, I figured it wouldn't be worth it anymore to be part of this for longer. Sorry guys, I gotta sit this one out. I figured games, despite being a large part of my life, were more of an obstacle than a helping hand. I sold all of my old games (the ones I had quite ironically just recovered) for a small fortune that at least would allow me to pay my scholarship (you know, living almost alone is a hard thing to do). I've recently started a relationship (yes, seriously, you hear it pudding, no bullshit). More specifically, this person's name is Luisa L. I may admit that all my previous posts were, qute frankly, lies. But oh well, I may just be an attention whore like I was told before. So this has basically become a thank you card? Anyway, Ruktfist Curly Brace Baloo Chigga Vince Ramses Santa Heavy Demin Fatal Bucket Kaushu G-what Dixie cleverpun blind polar bear Duscoda Chimera Scorchen Brad Pitt Marcusd0 cranwell Awesome candy Bakgrund Derpeh Python Maple and many others.. Once again, thank you all- just a final message to any mod who happens to see this - could you permaban this account from the forums? thank you Pyro: From Rags to Riches should be coming soon in valve time. As well as a selfie! Good luck everyone. Hope you have fun.
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    Remember me?

    Yo, shoutouts to anyone that remembers me all these years ago LOL. It's been awhile, or rather sup to those that have heard of me for the first time. I hope BP.TF has been flourishing well and that the newer generations have been outclassing the old guards like me. I just felt like posting random things that I have been reminiscing about. I'm not sure if the demographics really changed much in this website, but I remember back when I around, fairly good amount of people were in their high school years or below 18. I and probably many others that were top contributors had so much free times in our hands that we would spend absurd amounts of time on arguing over prices of a few pixels. Idk if I reflected my maturity during my years of activity, but I definitely was still in high school at my prime. I remember wanting to be a mod so badly, but I couldn't for awhile because I wasn't old enough. In fact even when I retired, I actually still wasn't old enough to be a mod. Now I am, but damn there were some things...that I quite don't know what to express. First off, maturity. I was told that I was pretty mature for how I expressed things, but upon further evaluation, I definitely had holes. While I addressed many things in a professional and a matter-of-fact way, I definitely got provoked easily. If I felt like I got attacked or got emotional, then I wouldn't hesitate venting or saying some things that I regret. Restraint is definitely a skill that potentially gets easier as you age, and that has definitely applied to me. I cringe at some things I said as a result of certain things, but at the end of the day I do appreciate all the warnings cleverpun has given me as a learning lesson. Is cleverpun still around? Clever was such a good mod in retrospect heh. Another thing was that overall, I was a quantity over quality guy in making suggestions. Ok sure, I actually put some effort for my quantity unlike some people (d0 and Pyroman comes to mind, are those guys still around and pop some names? Or am I old?), but at the end of day, they were just quantity suggestions that quite frankly didn't require much extensive effort. Sure I was the first suggestor to achieve black belt status when they decided to implement that, but at the end of the day looking back at my achievements, all those hundreds of hollow suggestions are next to meaningless to me. While I did hold the #1 Top Contributors part for a little while, it's not really that great of a feeling when majority of those votes came from blind votes and superfluous suggestions. The suggestions that really do mean a lot to me though are the ones where I put in hours into crafting and thought into. The ones that come immediately to mind was when I suggested to change the Loose Cannon to a scrap price range when I was merely an orange belt, which was an incredibly ballsy and an unheard proposal to do when it was universally accepted that all weapons are only worth .05. https://backpack.tf/suggestion/52153a974bd7b8171200000b Suggestions like these resonate with me the most. I went against the conventional wisdom and trends because I wanted to do what I felt was right. It encouraged me to think outside the box and make sure my argument wasn't bullshit or else people would rip me apart. And when my extremely hard work got accepted, I really felt like I accomplished something. Suggestions I did like these, doing key suggestions when shit was really vitriolic and dealing with hate (damn keys are worth 27 ref+? Are they gonna be 50 ref when I come back a year later?), and doing suggestions on all unusual variants of the Fez are my proudest accomplishments. They made me learn things and actually contributed to the site the most even though the contribution points or whatever don't really properly reflect that. I don't remember my suggestion trains like when the latest halloween items were dropping in value or when they required little thought, but suggestions that required hard work and critical thinking are something I recommend every prospective suggestor to do more often. To me at least, they're the most fulfilling. I guess the biggest thing I would like to highlight though is towards the end of my prime years. I'll just say it out there right here in the open since I honestly have little issues expressing this: I was dealing with pretty bad depression at the time. I will not go into details as to how it occurred, but if you just looked at how I phrased things towards the end of 2014 and some of my blogs, it's pretty obvious that I was just really sad and tired. With things that were going on IRL that transpired through my contributions, I complained and was pessimistic more often than not. I attributed part of my depression to little enjoyment towards suggesting so I announced my retirement. That clearly didn't actually help, and if anything it made my depression worse as the years went on. I went on to have suicidal thoughts and being afraid of my future. I was extremely vulnerable and self-deprecating. I was pathetic, which I thought of myself all the time before. Soon though, I ended up getting some help, and I was doing things that slowly but surely got me out of depression. I started addressing the root of my problems. I started meditating to get me to think clearly. I started to eat better and exercise once in awhile. I started smiling more. After a year of getting out of my hole, I was pretty much out of the woods, and I'm so grateful to be out of that state of mind. To all of you currently struggling, try to find someone that will support you. Try to find motivation in one thing that you find dear to you and cling onto it as your reason to keep going. If you don't have that one motivation, make something your one motivation. Set goals. Meditate to have a clearer state of mind. Address the root of your problem and resolve it. Things WILL get better if you address it in due time as it did for me. Perhaps y'all should go outside for a little while and get some Vitamin D, since I know you probably spend a little too much time on the computer than we should. Depression isn't a simple topic and everyone has their own problems, so I'll leave it as that, but I will say to those that are struggling: why not start now to get better? Welp, I guess that's the most I have in my mind right now. If you're wondering why I don't return to the main site or really hang around here that often, it's because my interest has long past TF2, suggesting, and trading. The fire in me is long, long gone, and TF2 is incredibly stale to me. I tried coming back when my depression has significantly subsided, but my heart really wasn't in it. Nah, most of my current interests are stuff I'm doing in college and Melee, so coming back here in my prime days is pretty much out of the question. It's a bit sad that I'll never be able to come back to my peak, but the memories of my experience is still there, and I'll probably check back here every once in awhile to see what's new and old. Feel free to comment and asking me whatever and I might come back in an appropriate timely matter to answer, but yeah that's what's up to me.
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    Off-Tangent things

    Hooray for insomnia, I have a horrible tendency to develop one during break, and I seriously don't feel like doing break work atm. But wow, as of posting for this, I have been offline from Steam for 79 days. I mean wow. During that timeframe, I have largely not given a consideration or thought about Steam and its community that i've been part of for years. It's mind-boggling. It's funny and also sad how some things that was once a big part of your life can degrade to insignificance. I remember frantically checking my trades in Outpost, voting for items during my downtimes on backpack.tf, and patiently waiting for hours on trade.tf. Yet here I am, offline with no considerations of Steam and my memories associated with. How have I been doing? I can largely make a broad summary by saying that I've been busy. My goals that I've been working out is set on a course that I can't really turn back at this point. I'm still at the age where I have to make crucial decisions what to do in life like jobs and etc, and to be perfectly honest, I really don't truly know. I have an idea, but not really. But while I'm still searching for that answer, I decided that the best way to deal with that is to give myself the most options. That was why I partly decided to previously quit Steam as not only was my passion burning out, it pretty much consumed a lot of my time and if I were to stick with it, my options would be significantly less. Perhaps I will return to the level of my prime? Maybe. But I rather try out my options before I may regret with a singular option instead. Sometimes, I wish I can relive the past and simply freeze it. Actually, a lot of times I wish I can freeze time. I do have a lot of regrets, loneliness, and pains in life that I largely keep personal, so I cherish the good parts of my life. My time here at backpack.tf and Steam community was one of those good parts during my prime. What some may see as mundane and repetitive, it was my passion. During some of my rough patches as time went on after I made my conscious decision to leave, I often wonder: what if I didn't request a ban? Would I regain my passion? Would I be happier? Would I have a sense of purpose? Could I possibly balance the workload that I've targeted myself with? There can arguably be many answers here, and all of them would probably be correct in some ways. But what stands here is that I miss that chapter in my life, and I wish that I can go back and relive those moments without worry of other arbitrary external things. I miss it. In fact I missed it so much that I've tried to come back multiple times, but failed. I just can't come back. It doesn't feel right. When I try to set up a suggestion to eventually request an unban, it feels like a chore. When I try to cash out, I feel the boredom and stress creeping through my skin. When I look at the suggestion votes, I honestly don't care. A juxtaposition to my original passion. It only makes me wish more that I can relive the past and freeze time. I unno, I just wanted to say a lot of things before I go on another Steam hibernation, and I honestly doubt there's that many people that care what I do at this point, but I hope everyone, friends and old rivals alike, are doing well and that backpack.tf can flourish to even greater heights than what I can remember. Hopefully the economy doesn't crash and burn like so many boldly predicted years ago. I hope that one of you out there can successfully create so many suggestions at unforeseen heights, that you can be remembered, forever. I hope that the moderating team can shine so bright that they would be unparalleled to any other mod team in any other community. Most of all: I hope your passion never burns out at whatever you do. Some guy I am. ---- http://puu.sh/ly8E2/27909b7f75.jpg - me a couple years ago at an orchestra sort-of reunion. I refuse to show my current self because I got a pretty bad haircut, lol.
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    So yeah...

    Lately, I've been extremely inactive. It is for various reason that I don't feel like going into. In short, I've made multiple commitments that will last for many years, maybe lifetime, in life and I've come to realize that Steam trading isn't helping with my commitments. What I also noticed is that Steam trading isn't an enjoyment for me, it's a chore. And it's not helping me with my commitments goal. Therefore, I will no longer participate in Steam Trading and lay off of backpack.tf. Would I still be around for Steam? I don't know. It depends if I'm in the mood, but I'm expecting days, maybe weeks of intervals where I would be offline. This does not mean that I don't appreciate the memories that I had when the fun lasted, it had my fun. But Steam trading and suggestion is basically an epitome of a roller coaster; there was ups, downs, all arounds, but I'm afraid I've reached the part where the roller coaster comes to a screeching halt. I'll give some anonymous people a little gift, but if I barely interacted you, let alone talk to you, don't expect anything. But thanks for everything guys, 'till I see ya guys again.
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    The problem with scrap.tf

    Let me get this straight first off. I'm an avid user of scrap.tf, but I do really appreciate the services they offer. Offloading 12 weapons for some metal or buying a game for cheap (because let's face it, dispenser is awful now) are really nice. But that's really all I use. The thought behind scrap.tf's pricing is based off of the convenience. They buy for low prices (quickbuying) and then sell for market price (well, if their prices are updated...) In a time where there are many competing user-run bots, Automatic and MyBot, this starts to fall apart. Take a look at gift wrap: Why are the bots full? Let's take a look at backpack.tf Classifieds 4 bot listings at a much lower price with arguably more convenience (no having to wait for queues). Which brings us to the primary problem here. scrap.tf is incredibly lazy/slow regarding price updates. This affects their own wallets more than anything. Most items on their item banking page are either out of stock or at their item limit. How do you expect people to use your service if there is either no incentive to sell (higher buy listings on trade.tf, usually simply bad sell prices) or no incentive to buy (cheaper listings elsewhere, crazy buy prices.) The seemingly greedy "I don't pay for paint but you do" doesn't help them either. scrap.tf's pricing moderators appear to be incredibly disconnected from the market. Even outside item banking, the prices just seem off. As of writing, scrap.tf is buying craft hats for 1.11 and selling them for 1.44. And still their bots are completely full, 800 hats each. The problem isn't the buying price here, it's the selling price. No one is willing to buy hats for 1.44 when they clearly can be bought for less. The introduction of trading cards met similar critique, as TF2 traders are not willing to pay market price for cards. scrap.tf ignored this seemingly obvious and well-known fact and went ahead with SCM prices. Now their bot is always full of cards and always out of refined. The bot doesn't work, in that it's never capable of buying cards and always capable of selling them, however at prices no one is willing to buy them at. In fact, the problem is so prominent that in nearly every section it can be found. Adding new features to your site doesn't fix the core problem: your rates are off. Strange Banking has this problem with parts, Killstreak Banking has this problem with high tier but generally unwanted kits (Professional kits for rarely used items), and so do the before mentioned banking types. The site has a lot of potential, but the moderators seem to disagree. Speaks for itself. Vacation or not, during such exciting times for TF2, you should have active staff. Huge waste of opportunity.
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    d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    RIP me 2015-XX-XX

    The doctors made it clear I don't wanna live in this world anymore due to the poor shit work they do here in Sweden. So for ~2months I've been planning/thinking when I will end my life, hopefully rather convient (maybe when parents go on vacation in August). I'm just thinking when and how I can do it with minimum damage to my family. <---- story of my life atm
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    So I've been thinking

    It's been a while since I've really posted or looked here. It's been months since I actually cared about making price votes on the site. I've been out of the trading circle for months now. Perhaps it is time for me to move on. While I've been gone I've had the chance to do things I wouldn't normally do. And to be honest with you, it feels really good. Perhaps I just need somewhere to express my thoughts about right now, I do not really know. Anyways. I do not plan on being active much or at all anymore. If anyone has really watched my bp lately, it has stood about the same for months. Right now all of my expensive stuff is on the SCM for fairly goodish prices. They have been selling. Right now the plan for me is to at least leave trading completely. I'll probably be back to sell my keys and I'll be around every once in a while. But now I think it is time to close this chapter in my life, thank you to all who have been with me on this journey. I never thought something like online trading would do so much for me. See you on the other side, Vince Cheers
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    Help me get past cleverpun

    Only 30 odd likes away. Help me.
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    No title

    Lacquered wood and cold steel were the only things he could feel over the din of his sorrow. A harsh gust echoed across his mindscape, his gut rising and falling with every melancholy breath. The skylights refracted the darkness of the stormy night sky, twisting it, coiling it around his heart. A ragged breath escaped his trembling lips, a drop of sweat rolled through his stubble and onto the carpet. Then, a gunshot shook the room with a resounding crack. Then there was silence. And a shrill scream. A familiar woman came crashing through the doorway moments later, and knelt beside him on blood splattered carpet. "What did you do? What did you do? Oh god please no." "You'll be okay, just give me a minute," she sputtered, feebly stroking through her late husband's hair. "I'll fix it, just hold on please," she pleaded, as tears clouded her vision. She spent the next few minutes sobbing into his chest, her face and hair becoming bloodied. Hysterical crying and the scent of copper permeated the room, and before long sirens were distracting her from the darkness. She stood, sniveling, and lethargically walked to the front door. The knock came right as she touched the doorknob, and it revealed a pair of uniformed officers. The first of the two, the elder and higher in rank, opened his mouth to say something but was taken immediately back by her appearance in the doorway. Light pooling from the kitchen framed her sullen, bloody silhouette. "Can you tell me what happened here?" His voice was gruff and apathetic. His partner, by contrast a pretty woman in her early thirties, nudged him aside gently and introduced herself. "My name is Kelly, we're here to help. We have a few questions as well..." she trailed off as the shadow in the doorway gestured inside and turned around. She didn't look back as she led them to the carpeted sunroom where her husband lay cooling in a small puddle of blood. Her naturally tan face made a pale contrast to the pale moonlit room. Kelly steered her by the shoulder to the corner, and blocked her view of the corpse with her body. Soothingly she asked "Is there anyone I can call for you?" A subtle lateral shake of the head was her response. "Can you tell me your name?" "Eliza... his name was Douglas," she choked out, before a new series of sobs silenced her. Behind them, the veteran officer made a call on his radio. "Requesting coroner, do not send EMS. Looks like a suicide." He droned on a bit longer, but no further attention was paid to him. Eliza made her best effort to collect herself. She was surprised but secretly thankful that her daughter had not awoken from the commotion. She had always slept like a rock, much to Eliza's precious chagrin and current relief. "Kelly, I need to go tell my daughter." Kelly's face sank. To witness the death of anyone was hard enough on the psyche, both on her and those of the family. To see a child involved, that was heartbreaking. Perhaps in time, Kelly would gain the battle hardened callousness that her partner exuded on a daily basis, but she hadn't yet suffered through enough of this hell to lose her compassion. "I can come with you if you need-" "No thank you," she mumbled, "cops scare her." With that, she gently brushed past the woman and made her way down the hallway. She couldn't get her mind off of the loss of her husband, but she was grateful for the two solid oak doors and thick walls separating the rooms of this suburban house. She paused at the door, fighting back a new wave of tears. She wanted to present an aura of strength to her daughter. She would attempt to tell her the usual lies that parents tell their children about death, but knew her daughter to be old enough to see past the euphemisms. She turned the handle. The room was darker than night. Eliza pulled out her phone to use as a makeshift flashlight to avoid waking her precious child into what would be a night she remembered forever. Monique was snoring loudly with a pillow over her head as she entered the room, and Eliza couldn't help but smile at her beauty. She looked angelic with her short blonde hair covering up part of her face. A forced smile was etched onto Monique's face from the way her head lay on the pillow. Eliza knelt on the dark hardwood floor beside the bed and rested an arm on the nightstand and the other on her daughter's exposed cheek. In moments, her life would be never be the same again. Could she bring herself to break this news? Yes. Better her than a cop. She began stroking her cheek gently while saying her name, to no avail. She knew it would take more than that to rouse her daughter, she was just being a coward. "Monique, it's time to get up," she said loudly, pulling the pillow off her head and shaking a shoulder. This method proved more effective than the last, and two miniature oceans fluttered open. "Mommy? W-what is all over your face?" Eliza let her jaw run slack in horror as she realized she was partially covered in blood. She tried to say something but words escaped her. Perhaps she would need help after all. "I'll be right back, just stay there sweetheart." She stepped away quickly, hiding her face. The bathroom was only a few feet from the doorway of the small bedroom. She stepped inside and locked the door with shaking hands. Her eyes stung from the harsh incandescent light of the ceiling fixture. When she was able to open them again, the person staring back at her from the mirror was not the person she knew. This person - stranger - was bloody and forlorn. She couldn't make sense of reality, and for a moment she questioned her existence and that this night was even happening. "Come on Liz, hold it together. For her, not for you. For her." She worked desperately to regain enough sense to tell her child the truth. It only took a few minutes for her to clear the blood off her face, but they did not go uninterrupted. "Mommy? What happened? Why are there people in the house?" Monique asked, pounding lightly on the door. "I'll be out in a second and I'll explain..." She offered, drying her hands, with a hand towel. She inhaled deeply and exited the bathroom. Monique was waiting at the door, with a curious look on her face. "There are people in there," she said, pointing toward the scene. Eliza whispered a silent thank you that her daughter hadn't gone to investigate, and led her to her bedroom where they sat down together on the edge of her bed. "Monique, daddy has gone to a better place." She lied, the words feeling like venom as they poured out of her mouth. "We won't see him anymore, but he will always be with us in our hearts." Trying to embellish the truth had made little difference, Monique understood the implication and reacted with shock. "Is he really gone? Daddy could never die, he's too strong for that." Her face contorted in fear. "Is that why those people are here? Did they hurt him?" "No, they are here to help." Eliza embraced her in a firm hug. "Everything will be okay, I promise." The two of them sat there for some time. A knock on the open doorway roused them from their thoughts. "I found this paper on the desk in there, it is addressed to you." She accepted the paper without a word. Monique tried to read over her shoulder but Eliza hid it from her. She could never know how this truly happened until she was older. Dear Liz If you are reading this, I've done a terrible thing to you and Monique. I'm sorry, truly I am. I've been struggling for a long time and I can no longer find a reason to live. You have been the most wonderful wife that a man could ever have, and Monique is the child any father would have wanted. I love you both very much, please forgive me for what I've done. There is money in the safe for Monique to go to college, and I left everything in your name. Take care of her for me, I'll be looking out for you from above, if above exists. I love you very much. Love, Doug By the time she had finished reading the letter for the fifth time, it was mottled by tears. The ink ran in little rivers that obscured the page. It fell to the floor. --- Lacquered wood and cold steel were the only things he could feel over the din of his sorrow. A harsh gust echoed across his mindscape, his gut rising and falling with every melancholy breath. The skylights refracted the darkness of the stormy night sky, twisting it, coiling it around his heart. A ragged breath escaped his trembling lips, a drop of sweat rolled through his stubble and onto the carpet. He pulled the revolver away from his head. He fingered the cylinder release, and it popped open. Six unspent shells clattered to the floor. A cold shudder ran up his spine. He glanced off toward the nightstand as he stood, and at the sheaf of paper lying on it. He took the paper outside, and lit it on fire. The flames licked it delicately, the clean lettering nothing more than ash in the wind. He dropped it as the flames reached his hand, and it burned completely before it hit the ground. Birth from fire, he thought. Like a Phoenix.
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    Sat Dec 12 2015

    Today Pilo learned how to cook quesadillas, Pilo also wrote another sonnet. After that, Pilo stopped for a popcorn break, Pilo likes popcorn. Pilo Also Started making suggestions again. Pilo is happy
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    Vocabulary with Angel - Part one

    Adroit- skillful both physically or mentally tacit- implied. Such as "Though the boy did not thank his grandmother for the gift, she paid no mind, as his wide grin and enthusiasm were tacit gratitude." portend- to signal the beginning of something, particularly a calamity or disaster. obsequious- obedient or attentive to an excessive degree servile- having or showing strong willingness to serve and please others; of a slave. This is my new type of blog, where I will post words that I am learning both for your benefit and mine, as I need to write them somewhere so I can try to remember them. In the spirit of learning them, I am paraphrasing and writing out their definitions myself.
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    Mom almost died ..

    10th of May is a day i will never forget. i woke up, tired, flu and high temperature so i decided to skip school, i went to the doctor (i hate hospitals and doctors urgh) .. wrote down couple of medicines and everything is cool. I then went to a shop to make a birthday gift to my friend, on the way out the shop guy told me "have a nice day" .. i was like thanks and then boom, i smacked my head with the door. Great start. On the way back home, i was parking the car and i hit a trash can where the front light got broken, nice start to a long day. Fast forward till evening, my mom has been sick for the last 2 weeks and can barely eat, so i got her a small dinner, she ate some and then she is like i am going to the bathroom, 1 minute later i heard a voice "Karam catch me" .. when i reached there my mom was lying on the floor, head busted open and unconscious with her eyes open (i almost shat myself here). Luckily enough my uncle lives in the same building as us, my sister rushed down and called for help, my uncle and my dad were still at work, So my cousin and his mom came and we were able to lift her .. put her on a wheel chair (that i happen to find in my room) and drag her to my car. We reached to the hospital where they closed the busted head and she was diagnosed with a minor concussion. For the moment she left till the moment we reached the hospital, i had a feeling there was no hope, but on the way she came back conscious and i rushed even more so she doesnt go unconscious again. I need to make a darn movie about this. I am the youngest of 5, so the youngest is mostly the one most attached to his mom and that is my case. All my siblings (except 1 sister) are all out of town, i had no idea how i was able to control my emotions and reach safely to the hospital with my wicked driving. My mom is a lot better as we speak, she can walk on her own (well still uses that old people stick) .. eat and talk. Blessed !
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    A lone rocket

    A corrugated hose snapped into place on the female port on the side of the rocket's disposable thrusters, in preparation for launch. At the flip of a lever, the mechanism locked and the liquid fuel flowed into the compartment. Thousands of gallons would be needed to fill the cavernous tank. A few vehicles made their slow escape from the launch pad, one remaining to ferry the fueling vehicle back to the hangar. After a few minutes, the fueling was complete, and the rocket was turned on. Its computers and global positioning system kicked in, and it was spotted on the radar right on the launch pad. Its altitude meter read 50, it was suspended fifty feet above the ground as it sat above its support thrusters. The scientists gathered around, the warm glow of the computer screen illuminating their faces, the launch pad in its sight. "Ready?" Said the one in charge. Unanimously they shook their heads in affirmation, and he pressed a button. The rocket released it's fuel into the cone shaped thrust directors and a spark lit the fuel. A bright light could be seen from the launch pad, and the tower holding the rocket in place fell away, landing opposite and perpendicular to the rocket's motion, it rose slowly off the launch pad. It pushed hard, thousands of pounds of thrust just barely enough to cancel out gravity. One could suppose such a phenomenon was like a balloon, as all a balloon does is overcome gravity with upward force. A balloon, however, rises faster through the air at the start and remains the same speed throughout its flight until it reaches the stratosphere, where it loses enough pressure that it expands and pops, and plummets back to the ground like the Challenger. Instead, this rocket rose further into the air, accelerating as it went, the cool winter air brushing against its nose as it speared through the air. It reached a height in the atmosphere at which ice crystals formed on it's nose cone, the rocket would have iced out if it were not running liquid fuel like it was, and in such large volume. As enough ice gathered on the nose cone, it would break off in chunks like a sheet of ice from the roof of a house. It was traveling at excessive speeds at this point, and the atmosphere simply fell away after a while. The fuel ran out, but that was of no consequence, because the rocket was traveling fast enough to escape gravity. The liquid fuel boosters fell away from the rocket unceremoniously, they would fall back into the atmosphere eventually and burn up before they hit the ground. The rocket's remaining parts were crucial. They had a different type of rocket, and they could function in space. The rockets engaged, and it turned sideways, preparing to intercept gently the orbit of the International Space Station. It reached speeds near the space station just an hour later, and another hour after that, the space station caught up. It rendezvoused with the space station, their locking parts meeting in a sensual motion more delicate than a mid air refueling. At such high speeds, a bump could tear one of these machines apart. The air lock engaged, and pressurized, oxygenated air brought up by the rocket filled the air lock. The cargo was removed from the rocket, and the rocket was released. it detatched softly, and it's thrusters pushed it slowly back into earth's orbit. It disintegrated in the atmosphere as it fell, and it did not reach the ground.
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    A description

    The bright light of the laptop uses his body as the filling for a mold, casting his shape across the wall in absence and not light. In such, it lacks any defining color at all. A shadow can be both very descriptive of an object, and yet not be projecting that object itself but rather the absence of that object. I think that's pretty cool. The shadow cast by the light of the laptop is narrow because it's source is much larger than the object blocking it, and around the neck there is a lighter area of shadows that makes it appear that the head is floating. A tattered piece of paper hangs from tape in front of a bright light, blocking it's light from directly hitting the boy's eyes, but still illuminating the keyboard and the area the computer is at. There is a small syringe filled with dirty water in which a culture is growing, as a failed experiment the boy conducted. Across the room in a shiny lucid plastic container is an apple pie, resting in a bed of aluminum. Behind the laptop screen, hidden, is a bowl with what is left of a serving of ice cream, waiting to be taken to the sink when the boy next gets up. To the far left of his vision rests his router, it's five lights flickering occasionally, the connection severed seldom and ephemerally. A beautiful Himalayan cat sits on the counter, eyes drooping, lulled by the dull somnolent glow of the light in the range over the oven. Inside an electrical socket just under him on the side of the counter flows one hundred twenty volts of electricity, at 20 amps. Sixty times a second the electricity bounces between the source and that outlet, which is uncluttered and not preoccupied by a plug. Perhaps if he were a robot, he would extend his near invisible cords from his anus or mouth, or another orifice they could fit inside, to recharge before the night is out, so he does not run low and risk being stranded without electricity, "dead" as the humans call it. It happens to all old cats, as their batteries die, they can't sneak over to the outlets often enough, and life becomes all about the electricity, and then they die. Is that how the world works? Behind the elegant and gracefully curved faucet apparatus is another countertop with a window. An assortment of pictures lay upon that windowsill. A chronology of the boy's life, whenever possible. A cleaning sponge and hand sanitizer lay discarded there. The lower window pane and sill are dotted and striped with cat hairs. If there were a mirror on the floor, the ceiling would be an interesting sight. Small projections dot the area around the range, producing light. What a world it would be, the floor being completely flat and not marred by anything but occasional fans and lights, and walls, and the floor being the cluttered area. A young boy's dream, both figuratively and literally. A microwave, oven, and clock in the room all display a time, all of which are wrong by a measurable degree. The only object in the room displaying the correct time is the laptop the boy sits at in his contemplation. The graceful arch of the microwave handle connects both the top and bottom half of the door. It is not a model that features a button to pop open the microwave door, instead it has a handle, and the bottom right corner is not occupied by a camouflaged button that is meant to resemble the rest of the microwave. The boy looks back to the computer, amazed at how much he was able to type without ever looking but ever so often to make sure there were no pervasive typos. He brings his mouse ever closer to the Publish Now button, and without a final thought, clicks it.
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    The infection

    The boy's mother walked around the house, in a cleaning ritual that marked the beginning of the weekend. The smell of fruit and paraffin intertwined in the air, the boy thought offhandedly that it must be canning season. His mother looked at him, and gave him an odd look, her eyes growing round and large on her face, not figuratively but anatomically. "The door." she said, staring unseeingly. She repeated the phrase multiple times, and though the word she used was door, he knew she wasn't talking about a door. Hello? Door. The cans, the cans," she began, pausing for no apparent reason. "Berries, berries." She went to lay down on her bed. That was the last time he saw her alive. Days later, in school, he waited as the teacher droned on about anecdotes and transitions. He studied the swirling grains of the wood in the desk, contemplated how they were all large ovals on its brown surface. The teacher stopped suddenly. He didn't look up. "Markers... The desk, the desk." He whipped his head around at these words, and looked at his teacher. Her eyes were round and staring into the distance, unseeingly. He recoiled in horror, wanting to get out of his desk, but at his angle it would put him closer to her. He got up anyway, walking along the wall until he was as far away from her as he could be. "The desk, look at what time it is. Markers, markers..." She walked to her chair, and sat down in it, placing her head down on her desk, making no more noise. He looked around at the students in the room, and realized with dawning horror that their eyes were becoming round and shiny as well, unseeing. He looked at his nearest classmate, and the other boy stared ahead. "Garlic, my backpack, my backpack." Said a student across the room. He sank into the corner, the warm insulating stucco paint gently massaging the skin of his back through his shirt in his slide. "The countertop. Toasters-" "Watermelon, watermelon. My eyes!" His attention was called to the person who had said that, his initial thoughts being that they actually realized what was happening to them and were aware enough to remark about their eyes, but it appeared to be a coincidence. "This pencil, my sharpie, sharpie." "Paper tow-" "Let be be the finale of seem." "The refrigerator, diet, diet." The noise quieted down after time, and slowly the students of class began to lay their heads down on their desks. He felt an immense fear unlike any other before as he felt his eyes grow on his face. Immediately, he grasped a few words, and all at once understood why others were doing it. They were the final hold on memory and mind anyone had, vocalizing them the only way to grip reality. His eyes circles like dinner plates on his face, shiny and tear filled, he began. "The microwave, the microwave... Water cooler, water cooler. Soap, don't leave me. "Soap, water. The microwave." He felt his gaze drift to something in the distance, through the wall yet not visible. He continued to hold on to his words. "Cooler. Water, water." He placed his head on his chest, and his mind was taken over. Inspired by a dream I can only partially remember. Enjoy
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    baloo is a nub

    Hey guys, I'm secretly a bigger rep whore than baloo
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    I need more likes

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    April Foul-ups: Some Dos and Don'ts for April Fools Pranks

    Ah April Fools Day. A time for merriment and silliness. Like Halloween, it's one of those days cordoned off for behavior that would normally be considered awkward or unusual. But, as often happens on these normalcy-flaunting holidays, people mess up. The social mores and rules are poorly defined, and people often rush to do something silly and step over the line. For today's meandering musing post, I'd like to discuss some things that make a good--or bad--April Fools prank. The first thing to remember about April Fools pranks is that they should not disrupt the normal operation of your business/site/whatever. Presenting fake news on a news website, watermarking images on an image website, or disrupting/impeding users in any way is not a good idea. April Fools pranks should not be malicious in nature. They shouldn't be destructive or inconvenient or mean-spirited. FIMfic ran into this problem a few years ago: they announced they were banning HiE and people were appropriately annoyed. Derpibooru made a similar mistake this year. The next thing to remember is that restraint is important. Making too many pranks not only makes each one less funny, it also increases the chances that each one may be taken seriously. Again, see FIMfic's botched April Fools day: not only did they make the aforementioned announcement, they also had 2 other joke posts from site reviewers and the FIMfic gold thing. Derpibooru not only watermarked their images this year, but also changed all their spoiler images to the same "premium content" image. Sometimes this can be a result of multiple subgroups within a community each doing their own thing, of course, but not always. The final thing to remember is that it is okay not to do anything for April Fools. A good prank should not be rushed or poorly planned. Likewise, some things and services simply do not lend themselves to April Fools pranks. If you can't come up with a good one, then don't force something out. This can also heighten impact for later years: after all, if you skip doing a prank one year, then the next one will be less expected. So what are some good examples of pranks that follow these ideas? A personal favorite prank of mine was Netflix's a few years ago: they replaced several of their usual categorical suggestions (like "Comedy", "Inspirational Documentaries", etc.) with some rather...specific ones What were some April Fools pranks that you found particularly memorable? And were they memorable because they were funny, or because they were bad/inconvenient/overdone? I was going to link to a Wall Street Journal article about Google and Yahoo messing up their April Fools pranks this year, but apparently it's now hidden behind a paywall. So have a gif instead, I guess;
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    Achievements on Backpack.tf!

    Mods who accepted my suggestions! <3 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5257d9244cd7b891498b4568 - Accepted by Michael Puddington http://backpack.tf/vote/id/525532094cd7b8e3058b456b - Accepted by ♫Woifi♫ http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52533c844cd7b8c94b8b4569 - Accepted by Blind Polar Bear http://backpack.tf/vote/id/525336264cd7b8bb7b8b4568 - Accepted by Mr. Bucket http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52529d4a4cd7b88f458b4568 - Accepted by Shenanigans http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5250c6fd4cd7b854588b4569 - Accepted by Cleverpun http://backpack.tf/vote/id/524ac7c94cd7b8bc5c8b4569 - Accepted by Chief http://backpack.tf/vote/id/520b4eb04bd7b81277000020 - Accepted by Sir J-j-jon http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51a99964ba25363b5b00000a -Accepted by Soundtrack http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5269c0c94cd7b8b2498b4568 - Accepted by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5301468f4cd7b86d5b8b4568 - Accepted by [EFR] TheKaushuMan A Delicious Cashew http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5505472cb98d88bc5d8b51e3 - Accepted by Aaroncsn Missing Brad's. ;-; i surrender Belt achievements! http://backpack.tf/vote/id/514834894bd7b8603600001a- First Accepted Suggestion! ☆ http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51a1c4604bd7b8b46e000002- Yellow Belt ★ http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51a6aaefba2536a65d000004- Orange Belt ★ http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51c0560b4bd7b8ba6a000009- Green Belt ★ http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51fe18b04bd7b82702000012- Blue Belt ★ Was never a Purple Belt and I'm not sure when was I a brown belt. ★ ★ http://backpack.tf/vote/id/55d7dc6fdea9e9d6038b45ca- Black Belt ★ Other achievements! http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52e76f604cd7b8ce6c8b4568 -First to price the Golden Pan! http://backpack.tf/vote?item_type=undefined&quality=3&state=1&creator=76561198065716461&page=1 Updated 206 Vintages in total! http://puu.sh/4O7z5.jpg -Killstreak of 15 Vintages! (Link no longer work :/) http://imgur.com/joTzXeY -Spammed Backpack.tf Some moments on backpack.tf which makes me laugh http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52288d094f96f4bd1b8b4568- Looks like I'm mad here http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51466c7dba25368b31000027- My first idiotic suggestion My 100%! http://backpack.tf/vote/id/55de5e5ab98d88314f8b4636- Searing Plasma Head Warmer https://backpack.tf/vote/id/55559141b88d882d738b45bd- Green Energy Law https://backpack.tf/vote/id/5553ae87ba8d887c778b45af- Stare From Beyond Brotherhood of Arms https://backpack.tf/vote/id/5250e7b94cd7b88e0d8b4569- Steaming Ye Olde Baker Boy https://backpack.tf/vote/id/5236457a4f96f4fc368b456c- Orbiting Planets Valley Forge https://backpack.tf/vote/id/5233b61a4f96f4f86d8b4568- Nuts n' Bolts Pugilist's Protector ================================================================================================= Last Update: 15/11/2013 18/06/2013
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    How to host Automatic on a VPS for free

    Viaduct is a hosting service (PaaS) offering both paid and free vps instances. Their free tier is actually quite good and is all you need to host backpack.tf Automatic. You get 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB of bandwidth every month, which is more than enough. Creating an account doesn't even require a credit card, making it accessible to everyone. First, make sure Automatic works on your PC. Viaduct will need your login details, and it's easier to do this locally. *IMPORTANT* Replace this in your package.json (Notepad is fine) "steam": ">= 0.6.8" with this "steam": "0.6.8" (remove >= ) Viaduct won't be able to host your application if you don't do this. Steps: 1. Go to https://my.viaduct.io/signup?_uref=00aa61and create an account. 2. Confirm email etc. and log in at https://my.viaduct.io/login 3. Create a zip file of your backpack.tf-automatic folder (containing bot.js). If you use WinRAR, remember to tick ZIP and not RAR. 4. Go to https://my.viaduct.io/applications/new/zip(not accessible in the UI, you must use this link) and drag the file onto it. Wait for the application to start up. 5. Use the Node.js template and continue. 6. Pick a name and domain. The domain won't be used by automatic but try to name it something unique. You'll want to use node 0.12. 7. Tick the deploy button and continue. Ignore the error, we'll be fixing that soon. 8. Scroll down to "Add your first process" and click the button. 9. Enter the following command and save your process (scroll down): Also, you might want to lower the startup check time to 5 to speed things up. It should look like this now: 10. Go to your application's Settings, then General, and make sure the 'Sleep processes' box is ticked: 10. Click on the big "DEPLOY NOW" button in the header. 11. Select the first version and deploy your application. If you ever need to update your instance, just drag a new zip file onto the box. You should be done now. If you want to see Automatic's logging, view your logs like so: and then select web.1 to view its output. The page is live so you won't have to reload it. If you want to close the Automatic process, delete its process (edit the process, scroll down and click delete) and redeploy the latest version. And you're done. ez
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    Userscript for steamrep.com. You need Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey. Install: https://github.com/caresx/tf2-userscripts/raw/master/sr-fog-forum-search.user.js Requested by Bobsplosion Replaces ROK or whatever it's called - search page doesn't even work lol ss Matches pending reports as well of course.
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    A Delicious Cashew

    Cashew's Free Rep Blog

    I would recommend checking histories to see if stuff is duped. If you're going to credit me, do it at the bottom where it won't show when the suggestion is on the front page. Scorching Sensei http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198080198347?time=1422000000 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198080198347?time=1422086400 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24755918 sold for burning panama + duped PE inspectur + pro aussie sniper + 2 + sf amby + pro strange spycicle Hellfire Sensei Buyer: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198047948778?time=1421049600 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198047948778?time=1421136000 Seller: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198034183306?time=1421049600 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198034183306?time=1421136000 Sold for vivid plasma vintage tyrolean + searing beak + pro aussie medigun Vivid Pompade http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25022073offered on peace aviators Morning Glory Snaggletooth http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25369023 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198174952086?time=1426575600 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198174952086?time=1426921200 sold for molten mallard defiant spartan + ~1 key http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24866264 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24854984offered on gifted molten mallard l'inspectur http://backpack.tf/item/3398340265And a whole lot of sales here PE Cyborg stuntman http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24854618offered on hearts plumber pipe http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/2494891417 keys(sold in 2 days, quicksale) Death At Dusk Vintage Tyrolean http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25153720PE tyrants http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25461721bulk for peace law there's other sales you need to find Killa Watt Coldsnap Cap http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24791697 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198113487100?time=1422172800 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198113487100?time=1422259200morning glory letch's, searing softcap, cv gentlemans ushanka + ~4 keys Dead Presidents Coldsnap Cap http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25553908currently on outpost http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25469963sold with ~5 keys for frostbite rebel rouser + sf rocket launcher http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198108784642?time=1427526000 http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198108784642?time=1427785200 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25327233Bulk Searing Coldsnap Cap http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25153261bulk http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24963043sold for molten mallard dco(duped ) + 2, offered so no overpay http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24718291secret big country + haunted phant regg + blizz stash Ghastly Hat Of Cards http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25290828sold for orbiting fire mountebanks + DP charmers http://backpack.tf/item/3143118036few more sales here Burning robo Capotain http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24945373Spec aussie rocket launcher Scorching Robo Capotain http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25602861Offered on CV softcap http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24910529logo beak Spellbound Conquistador http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24910529CV Tam + 10 keys Spellbound Dasguttenkutteharen http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25390051 HellfireTitanium Towering + 1 bud + Electrostatic Burning Bandana http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25344754bulk for beams modest I will add more when I make suggestions Ignore this: Important dates 5/5 2 year forum anniversary 5/10 1 year since unboxed unusual 4/13 1 year since trade creation
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    Back in the 'good old days', when keys were 2.66 refined, all was bad. Keys were too expensive! Fast-forward to 2015 Q1, keys are 19 refined, all is bad. People have always complained about the price of keys. But are they rightfully doing so? In 2012 (and earlier), keys sold for about 2.33 (2.66 later) refined and no more. Refined sold for about $0.40 PayPal, and keys were $1.20. This was because of carders, people who use stolen credit cards and launder money. In the TF2 economy, carders bought $2.49 keys from the Store and sold them for PayPal to resellers ($1 or so), who then each continued to flip them for a profit. They got about 40% of the money back in a clean, untraceable way. Definitely worth it for carders, since simply transferring money to your real bank account (or even using several proxies) can easily get you caught. Some later carders also bought buds for above market value, you can read more on this here. Very important is to note the amount of refined in the game (according to stats.tf), which at the time was about 600k). This was even before the change in idling making it significantly less worthwhile! (April 2013) Now in 2015, Valve has almost completely eliminated the once common carder through various means (such as the untradable cooldown), and keys have skyrocketed in PayPal to about $1.80 (still not the $2.49 in the Store, and it never will be, but it certainly improved). SCM was also introduced since (well, it was in beta in December 2012, but that's basically 2013 anyway). That said, keys are 19 ref and rising at the time of writing, and refined is about $0.10. Since 2012, more people have been playing, and tons more drops have been spawned in (2 years + ~12 weeks = 116 weeks, * 8 drops per week and you end up at 928 weapons per player as a theoretical maximum, which is 51 refined). That's right, 51 refined (as theoretical maximum) per player. Steam reports 80k concurrent players at the time of writing, let's say even just 20k of those players trade, you end up with 1,020,000 refined metal. Those 80k players are just a small portion of those who play TF2 every week. stats.tf states it knows of 3.2 million (so 2.6m added) unique, unduped refined (at the time of writing), and that's just the amount of ref in public backpacks! Since then stats.tf has indexed lots of refined that did exist at the time, but that it didn't know about, but you should also consider that a lot of people still craft hats/tokens/reclaimed/scrap with metal, and so on. There's also millions of scrap and reclaimed metal and I'm not even taking that into consideration. It should be pretty straightforward to do the math now. Since 2012, there has been at least 4.3x as much metal in the game. If we take the old value of keys ($1.20, 2.66) and multiply 2.66 by 4.3, you end up with about 11.33 ref for a key, or close to the current price of ~$0.10. Adjust that for the current key price (2.66 * (1.8 / 1.2) = 4 ) and we get the 17-ish ref. Given that ref is more or less useless, and the price is coming close to $0.09 right now anyway, give or take 2 ref isn't that odd. Once again, that 2 ref should still be easily to explain if we take into account the additional scrap and reclaimed in the game, as well as any that might be in private backpacks. In conclusion, no, the economy is not dying whatsoever. Ever since the carder problem got dealt with, keys have had a way more healthy price in the second hand market. People may complain now that keys are skyrocketing in refined, but that's only because they have been too low in the first place for too long. The increase in price matches the growth in quantity, as it should, in a functioning economy.
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    Welcome to the Great Below

    It gets worse here every day
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    My Top 10 Metallica Songs

    The biggest Trash-Metal will be my next. As last time, I've excluded any cover songs from this list, so no Garage Inc. songs. 1. While most seem to go Master of Puppets as their #1 I choose this, this ballad is great. When people tell me "heavy metal is just a bunch of screaming and loud instruments" I usually put this on, and most tend to like it no matter if they like metal generally or not. 2. It's known by almost everyone who ever heard about Metallica, great song with some great riffs. 3. Definitely one of the greatest, Metallica really show what they can do, the only thing that sucks is that they turned the bass so much down, which is a shame since the bass line is really good. 4. Very early Metallica, but this is where it's at if you want something a bit more groovy than usual. 5. Basically 5 minutes of Metallica at their finest, a bit more clean than Seek & Destroy yet still a pure heavy metal track. BATTERY. 6. A really good riff, could you make a riff that reminds you more of a lightning? 7. Their most popular song, it's not that heavy, but I'm mostly a fan of the heaviest hard rock, which you could say this is and therefore I like it alot of course. 8. That bass intro. 9. Very heavy, like really. Really nice track and you gotta have it in a top 10 for Metallica. 10. This is no metal, but it's some really heavy hard rock. The song in general is fast, the riff is recognizable, with some lyrics you'll quickly begin singing together with James. Honrable mentions: Let me know what you think.
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    My love for imperfection

    Lately I've been thinking a lot and I came to a strange conclusion. Perfect things aren't any fun for me. This expresses itself most clearly in music. These days most music is enhanced, altered and edited into perfection. But to me music is the purest form of expression of human emotion. The fact that Freddie's (Queen) sometimes broke a bit, and that he once or twice missed a tone makes it feel so much more human than the "perfect" voices we hear today. But the same goes with the much rougher voice of Axl (Guns n' Roses) and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana). They have extremely good voices, sure. But they admitted that they were somewhat flawed as they couldn't do everything. And in their albums and especially their live performances you (well at least I) could truly feel their emotion. But my love for imperfection doesn't end with music. It extends into people, animals and even machines. The dad of a (rich) friend of mine had a Volvo and a Alfa Romeo spider. The Volvo was by far the better car. It always worked, it was at least 10 times as practical and besides mandatory yearly checks it was never at the workshop. The Alfa however always broke down, never seemed to operate and was completely impractical. At least 2 things wouldn't function at any time. But he loved it, and so did I when I could join as a passenger (don't have a license). It wasn't the speed, I live in a part where speeding is nigh impossible to do. It just felt... alive. So yeah I started to realise that maybe I didn't love some things despite their flaws but because of them
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    Dear blog, I'm a wee tad bit retarded

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    The Radiated Banana

    So, i found the blogs

    2,132 posts and I only just found out that there is the bp.tf blogs. Well. fgts
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    Oh Wow

    It would appear that I have the ability to create a blog. I wonder if anyone will read it.....
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    The uncraftable list.

    The uncraftable list. A list where you can find my buying prices and selling prices of uncraftable (a.k.a. dirty) hats and miscs. PRESS CTRL + F to find your uncraftable hat. THE LIST: Last update: 11/01/2014 (previous: 22/12/2013 - 23/06/2013) 0.11: Master Mind- B: 0.11___S: 0.44 The Zipperface- B: 0.11___S: 0.44 The Scarecrow- B: 0.11___S: 0.66 0.22: The Unknown Monkeynaut- B: 0.22___S: 0.66 The Dead Little Buddy- B: 0.22___S: 0.66 The Rump-O’-Lantern- B: 0.22___S: 0.66 The Exorcizor- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 The Plutonidome- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 The Boo Balloon- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 The Spooky Shoes- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 Football Helmet- B: 0.22___S: 0.66 Prussian pickelhaube- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 Batter’s halmet- B: 0.22___S: 0.77 Professional’s Panama- B: 0.22___S:0.66 0.33: Mining Light- B: 0.33___S: 1.44 Pyro’s Beanie- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 Fancy Fedora- B: 0.33___S: 1.66 Throphy Belt- B: 0.33___S: 1.44 Soldier’s Stash- B: 0.33___S: 1.66 Tyrant’s Helmet- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 Glengarry Bonnet- B: 0.33___S: 0.88 The Voodoo Juju (Slight Return)- B: 0.33___S: 0.66 Respectless Rubber Glove- B: 0.33___S: 0.66 Dr. Grordbort’s Crest- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 Dr. Grordbort’s Copper Crest- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 The Coffin Kit- B: 0.33___S: 1.33 0.44: Dr. Grordbort’s Silver Crest- B: 0.44___S: 2 The Executioner- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Baseball Bill’s Sport Shine- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Ritzy Rick’s Hair Fixative- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 The Company Man- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Engineer’s Cap- B: 0.44___S: 1.44 Officer’s Ushanka- B: 0.44___S: 1.55 Though Guy’s Toque- B: 0.44___S: 1.55 Stainless Pot- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Camera Beard- B: 0.44___S: 1.66 Otolaryngologist’s Mirror- B: 0.44___S: 1.33 Master’s Yellow Belt- B: 0.44___S: 1.44 The Ninja Cowl- B: 0.44___S: 1 0.55: The Nanobalaclava- B: 0.55___S: 1.33 Ye Olde Baker Boy- B: 0.55___S: 1.44 Berliner’s Bucket Helm- B: 0.55___S: 1.33 The Infernal Orchestrina- B: 0.55___S: 1.33 0.66: Bonk Helm- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 Demoman’s Fro- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Texas Slim’s Dome Shine- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 Brigade Helm- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 Texas Ten Gallon- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 The Attendant- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 The Milkman- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 Grenadier’s Softcap- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 Bombing Run- B: 0.66___S: 2 Lord Cockswain’s Pith Helmet- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 Armored Authority- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Burning Bongos- B: 0.66__S: 1.66 The Grand Duchess Tutu- B: 0.66___S: 2 The Grand Duchess Tiara- B: 0.66___S: 2 The Grand Duchess Fairy Wings- B: 0.66___S: 2 Backbiter’s Billycock- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 Scotch Bonnet- B: 0.66___S: #ERROR Larrikin Robin- B: 0.66 ___S: 1.33 Modest Pile of Hats- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Hotrod- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Whoopee Cap- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Ze Goggles- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Horrific Headsplitter- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Pyromancer’s Mask- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 Détective Noir- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Hottie’s Hoodie- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Large Luchadore- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Googly Gazer- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Pocket Medic- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Desert Marauder- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 Sultan’s Ceremonial- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Jumper’s Jeepcap- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Capo’s Capper- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 Security Shades- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Prairie Heel Biters- B: 0.66___S: The Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun- B: 0.66___S: 2 Dragonborn Helmet- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Wingstick- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Brainiac Goggles- B: 0.66___S: 1.33 The Moonman Backpack- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Bubble Pipe- B: 0.66___S: 2 The Buccaneer’s Bicorne- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 A Whiff of the Old Brimstone B: -0.66___S: 1.66 The Sandvich Safe- B: 0.66___S: 2.33 The Big Elfin Deal- B: 0.66___S: 2 The Itsy Bitsy Spyer- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Bootie Time- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Captain’s Cocktails- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Helmet Without a Home- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 Liquidator's Lid- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Fed-Fightin’ Fedora- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Hazmat Headcase- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 Grenadier Helm- B: 0.66___S: 1.44 The Void Monk Hair- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Virtual Reality Headset- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Stereoscopic Shades- B: 0.66___S: 1.77 The Crone’s Dome- B: 0.66___S: 2 Familiar Fez- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Bonedolier- B: 0.66____S: 2 The Spooky Sleeves- B: 0.66___S: 1.11 The Human Cannonball- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 The Wraith Wrap- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 The Tribal Bones- B: 0.66___S: 1.55 Sir Hootsalot- B: 0.66___S: 1.66 0.77 ref: The Samur-Eye-0.77___S: 1.88 Cadaver’s Cranium- B: 0.77___S: 2 Couvre Corner- B: 0.77___S: 1.44 Safe’n’Sound- B: 0.77___S: 1.66 0.88 ref: Prince Tavish’s Crown- B: 0.88___S: 2 The Cremator’s Conscience- B: 0.88___S: 2 The Idea Tube- B: 0.88___S: 2 Teddy Roosebelt- B: 0.88___S: 1.77 The Deus Specs- B: 0.88___S: 2 1 ref: Flipped Trilby- B: 1___S: 2 The Builder’s Blueprints- B: 1___S: 2 Cosa Nostra Cap- B: 1___S : 2.33 Clan Pride- B: 1___S : 2.33 Connoisseur’s Cap- B: 1___S : 2.66 Le Party Phantom- B: 1___S: 2.66 Charmer’s Chapeau- B: 1___S: 3.66 Vintage Merryweather- B: 1___S: 2.33 Killer’s Kabuto-B: 1___S: 2 Crocleather Slouch- B: 1___S: 1.88 Swagman’s Swatter- B: 1___S: 2.33 The Backwards Ballcap- B: 1___S: 2.66 The Hound Dog- B: 1___S: 2.33 Whiskered Gentlemen- B: 1___S: 2.33 The Flamboyant Flamenco- B: 1___S: 2.66 Towering Pillar of Hats-B: 1___S: 2 Noble Amassment of Hats-B: 1___S: 2 Hustler’s Hallmark-B: 1___S: 2.33 Magistrate’s Mullet-B: 1___S: 2 Bonk Boy- B: 1___S: 2.33 The Made Man-B: 1___S: 2.66 Troublemaker’s Tossle Cap-B: 1___S: 3.66 Photo Badge-B: 1___S: 2.33 Triboniophorus Tyrannus(Brainslug)-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Brown Bomber-B: 1___S: 2.66 Pip-Boy-B: 1___S: 2.33 Blighted Beak-B: 1___S: 3.33 The Head Warmer-B: 1___S: 3 The Gentleman’s Ushanka-B: 1___S: 2 The Infernal Impaler-B: 1___S: 2 The Birdcage-B: 1___S: 4 The Surgeon’s Stahlhelm-B: 1___S: 2 Dillinger’s Duffel-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Bussiness Casual-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Hat with No Name-B: 1___S: 2.33 Hermes-B: 1___S: 2.11 The Jingle Belt-B: 1___S: 4 The Lucky Shot-B: 1___S: 1.88 Buckaroos Hat-B: 1___S: 2 Aladdin’s Private Reserve-B: 1___S: 2 The Waxy Waxfinder-1___S: 3 The Fruit Shoot-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Surgeon’s Side Satchel –B: 1___S: 2.33 The Liquor Locker – B: 1___S: 2.66 The Marxman- B: 1___S: 2.77 Vintage Tyrolean- B: 1___S: 2.44 Sergeant’s Drill hat-B: 1___S: 2.55 Sober Stuntman-B: 1___S: 1.66 The Big Chief-B: 1___S: 2 The Heavy Duty Rag-B: 1___S: 2.11 The Dread Knot-B: 1___S: 2.22 The Geisha Boy-B: 1___S: 2 Your Worst Nightmare-B: 1___S: 3.66 The One-Man Army-B: 1___S: 2.77 The Counterfeit Billycock-B: 1___S: 2 The Pencil Pusher-B: 1___S: 2.33 Honcho’s Headgear-B: 1___S: 3 The Noh Mercy-B: 1___S: 2.66 Defiant Spartan-B: 1___S: 3 The Outdoorsman-B: 1___S: 4 Grimm Hatte-B: 1___S: 2.66 Industrial Festivizer-B: 1___S: 3.11 Dr’s Dapper Topper-B: 1___S: 3 Frenchman’s Beret-B: 1___S: 2.33 Carouser’s Capotain-B: 1___S: 2.66 The Gym Rat-B: 1___S: 2.33 The Crocodile Smile-B: 1___S: 4 The Spectre’s Spectacles-B: 1___S: 3.33 The Surgeon’s Stethoscope-B: 1___S: 2.77 Chieftain’s Challenge-B: 1___S: 2.66 Professor’s Peculiarity-B: 1___S: 3.22 Scotman’s Stove Pipe-B: 1___S: 3.22 Rimmed Raincatcher-B: 1___S: 3 Ol’Snaggletooth-B: 1___S: 1.77 Pugilist’s protector-B: 1___S: 2.55 The Hot Dogger-B: 1___S: 4.22 The Front Runner-B: 1___S: 3.11 The K-9 Mane-B: 1___S: 6.11 The Stovepipe Sniper Shako-B: 1___S: 5.11 The Distinguished Rogue-B: 1___S: 3.66 L’inspecteur-B: 1___S: 6.44 The Snapped Pupil-B: 1___S: 4.11 Old Guadalajara-B: 1___S: 4.77 Stout Shako-B: 1___S: 5.22 Big Country-B: 1___S: 3 Private Eye-B: 1___S: 4.88 Reggaelator-B: 1___S: 3.88 The Tavish Degroot Experience-B: 1___S: 4.11 Madame Dixie-B: 1___S: 6.33 The Brainiac Hairpiece-B: 1___S: 5.33 Tippler’s Tricorne-B: 1___S: 3.11 Flair!-B: 1___S: 3.88 Dr. Whoa-B: 1___S: 4.55 The Nine-Pipe problem-B: 1___S: 6.22 The Toss-Proof Towel- B: 1___S: 3 The Champ Stamp- B: 1___S: 3 The Sneaky Spats of Sneaking- B: 1___S: 3.33 The Texas Half-Pants- B: 1___S: 4.44 The Triad Trinket- B: 1___S: 4 Soldier’s Stogie- B: 1___S: 4 The King of Scotland Cape- B: 1___S: 5 The Fast Learner- B: 1___S: 4.33 The Teufort Tooth Kicker- B: 1___S: 6.88 The Purity Fist- B: 1___S: 2.33 The Ornament Armament- B: 1___S: 3.66 Rogue’s Col Roule- B: 1___S: 3 Physician’s Procedure Mask- B: 1___S: 3.11 The Apparatchik’s Apparel- B: 1___S: 3.11 The Boston Boom-Bringer- B: 1___S: 4.33 Sight for Sore Eyes- B: 1___S: 5 Menpo- B: 1___S: 5 1.11 ref: © Asphalt. – B: 1.11___S: 913 Copper’s Hard Top-B: 1.11__S: 5 Stately Steel Toe-B: 1.11___S: 10 Napper’s Respite-B: 1.11___S: 8 Exquisite Rack-B: 1.11___S: 7 Shooter’s Sola Topi-1.11___S: 6 Gentleman’s Gatsby-B: 1.11___S: 9 Prancer’s Pride-B: 1.11___S: 12 German Gonzila-B: 1.11___S: 10 Tam O’Shanter-B: 1.11___S: 11 The Balloonicorn- B: 1.11___S: 5 Apparition’s Aspect- B: 1.11 ___S: 4.55 1.22 ref: Ol’Geezer-B: 1.22___S: 12 The Conquistador-B: 1.22___S: 11 Western Wear-1.22___S: 12 The Little Buddy-B: 1.22___S: 19 The Salty Dog-B: 1.22___S: 10 Hard Counter-B: 1.22___S: 14 Medic’s Mountain Cap-B: 1.22___S: 19 1.33 ref: The Killer Exlusive-B:1.33___S: 10 Furious Fukaamagisa-B:1.33___S: 25 The Stocking Stuffer-B:1.33___S: 35 Bloke’s Bucket Hat-B:1.33___S: 25 Magnificent Mongolian-B: 1.33___S: 28 Handyman’s Handle-B: 1.33___S: 26 The Bird-man of Aberdeen- B: 1.33___S: 6 Fancy Dress Uniform- B: 1.33___S: 4.33 The Anger- B: 1.33___S: 6.66 Archimedes- B: 1.33___S: 6.33 1.66 ref: Coupe D’isaster-B: 1.66___S: 50 Doctor’s Sack- B: 1.66___S: 50 2 ref: The Outback Intellectual- B: 2___S: 6.11 The Foppish Physician- B: 2___S: 6.77 The Hitt Mann Badge- B: 2___S: 30 That ‘70s Chapeau- B: 2___S: 30 Chief Constable- B: 2___S: 30 Siberian Sophisticate- B: 2___S: 30 The Deadliest Duckling- B: 2___S: 30 The Ball-Kicking Boots- B: 2___S: 4 2.66 ref and more: The Merc’s Pride Scarf- B: 2.66___S: 7 Lasth Breath- B: 3___S: 7.11 Villain’s Veil- B: 3___S: 7.66 The Team Captain- B: 3.33___S: 5 The Robro 3000- B: 4___S: 14 Lord Cockswain’s Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe- B: 2___S: 4.33 The All-Father- B: 5___S: 15 The Kringle Collection- B: 5___S: 10 Summer Hat- 5 keys___S: 16 keys Voodoo juju- 4 keys___S: 14 keys Flip Flops-4 keys___S: 15 keys Spine Chilling Skull-1 key___S: 4 keys The Spine-Chilling Skull 2011-1 key___S: 4 keys Rare uncraftables: Special 'rare uncraftables (like ketche, brain bucket, conjurer's cowl, dead cone, hetman headpiece, mask of the shaman, etc.): You might want to add me for those. Halloween items: Not a fan of the Halloween items, but here are my prices for those: Buying Halloween items 2011: 2 for 1 wep (Scottish snarl, pickled paws, b-ankh!, futankhamun, fallen angel, tail from the crypt, dr. gogglestache, emerald jarate, steel pipes, shoestring budget, griffin’s gog, intangible ascot, soviet stitch-up, steel-toed stompers, silver bullets, garlic flank stake, I had fun pricing items guys, but to all things come an end I guess frontier flyboy, legend of bugfoot) The hair of the dog, the wrap battler, the blazing bull, the einstein, the idiot box, the under cover, the can opener, the holy hunter or the buzz killer. I’m buying those 1 scrap each. For halloween items 2012, check the list. For Voodoo-cursed souls it's 1 clean weapon for 3 souls. Halloween Masks- 1 weapon each Other: Write down here first for these and then add me. Alien Swarm Parasite- B: 0.33___S: 2 Ghastlierest Gibus- B: 0.66___S: 2 Athletic Supporter- B: 1.22___S: 2.33 Superfan- B: 1.22___S: 2.33 Ellis cap- B: 1___S: 1.55 Dealer’s Visor- B: 1___S: 3.33 Essential accesoires- 1 key___S: 5 keys I can choose not to buy any of these hats for the listed price. This can happen to a sudden overstock, market going crazy, lack of metal, etc. Fortunately this hasn't happened a single time yet!
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    trade servers, bubbling tin topi

    Offline : Bob what did you buy your bubbling tin topi for? Bob : SELLING UNUSUAL L'INSPECTEUR WITH ORBITING FIRE FOR 13 KEYS Ivak @2k14 : BUYING UNUSUAL L'INSPECTEUR WITH ORBITING FIRE FOR 3 KEYS Bob : what offline SasnarDash : why is it being extra laggy Player mrdaniel2002 has joined the game (Voice) BLU Soldier: Help! Ivak @2k14 : why not (Voice) BLU Soldier: Move Up! [F2P]Hi : offline, buy bobs at and then give it to me so i cant craft it into scrap Ivak @2k14 : `\_( .-. )_/` Offline : your bubbling topi you had yesterday, bob redheadpwnz22 : buying stranges Someone annoying the server? Use the votekick command to vote to have them removed from the server. Do not abuse votekick or ban! Player VonVansiker has joined the game (Voice) DocExx: Yes Offline : what did you buy it for Bob : 10 keys Player VonVansiker was automatically assigned to team RED Player SharkFTW has joined the game *DEAD* BLU Soldier : ew VonVansiker : [ BUYING ] ALL Steam Trading Cards 1 scrap each. ONE Key 6.88. Trade me. [ BUYING ] Offline : buying keys for 7 ref, can buy tons BLU Soldier : LOL DICKSHOT [Trade Chat] Remember, say /t before messages about trading. [Trade Chat] If you don't want to see trade chat, say /hidechat Aim at someone and type !bp or !backpack [playername] Ivak @2k14 : It was all calculated, Im a genius and a sorcerer. (Voice) Offline: Yes The voteban command is available! It requires more votes than votekick, but keeps them out. Bob : i bought the bubbling thing for 10 keys then did a 1:1 for this spy hat
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    So, today, whilst being really bored I decided to make 2 alts so I could like lukecandys comment here http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/20-application-jymotion/page-3&do=findComment&comment=27965 .Being logged in anyways, I also liked my own posts and comments. Apparently cleverpun got mad, gave me a warning and permabanned my alts, because apparently, I don't need forum alts. What's this sort of nonsense? Of course I need forum alts. Maybe cleverpun raged because my alts were called ms. bucket (was gonna propose to mr. soon) and cleverpahn. Anyways, ms. bucket and cleverpahn are perma banned from the forums, but I've still farmed 20 likes this way
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    Personal status update

    Hey everybody, Most of you probably not even know who I am. I've been on the backpack.tf forum since the beginning, and stayed on it for a few years. There are several reasons why I don't get involved into the forum and/or discord anymore. First off, I got graduated. This means that I currently have a job and most of the time I'm working in a foreign country. This means no more TF2 for me, because the hotel WIFI is always shitty. I also doubt that my laptop could handle the game. Secondly, I was already out of the trading game for a longer time. The feeling of making good trades and gaining profit has disappeared, apparently. I never thought that would ever happen. And finally, I discovered other games to play. Yes, I am talking about Fortnite, but then again, I cannot play it unless I am home. I also play Tekken 7, it's the best game in the world, because there are also hats. And we all know hats are important, hats are life. But seriously, I play TF2 for only about an hour a week while I'm home. I hope you all have a great time and never give up on your dreams. Kisses, hugs and much love. ∞Ramses PS. I still have a lot of Puddingkip-crafted stuff, so I might give it away in the future. We'll see... That stuff is really really valuable.
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    A Delicious Cashew

    free suggestions

    see comment below instead
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    Broker Service Details

    Hello, my name is Sacred or TLH. I have currently started a brokering business that I am looking to get into spending a lot of time on. I do not expect anyone to trust me fully yet as this is my first time trying brokering. I know how it works and have used brokers in the past. I will not charge expensive fee's. Anything to help you decide whether you would like to use my service or not should be here, if you need any more information add me on steam or comment here, thankyou. Steam profile:http://steamcommunit...561198061868800 Steam inventory:http://steamcommunit...8800/inventory/ Steam ID: 76561198061868800 I have 1000+ hours on TF2 and over 300 hours on CSGO Please add me on steam if you would like to use my service, thankyou! Got any feedback? Leave it down below!
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    From the day i moved from my parents home .. life seems to be interesting to say the least I've been away since end of September .. adapting to living with your friends can be a challenge .. a really fun challenge. Cleaning cooking washing the dishes cleaning the toilets mopping the ground .. doesnt seem good on paper but trust me, FUN. Being Arab (and me being the youngest of 5) you really dont get a lot of chances to stay home late or sleep over .. so living alone is a whole different experience (miss you mom </3) University is going alright (expect of my shitty marks .. nearly all i get is Cs) .. i have entered civil engineering but im thinking to change the course as i didnt like it a ton .. maybe i will switch to computer science/newtorking/or heck english literature (dont even ask) I saw Kodorin's blog .. it really had me thinking. Just like his days, i spent ALOT of time on tf2 in general and bp.tf+forums back in the day, and when i open the forums or main site now, i dont really feel like commenting or writing anything let alone making a suggestion. It was such a great experience to go over the internet with great people and just talk and share interests together, truly a golden time! No this is not me saying goodbye (i mean im pretty much only playing Rocket League). Thanks for everyone for the great times here :3 P.s sorry for my un-organized and long post P.s.s did you hear Coldplay's newest album ? Some really awesome tracks in there ! Stay cool y'all
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    Alfie Omega

    Some small commitments.

    500 posts - Change profile picture to SilverSpeed's original picture. Member title to "Child of Purity". 666 posts - Become Cyan 2.0, use original picture and stay in Great Below forever.
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    Religion, and why I hate it.

    Disclaimer: This is a rant by me about what's happening in my life currently. Feel free to ignore this if you don't want to hear me complain. Basically, to get things out of the way now, my parents are SUPER religious, and I do mean super. They believe everything is linked with God and stuff like that and that everything must be applied with God in order to actually function. This is the part where I am starting to slowly hate them (though I have been slowly going down in terms of relationship for a while). They are forcing my brother and I to "get more involved in the church" and "help out more whilst believing in God". Uh, no. Everyone has their own beliefs and faiths, and everyone should stick with each other's faith while not bothering the other. Just today my mother got mad at my brother for not going to church. Who reprimands their child for not going to a religious group? That's like saying, "Oh, you can eat this food, but if you don't eat it, we'll punish you ." It's stupid, utterly and frankly stupid. Alright, off with my other subject, here's the main point of this rant. Religion and faith. It seems that not many people know the different, even my parents. Religion is the belief of doing works and following a divine figure in order to successfully "worship" them. Faith is the belief that said divine figure does exist and that you are going to follow them to the afterlife. Many people get faith and religion mixed up and it drives me crazy. My parents want to force religion on me, when in reality all I would need is faith, and then my faith would motivate me to do works, which would be religion. It's like the Jewish people (no offense to anyone who may be Jewish that is reading this). In the Gospel books, Jesus was getting mad at the Pharisees for valuing the law and tradition over the Bible which was supposed to make the laws and traditions. Instead, they led people in the wrong direction with their traditions. Why would Jesus get mad for something that was the norm for these days? Three words: Religion and Faith. The Pharisees were exercising religion and making it so everyone needed to have it. Jesus was exercising faith and that they needed to believe in him in order to follow him righteously. Anyways, that's all I'm going to say for now. Thanks for reading.
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    A sunken ship

    A futuristic fishing trawler sailed through the water in the antarctic. This ship was part of an elite fleet that ran on a uranium reactor, and it's greatest feature was it's hull heating system, which allowed it to break through the ice like butter, as the ice wouldn't stick to the side of the hull if the hull was warm. The heated water used to cool the reactor ran through leaden pipes along the sides of the hull at exactly the level that the ship sat comfortably at in the water. As such, the reactor cooled it's superheated core, and the ship punched through the ice like nothing. Off in the distance, to starboard, a predatory polychaete worm prepared for it's attack. The ship had already punched through half of it's native ice sheet, and the coordinated worms intended to stop it before it could reach the other side and separate it from it's family. With a series of inaudible clicks, it communicated the plan to the members of it's unidentified species on the other side of the ship. They struck at once, slamming into the sides of the hull, splitting the hull and the leaden pipes inside with their gargantuan bodies. The scalding water poured out onto them all, and they were incinerated. What remained of the family of worms was a sad third degree burned cluster of corpses, nearly unidentifiable. A third degree burn usually means there is charring of the skin, but all it really implies is that the underlying muscle in the burned thing has been burned as well. Their muscles were certainly burned, their setae scorched off, their tentacles thoroughly heated. They collapsed from the onrush of water, and massive amounts of steam began to pour out of the pipes, the pressure keeping the water liquid leaving them. The steam was the captain's first clue to his ship's plight, his second was the alarm bells that the reactor was beginning to overheat, no more than a minute later. He scrambled onto the deck and looked portside. The steam flung itself out of the holes in the hull like people from a burning building, outward but upward. He ordered everyone off the ship, and began to fling the life preservers and other paraphernalia off the side of the ship. He flung the freeze dried food, and the MRE's with them, to his comrades. He ordered them away. One concerned passenger asked him what he intended to do. "A captain always goes down with his ship." He went inside the cabin one last time, and looked at the temperature gauge reading over one thousand degrees Fahrenheit in the reactor room. At some point, it stopped functioning, though the captain could never figure out whether it had been the heat or the radiation that had killed the temperature gauge. He looked forlornly out the window at his crew receding into the distance, and began to feel the room warming. He was only twenty feet above the reactor, after all. Half a minute, maybe five minutes passed, time became immemorial to the captain. The heat drove him to the corner of the cabin. He looked up at the table next to the wheel, for the last time admiring the smooth unmarred surface of the acrylic dome atop his marine compass. He noticed it flying in all directions, and realized that if he were to escape this alive, the radiation poison would kill him anyway. He then realized that must mean that the leaden case around the reactor had melted. He had not much longer before he sank. The only reason he hadn't sank yet was that all water that entered the leaden pipes was evaporating instantly, and forcing it's way back out, choking off the holes left by the worms. The lead only melted because it had a lower melting point than steel. The captain supposed the bottom of the hull would hold for a while, because it was atop cool water. The lacquer on the wood in the center of the room over the reactor began to bubble, and some time later exploded into flames. The spot where the the floor began to burn burned all the way through, revealing a melted steel roof to the room below. He became vaguely aware of the fact that the wood below his bottom became so warm it burned him. he stood, his well insulated boots doing their job as best they could. The water in his blood and cells had already been irreversibly turned into freeradicals, the DNA in his cells irreparably damaged. They ravaged his living cells, binding with anything they could, destroying his DNA further. To make his suffering end quicker, the captain ran and jumped into the hole. The moment his face reached the edge of the hole, and the red hot reactor was visible, his hair caught fire, his face began to melt. He fell in, not being able to jump before the agonizing pain ended his effort. He nearly completely evaporated before he touched the reactor. A few minutes later, the reactor finally heated the water under the boat enough to allow the hull to melt. The reactor, weighing no more than a car motor, slipped through the hole it melted, and the boat filled with water almost immediately. The water finally rushed into the lead pipes along the sides of the vessel, the reactor cavity filling with water. The reactor slammed into the seafloor, fish evaporated in it's wake. The ship eventually collapsed on top of it, less than a minute later. The reactor cooled, and the ocean became an area of adaptation and mutation. The end.
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    Potato Chip Nonsense

    This bag of chips, it sits across the path from me. Not a path, but the gap between one side of the counter and the fridge, which separates it from me by about four feet of air, and some counter. It is definitely out of reach, not that I'm interested in grabbing it, just staring at it. I opened it earlier, and when I pulled at the opposing sides in the center like is traditionally done, it opened and ripped down the side. Not all the way to the bottom, but to about an inch before the chips actually began in the bag. When I tried to wrap it up, it was difficult to make sure the rip wasn't gaping open, and at the same time I tried not to rip it further. I felt a small feeling of betrayal, maybe disdain, when the bag ripped just this way, because I knew I would have to be careful from then on with that bag of chips. What a travesty. I see only the bottom of the bag from where I sit. I cannot see the label, only the crimped and heat sealed seam of the bag's bottom, and the colored dots that are lined up on the bottom of the bag, since it lays face down I can also see some of the bars of the serial code. I may not be able to see it's label, but I know them to be Cape Cod Kettle Cooked chips, from both the frequency at which they occupy that counter and the fact that the bag is white and I was in them earlier. If I had not seen it until just now, I would still have known them to be what they are. When I set them back down on the counter after the incident with the rip on the side, I tried to set it against the breakfast bar's outcrop, standing on it's opening to prevent it from unfurling, but this did not work. It immediately fell over, and the bag opened somewhat. I suppose there was no keeping ants out, not even in the absence of the rip in the bag and a good wrap up. This is why I allowed it to sit that way, not fixing it. The chips that line and fill the bag are made from potatoes grown without fertilizer, and if you were to chew one, you would find it to be very very crunchy, to the point that your first time biting into one would bring you dissatisfaction. However, they are delicious chips. This concludes a weird blog entry.
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    There once was a fish

    It purported to produce progeny And upon its untimely wish It was overwhelmed, too many The gaping hole of it's stomach opened Out poured thousands of new kin Taken aback by the copious flow One must wonder how it's so Fish spawn oh so many And in the end remain few Some slaughtered, served as soup, Others swim away, merely on a whim Fish are such a mystery A food source throughout history Some extinct and on the bottom of the ocean Their remaining layers reside All are cannibals, such sin Some traveling like lions in a pride Others in their lonesome, Washing ashore with the changing tide At the surface and at the bottom Fish permeate the water So the next time you're in the water deep Let the fish your company keep. Yes, a poem about fish. I was bored, okay?
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    Dear blog, today was a sad day

    Not only did I find out I was banned for a whole fucking week by polar bear, I also ran out of comments to like on my chigler thread.
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    test blog

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    test blog

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    Blogs have always been dead on these forums.

    Reviving them could be interesting. But to revive something, it'd have had to be alive at one point.
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    le counter

    Sold for 4 ref within the past 2 days: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19635424 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19628068 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19625383 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19625289 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19622262 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19616585 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19614534 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19614158 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19611896 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19607442 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19604395 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19602290 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19593306 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19624698 (3.88) Most of them sold within less than half a day. http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19623690 - sold at 3.66 w/o a bump http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19629234 - 3.66, 1.5 hours http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19629684 - 3.66, 6 hours >3.66 proof http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19576108 - has no brushes left in backpack http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19605899 - still in backpack, but has more than one willing buyer http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19525815 - last online 3 days ago http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19497110 - 3.88 (not 3.66), okay http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19621184 - never bumped http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19629141 - 3 hours old http://backpack.tf/classifieds/search/id/52c8e0464dd7b8f5148b4568 all three brushes listed below 4 ref are sold (ie not in bps anymore)
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    Australium axtinguisher

    http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16148466 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16489538 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16504763 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16717675 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16756770 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16774725 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16776348 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16782147 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16790422 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16791498 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16810702 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16816445 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16826140 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16843184 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16845870 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16863140 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16920813 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16971539 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16975345 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16982603 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17001038 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17002466 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17002505 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17004762 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17006294 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17006996 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17008658 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17013990 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17022645 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17027234 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17043000 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17049359 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17052195 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17059564 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17060471 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17065164 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17069562 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17077205 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17089118 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17098999 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17103555 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17109383 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17115127 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17117447 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17117554 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17118213 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17118408 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17122325 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17124207 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17126414 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17130306 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17130867 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17133494 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17137244 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17144182 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17146536 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17150858 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17155552 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17166347 http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17169222
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    Going to overtake chigga. This requires loads of posts

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    So I bought a penis enlarger on eBay

    I got a freaking magnifying glass The only instructions were to not use it under the sun
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    First Accepted Suggestions (in order by date) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51d234e5ba2536d82600000e - Chief Indian Companion (Chief Shoe at the time) (Uncraftable A Random Robokey Gift, 1 key) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51d0c00cba2536227a000001 - Michael Puddington (The Bootie Time, 1.33 ref) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51d8919bba2536211c000005 - ~shenanigans ((´ー´)ゞ~shenanigans at the time) (Nuts n' Bolts Demoman's Fro, 16-20 keys) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51e764f84bd7b82222000005 - Mr. Bucket (Uncraftable Spy-Cycle, 0.5-0.11 ref) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51e9b7c6ba2536ae05000019 - Sir J-j-jon [Warrior of Redwall] (Smoking Professor's Peculiarity, 1.2-1.7 buds) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51eec530ba2536f66d00000e - A Distinctive Lack of Vincent (Dead Presidents Bonk Leadwear, 2 buds) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51f07a20ba2536a464000020 - Woifi (Woifi | Promethium at the time) (Memory Leak Janissary Ketche, 18-22 keys) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5209ae274bd7b83f11000012 - blind polar bear (ConVict | blind polar bear at the time) (Aces High Safe'n'Sound, 3.2 buds) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523e7bd34dd7b8c5298b456b - cleverpun (Genuine Three-Rune Blade, 1.9-2 keys) Stuff worth mentioning http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523e824f4dd7b8eb778b456c - Mann Co. Supply Crate #71 #71, 0.01 ref (closed by Brad Pitt, close enough) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51fa9618ba25364d16000002 - Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, 5.66-5.88 (most voted suggestion ever [? - as far as I can tell there's only other 2 suggestions that passed the 3500 mark, both have less votes], first currency suggestion, accepted by J-j-jon, 46,23%) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51fb32bb4bd7b80f33000019 - Bill's Hat, 7-7.3 keys (second currency suggestion, accepted by Michael Puddington) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5212fb334bd7b8626f00000c - Bill's Hat, 6.2-6.5 keys (proof blatantly stolen from [SaTo] CheezeMunchy while outpost was offline, submitted from a mobile, accepted by blind polar bear) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5210f963ba25360e30000007 - Genuine Buck Turner All-Stars, 2.8 keys (only closed suggestion by Mr. Bucket, I was actually shocked) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51f73166ba25369b38000016 - Memory Leak Stately Steel Toe, 22 keys (discussion about my bp's value started by Baloo, accepted by Woifi) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51fbd1c54bd7b8e55c000024 - Nuts n' Bolts Heavy Duty Rag, 12-14 keys (my pathetic trading career's story, accepted by Woifi) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5243812b4dd7b88c1a8b4569 - Genuine Merc's Pride Scarf, 4 keys (fastest accepted suggestion ever, 42 minutes) 100% http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51f16f4aba25367341000005 (50 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523645d24f96f440378b4569 (69 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52031c25ba2536df76000001 (37 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51f16f4eba25367e4a000004 (54 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/51f16f4c4bd7b82453000023 (49 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52424bc44dd7b852608b4568 (25 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/524670024dd7b8d3058b4568 (48 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52470a774dd7b815748b456c (65 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523f6da64dd7b8dc118b456b (49 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5248e5914dd7b84a2e8b4568 (73 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/524de5ad4dd7b8941b8b4568 (39 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/524f913b4dd7b83b518b456b (78 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5255e2794dd7b8e0478b4568 (52 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5255d88b4dd7b810308b456b (40 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/524efa004dd7b8cb598b456b (74 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/524de5bc4dd7b8921b8b456b (61 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/525212124dd7b8db0c8b4568 (79 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5259ef544dd7b832528b456e (78 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5259ef094dd7b89a518b4568 (73 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5259ef084dd7b8fb518b4568 (70 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5259ef074dd7b8ce518b4568 (62 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5259ef054dd7b86c518b4568 (56 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/526c83284dd7b81e258b4568 (72 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/526c83264dd7b8df248b4568 (67 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/526c83184dd7b8b2248b4568 (60 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/526c830f4dd7b8d3248b456b (63 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/526c830c4dd7b89e248b456b (60 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5285a4804dd7b8fd638b4568 (46 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5285a47f4dd7b806648b456b (46 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5285a47b4dd7b8e9638b456e (45 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5285a47a4dd7b840648b456a (43 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5285a4774dd7b82b648b456b (39 votes) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/5285a4764dd7b841648b4569 (36 votes) My pathetic attempts at pricing rare stuff http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523f74b74dd7b8b2798b4568 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52117f034bd7b8043e000011 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52117f044bd7b88948000008 - 0% lol http://backpack.tf/vote/id/52155452ba2536da6a000002 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/521aa6cb4f96f43f658b4568 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/521aa6cdba2536bc248b457d http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523bac604dd7b8f2408b4568 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523de2f74dd7b8c6018b456b http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523de2f54dd7b83a018b4568 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523de2104dd7b8df6f8b456b http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523de20e4dd7b8916d8b456b http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523de20d4dd7b8b06e8b456a http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523de20a4dd7b8586e8b4571 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523de2074dd7b83e6c8b4569 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523f62924dd7b8e3618b4568 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523f11854dd7b8295d8b456a http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523f74bc4dd7b8f8788b4568 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523f74bb4dd7b834778b456e http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523f74ba4dd7b85b798b4568 http://backpack.tf/vote/id/523f74b94dd7b8257a8b4568
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